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First Test

Downtown Jump City (Ahsoka's pov)

The girls had teleported us on a roof in the middle of downtown near the bank that was being robbed. We looked down and saw who was causing trouble. The first one was a teenager who appeared to be around 18 years old and was around 6ft tall. He had a spiky red and orange hair with red eyes, his clothing were the same as his hair. He was wearing a leather jacket, t-shirt, khaki pants with a chain attached to his black belt, and leather boots. I could sense he was strong and saw what his powers were. His hand was engulfed in flames and his eyes were burning as well. He had a sly grin as we saw several looking men stacking the money in an armor truck.

"That's Blaze he was a normal teenager named Ken Buck till he got into an accident which gave him the ability to control fire and make fire" Arella said as she told us who the bad guys were and their origin. "He acts all tough and admires himself for what he does which is cause as much mayhem as possible and loves to watch things burn."

"He doesn't look so tough we can take him" Markala said who didn't seem worried about Blaze.

"I wouldn't underestimate him, first time we tangled with him he nearly blinded me when he flicked some flames near my eye and burned Ichiro's right arm" Arella said as she told them what happened when they first encountered them.

I saw Ichiro rubbing his right arm with his left where I assumed is where he got burned. "So how did you beat him?" I asked.

"Rowan used her powers to trick Blaze into chasing her into the middle of the street where she used her powers to break all the fire hydrants. Once the water came out she used her powers to direct them towards him which caused him to be too wet to use his powers" Ichiro said as he told us how they won.

"Of course that was before Ryu came so we didn't have a leader at the time and when one of us tried to lead, it ends up bad for the leader on some missions" Rowan said.

"Well now you have us so let's get down there and take them out" Markala said but before he did he saw a man wearing a weird dark suit with a big glass dome surrounding his face. The man appeared to be around 6ft 6inches and the man's face appeared to be blue and had goggles over his eyes. He had blue gloves and boots along with two tanks protected with a metal seal around them.

"Who is that?" Katalina asked.

"That's Sub-Zero he was once an assistant for Victor Fries. Victor was once a great scientist till he suffered an accident that turned him into a villain named Mr. Freeze" Arella said as she explained to the others who Freeze was.

"Mr. Freeze?" I asked wondering why he chose that name.

"Freeze's body changed causing him to make the same suit Zero has. He needs to stay cold or he will die. He uses a ray gun that freezes people solid. When that happened the people have minutes before they are frozen forever" Ichiro said as he explained to us more on Freeze.

"Hence the name Mr. Freeze because he freezes people" Katalina said who understood why the name was chosen. "Still he doesn't look so tough I doubt as tough as this Freeze guy you told us about."

"Don't underestimate him he used to work for Freeze till he disappeared. He saw Freeze like a father and Freeze treated him like he was his son. When he disappeared Zero got into the same accident as Freeze did and became the son of Mr. Freeze…Sub-Zero" Rowan said as she told them Zero's past.

"I take it he made some changes to his weapon since I don't see him with a ray gun or anything?" Markala asked as he couldn't see any signs of a weapon till he saw Zero lift his hands up and aimed them at nearby car. Then a blue light blast came out of his hands and it hit the car freezing it completely which answered Markala's question on where his weapon was.

"So what's the plan guys?" I asked wondering what our plan of attack was.

"Okay since Rowan, Arella, and I have some experience with these guys you three take out their boys while we take Blaze and Zero" Ichiro said as he told us the plan.

"Wait a minute why should we take on their weak men while you take on those two?" Markala said who didn't seem to like this plan.

"Because like I said we have some experience with these guys and we know how to take them" Ichiro said as he explained why his sisters and him would take on Freeze and Zero while the others took the grunts.

"No way I'll take them on my own and I'll prove it" Markala jumped off the roof and headed down to fight Zero and Blaze.

"Damn it Markala get back here!" Arella shouted trying to get Markala back. "Idiot what is he hey where did Katalina go?" Everyone looked around and saw Katalina joining her brother as they headed towards Zero and Blaze.

"Oh man this is not good come on Ahsoka" Ichiro said as he grabbed Ahsoka and lifted her up. Once he had her he jumped off the roof and followed Markala and Katalina.

"Think this is going to end bad?" Rowan asked her sister.

"The way we just stared yes I think so" Arella said as both sisters flew and followed the others.

