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Rise of Talsamu and the fall of darkness


Hikari began to open her eyes as she felt she was on the ground from the cold floor she was feeling. She also noticed her head on something soft. She lifted her hand and it felt like a coat. She wondered who it was till she saw her master sitting next to her. "Ma-master what happened?" Hikari asked wondering what happened as she tried to get up but stopped halfway when she felt her neck was hurting.

"Relax Hikari your neck is still hurting from your encounter from Dakuripa. You need to rest and wait till the fight is over" Ronin said as he laid Hikari back down.

"Fight? Oh the fusion did it work?" Hikari asked remembering Ronin was working on the fusion.

"See for yourself" Ronin said as he pointed to the fields where Hikari could sense a powerful force.

"Whoa is that really my brother and Talsein?" Hikari asked surprised by what she was sensing.

"Oh yeah it is, I knew the fusion would make them strong but damn I didn't think they would be this strong" Ronin said surprised even himself on how well the fusion went.

"It's amazing; they're so strong I can see why you chose to get us away from the fight. They're spiritual pressure it's so strong I can still feel it from here" Hikari said noticing they were almost out of the canyons and near the city view.

"Well my dear all we can do now is pray, pray that they can win and prey that they beat him once and for all otherwise we will all lose" Ronin said hoping things go well in the end of this fight.


"Talsamu huh? An interesting name and your spiritual energy it seems very familiar." Dakuripa seemed surprised to hear what he just heard. This man who appeared before him, he calls himself Talsamu. To him it sounded like the combine name of Isamu and Talsein. He had an idea on who this person could be, but he knew it couldn't be true. In his mind Dakuripa assumes this man is indeed Isamu and Talsein. But he knows it's not possible since there is no way for the both of them to be one. To him it's impossible, but then as he thought about it more, to him this world anything is possible. "Are you really Isamu and Talsein?"

"We were separated, but now we are Talsamu. We have merged together to form a new powerful warrior, one who has one purpose and that's to kick your ass" Talsamu said speaking in what sounds like two voices.

"I see, so that explains why Ronin wasn't around. He had something to do with this didn't he?" Dakuripa said realizing why Ronin wasn't around when Hikari attacked him.

"That's right guess the old man still had a few tricks up his sleeve that even neither one of us, his students, knew about" Talsamu said as he raised his hand and looked at it. "It's strange to think we have fused together. Neither one of us has ever been in a something like this before. It's a strange feeling really, but it doesn't matter how we are feeling being in one body. One thing has us focus and that's winning?"

"Well it doesn't matter, both of you together couldn't beat me so what makes you two think fuse together you two can actually beat me?" Dakuripa said who didn't seem worried.

"Don't get too overconfident Dakuripa, you got lucky because we kept holding back at the moments when we could have killed you. This time we won't be holding back, we won't show you any mercy, and this time we will end what we started" Talsamu said as he powered up and soon the area began to shake as Dakuripa seemed surprised by the new power he was sensing. It was something he had never felt before and it was something that really caught him off guard.

Dakuripa shot off Force Lighting at Talsamu but when he did Talsamu disappeared. He then heard someone behind him and saw it was Talsamu who appeared behind him and punched him right on the nose. Dakuripa held his nose and backed away from Talsamu who stood there with his face emotionless. Dakuripa growled a bit before swinging his tail at Talsamu who grabbed the tail with one hand. Dakuripa tried to pull his tail back but Talsamu had it on a tight grip and he stood his ground. Talsamu then grabbed the tail with both hands and began to swing around Dakuripa over and over and over again. He finally let go of Dakuripa who was shot off into the sky at a high speed. Dakuripa managed to stop himself from flying any further when he stopped he felt someone behind him. He noticed it was Talsamu and they were back to back. Dakuripa got mad and threw a fist at Talsamu who ducked the punch and punched Dakuripa in the gut hard. Then he got near Dakuripa's head and elbowed him in the back of the neck sending him towards the ground creating a huge crater.

Talsamu looked on still with no expression on his face. He had his arms crossed and he waited for Dakuripa to come out. "Hey we know you're not dead so get off your lazy ass and get back up so we can continue fighting."

