Crowning Jewels of England

Chapter One

Knowing of the pressure of delivering not only a male heir for her husband Henry but the child borne must be healthy.

Anne Boleyn the second wife of King of England knows that having a son will secure her position as the Queen of England.

Now the moment of truth has arrived when Queen Anne who has been in confinement since mid-August.


The sixth day September, Queen Anne experiences the first pains of childbirth in the late afternoon hours while preparing gowns for the future prince.

When the midwives that where currently in Queen Anne's apartment hear their queen yell out in pain, they immediately went into action

Lady Joan one of the midwives went into bedroom chamber to say calmly "Your majesty, I need to see if you are truly experiencing the pains of childbirth" and placing her fingers inside of Queen Anne to determine that she is already three fingers gone.

Lady Joan informs the other midwife present "Lady Margaret, her majesty Queen Anne is already three fingers into childbirth"

While Lady Margaret goes onto order Queen Anne's ladies-in-waiting "Mistress Jane and Mistress Elizabeth please gather towels and warm water for the childbirth" since the pair of ladies left. Then she turn her attention to Lady Avis"Please inform Lady Carey that the queen was gone into childbirth"

When all three of ladies-in-waiting went to their intend tasks.


Lady Margaret has the great pleasure of informing King Henry the news, who quickly rushes to the other side of the court where the King's Privy Council Chambers where located.

At the door to the chambers, a page quickly announces her arrival.

When Lady Margaret enters into the chambers, she recognizes the faces King Henry's companions of Lord George Boleyn the Viscount Rochford, Lord Thomas Boleyn the Earl of Wiltshire, Lord Thomas Howard the Duke of Norfolk, and Lord Charles Brandon the Duke of Suffolk.

King Henry looks at the midwife to ask her with concern for this wife and child "My lady, what news do you bring us today?"

Lady Margaret then looks at her king with great pleasure in saying "Your majesty, Queen Anne has started to feel the pains of childbirth this afternoon"

Earl of Wiltshire asks praying that his daughter's will borne a son for their family "My lady, when shall he expect the arrival of the royal prince?"

Thinking about it for a moment with knowing that the queen was only three fingers, so Lady Margaret tells his her guess "The child shall arrive no earlier then tomorrow"

King Henry instructs the Lady Margaret "Please inform us when my wife Queen Anne is at the end of childbirth" and then dismiss her to the queen apartments.


When Lady Margaret arrives back to the queen's apartments to find everyone preparing for the birth of Queen Anne's child.

Then rushes into the bedroom chamber to find the queen once again screaming out in pain knowing as it's a royal pregnancy it was necessary to check on the progress childbirth every often.

Awaiting the screaming to stop, Lady Margaret informs Queen Anne "Your majesty, I must examine the progress of your childbirth" then counts that four fingers are how far along she is "Your majesty, you are currently four fingers along in this childbirth"

Leaving Queen Anne with the instructions to rest when she could because her labour will be long and will take a lot of her energy.


Hours have past since the time where Queen Anne was only four fingers along with her progress being slow as it could be.

When midnight struck, Lady Joan decides that it was time to examine Queen Anne again "Your majesty, its the time to check on your childbirth progress again" awaiting for the pain to end once more to feel that she was already eight fingers "Lady Margaret, you shall inform the king that her majesty shall deliver on this day"

Lady Margaret looks upon her colleague to ask "How many fingers is her majesty now?" while Lady Joan hold up eight fingers to signal for the progress of the childbirth.

With that Lady Margaret leaves the queen's apartments to inform the king of the progress of the childbirth of Queen Anne.


Lady Margaret just walk into King Henry Privy Council Chamber without being announced by his page.

Without King Henry having to say anything, Lady Margaret informs her monarch "Your majesty, her majesty is already eight fingers along so your child shall be borne before the sun rises this morning if all goes right"

Knowing with previous pregnancies of his supposed wife Princess Catherine the Dowager Princess of Wales that childbirth takes a long time to bring a child into the world either alive or dead.

After telling the news to King Henry, Lady Margaret quickly leaves to attend to her queen that is in her need as well as Lady Joan.


With the sun once again bright in the sky, it was time for Queen Anne to deliver her child into the world.

