Note from the Author: I have to get this done sooner or later. I thank AK1028 for helping me proofread it as well as soulful-sin. It's been more than two weeks since the live action film "Grow Up Timmy Turner" aired on Nickelodeon. Many say that the film's a mixed bag (and so do I) with some that like it while others hate it. I decided to do something about it by making it a review/fic. I hope you like it because it wasn't easy doing this.

A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner Review/Fic

Written by Jose Vega aka DestinyZX

Chapter 1 – The Review Begins

June 16th, 2011

Hollywood, California

Studio 28-2

Hollywood… it's a place where many of America's population want an opportunity to be a star. The city is also where history was made and is forever recognized for many of their achievements. However, things would be different this time around. A young couple was walking through a lot where studios were found. To let everyone know, that's us plus this is done in my view so bear with it. Looking at the paper I had, I knew that this was the place. I was in my mid-20s with black hair, brown eyes and Caucasian skin. As for my outfit, it was a red short-sleeved shirt with blue short pants and a pair of sandals. The young woman who was with me was my girlfriend of 5 years named Shelby. She's a girl with brown hair, brown eyes and like me, Caucasian skin. The only difference was that she wore glasses and has braces. Sounds familiar? Anyway, she had an outfit that was much different than mine consisting of a teal blue short-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She also wore a pair of white sneakers with white socks inside.

"This is it right Shelby? I sure hope that management is allowing us to do this." I spoke with a firm tone while I opened the door to see who was there.

"Don't worry Jose. They gave us the green light to do this review." Shelby replied and followed up with something important. "You do know that we have another reason for being here right?" I looked at her and nodded in approval.

"That's right. Let's make sure they show up. Come on, let's get inside." The two of us went inside the studio to find that the place only had a large couch, rug on the floor and a High-Definition 55-inch LCD TV with DVD/Blu-Ray player. There was also a video camera that was set to automatically play in a few minutes.

"Management really didn't like wasting time do they?" I looked around and saw a room where we can eat as well as another room for basically, other things. "At least there are extra rooms here in this quiet studio."

"Yeah Jose… there's a video camera here. It's set to start in 5 minutes. We should get ready?" I then replied afterwards. "5 minutes? And those two haven't shown up yet. I got a bad feeling about this."

We both sat on the couch and waited for when we can start this. To let everyone whose reading this know, it's been a week since the premiere of a live-action FOP movie. Sure, many have mixed opinions about this but I want to at least tell everyone what I think. If only those two would hurry up and get here already. Either way, we didn't have much time so to hell with it let's start this already. I pressed a button on the remote control that was in the couch causing the video camera to start up.

"Hey everyone, the name is Jose and this right here is my girlfriend of 5 years named Shelby." I looked at Shelby who waved in a positive manner.

"Hey, I'm Shelby and today, we'll be reviewing the live action Fairly OddParents movie called A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner." She then looked at me wondering. "Jose, isn't there something missing?" I responded.

"You're right, there is something missing." I looked at the other end of the studio and yelled, "Timmy! Tootie! What's taking you two so long? Hurry up! We're starting the review." We then saw a pair of young preteens enter the studio. The only problem was that one of them was glomping the other which was an unpleasant sight.

Timmy was a preteen at the age of 11 years old with brown hair, blue eyes and Caucasian skin. He's very well recognized due to him wearing a short-sleeved pink shirt and a silly pink hat. He wore blue jeans along with a pair of white sneakers. His feeling after getting glomped for the zillionth time made him nauseous. The young girl named Tootie was a preteen like Timmy at the age of 11. Her outfit was much different as she had black hair with most of the hair made into a set of pigtails. She had a pair of large cat's eye glasses and like my girlfriend, she has braces. Seeing a connection here? Moving on, her outfit was of a white dress shirt with a black no sleeved vest. She also had a black skirt as well as black leggings and a pair of black shoes. Judging by what I had seen, it appears that Tootie loves Timmy too much but the problem is, she doesn't understand his feelings.

"We could have been here earlier if it wasn't for Tootie glomping me to death." Timmy struggled to get Tootie off his back but no success. "Darn it Tootie. Get off!"