Dakuripa zipped out of the crater at high speed like a bullet and tried hitting Talsamu with several punches and kicks but Talsamu kept dodging them with his arms still crossed. Dakuripa continued with his attack till he backed away from Talsamu and launched force lightning at Talsamu who dodged the attack. Dakuripa continued doing this, but as he did Talsamu continued dodging the attacks with ease which was making the dark one angry.

"Damn it hold still" Dakuripa said angrily that not one of his attacks was hitting Talsamu.

"What's the matter too slow to hit me? We would think someone who was just kicking our asses would be able to hit us with one of those fancy moves of yours" Talsamu said as he mocked Dakuripa.

"Don't you dare mock me, I have existed longer than either one of you and I have gained powers that even my own father feared they would one day surpass him" Dakuripa said knowing his father indeed feared his powers would surpass his own and he would do everything in his power to make sure that he never left. "I've surpassed him, everyone hero on this planet, and you two. There is no way you two can beat me, no way in hell."

"Oh don't worry cause that's where you're going when we kill you. For now we're going to make you suffer for all the people you have hurt and made suffered" Talsamu said who was going to hurt Dakuripa for all the harm he has done.

"The only one who will suffer is you" Dakuripa as he began to power up as a dark aura began to glow all around him. He continued powering up for another minute till he finally reached 100 percent of his real power. "There now you see my real true power, what do you think of it now?"

"Is that it? Really that's your true power? Honestly if we were separated we would be a bit worried but together not even close to half our power which we haven't even used yet" Talsamu said he cracked his neck a bit before powering up which surprised Dakuripa a bit by how much power he was releasing. Talsamu continued releasing their power as they were glowing white and black aura as their power was soon causing the area around them to shake even beyond the canyons.

Jump City (Ahsoka's pov)

I was looking up at the skies with Ichiro as he hugged me to keep me warm. The dark side of the force was getting stronger and it was getting colder. So Ichiro gave me his jacket and held me close to keep me warm. Prototype wanted to help me keep warm, but I told him I was okay with Ichiro.

Meanwhile Rachel and her daughters were keeping the darkness contained within the city. Markala and Katalina joined Tara and Victor as they took the men Dakuripa had under his control to prison and some to the hospital. Prototype was fixing the cars that were damaged during the fight that way the people don't have to wait long to get their cars fixed or couldn't Ryu was standing on a lamp post with his eyes close as he tried to sense the fight with Dakuripa against Isamu and Talsein.

"Hey Ryu how's the fight going?" Ichiro asked wondering how the fight was going.

"Before our dads were losing and yet now it seems they are winning. At least I think it's them" Ryu said who wasn't sure if it was their dads or not.

"What are you talking isn't it Isamu and Talsein you're sensing?" Prototype asked confused by what Ryu said.

"I'm not sure, I can sense their energy but it's weird cause it feels like they are…together? Damn it I wish I could go see the fight" Ryu said who wanted to go see the fight.

"So do I but Uncle Suzuki said not to go to the fight since we might distract our dads" Ichiro said remembering what Ronin told them.

Suddenly the ground began to shake causing the city itself to shake as well. The car alarms all began to go off and the windows were breaking. Ichiro floated up into the air with Ahsoka to keep them out of the shaking ground. Ryu and Ichiro could sense a powerful energy coming from where their fathers are fighting, and they seem a bit scared which is something Ahsoka has never seen with Ichiro before. She couldn't sense what they were sensing but could tell it had to be something scary to get them scared.

"Oh man I've never felt anything like this before, it's amazing" Ichiro said who was a bit scared by what he was sensing.

"Me too, man I wish we could go see what's going on over there" Ryu said who really wanted to go see the fight and find out whose power is that they are sensing.

"Well technically Ronin said we shouldn't get involved in the fight. But I don't think he mentioned seeing the fight right?" I said as the others looked at each other and nodded.

"That is true, yeah we could just watch from a distance hey Proto got anything that could help us watch the fight from a distance?" Ichiro said as he turned to Prototype.

"I think so, yeah why not let's go see the fight" Prototype said who wanted to see the fight too.

"What do you say Ryu?" I said as I turned to Ryu.

"Sure let's get going before the others come back" Ryu said as he grabbed Prototype and used his flash step to get out of the city while Ichiro did the same with Ahsoka.


