Her back made brutal contact with the brick wall as one of the girls had a hold of her neck. They weren't in middle school anymore. No, they were in their senior year of high school. Blood ran down her lips and the side of her head as her eyes hazed over in pain. What were the girls trying to get at. "Do you realize how your hurting him!" "You bitch!" "Wh-What do you mean?" Rebecca managed to choke out. These were her best friends groupies who always admired him from afar and were always jealous of her, because she always hung around him. "How do you NOT see it!" Smack. The girls hand collided with Rebecca's cheek. Rebecca cried out and fell to the ground as the grip around her neck loosened. Rebecca's sight was beginning to fade, as she heard the girls gasp. She also heard growling. Familiar growling.

She opened her eyes, using the last of her strength to look and saw him standing in front of her protectively, his eyes bright yellow, signaling his anger. Oh no. His werewolf side was seeping out, and that was a horrible thing. His eyes were usually a beautiful bright blue. His canines had overlapped his other teeth as he snarled like a feral beast.

"Pete? Why?" The girls gasped in unison.

"Why are you bitches hurting her!' His voice was gruff and so unlike how the girls had 'fallen in love' with Pete. It was true, Pete, the normally shy, friendly and tall teenager had fallen in love with the girl who was beaten and bloodied. She was the first, and so far one of the ONLY people who had accepted him for who he was. And he also admired her unique, creative, not afraid to speak her mind, caring and stubborn personality. He could feel his anger rising rapidly. "Get the fuck outta my sight!" He ordered, his deep voice scarring the group of girls. Pete turned around and automatically turned his expression into one that was sweet, caring and worried as he fell to his knees next to her. "Rebecca? Are you okay?" He voice was tender.

"I-I'm fine." She managed, putting on her usual smile, except now it looked so weak. Pete clenched his jaw tightly, wanting to pull her into a tight embrace. He loved her so much! But of course, he didn't want to let her know just yet. No, he didn't want to ruin their friendship. He was afraid that if he told her, she'd push him away. So he kept quiet and suffered.

She tried to help herself sit up so she could look at him at eye level. She held her abdomen and winced. She had some broken ribs. He lifted her up gently and held her close to him. He was going to help her. He'd always help her. Even if it were to injure him severely. He would say die, if he could die. But he couldn't. It was impossible to die, even if he wanted to. And he always used to.

He began hurrying to the school's infirmary as his emotions ran amuck inside of him. He NEEDED to help her. He seriously wanted to make her better. "A-A moment ago, why were your eyes yellow?" Rebecca asked quietly, seeing his eyes back to their bright blue.

"M-My anger took over. I can't stand seeing you hurt." He exclaimed, smiling gently. She smiled back and went unconscious in his arms. He would definitely stay by her side and protect her with everything he had. He loved her, but from what he believed, it was once sided.

The more you suffer, the more it shows you care. Right?