Timmy literally had to shake Tootie off of him in order for him to take a serious breather. She sat down with a sad face wondering why Timmy wasn't accepting her feelings. My thoughts were that I had to do something but for the time being, we had to separate them until things settle down.

"That's enough, both of you. Timmy, Tootie… for the sake of our review, I would like it if you can be civilized for a while. You Timmy will sit on the left near me and you Tootie will sit on the right near Shelby. For this, you two need to be under control because this is important. Do you understand?" The two of them looked at me and then nodded positively. Sure, I had to be serious but hey what can I do?

"Fine, whatever you say. I'll do anything to get away from Tootie. Plus, her cooties are enough to make me sick." Timmy went to the left side with his arms clenched, angry having to deal with her for too long.

"Okay… I guess. But I want to be next to Timmy. Can I sit next to him pretty please?" Tootie tried to plead but I couldn't allow it. Shelby went to her in hopes of at least making a compromise.

"Forgive me Tootie but we can't let you down. You see Timmy right there angry?" Tootie looked at him while Shelby explained why. "If you can tell by his face; he doesn't want to be near you. But don't worry. By the time this is over he'll change his mind regarding you. For now, you sit next to me okay?" She shed a tear as Shelby saw her sit beside her but Tootie had one other thing to say.

"By the way, how do you know? And why do you look like me?" Shelby couldn't say but she at least had to calm the geeky girl down. "You'll see. Okay Jose, we're ready." With that out of the picture, I continued on with the review. Let's hope things don't screw up around here.

"Okay then. Now that we got that out of the way, we can hopefully continue. Anyway on July 9th of this year, the Fairly Odd Parents celebrated their 10th anniversary with a live action movie. The movie is called A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner." I then looked around and then continued. "You are probably wondering why it is live action to begin with. Well, the man behind the series named Butch Hartman decided to take things in a different direction." Suddenly, Timmy interrupted which I knew wasn't good.

"Hold up one second! What do you mean when you say "a different direction?" How so? Can you give me a reason why the guy decided to do that?" Timmy spoke in a blatant fashion in which I replied afterwards.

"You'd rather not ask. There was a lot of controversy behind the movie being live-action. The reason being was due to the disaster that was Wishology." Everyone went silent after hearing that name. Looks like they knew all about it but I had to continue onward. "Anyway, let's watch the movie and you'll see what I mean."

I pressed the button on the controller and the TV began to show something. It showed the very movie all of us were watching though the two guests we have today are calm but I don't know how long that'll last. The movie showed a few scenes of Timmy's room which was filled with many kid-related items.

"As you can see, the movie starts off in Timmy's room and we get to view many items. We get to see the all familiar fishbowl and then the movie picks up." The four of us then see Cosmo (voiced by Daran Norris), Wanda (voiced by Susanne Blakeslee) and baby Poof appear celebrating Timmy's 23rd birthday. That's when it struck a chord in a very negative fashion. Unfortunately, it had to be a bucktoothed boy that made the interruption.

"What the heck?" He looked at the screen and wondered, "That's me… where's my all too familiar buckteeth? Who the heck is playing me?" I responded quickly before he blabbed out more complaints.

"That's Drake Bell playing as a 23-year old version of you. In this movie, you are still in the 5th grade, you continue act like a child and worst of all in this movie, and you still live with your parents." I can't tell if Timmy is taking this with a grain of salt or he's just shocked by all of this. Hearing all of this made Timmy want to vomit but he didn't want to due to him having to be part of this review with Tootie, he decided not to.

"It appears that the boy's being silent huh? That's… strange." I shrugged it off but Timmy then didn't seem to care as he replied. "Let's move along with this. I want to know why I'm seeing myself at this age."

Shelby and I both let off a sigh as we continued with the review. He continued to watch as well though I had to keep an eye on him for who knows what. I did my best to continue talking about the movie hoping that Timmy doesn't get any more peeved than he is.

"Timmy is celebrating his 23rd birthday with his godparents and it's a pirate theme. He has fun with the pirates for a while until the toughest fairy in the universe named Jorgen von Strangle shows up. Jorgen (played by Mark Gibbon) says that a child must give up his godparents if he does any of the following three things; become an adult, move out of his parents' house or fall in love. He hasn't experienced any of that though he says that the only time someone kissed her was Tootie and that was 13 years ago." We then saw Tootie in one of the dream bubbles and she was looking completely different from the one we all are seeing. However, the young Tootie wondered something and asked.