Meanwhile Sub Zero had his men load up the money in the armor truck they stole while Blaze and his men were just breaking stuff and blowing up anything they could find. "Hahahaha I love this job blowing shit is always a lot of fun" Blaze laughed as he shot off another fire ball at a nearby empty bus causing it to explode.

"Blaze enough hurry up and help move this stuff before those rotten titans show up" Zero said in a deep voice ordering Blaze to hurry.

"You're not the boss of me and who cares of those brats show up I have been meaning to see that little runt Rowan again after what she did to me last time" Blaze said remembering how he let a little girl beat him.

"I know your pain Blaze but we don't have time to mess with them. If they got lucky once chances are they will again" Zero said not wanting to take the chance of them losing to the titans.

"Well then prepare for some beating then Zero" The two villains and their grunts turned around to see Ichiro on top of the armor car with Ahsoka and his sisters hovering near them.

"Well well if it isn't Ichiro Ishida and his twin sisters Arella and Rowan we haven't seen you three in a long time. We thought you three were dead" Zero said.

"Hey who's the hot chick you got Ichiro your girlfriend?" Blaze said as he laughed a bit thinking Ichiro couldn't get a hot girl to be his girlfriend.

"What if I am you spiky red dork" I said trying to remember some of the witty comments Rowan told me to say when we encounter some bad guys. Only now when I said them it sounded bad but it seemed to annoy Blaze.

"At least I ain't some orange skin freak with a bad hairdo" Blaze said tying to come up with his own witty banter.

"First of all dumb ass that's not her hair and at least it looks better than your geeky looking hair" Arella said as she also pissed off Blaze.

"That's it time to kill you all" Blaze said as he ignited his hands with his flames.

"All right then titans g-" Markala interrupted Ichiro as he jumped over him and tackled Blaze hard then he threw him towards one of the buildings causing the walls to fall on him. "Um go" Ichiro said surprised that Markala interrupted him before he could finish.

"Who the hell was that?" Zero said as before someone else could respond another person jumped out from behind the titans. Except this person was a female and she tackled Zero before throwing him towards the bus that Blaze blew up. She then picked up a car and threw it at him before it exploded.

The grunts of Sub-Zero and Blaze were shocked by what they saw happened to their bosses. While Ichiro and his sisters just faced palmed their faces by what their friends did. "There it's over let's go" Katalina said as she dusted off her hands.

"What the heck was that we told you we needed to wait till we come up with a plan? But here you two are going off without a plan and possibly getting Blaze and Zero killed!" Arella shouted at both Markala and Katalina.

"So their evil like you guys said they were so why not take care of evil like that?" Markala said who didn't seem to care that Arella was yelling at him.

"There are rules Markala, and those rules say we need to take in these guys so they can be taken to jail" Ichiro said as he explained to them what they needed to do. "We don't kill them it's not the titan way."

"Oh relax I'm sure if their as tough as you guys say they are then maybe-" suddenly an explosion erupted behind Markala and Katalina. Soon they saw Blaze and Sub-Zero coming out of the rubble wiping some of the dirt off their clothes and it appeared they didn't have a scratch on them.

"Huh looks like they aren't weak as I thought they were" Katalina said.

"That was impressive cutie a shame now we have to kill you all. Boys take care of the bratty twins while I take care of the little lady here" Blaze said as he ordered his men to take care of Rowan and Arella while he dealt with Katalina.

"And men take care of the boy and the orange skinned girl while I take care of the arrogant boy" Zero said as he ordered his men to take on Ichiro and Ahsoka while he dealt with Markala.

"Okay guys here is the plan we need to…Markala, Katalina wait!" Markala and Katalina both went after Sub-Zero and Blaze before Ichiro could finish with his plan. "Oh great all right let's do this then titan's go!"

Sub-Zero's grunts surrounded Ichiro and I with their pipes and chains as their weapons. I wanted to use my lightsabers but I remembered my promise to Isamu so I decided to try something else. So while Ichiro fought the other grunts I turned my attention to the few that wanted to fight me. One swung his pipe at me but I ducked, then I punched him in the gut, then I elbowed him in the jaw, and then knocked him out with a swift kick to the head. Another tried to hit me with his chain but I dodged his hits and then punched him in the jaw hard knocking him out too. The other men decided to try and charge at me but as they did I used the force to push them all back. It wasn't strong enough to knock them out but it was enough for them to be intimidated a bit. I saw Ichiro soon appeared behind the men and the men's expression turned to horror when they saw Ichiro behind them.