Talsamu continued powering up as Dakuripa was being pushed back by the power that was coming out of Talsamu. Finally Talsamu finished powering up and in an instant he punched Dakuripa in the face. Then he side kicked him across the face sending the dark force wielder across the sky. Talsamu grabbed him by the tail then threw him towards the ground where Dakuripa was able to stop himself as he used his power to stop himself from hitting the ground but created a crater from the force of the power Dakuripa used. Dakuripa saw Talsamu up in the sky with his arms crossed. Dakuripa spread his wings and flapped them hard as he headed towards Talsamu at high speed. Talsamu however didn't bother moving or dodge the hits he got from Dakuripa who began punching him with everything he got. Dakuripa was now confident that he was winning and that he was overpowering Talsamu. He continued his attack when he grabbed Talsamu and threw him towards the ground where Talsamu hit. He then shot off a massive Force Lightning at Talsamu where he smiled thinking he had won.

"I told you to never cross me human. I don't care if you two fused together you two still didn't stand a chance against me. I've won and you two have lo…no way" Dakuripa was shocked by what he saw. He saw Talsamu sitting on a boulder and it look like he didn't have a scratch on him. This not only angered Dakuripa, but it made him a bit worried at how strong this two man fusion warrior really is.

"We felt bad that you weren't getting anything on us so we decided to let you hit us. What's wrong? Was that your best attack how disappointing" Talsamu said mocking Dakuripa who was getting angrier. "Awwww did we make the Son angry? I'm sorry does the baby want his bottle."

"Stop mocking me!" Dakuripa shouted as he was pissed off that he was being mocked. He charged at Talsamu and continued attacking him.

Meanwhile Ichiro, Ryu, and Ahsoka arrived outside the city and into the rocky region. While Ichiro and Ryu looked around to get a reading of where the fight was Ahsoka looked around the area. She didn't know if she was the only one who noticed or not but the entire area was in ruins. She saw some hills and cliffs breaking apart and she saw some of the animals in the area running away from the fight. She even felt something slitter over her foot. She looked down and saw it was a rattlesnake that passed her leg. It didn't bite her or seem to care if she was there. All that mattered to the snake was running away from the fight.

"Hey Ahsoka you okay?" Ichiro asked as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"A snake just passed by leg, a bunch of animals are running off, and this whole area looks like it's going to hell. No Ichiro I'm not exactly okay, especially from how strong the dark side is around here" Ahsoka said as she shivered a bit despite her wearing Ichiro's jacket.

"Well the animals are running away cause they can sense this fight is too dangerous for them to be around and the place is going to hell because of the fight and how much damage it's causing around here" Ichiro said knowing why everything is happening

"I can't believe it; you're saying this is all because of the fight going on in this area? That's crazy, even back home there's no way a fight even between a Jedi or a Sith would do this." Ahsoka said who was in disbelief that the fight could have caused this much damage.

"Ahsoka you have been here for a month and have seen how we fight. You're barely believing we couldn't cause this much damage?" Ryu said as he picked up a piece of stone and walked towards Ahsoka. "Trust me you ain't seen anything yet, now then where could our fathers be?"

"Hey Ryu over there" Ichiro said as he pointed towards where a loud boom sound was being made. Ryu looked over and could sense a powerful spiritual energy coming from that area. Ahsoka looked over as well and could sense the dark side of the force coming from that area.

"Oh yeah that seems to be the place" Ryu said knowing that's where the fight was coming from.

"Whoa I don't know if it's my dad or your dad Ryu but either way they're kicking ass" Ichiro said who seemed excited as he could tell what was going on in the fight, only a little of course. "Just wish they went a bit slower so I could see the fight."

"A little yes, kind of hard to see if it's our dads fighting together or not" Ryu said who agreed wondering if he could see who was actually fighting Dakuripa.

"You guys must have great vision cause I can't see a thing" Ahsoka said who couldn't see the fight or sense how the fight was going.

"Don't look with your eyes just focus on the energy coming from the fight. Focus and concentrate, once you do that you'll see what is going on even if it's not accurate since they are moving too fast for us to see as well" Ryu said as he told Ahsoka what to do.