"Huh? Who is that Shelby? Is that me?" Shelby replied, "Yes, that's you… well, the geeky version of you no offense." Tootie then said, "None taken."

"She's played by Daniella Monet. You know her right?" Shelby spoke as Tootie responded, "I do. She was awesome in Victorious and she's so cute looking like me. Huh? What's up with Jose?" The two of them looked at me as if I tried to wonder about something.

My thoughts were when the Tootie flashback was shown and my mind made me wonder something. However, I didn't want to spoil it yet so I shook it off as if nothing had happened.

"Huh? What is it guys?" Everyone looked at me as Shelby had to ask. "Jose, what's wrong?" I then replied, "Nothing, nothing. Let's continue." Now with that out of the way, I continued on with the review.

"Anyway, Jorgen vows to make sure Timmy falls in love and give up his godparents. So now Timmy goes down for breakfast and his parents come in." Like before, Timmy wants to find out what's up here.

"Wait… they… they look like my parents. Wow, this live action stuff is good and even the voices are exact." At least Timmy was pleased about it so I had to contribute.

"Yeah, Teryl Rothery portrays your mom and Daran Norris plays your dad. They even got the voices down which is awesome." Timmy replied, "Wow. I'd never thought they'd pull that off. When my mom and dad saw the commercial, they were like ecstatic." Never thought his parents would be surprised by it but I had a review to do.

"Okay, your parents give you some lame gifts and tell you that they sold the house so that way you can move out. It's like in the cartoon because your parents are the same as them." Timmy just only needed to say six words. "Yep, that's my parents; total idiots."

"Anyway…" I shuddered for a bit then continued. "Timmy here tells them that they can't sell the house. That's when they go into their mode where they cry and such." I then had to say something. "Just like in the cartoon when things don't go their way." Timmy angrily responds.

"You think? I deal with my idiot parents all the time. It's either that or I had to deal with her older icky sister, Vicky." He then looks at Tootie and then back at me as I persist onward.

"Now that we got the outburst of the way, we continue. You head to school (and when I mean by that, I mean elementary school) where you deal with Denzel Crocker, a crazy fairy obsessed teacher. He's played by David Lewis though I wonder why his voice actor Carlos Alazraqui didn't portray him instead." Timmy saw no reason to complain like he always does.

"Oh great… even when I'm an adult, I still have to deal with a fairy-obsessed teacher. This is a killjoy, can we move on?" Timmy said as I try to keep going with this before I would go crazy.

"Alright, fine." But I did tell him something good. "Though thanks to your godparents, you do give him the atomic runs." We all laughed as Crocker went off unleashing some serious passing of the gas.

"Anyway, you then have everyone go at it with dodge balls and then class was over. Next you ride back home on your bike and then you meet some cute girl. Too bad you didn't pay attention and suddenly you crash which was hilarious." Timmy interrupted me by responding in a reckless fashion.

"Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait! Who's that?" I didn't say anything but he persisted. "That girl… I can't even tell who she is. Who is she anyway?" I then needed to keep his mouth shut so I said something.

"Maybe if you kept your mouth shut, you would find out who it is. So now Timmy and his fairy godparents follow this girl to an event where the mayor of Dimmsdale introduces some corporate asshole named Hugh Magnate Jr. (portrayed by Steven Weber)." I continued on explaining this guy. "Magnate is some bigwig who feels that he wants to change the world. So he introduces a way to make it happen by presenting the Magnate Power Oil Well/Hotel. For a building like that, it looks like epic crap."

"Yeah, almost as bad as when Doidle takes his dump." Timmy's words sort of made Tootie a little angry though I had to quickly change the subject. "Can we continue? Anyway, he goes on about this and how he plans to tear down a tree called The Dimmsdale Dogwood. Before he does that though, this girl shows up and protests against the oil well/hotel. Magnate sends his goons after her and she pulls some stunts. What happens next is something I can't describe."

We all then heard Magnate make his ridiculous line including something that would shock us all. I had a look of cautiousness while Shelby comforted me with her love. Timmy was serious while Tootie was curious wondering what will happen.