"Okay whoever doesn't want to get beat up by me better drop your weapons and surrender" Ichiro said as he cracked his knuckles.

"We give we give" the men said in unison as Ichiro smiled in success as did I glad we did well I just hoped the others were doing okay as well.

Ichiro grabbed the chains and handed them to me. "Wanna tie them up?" Ichiro asked.

"Sure but shouldn't we help your sister?" I asked till I saw one of Blaze's grunts fall near us.

"I think their doing fine" Ichiro said who didn't seemed worried knowing his sisters would be okay.

Meanwhile the twins were using their powers to levitate and then used their powers to grab the grunts weapons and disintegrated them. The other grunts tried to charge at them but they used their powers to levitate the men and then threw them into the back of a truck. They then locked the backdoor to prevent them from escaping.

"Good job guys now all we need is just Blaze and Zero and we're done" Ichiro said as we turned to Blaze and Zero who were fighting with Markala and Katalina.

Katalina dodged Blaze's fire blasts using her quickness and agility. Katalina then used her special ability which she used to levitate several cars and threw them at Blaze who dodged them. What Katalina didn't see is that one of the cars hit the truck where the twins locked the grunts. The car hit the truck causing it to tip over.

The twins and I ran over towards the haul of the truck where it got hit the most from the car. I used my lightsaber and cut the doors open while the girls went inside to check on the grunts.

"Damn it nice shot girl want to try it again sweetheart?" Blaze said as he taunted Katalina who ignored the taunts.

"I'd be careful if I were you, I would hate to end up really killing you" Katalina said as she remained calm and prepared to attack again.

"Ooooh I' shaking baby let's see if you can stand the heat then after my next move" Blaze said as he began to twirl around and around till he created a flaming tornado. Katalina kept her guard up not sure what Blaze was planning till she saw him launch hundreds of fireballs at her and all around the buildings. Katalina dodged the attacks but the fireballs were hitting the buildings, the streets, and the cars causing some of them to explode.

"Damn it not good Ahsoka get those men out of the truck and get them to safety" Ichiro said as he turned to me to help the men that were in the truck. "Arella and Rowan use your powers to stop those fireballs I'm going to help Katalina out and end this" Ichiro said to his sisters who nodded and went off to do their job while he ran towards where the fight was going on.

Katalina continued dodging Blaze's attacks till one of the attacks hit a car behind her which exploded. The explosion knocked Katalina on the ground dazing her. Blaze stopped spinning and soon ran towards Katalina and kicked her under her chin just as she was getting up. He then got on top of her pinning her legs with his and held her hands by her wrist with both his hands. He leaned forward and smelled Katalina's hair. "You smell pretty a real shame I gotta kill you" Blaze said as he ignited his hair. "You're going to smell pretty good when I start cooking you."

Katalina tried to use her power but she felt Blaze's hand heat up causing her to lose her focus. Just as Blaze was about to ignite his body and burn Katalina, Ichiro kicked Blaze across the jaw sending him towards the window to a store. Ichiro extended his hand and Katalia grabbed his hand as he helped her get on his feet.

"You okay?" Ichiro asked.

"Yeah thanks" Katalina said as both teens saw Blaze getting up on his feet and he didn't look happy.

"You shouldn't have done that Ichiro because now I'm going to burn you and your girlfriend here till you're extra crispy" Blaze said as he ignited his hands.

"Wait hold on she's not my-" "I'm not his girlfriend the orange girl is" Katalina said interrupting me and pointed at Ahsoka who was helping the last grunt out of the truck.

"Oh I see I didn't know you liked freaks Ichiro but then again your father married one so I shouldn't be too surprised" Blaze said before he began to laugh insanely.

"Shut up Blaze or else" Ichiro said getting mad that Blaze called Ahsoka and his mother a freak.

"Ooooh I'm so whoa" Blaze ducked when Katalina threw a car door at Blaze. "Hey what the heck bitch I wasn't even talking to you."

"Even so I don't like it when losers like you insult others just because they are different. Besides I would be careful on who you call a freak if I were you since you're a bigger freak and loser" Katalina said which made Blaze a little angry.

"Baby that tears it you wanna fight then let's get it on bitch" Blaze said as two fireballs were formed in his hands.

"Well then let's g-" Suddenly a blue light blast hit Ichiro engulfing him in the light. When the light disappeared Katalina and everyone saw Ichiro was frozen.