Ahsoka sighed and began to focus. She concentrated on the sound of the fight and the energy coming from it. She began to sense something, it was moving too fast for her to actually tell who it belonged to. But finally as soon as she focused again she managed to see the fighters for just a moment. Ahsoka shot her eyes open and was surprised that she did it. "I saw it, I saw them fighting"

"All right well done Ahsoka" Ichiro said as he congratulated Ahsoka.

"Yes well done now let's get back to the fight to see who is winning" Ryu said as Ichiro and Ahsoka agreed and refocused to continue watching the fight and how it was going.

Talsamu continued dodging the attacks from Dakuripa who was just throwing punches out of anger. Talsamu was finally showing some facial expression which was a smirk making Dakuripa angrier. Dakuripa backed off and used the force lighting at Talsamu who took the hit but didn't even feel anything. Dakuripa was surprised by this as Talsamu just smiled and charged at Dakuripa hitting him in the gut with his shoulder. Dakuripa held his stomach and then got hit in the face when Talsamu used his elbow. Dakuripa was thrown towards the ground where he landed on his back. As he tried to get up Talsamu landed on his stomach with his knee. He then grabbed Dakuripa's tail and began to pull on it before he took out one of his sword. The hilt was white but the blade was dark. He raised his sword and cut off Dakuripa's tail. Dakuripa screamed in pain as his tail was cut off. He quickly got up and backed away from Talsamu. He was bleeding as he was in pain. He looked up and saw Talsamu holding Dakuripa's tail. He was looking over it before he used his powers to incinerate the tail into nothing.

"You bastard how dare you…HOW DARE YOU!" Dakuripa shouted as it echoed all around the area. Dakuripa was breathing in and out heavily as he was getting tired from this fight. "I don't know how this is possible. I planned this all from the beginning since I got here. I bided my time and waited for the right moment to strike. Finally I execute my plan and had you two beaten. How is it possible you two have been able to pull this whatever this is and turn the tables on me. It's impossible."

"There's your problem, you got sooo confident you would beat us that you let your pride get the best of you. You considered yourself the better warrior because you thought just because you were born with this great power you feel like everything should have come easy for you" Talsamu said as he once again turned serious. "We both worked hard since as long as we could remember. We weren't given the easy road we worked hard to get where we are and earned it. Dakuripa you have failed because you thought by using others and harming the innocents you had us beaten. You are wrong and now you have failed, one side is telling me to spare you. But now you have grown to be too dangerous to be left alive so now we will finish you off once and for all" Talsamu said as they decided to end this fight. Talsamu retracted his blade and took out his other blade which had a black hilt but the blade was white.

"You fool you can't defeat me. I will destroy you, even if I have to wipe out every living thing on this planet to do it" Dakuripa said as he flew up into the sky till he was nearly out of the planet. He then raised his hands up and began to gather up all the dark energy he had left and even some from his followers and the dark cloud he created.

Jump City

Back in the city the paramedics and titans saw the men struggling in their restraints as they saw a dark energy leaving their body. Once it left the men finally calmed down. Outside the city where Rachel and her daughters were holding back the dark cloud they saw it going back and it was being pulled away from the city towards the canyons. Rachel then felt something painful coming from inside of her, the twins soon saw a dark energy leave their mothers body as she screamed painfully as to her it felt like something being ripped from the inside out of her. Once it was out of her the twins checked on their mother to make sure she was okay. Although she was fine she could tell something bad was happening where her husband was fighting.

"Mom are you okay? What's going on?" Rowan asked worried about her mother.

"I'm fine girls, I'm just a little tired" Rachel said lying to her daughters.

"Mom do you want us to heal you?" Arella asked.

"No it's fine I just need some rest, come on let's get back to the tower" Rachel said as the girls nodded and helped their mother fly back to the tower. Rachel looked towards where Isamu was fighting and she grew concern. Isamu please be careful.


Ichiro, Ryu, and Ahsoka watched as the clouds began to be pulled away and saw what appeared to be a large dark energy ball that was being created in the sky. Ahsoka felt scared cause the dark energy that was being made was filled with the dark side. Ichiro noticed her feeling scared so he brought her close for a hug where she calmed down.

"It's okay Ahsoka, my dad won't let him win" Ichiro said as he whispered into Ahsoka's ear to calm her down.

"Can he really do it Ichiro? I mean look at that thing it's sooo big" Ahsoka said seeing the large dark energy ball hovering over the canyon.