"Listen, sister Suzie Saffron Wheatgrass-gulper, whatever your tree-hugging mane is, you don't wanna mess around Hugh J. Magnate Jr. So why don't you just toddle off to your yurt or wherever home is."

"This is home. I was raised right here in Dimmsdale! And the name's not Saffron Sippin' Wheatgrass-Gurglin' anything, it's Tootie!"

The moment we heard it, everyone went into a state of shock after finding out who the girl really was. Timmy however, was flabbergasted with a face that made him go 'oh crap' while Tootie was a bit ecstatic trying to contain her excitement. Shelby and I though… our looks were of no surprise. We both saw the movie already so it's no surprise.

"What? That's… that girl is Tootie?" Though he then said something with a devilish smile in disguise. "Dang… she looks hot for a 23-year old girl." Too bad his words just angered the geeky 11-year old girl. She had her fists clenched tight ready to give him a serious beating, but after looking at Shelby (who nodded negatively), she knew that it wasn't a good idea.

They then showed the thought bubble again in which Tootie was seen when she was a 10-year old geeky girl. Now I had to say something because seeing her reminded me of a person I cherish very much. I paused the movie and took a closer look at her making my assumption proven right.

"Something doesn't seem right guys. I know it." I said as Shelby replied. "What? What do you mean Jose?" I followed up afterwards. "It's simple. You see the geeky Tootie right?"

"Yes, we see it. What's your point?" Timmy said being annoyed by all of this. I didn't care as I continued on my guess. "My point is this… Tootie, why does this girl who is right there… remind me of not only you but Shelby?"

"Me… and Shelby? Why do you think so Jose?" Tootie said but the bucktoothed boy responded. "Now that you mention it. You're right. This Tootie does look like both you and her. Why is that?"

"The answer is obvious… because Shelby reminds me of Tootie. In a sense, she is my Tootie." I kissed her forehead, which made my girlfriend cuddle me. Tootie saw this as cute and saw if she can try to cuddle him.

"How cute. Just like with my Timmy. Come here you-" Unfortunately, Timmy was in no mood so using his hand, he prevented her from going any further. "I am not in the mood. I'm only here so I can take part in this review, not to deal with your lovey-dovey stuff. So back off!"

Timmy gently pushed her back making her feel uncomfortable. I had a bad feeling about this and so did Shelby. But I shook it off and continued with the review. Keeping my eye on Timmy was my first concern but trying to go through this without any problems was another.

"Now that we got that out of the way, we can continue." I pressed play on the controller and the movie continued to play. "After finding out, Magnate warns Tootie to move but she stands her ground and says no. So the douche decides to tear down the Dimmsdale Dogwood tree. Timmy sees her differently as she was awesome so he does something about it. With the help of his godparents, he makes a few wishes that not only save her and the park but also make the big oil tycoon an even bigger douchebag."

Timmy was laughing his butt off when he saw Chompy eat Magnate's plans. We all did actually because in my opinion, he deserved it. I continued onward hoping no more interruptions would come around.

"The two finally meet but it's a short little reunion. The reason why is because after they hug, he goes off making an excuse." I look at the people reading this and say, "Everyone here should know why right?" However, Timmy responds with no surprise.

"I do. This Timmy begins to have feelings for that beautiful Tootie. In other words, he is in love with her. Cosmo, Wanda and Poof are concerned for him and that's when they realized something." Timmy said as he brings out a copy of Da Rules, which was a purple book that had all the information fairies need to know. How he got his hands on it, I can't say for sure.

"According to Da Rules, if a godchild especially an adult who acts like a kid falls in love with a girl, he has to lose his godparents forever. Now I know how messed up this is." Before he said anything, I replied. "Timmy, may I continue? Okay, Magnate is upset but then he gets a phone call from Crocker. The two meet and discuss plans on capturing Timmy's godparents. They succeed in forming an agreement…" I gulped knowing what I would say would creep everyone out. I went with it. "They share a scene that is similar to Lady and the Tramp but it's just wrong."

We all saw it and in one instant, we turned away by how creepy it turned out. Fortunately, the movie changes to Timmy's room and I continue things.

