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I used to think one day we'd tell the story of us,
How we met and the sparks flew instantly,
People would say they're the lucky ones.
I used to know my place was a spot next to you,
Now I'm searching the room for an empty seat,
'Cause lately I don't even know what page you're on.

Oh a simple complication,
Miscommunications lead to fall-out.
Too many things that I wish you knew,
So many walls that I can't break through.

~ The Story of Us by Taylor Swift

Chapter One

Story of Us


I sat up in the bed and glanced over at Bella. Some point after our confessions, she had managed to fall asleep. It seemed like all of the worry – all of the stress – disappeared and I couldn't help but wonder if she ever really slept in the last eight years. A week ago, I didn't know I had a child. I didn't think I would ever see Bella again or that my feelings could last as long they did. I didn't think I could even forgive her for keeping such a huge secret from everyone until Alice had talked to me. Now here I was, in Chicago, a place I haven't visited since the death of my parents, and I was with the love of my life, willing to put my own life on the life just so we had a chance at a future with our little girl.

My shaking hands ran through my hair, tugging a little. Deep down, I knew I held a little bit of resentment towards Bella. I had loved her – still loved her – and I had missed out on seven years of my daughter's life. I missed coming home and seeing a pregnant Bella. Never will I get to see Nessie's first steps, her first words, or the first time she had baby food. All of those milestones I had missed. My blood boiled just thinking about it but could I put full blame on Bella? Of course not. Something deep down inside of me told me that at some point, Bella had wanted to come clean.

If it wasn't for that fucking bastard I would have known about Renesmee. I would have married Bella and made an honest woman out of her. I would have had the opportunity to watch her stomach swell as she carried my child inside of her.

Clenching and unclenching my fists, I realized that I had been robbed of all of that.

September 2008

When he arrived home after soccer practice, Alice, Rosalie and his mother were running frantically around the house, putting the finishing touches on all of the birthday decorations for Bella's party. Never in his life have has he witnessed Rosalie and his mother moving so fast. Alice, however, did not surprise him. For the three months, Alice had planned this party for Bella.

That had been nearly two hours ago. Bella and Edward had been dating for a little over two months now but people always teased them, saying that they have been dating since Bella first moved to the small town of Forks, Washington. They always denied it. Bella usually blushed while he made some cheesy joke about her appearance.

Then it happened. The summer she came home from visiting her Grandma Dwyer, things changed for him. No longer was Bella Swan wearing braces. There was no more frizzy hair. Thirteen-year-old Bella was a knockout. He couldn't deny his feelings for her anymore. People knew how he felt about Bella just by looking at him.

Still, he hid his feelings from Bella for another five years. Tonight, he would change all that. When Alice had approached him, telling him where he could find Bella, his heart skipped a beat. She was so beautiful in her emerald green dress.

Their friends saw him approach before she did. When they whispered to her, she glanced at him, smiling brightly.

It was now or never.

He walked her away from the party, holding her hand tightly in his. Those three words made him want to vomit. How could something so real be so damn difficult? He remembered thinking. They walked to their special place, a meadow, not to far from the house but far enough that they could have some privacy. They sat there in complete silence before he blurted out those three words.

"I love you, you know."

His words had taken her by complete shock. As she stared at him, with wide eyes – like a doe caught in the headlights – he was beginning to rethink his confession. What if she didn't love him too?

"You do?" she whispered, still in complete shock.

"Very much."

"I love you too."

I sighed at the memory. The very first time I had told Bella I loved her was simply magical. I had wanted it to be a birthday that she would never forget. When Alice found out, she was giddy with excitement, as if Jasper had just declared his love for her instead of her twin brother telling her childhood friend that he loved her. After my declaration, Alice immediately began planning a wedding, even if it was more than five years into the future. It didn't matter to Alice. To her, Bella and I were soul mates.

We simply belonged together.

I glanced back over at Bella and smiled. She hugged the pillow tightly to her body and let a sigh of contentment. Without any hesitation, I ran a hand through her tangled brown locks. Alice was right, even then. No matter what would happen to us, I belonged with Bella. My life was nothing without her. It never would be.

May 2009

"After college, I plan on coming and getting you. Then, I'm going to make you into an honest woman, Isabella Swan."

"Why, Mr. Cullen. Are you saying that you intend on marrying little ol' me?"

He had laughed at Bella's teasing but he could tell that she was overjoyed. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at him. They were each other's world and all he remembered was nodding.