"I will admit it does seem almost impossible. But if anyone can do it it's my dad and even Ryu's dad. Right Ryu?" Ichiro said as he turned to Ryu who was too focused on the fight to say anything. "Well he may not be saying it but he agrees with me."

"For everyone's sakes you better be right Ichiro" Ahsoka said hoping Ichiro isn't wrong.

Ryu who was focused on the fight had a lot of things going through his mind. He knows what his dad did and the evil he had done. Ryu wasn't mad at him, he was confused. He wondered why his father who was Isamu's enemy fight alongside with him would. Ryu was confused and had so many questions to ask his father. Questions he hoped he could have answered before his father disappears from his life again.

Back with the fight

Talsamu saw as Dakuripa continued drawing all the energy he could summon. Talsamu knew if they were to dodge the attack then everything from the canyons to the city would be wiped out. They knew they had to make sure that doesn't happen otherwise everything they worked hard to protect would be gone forever.

"This is it it's time for you all to die" Dakuripa said as he finally finished gathering up all the dark energy he could summon. "Now DIE!" Dakuripa shouted as he launched the dark energy ball directly towards Talsamu who stood there with his sword still in his hand.

The dark energy ball began to cause hills to disintegrate, the dirt and rocks to be thrown everywhere, and even the clouds to disappear. Talsamu breathed in and out knowing that they had one shot in ending this fight once and for all. Talsamu pulled back their sword and got ready to release their attack. Once the dark energy was close Talsamu shot off his attack. "In'yan'omegakyanon (Ying Yang Omega cannon)!" Talsamu shouted as he shot off a white and black blast that sounded like a cannon as it hit the dark energy ball and pushed the blast back towards Dakuripa. Dakuripa tried to push the blast back but the blast kept coming back towards him till he tried to stop it with both his hands. The blast pushed him out of the sky and out of orbit where Dakuripa struggled to stop the blast. Finally he lost control and the blast consumed him. Dakuripa yelled out in pain as the blast destroyed him and exploded in space destroying all traces of Dakuripa in a white and dark blast.

Talsamu looked up at where the blast exploded and smiled. "It's over."

Jump city (Rachel's pov)

My daughters and I returned to the tower where we saw everyone on the roof looking up into the sky where we saw a huge explosion. My daughter Rowan was amazed by the white and dark light blast up in the sky while Victor took some pictures of the blast.

"Wow I wonder what that was." Mikazuki said interestedly.

I soon couldn't sense Dakuripa's energy and we soon saw there was no longer any trace of the dark cloud anywhere. To me this meant only one thing. "I think that was Isamu and Talsein finally defeating Dakuripa."

"Really? No way" Victor said in disbelief as were the others. As they saw Rachel smiled Mikazuki and the cat teens began to try and sense for Dakuripa's energy, but couldn't sense him. Soon they all smiled and knew it was true what Rachel said.

"They really did do it. He's gone Dakuripa's dead" Markala said realizing the fight was over.

Everyone began to cheer that Dakuripa was dead and everyone celebrated that he was dead. Everyone congratulated each other for what happened when Victor approached Katalina. "So um Katalina since the fight is over I was thinking you know if you're not doing anything tonight how would you-"

Katalina grabbed Victor and kissed him on the lips surprising the teen. The women were all smiling by what they were seeing, Markala smiled as well, and Prototype made some wolf noises causing Rowan to laugh.

Katalina stopped the kiss and smiled at Victor who had a goofy smile on his face. "Pick me up at 7 and don't be late Vic" Katalina said as she walked towards the roof entrance swaying her hips.

Markala approached Victor and slapped him on the back. "Congrats Vic you are now going to on a date with my sister" Markala said as he congratulated Victor on getting a date with Katalina. "Also just a friendly reminder if you hurt her then she will give Marrissa a call, or she will use her powers to shatter your mind."

Markala soon began towards the roof door when Rowan jumped on his back. "Come on Markala let's go celebrate by buying some tacos!" Rowan shouted as Markala sighed and knew Rowan didn't get her tacos so he carried her and they walked down the stairs.

"Sisters" Arella sighed, annoyed that her sister was acting a lot like a child.