"In here, Timmy is feeling strange but we all know that right?" Timmy suddenly interrupts me and speaks. "We all know that. Tootie comes by my house and my parents try to do everything they can to have me move out. Like I said before… my parents are total idiots." How his parents raise him was my concern so I had to reply to this.

"Though truth is, if it was me, I wouldn't mind moving out to marry my Tootie. Besides, she's all I ever need." I said as I kissed Shelby's cheek and we both went into an embrace. The two 11-year olds wonder what's up with us but they couldn't care.

"Are you doing being mushy you two? We have a review to do." Timmy had a point so we stopped our mushy stuff and focused on the review. I then said, "Forgive us… being in love for so many years is something I can never get tired off." Shelby and I are together for more than five years so we know what it's like.

"Anyway, Timmy runs off hoping to avoid Tootie anyway he can until she eventually finds her. They chat for a while until the fairies realize that if Timmy is in love, they're done for. The two of them go off on having a little date throughout Dimmsdale Park. All the while, many things take place." Timmy quickly replied. "Yeah, and I am not liking it one bit. Keep talking." I sighed as I continued.

"Tootie does what he can to please him and it isn't helping. While at the same time, Crocker plans with Magnate in the hopes of capturing Timmy's godparents. There were some funny scenes but it wasn't as serious." That was when Tootie had something to say regarding what was happening.

"I think that's due to Magnate not being taken seriously I think?" Shelby nodded positively and we all knew that right off the bat. "Yeah, pretty much. Though it is funny to see those two set up their plans." Shelby replied as I continued.

"So they head off to some fancy restaurant and things get good. We learn here that Tootie wishes to restore the Dimmsdale Dogwood back to what it was when they were kids. Timmy sees this as a wish that she wants to do that isn't selfish. However, Cosmo and Wanda think of this as a problem so they do something about it."

The four of us then see the fairies disguised as salt/pepper shakers transform into humans. Timmy freaked out after seeing that though he had something to say. Since Shelby and I already saw the movie, it's no surprise.

"What the… Cosmo and Wanda turned into human beings? Now this is freaky." To me, it wasn't as freaky as he thought but I decided to explain it to him. However I wouldn't be able to due to them.

Three magical beings came by to take things from here. Just by seeing these three would be a direct violation of Da Rules but since this was a review, I would find it unlikely.

"Huh? Cosmo? Wanda? Poof? What are you three doing here? The producers asked that Tootie and I would take part in this review." We all took a look at them questioning why they decided to appear before us.

One was a female fairy with pink hair that had been curled in the front, pink eyes and a small golden crown over her head. She had a yellow short sleeved shirt with black pants, black shoes and strange fly-like wings on her back. In her hand was a magic wand that had a star for a tip and her personality showed awareness. The other was a female fairy that had straight green hair, green eyes and like the female fairy, he has a small gold crown over his head. He had a white buttoned shirt that was short-sleeved with a black work tie, a pair of black pants and black shoes. Like her, he also had odd fly-like wings on his back and a wand with a star-like tip. Unfortunately his personality was of the opposite; filled with clumsiness and bad luck. Last but not least was the small fairy that was shaped like a ball. It was a boy that had purple eyes, a sole strand of hair and wore a light purple sleeper. Like his parents, he has a small crown over his head and fly-like wings. But instead of a wand, the baby had a rattle if it wanted to use magic. The three looked at us with curiosity especially at Shelby and me. It would only take them seconds before something had to give.

"Sorry sport but it looks like we need to explain this a bit. This part was something Cosmo and I love seeing a lot since this was a first. The one who plays yours truly is Cheryl Hines." I wondered to myself why they chose an actor to play human Wanda though Cosmo seemed too excited.

"Ooh ooh and the one who plays me is Jason Alexander. I know him from Seinfeld. I love that show. Why does he look so chubby though? Ooh ooh watch this Wanda… Serenity now! Huh? You were supposed to say something." Cosmo waited for Wanda to speak and gave him a blatant response. "Like what?"

"I don't know like… I forgot." Wanda then went out and shouted. "I do. What the hell are you staring at!" Unfortunately, I had to step in and say something.

"Wanda, easy with the language okay? We got two preteens here and we don't need stuff like that right now." Wanda then said nothing as Cosmo was too excited seeing this.