"ICHIRO!" I shouted when I saw Ichiro was frozen. We all looked over and saw Markala had just dodged one of Sub-Zero's ice blasts which hit Ichiro.

Markala seemed surprised by what happened as was everyone else. "Markala you idiot what the hell did you do?" Arella said Rowan and her flew over to their brother to check on him.

(Few Minutes ago)

A few minutes before this happened Markala was dodging all of Zero's freezing attacks. Markala used his speed to get close to Zero. Once he was close he hit him with some of his punches and kicks. Zero tried to hit Markala back but Markala ducked all of his hits. Markala grabbed Zero's arm and then twisted it behind. He then grabbed the other arm and began to pull on them.

"If you value your life you will surrender now" Markala said as he continued to pull on Zero's arms causing him to groan in pain which also caused him to get on one knee.

"I don't know who you are or where you came from but trust me you haven't seen what I am capable of little man" Zero said as he got back on his feet. He then began to use his strength to pull his arms back. Markala tried to pull them back but Zero's strength was preventing Markala to get back control. Zero quickly got one of his arms free and he used that arm to elbow Markala to the side of his head. Markala stumbled back a bit but as he did Zero began punching him in the gut and in the face before he grabbed him and threw him towards a light post breaking it in half.

Zero then aimed his hands at Markala and fired off a freezing blast at Markala. Markala saw this and used his speed to dodge the attack. However during one of the attacks Markala dodged the attack accidently hit Ichiro freezing him.


"Thank you so much for dodging that attack on purpose Markala was it?" Zero said causing Markala to turned his attention back to Zero but was confused by what he said. "You knew Ichiro was behind you and you knew if you dodged my attack I would hit him. Thank you again Markala I have wanted to freeze that boy for what he and his little brat sisters did to me."

Markala felt bad now for not what happened. He wondered why he didn't sense Ichiro behind him or why he didn't check his surroundings before dodging Zero's attacks. Damn it thanks to this world my senses aren't as good as back home. If I'm not careful someone else could get hurt even….I need to remain focus now and take this guy down. Markala thought as he got ready to continue the fight.

"Hey Zero let's hurry up and end this before these brats get the best of us" Blaze said.

"And here I thought you wanted to fight them" Zero said surprised to hear Blaze telling him they needed to end this fight.

"I do want to fight them some more but those new kids are starting to bug me and I don't want to risk getting caught now" Blaze said.

"I see" Zero looked over and saw there was a female reporter with her male camera man shooting everything and they were near where Blaze was. "Blaze perhaps we should leave but before we do let's give our good people from the media something they might like."

Blaze eyed over and saw the news reporters and knew what Zero meant. He had a smirk on his face and ignited his fire balls. "Let's see if you kids have what it takes to save both the people and your friends." Blaze threw his first fire balls in one of the buildings above the reporters which broke off and the rubble began to fall towards them and shot the other one at his men.

"Shit Rowan the reporters I'll take the grunts" Arella said as both her sister and her ran towards their objective. Rowan used her powers to save the reporters by stopping the rubble. While Arella created a barrier to protect the men from the fireball, but the blast was too strong and it broke her shield knocking her out.

"My turn" Zero shot off an ice blast at Markala but he dodged the attack but this gave Zero the chance to shoot off another ice blast with his other men. But instead of shooting at Markala he aimed it at his own men who were tied up and couldn't move. Katalina jumped right in front and used her powers to stop the blast. But Zero kept on shooting and Katalina couldn't push the ice back since her powers were limited. Ahsoka however ran over to Katalia and used the force to help push the ice away. Both women kept pushing the ice but they both knew they couldn't for very long. Rowan came in and got the men out of the way. Ahsoka released the force and quickly grabbed Katalia and pushed her out of the way just in time.

Markala attempted to attack Zero again as he charged at him but this time Zero froze the floor which caused Markala to lose his balance a bit. Zero took this chance and began to freeze Markala from first his feet then he began to go up to his legs till he saw Arella was starting to come to so he stopped. "Blaze let's go now!"

"Right behind you ice man" Blaze said as he ran behind Zero as the two villains jumped into the armor car that had the money and took off before the titans could stop them.

When they left Markala struggled to get out of ice but to no avail. Rowan flew by and used her powers to break the ice just enough for Markala to break free. "You okay?" Rowan asked.