"Five years is an awfully long time to wait for someone, Edward."

"I'd wait forever for you, Bella."

As a seventeen year old, I had known what I had wanted. Even at thirteen, I knew. Bella Swan, best friend to my sister, was the love of my life. Things had been so great in high school that I had a hard time wrapping my head around the reasons to why she felt like she couldn't confide in me.

Feeling that familiar burning sensation at the back of my eyes, I slowly got up from the bed and left the room. If I broke down, I didn't need it waking up Bella. She didn't need to know the severity of her actions though I was sure she had some idea.

Who was I kidding? Bella already knew the severity of the whole damn situation. I just didn't want her to know that a small part of me still blamed her for it.

I walked out in the living room of Riley's apartment, surprised to find the place completely empty except for Bella and me. Taking a seat on the couch, I placed my elbows on my thighs and clasped my hands in between my legs, bringing my head down to rest on them. There was a lot I didn't understand. I knew Bella's story, thanks to Alice but for me to fully understand, I needed to hear about James' abuse from Bella. Maybe even get Nessie's side of it. How had this affected my seven year old daughter? Would she need therapy? She seemed to be pretty well adjusted for someone who has witnessed her mother's beatings. Bella had been beaten down and broken. James was the reason why Bella didn't leave when the abuse started. When Bella finally decided to leave, James had almost killed her. Who could I thank for protecting my daughter through all of this? Riley? Jacob? Charlie? All three of them?

Nessie's safety shouldn't have to be their priority. Of course I knew it would be. All three of those men loved my girl. Just like all three of them loved Bella. If this shit storm wouldn't have happened, making sure that Nessie was safe would have fallen on me. As her father, it was my duty to protect her and Bella from harm. Well, now I would just have to make it my top priority to ensure their safety. I was in their lives now and there was no way in hell that I was leaving again. Where ever Bella was, I would follow whether that meant Chicago, Forks or Timbuktu. My life was entwined with Bella and Nessie now.

No man, no creature, would ever change that.



Alice and I sat huddled in the waiting room of the hospital, eager to hear news from Angela. Jacob had woken up over twenty-four hours ago but we felt that we had to give him a bit of time with his family and doctors. Who knew what was going to happen?

"God I hope he's okay," Alice mumbled to herself. I glanced over to her and kissed her on the top of her head. Sweet little Alice. How was I ever going to forgive myself for being such a bitch to Bella and Alice? I had yelled at Alice, yelled at my in-laws, because I was pissed at what Bella had kept from our family but after Bella's story came to light, I understood. When you're in an abusive relationship, you don't think straight. Staying with James made Bella think that she was protecting her child. She obviously knew what he was capable of. To her, it was the right choice.

Royce King had practically destroyed me like James had obviously destroyed the pureness that was known as Bella Swan. We had been placed in very similar situations but unlike Bella, I always fought back. It didn't matter if Royce would hit me harder. Everyone finally had enough of the abuse when he put me in the hospital.

"Everything will be okay," I told Alice, hugging her to me. "Nothing will tear this group apart every again. Edward will bring Bella back to us and Jake will kick this things ass."

It was then that Angela emerged from a set of doors. Her eyes were red and it was obvious that she had been crying. I nudged Alice and gestured to Angela. Together, we stood and rushed over to our brown-haired friend.

"What's going on?" I asked her before taking her into my arms and hugged her.

"The doctors aren't as optimistic as they once were."

I pulled away and looked down at Angela, tilting my head like a confused puppy. Of course I was confused. When Jacob told me about his cancer, he didn't seem too concerned. His chance of survival was almost ninety percent. What had changed since then?


"It's 50/50, you guys. They said his most recent episode probably affected his immune system somehow and that if they up his chemo, he could beat this but that he'll be really sick and he'll lose his hair. I can't go back in there.. He's a mess. I'm a mess. You know how much Jake loves his hair."

I let out a weak laugh, knowing how true Angela's statement was. Jacob Black was like Jesse Kasoupolis on steroids. They were both obsessed with their looks, especially their hair, but loved their family unconditionally.

"We'll get through this, honey," Alice told Angie.

I smiled down at the little pipsqueak. At the time, I didn't think she had heard what I had said but when she spoke to Angela, I knew she had and I knew that we were both right. No matter what happen, we would get through this.


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"Al? Are you drunk?"