"That's my favorite part." He then laughed out loud being carefree. Timmy then spoke afterwards. "Seinfeld huh? It's funny because my dad used to watch it all the time years ago. He cried when the show got cancelled. You have no idea how long the waterworks lasted." I then responded. "Did you at least get him the DVDs?"

"I did. That made him really happy he got to enjoy it again. Knowing these two, they would try to screw up the date." I continued on guessing Timmy's assumption correctly.

"That's how it happened because they spilled spaghetti all over Tootie… uncooked spaghetti. That alone to me tells me something is wrong. At least the Maitre 'D went on complaining while Tootie politely went to the bathroom to clean up." That was when Timmy wanted to find out what happened.

"Alright you dummies why the heck did you go and do something so stupid like that." Wanda responded after Timmy's tirade. "We had to do it because Timmy in the movie was falling in love with her." Cosmo spoke afterwards. "Yeah and if that happened, we'd lose you forever!"

"We already knew all that but my complaint is… you two acted OOC (out of character) just because you wanted to stop Timmy from falling in love. It isn't right." Timmy looked angry ready to complain but Wanda tried to calm him down. "It wasn't our fault… heck, we didn't have a choice regarding this."

"At least being humans was a lot of fun right Wanda?" said Cosmo while the rest of us looked at him with serious moods. He then went silent not saying a thing.

However, one look at Poof told me a different story because of how upset his face was. But I couldn't worry about it at all because I had to deal with another issue at hand. That's when my senses tell me that something bad was about to happen.

"Jose, what's the matter?" Shelby said as I responded. "Nothing Shelby, I'll tell you later." I then kept at it with the review all while hoping to keep things under control.

"After Cosmo and Wanda used their magic to clean Tootie up from that spaghetti mess, he then asks them to do something. Later, Timmy takes Tootie to a special place and it turns out to be the Dimmsdale Dogwood. The only thing is that it is much different than what it was. It's actually back the way it was. We see them have a great time while Cosmo and Wanda look at them with sad looks in their faces. It's like when they were kids but the difference is that Timmy is in love with her. Being the gentlemen he is, Timmy pleases her a lot and it was real cute. However, things get freaky as the two go for a kiss but the fairies had to screw it up." I then decided not to say anything as everyone got to see what happened next.


Everyone heard it and saw the aftermath that followed. That's when Timmy began to wonder what was going on in the movie and wanted answers. That bad feeling I had started to creep up on me real fast. I do not like this one bit.

"Cosmo, Wanda… what's the big idea ruining that guy's chance? I need answers and I need them NOW!" His shout scared the heck out of them as Wanda attempted to state her reasons.

"I'm sorry Timmy… like I told you before; we wanted to prevent you from falling in love with Tootie." Cosmo followed it up with a response. "Yeah because if you did, we-" Wanda interrupted. "You already told them the first time Cosmo. We don't need a repeat."

"Sorry… I can't get enough of this movie. That's why." Cosmo said as Timmy was ticked but I had to step in before things got out of control. "But still, that was so out of character especially for you Wanda. Why?"

Wanda couldn't say anything but when he saw Tootie, everything seemed to come full circle. Her face was full of anger and tears were falling down her cheek. Remember the bad feeling I had earlier regarding this… guess what, its happening.

"I know what this is… you never accepted my feelings. You always cared for that stupid shallow bitch Trixie." She shouted as her face was filled with anger and disdain.

"What? That's a lie. Sure, I try so hard to get her to notice me but every time she does, she would always throw me aside." Timmy tried to reason with her but Tootie continued on. However, I had to intervene and say something.

"I've seen you try over the years and every time you go close, you end up with pure failure all over the face. At least with Tootie, it was success because she cared for you." Timmy quickly replied stating his reasons.

"But she… is… nuts! Do you have any idea how hard it is to deal with a girl who acts like a stalker? She even has a whole room devoted to me." I then went off-topic and said, "Not as bad as that shrine of Arnold that Helga Pataki had… that alone was freaky." Everyone went silent after hearing that. I guess mentioning something from Hey Arnold wasn't a smart thing to do.

