Title: To Boldly Go

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the places that honor goes to Mr. George Lucas, Disney, Mr. Gene Roddenberry and Mr. J.J. Abrams.

Summary: While on a routine mission to explore an uncharted region of space the Enterprise and her crew get sucked into a spatial anomaly that leaves them stranded in a galaxy far far away…their new mission1; find a way back home in one piece.

Author's Note: 2 years! I can't believe it's been 2 years., but what's even more incredible is that you all are still out there reading this! I am humbled beyond words and so very sorry for the delay. Here is another chapter for your extreme patience!

Chapter 19

Obi-Wan and Jim stood around a command station, Cody and Rex stood opposite them. They were reviewing the status of their engagements on and off planet. In the center console stood a miniature figure of a humanoid being whom Obi-Wan had briefly introduced to Jim as Master Plo Koon. Currently he was updating them on his status with Grievous' blockade.

"Currently we are holding our own and making some headway. However, without reinforcements or a development of some kind, breaking this blockade will prove difficult. There is another important detail to mention. Grievous has left his flagship and returned to the surface. We tracked his location to the main weapons camp. It seems as if getting that monstrous weapon working is his highest priority at the time." He replied, his deep voice calm.

Obi-Wan sighed, "Perhaps with his attention elsewhere, we can manage to use it to our advantage in regards to the blockade. We need ground reinforcements. We have managed to locate the main labor camp where the majority of the locals have been taken to. They are being used to collect and process the fuel required to maintain and power the weapon. We must free them and secure that location not only for tactical purposes but because as Jedi it is our duty to defend and protect those who cannot defend and protect themselves. We just do not have the numbers right now to launch a successful assault. We need your men Master Plo."

The holographic image of the Kel Dor Jedi nodded his head. "I agree; I will see what we can do. Plo out." He replied before his image faded out. Jim turned to Obi-Wan, "So what now?" Obi-Wan ran a hand through his hair. "I wish I knew, something has to give either in our favor or theirs. A stalemate cannot last indefinitely, at least not in war." Jim nodded his head in agreement. "If Master Plo manages to break the blockade, what will happen?" he asked.

"Well we would get the ground support we need to move against the labor camp in order to free the prisoners and control the fuel supply. From then we would start our preparations to launch an assault on the weapons compound. Of course we would not move against it until we hear from your men on whether or not there is a feasible way to use it to get you back or we simply run out of time or options." Obi-Wan answered looking at Jim closely. Jim inclined his head slightly but his expression was guarded. "Of course there is a problem that may yet thwart all our plans." He added. Jim frowned, "Which is?" "Grievous" Obi-Wan replied.

Just as Obi-Wan was about to explain Commander Cody spoke up. "Sorry to interrupt General, but we've intercepted a message from Grievous himself." Obi-Wan nodded. Suddenly the same grotesque creature Jim had seen before appeared in the center console, his wheezing voice filling the room.

"My Lord the weapon was badly damaged but not beyond repair, I will have it fully operational in 2 hours… I understand… Our blockade is holding and the Jedi and their worthless clones are no for us on the planet without their reinforcements… I will not, you have my word that we will succeed and our victory will be one step closer to being achieved… Yes, my lord…" with that the image disappeared.

The men looked at each other briefly before Obi-Wan spoke up once more. "Well that makes things more difficult. As I was saying before if Grievous feels that the weapon is about to fall into enemy hands he may just destroy it all together to prevent any intel or vital information from reaching us. Either way we are running out of time."

As if on cue Jim's communicator went off. "Kirk here."

"Captain I am updating you on the patients we beamed up as you requested. Dr. McCoy has informed me that six did not make it however the others are stable and should as he put it, pull through." Replied the collected voice of his First Officer.

"Well that's good to know Spock, is there anything else?"

There was a brief pause before: "Yes, I believe we have found a way to use the weapon to get back to our galaxy."

At a momentary loss for words Jim just stared blankly at Obi-Wan who smiled back at him. "Captain are you there?" came Spock's query. It was enough to shake Jim from his shock. "You don't think you should have opened with that information first Spock?" he responded, slightly flustered.

"Hardly Captain, if I had I would have lost your attention and not been able to relay all of my information. I have observed that it is quite common for humans to lose focus or interest when certain information is presented to them prematurely." Relied Spock.

Jim couldn't help the scoff that turned into a slight chuckle. "I see, well thank you for being thorough and considerate of my human failings again." He drawled out.

"You are welcome." Came Spock's quick reply. With a futile shake of his head he met Obi-Wan's smile with one of his own. "I'm beaming up Spock, have the senior crew assemble in my ready room." He said.

"Yes Captain." was the only response before the link went dead.

"Well we're not quite out of luck yet Obi-Wan, will you join me? I think we should all be present for this briefing and I might have a solution to your blockade problem." Jim said, smiling widely at the older man.

Obi-Wan raised his eyebrow, "I do not believe in luck Jim, however I am intrigued. Although there is the slight matter of your transporter. I will have to use it again won't I?" Jim laughed and clapped him on his back. "Don't worry I'll believe in luck for the both of us and yes unfortunately you will it is the quickest way and as you said we are running out of time. Don't worry you'll get used to it eventually."

Obi-Wan sighed but returned the young man's smile, fining it contagious. "I highly doubt that." He told him before turning to regard Cody and Rex. "Gentlemen I am leaving you both in charged planet-side. Leave a contingent of men here to guard the villagers and move the rest of your men to join our main force. Contact Waxer to let him know the situation and so that they expect your arrival. Keep me updated on your progress and check in once you've reached our forward position. However most important of all do not engage the enemy unless absolutely necessary, I trust your judgement and leave it to you. May the Force be with You gentlemen."

The two clones saluted and in unison replied, "Good luck General." They inclined their heads slightly towards Jim then turned and left to efficiently carry out their orders.

Obi-Wan turned back to Jim. "Come Captain, your galaxy awaits you." Jim smiled at him and flipped open his communicator, "Enterprise, two to beam up."