Canyons (5 minutes later)

Ichiro had Ahsoka on his back as he carried her towards where the fight was taking place to congratulate his dad on a job well done. Ryu wasn't far behind as they were soon approaching where the fight took place. They saw Isamu sitting on a boulder with Ronin across from him standing and Hikari with Hanataro healing Isamu's wounds.

"DAD!" Ichiro shouted as Isamu looked up and saw his son arriving.

"Hey son what are you doing here?" Isamu asked surprised to see his son and his friends arriving.

"Yes what are you three doing here? Didn't I say not to come here?" Ronin said a little mad the kids disobeyed him.

"Well technically you said we shouldn't get involved in the fight, you never said anything about watching the fight right?" Ahsoka said which caused Ronin to say something but he stopped when he realized Ahsoka was right.

"Touché kid, I wonder if you pulled that same logic on your former master" Ronin said as he sat down on a boulder.

"Maybe a few times, though he encouraged it if I used it on other Jedis except on him. Sooooo is it finally over then? Is Dakuripa really gone?" Ahsoka said hoping this time Dakuripa is really gone.

"Oh yeah don't worry he's gone for good. No one not even Darkseid could survive a blast like that" Hikari said who was sure it was finally over.

"Who?" Ahsoka asked confused on who Darkseid was.

"I'll tell you later, oh man dad you were soooo cool how did you and Talsein kicked Dakuripa's butt like that?" Ichiro asked wanting to know how his dad and Talsein won their fight.

"It's a long story, I'll tell you when we get home" Isamu said who felt his stomach growling. "Of course after we get something to eat I'm starving."

Ryu who wasn't paying attention to the conversation was looking around for his dad who wasn't around. "Um Mr. Ishida sir where's my…father?"

"Oh right well he kind of took off after the fight was over. Guess he wasn't going back to prison like he said he would huh Master Suzuki?" Isamu said who felt bad that Talsein left before he could see his son.

"Kind of knew he would even when I helped him get out of prison" Ronin said who realized what he said as Hikari seemed a bit mad.

"Wait you're the reason he got out? Why master why would you let him out of prison?" Hikari asked mad that her master let Talsein out.

"Captain Suzuki sir Captain Hanako is going to kill you if she finds out you let Talsein out on purpose and for kidnapping me" Hanataro said who joined in the conversation after finishing up Isamu's wounds.

"I didn't kidnap you I 'borrowed' you there's a difference" Ronin said who didn't think he did something wrong.

"You tied me up and put me in a bag" Hanataro said remembering how he was kidnapped.

"Oh be quiet who cares if he kidnapped you point is he let Talsein out. Oh I am sooo going to tell Master Ha-"

"Hikari quiet" Isamu said interrupting his sister surprising her and everyone else. "If Ronin didn't release Talsein I would have been killed and none of us would be here right now. He did the right thing and I don't hate or blame you for what you did. Thank you Master Suzuki for helping us."

"You're welcome kid" Ronin said glad his former apprentice wasn't mad at him for what he did.

"And also we're all going to keep our mouths shut and won't say a word to anyone about how Talsein got out…right?" Isamu said as he turned to his sister and Hanataro.

"Fine I won't tell anyone" Hikari said mad that her master let Talsein out but agreed with her brother knowing if Talsein wasn't around they would all be dead.

"I don't like lying to my captain or to Hanako but I guess if it wasn't for Talsein then I guess I could keep this a secret" Hanataro said who promised to keep this a secret. "What about Hinamori sir?"

"Oh she promises she won't tell anyone as long as I do all the paperwork for now on. It sucks but it's worth it. Now then let's get going I need to head back to the soul society before Hanako gets mad for us taking so long" Ronin said as Hanataro followed him. "Oh by the way Isamu next time be more prepared okay?"

"Got it master take care" Isamu said as Ronin nodded and took off with Hanataro to meet up with Hinamori.

"Well let's get going guys I'm hungry and I want some pizza" Hikari said who was hungry for some pizzas.

"But it's still morning and isn't pizza for lunch?" Ahsoka asked.

"Not if it's in the middle of the day in the other part of the world" Hikari said who took off to get some pizza.

"She's right so ready to go?" Ichiro asked Ahsoka who nodded and got on his back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She leaned forward and kissed Ichiro on the cheek. Ichiro smiled and took off back to the tower.