Lady Joan says to her queen "Your majesty, it is the time for you to push to deliver this child into the world" while with some determination to deliver hopeful a son for England.

Within minutes, Queen Anne deliver a healthy small child that was hand off to Lady Carey to be clean and dressed after Lady Margaret examines the health of the child.

Knowing that her fate as Queen depends on delivering a son and heir, Queen Anne asks impatiently "My lady, did a borne a son or daughter?" when she felt another agonizing pain in her stomach and let out a piercing loud scream.

Lady Margaret rushes back over to Queen Anne as the more experienced midwife to attend to any problem that might occur with childbirth.

After quickly examines Queen Anne, Lady Margaret announces to the room "Her majesty, will borne another child for England within the hour" then turns her attention to Lady Joan to instruct her "Please inform his majesty, about this development and the health of the firstborn child"

Lady Joan quickly rushes out of the queen's apartment, leaving the ladies-in-waiting to prepare for the birth of another child.


Running the whole way only to the king's apartments where he moved after leaving the privy council chambers.

Lady Joan arrives only to announce "Your majesty, the queen has given birth to a healthy child while within the hour England will be blessed with another" before turning to leave to attend to the birth of another child.

Knowing that he must know if he has a son before Lady Joan leaves, King Henry speaks out loudly "My Lady, do I have an heir?" the answer that he got from Lady Joan was "Yes, your majesty that is true" while running out of the apartments.

Leaving behind a shock King Henry knowing that his marriage to his sweetheart is blessed with a healthy son and Prince of Wales but also another child as will.

Knowing that he can not visit with his wife and son until Queen Anne delivers their second child, he starts to organize the celebrations for the birth of a healthy Prince for England.


When Lady Joan arrived back to the queen's apartments, Queen Anne about deliver her second child of the day.

Within minutes, Queen Anne delivers another healthy child that is hand off to Lady Joan for her examine the child while Lady Nan is in charge of the child being clean and dressed to be present to the new mother.

Queen Anne asks while trying not to fall asleep "Do I have a daughter or son?" secretly praying for a son.

Lady Margaret who knows the gender of both children answers her queen "Her majesty, you borne a Prince and Princess for England but now we have to change your sheets"

Mistress Elizabeth and Mistress Jane carefully move Queen Anne to one side of the bed while replacing the sheets and repeating the same thing for the other side.


After being informed of his second child arrival into the world, King Henry enters into Queen Anne's apartment to find a cradle with his son and daughter resting peaceful in it now knowing that he finally has his heir.

King Henry sits beside Queen Anne on her bed to asks quietly "Shall we name our children?"

Immediately knowing what she wants to name her daughter, Queen Anne says "Elizabeth after our mothers" and King Henry silently nods in approval of the Princess's name.

Thinking out loud, he says "Elizabeth. For our Prince he shall be named Edmund, no Edward the Prince of Wales"

All across England people where toasting Prince Edward and Princess Elizabeth.


Hours later, Queen Anne was alone because King Henry decided that he must meet with his privy council to make sure that the line of succession finally excludes his daughter Lady Mary Tudor.

However, when Queen Anne was sound asleep she woke up with a familiar pain while yelling out for help.

Lady Joan who was still present to care for the queen after the birth of Prince Edward and Princess Elizabeth rushes to where Queen Anne was.

"Her majesty, I must examine you to see where this pain is coming from" says Lady Joan who quickly examines her to find that she is once again nine fingers into childbirth.

With this discovery, Lady Joan yells out for the ladies-in-waiting that where present "Please prepare for the birth of another child and also inform the king. While someone must fetch Lady Margaret from her chambers"

Minutes later, Lady Margaret arrive to only confirm that Queen Anne was once again experiencing the pains of childbirth.


In the privacy of his privy council chambers, they make the decision that every English man and woman must sign a oath that will support his children with his sweetheart over his daughter Lady Mary and Princess Catherine the Dowager Princess of Wales.

King Henry was surprised to see Mistress Jane in front of him who suddenly fearing for the lives of his family.

Mistress Jane announces with the duty from Lady Joan "Your majesty, the queen is experiencing the pains of childbirth once more so England shall receive the gift of a another Prince or Princess"

Leaving King Henry with pride knowing that he could father healthy children and son at that or maybe even a Duke of York as well.