"I'm fine…other that I let the crooks get away and getting Ichiro frozen" Markala said as he looked over and saw Arella using her powers to defreeze Ichiro.

"It's okay we didn't do well our first time fighting Zero either. In fact I accidently got Arella frozen and she was really mad at me when we thawed her out" Rowan said smiling and trying her best to cheer Markala up.

Before Markala could say something both teens heard a loud sneeze near them. They looked over and saw Ichiro was no longer frozen but he was shivering. "I re-rea-real-really ha-hate th-tha-t gu-y and h-is fr-free-freeze ra-y" Ichiro stuttered from the cold.

"We need to get him home before dies of hypothermia" Arella said which worried Ahsoka when she mentioned Ichiro dying.

"Then let's get him home quickly" I said as I helped carry Ichiro while her sister Rowan helped us teleport back to the tower.

"You two stay I need help getting these grunts to the police" Arella said as she turned to Markala and Katalina. The two nodded and soon Rowan teleported Ichiro and Ahsoka back to the tower.

"All right so what do you want us to do first?" Katalina asked. Just then the police soon arrived and Arella walked over towards them.

"These men were working for the criminals Sub-Zero and Blaze. The ones near the truck are hurt and may need to go to the hospital to get checked while the others are okay" Arella said as she explained what happened to the police officers. The officers nodded and went over to help move the grunts.

"Well I guess they don't need us anymore so let's head back" Markala said but as he began to walk towards the tower Arella grabbed both siblings and used her powers to teleport them.

Arella teleported the two siblings on top of a roof and had an angry expression on her face. "What's your problem Arella?" Katalina said.

"You two are my problem. Ichiro told you two to wait but you didn't. And now look at the mess you two caused" Arella said pointing down to the ground. There were buildings that was half destroyed or scorched by Blaze's attacks that Katalina dodged. Almost all the cars were either blown up or frozen when the two siblings dodged the attacks. And the ambulance arrived to help the men who were in the truck that got hit by the car Katalina threw earlier. "You guys need to learn that the teen titans are about working as a team not fighting individually."

"We didn't need help we could have taken those guys out on our own" Markala said.

"Oh really and how would you guys help protect the people who could have gotten hurt if you fought them alone?" Arella said which did make the two siblings think. "Look I get it you guys are strong I won't deny that but strength alone won't help you win a fight, especially if you are dealing with more than one bad guy. You need help and that's what being a titan is about, we help each other out and look out for each other like a family. I mean come one didn't you guys work together with your siblings?"

"The truth? No we didn't, Marrissa and Scar worked together all the time but all of us working as a team no not really" Katalina said.

"Well now you need to learn how to work in a time otherwise you're going to get someone hurt. Like what happened with Ichiro, what do you think would have happened if we didn't thaw him out in time?" Arella said angrily towards the siblings.

"We're sorry Arella I didn't see or sense him behind me I'm sorry" Markala said as he apologized to Arella.

"Don't say sorry to me, say it to him now then let's get back to the tower. I'm sure Ryu and the others will have plenty more to say about this then me" Arella said as she flew back to the tower. Markala and Katalina sighed and followed Arella back to the tower as they jumped over the buildings to get back.

Warehouse (Normal pov)

Blaze and Sub-Zero arrived to a warehouse out near the docks, where counting the money they stole. "What a day what a day snowman, now only did we get plenty of cash but we defeated the teen titans, woooo what a fun day" Blaze said as he threw the money over him making it look like it was raining.

"Yes indeed we were victorious…but it was only because of those new titans they brought with them. Which means we'll need to be extra careful next time we fight them, otherwise we will lose" Zero said knowing the titans would get better next time.

"Damn I guess we better get some more men then huh before we go get some more money huh?" Blaze said now worried that Sub-Zero was right.

"That's right my friend now then let's get the money back in the car. It won't be long before the titans come searching for us. So we will need to head back to our hideout" Zero said as he grabbed the money and started putting them back in the bag.

"Can I drive this time?" Blaze asked.

"Fine just don't do something that will get us caught" Zero said which made Blaze happy as he ran towards the car. "Of all the people I could have teamed up with why did I get the most immature one?"

Chapter three is over and it seems things didn't go well for the new titans huh? Will they better get better next time? What do you guys think will happen when they go back to Ryu, Mikazuki, and Victor? Do you think Ichiro will accept the apology from Markala? Well find out till the next chapter.

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