Ryu was about to go when Isamu stopped him. "Ryu hold it, there's somebody that wants to see you" Isamu said as he turned Ryu around and behind a boulder out came Talsein who was hiding behind a boulder suppressing his spiritual energy. Ryu was shocked to see his dad as was Talsein who was surprised to see his son for the first time in 16 years. "I told him to stay for you two to talk. Don't be long okay?" Isamu said as he waved his goodbye to Talsein before taking off to leave the father and son alone to talk.

Talsein looked at his son not saying a word. He approached him till they were halfway across from each other. "Hey Ryu how are you?" Talsein said as he spoke first.

"Fine, how are you?" Ryu said who responded.

"Fine, it's good to see you. I um saw your mother she told me you grew up to be a fine young man. I'm glad to see she was right" Talsein said not really sure what to say to his son and was just saying what he thought was good.

"Well she did raise me well, along with Master Tetsip who taught me how to fight and be a man. Something I guess you couldn't teach me after all you did" Ryu said as he sounded a bit mad.

Talsein sighed and knew that was going to be brought up sooner or later. "I know son, I've done a lot of stupid shit. I've turned my back on the people who trusted and loved me, I've turned my back on my home, and I hurt a lot of people. Something I know no one will ever forgive me for and I know I deserved it. But leaving you and not being there for you to me is the worst decision I have ever done. But I had to pay for my sins and I'm sorry for it."

"I'm not mad at all of those things, I'm mad that I was lied to. Mom told me you were a great man, a great warrior. That you have tried to change this world for me, but when I found out what you did it hurt. It hurt that my dad killed people and was considered a traitor to everyone" Ryu said as tears were forming in his eyes but he kept them back. "Do you know what it's like to grow up hearing all these bad things about you and that them saying I would be like you. That I would turn on everyone and be considered a monster? All my life I've tried to prove I wasn't like you and that I wasn't a monster. I'm not."

Talsein felt bad for what he did, he made his son suffer for his sins and he didn't want that. He didn't want his son to pay for his sins and he knew that he had to make amends to them. "I'm sorry Ryu, I didn't want everyone to think of you like that. I never wanted you to suffer like this and I know despite what I did today I would never be forgiven for my sins. All I wanted though was for you to have a good life without me knowing my sins would hurt you if I was with you. I'm sorry son if they still did, I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry my son for all the pain I have put you through. If you hate me for this then I will go and you won't have to worry about seeing me again."

"I don't hate you, I just wanted to know the truth from you and see you. My friends have accepted me and that's what made up for what I went through. But seeing you is all I ever wanted" Ryu said who only wanted to see his dad for the first time.

Talsein was happy that his son didn't hate him and he knew all he wanted since being in prison was to see his son again as well. Talsein approached his son and then he pulled his son in for a hug. Ryu was uncomfortable at first but soon returned the hug as well. He then began to let his tears out and was happy to have his dad back. "I'm sorry son and I love you."

"I love you too...dad" Ryu said softly as Talsein held his son close happy to have his son back.

Unbeknownst to them Isamu and Hikari were watching the whole thing and Hikari was crying while Isamu was wiping his tears away. "So um still think it was a bad idea to let him go?" Isamu said as he turned to his sister.

"Okay no it wasn't a bad idea, can we go now?" Hikari said who was trying to stop crying.

"Sure I'll catch up" Isamu said as his sister took off and Isamu turned back to the son and father moment. "Thank you Talsein and I hope things go well for you from now on" Isamu said before leaving.

That's all folks I hope everyone liked the ending of this story and I hope everyone has enjoyed what happened in this sequel. I hope the fight was good between Talsamu and Dakuripa. Along with how Dakuripa died. Don't know if that was well described but I hope it was good. Also hope the father and son talk with Ryu and Talsein was good too, and I hope many liked how it ended.

Also I want to thank General Herbison for assisting me with the story and helping me with his characters. Now then we have an annoucement to make. There will be a third story that will be made by General Herbison. The story the good General wrote will be continuing after this story. So there is more to come for our heroes, the story General and I decided it will debut on October. Don't know when but be on the lookout so you'll find out. But trust me the third one will be good especially the shocking surprises.

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