"Not a good idea Jose to use that cartoon." Timmy continued to explain, "Veronica is even freakier with his obsession with Trixie Tang. Do you have any idea what her shrine to Trixie is like? I know because I've seen it and plus she's crazy. She's a bimbo like her." He then looked at Tootie who was still ticked with anger.

"What about me? What about all the times you helped me? What of the times you stood up to me? What? Tell me!" Her voice showed merit as Timmy stated his reasons.

"I only did it because not only I felt sorry for you but also you supported me. This time is different because we're dealing with a live action movie." Not wise Timmy because you just made her angry. "Oh dear… this is bad."

"I knew it… I knew it all along! You never did care for me. All this time that I tried to have you notice me. And it's all for nothing!" Her anger was at its breaking point and it was going to get higher.

"Come on Tootie, please… it's not like that. I didn't mean to-" Tootie didn't want to hear another word so she lifted her arm slapping the hell out of him. It made me cringe seeing that but I also realized that the Timmy I'm seeing… is a complete and total idiot. Now I wonder how messed up this is.

"I've heard enough… you don't care about me. You don't like me and you don't want anything to do with me. Fine, I get it. I don't want anything to do with you either." Timmy tried one last attempt to convince her. "Tootie, let me explain…" But she wanted no more of his words.

"No more! I don't want to hear it from you! I've had it! You can be with Trixie for all I care because I'm done. I hate you! I HATE YOU TIMMY TURNER!" Her shout surprised all of us just like it was in the film when the adult Timmy Turner was called off.

Tootie then ran off crying, leaving Shelby and I to wonder what to do. With his hand on his cheek, Timmy was, as usual clueless. His face turned to anger almost immediately. He turned to look at his fairies.

"Nice work you bunch of dimwits. Now Tootie hates me! It's all because you guys tried to stop me from falling in love. You are like my parents you know that? You both are complete and utter idiots!" His shout shocked his godparents but their reasoning wasn't going to help him.

"Timmy, please let us explain…" Wanda said as Timmy didn't want to hear anymore. "Enough! I don't want to hear it! Not from you Wanda OR you! I wish you leave me alone!" His words were in wish form so they had no choice.

Timmy ran off in the opposite direction as Tootie with tears on his face. Shelby and I were clueless to wonder what the heck to do. The review isn't finished and things just went down the gutter.

"This is bad Shelby. Timmy and Tootie now hate each other and we're not finished with the review. What else can go wrong?" Now even I'm starting to act like Timmy while Shelby didn't know what to do either. "I don't know… we got to do something."

"More like we got to find a way to get these two back together. After all, we invited the two for a reason." Shelby looked at me and said, "Yep, we did. We can't tell them yet but we can help them."

"Good plan. Can you handle Timmy? I'll deal with Tootie. Maybe we can help them at least try to get a firm understanding about all this." Shelby agreed with me and said, "Okay. How about after that, we can handle the other way around."

"Right, that's a good idea Shelby. We got to fix this and fast. Cosmo, can you help me out here?" I looked at him and he said, "I don't know who you are, but if it means to help Timmy and Tootie, I'll do it." However, Wanda didn't want to help out with us.

"Cosmo, we can't grant wishes to him or her. They are not our godchildren." But I stepped in and spoke, "Maybe, Wanda, but what happened here is your fault." She then got angry and got in my face.

"What? Well I never-" But Shelby had to interrupt before a fight was to take place. Being the voice of reason, she said "That's enough, all of you. Please Cosmo, Wanda… can you help us?" She looked at Timmy's godparents with strong conviction. Wanda's face went from anger to worry in a heartbeat grasping the situation.

"I don't know if Jorgen will yell at us for this but… oh, alright. We'll do it. But we're doing it only because you want to help these two get back together." The two of us smiled seeing that they would finally be able to help.

"We want to not only help them but convince them… to love each other. It won't be easy but the two of us no, the four of us have to try. Cosmo, Wanda… I wish we had a commercial break. We need to give the two of them some space for a while."

"Will do. One commercial break ordered to go. You want it? It's yours my friend!" The both of them raised their wands and a cloud of smoke emerge and a phrase saying "TO BE CONTINUED".

With things falling apart, we needed a break so everyone can get things taken care of. If only things don't get any worse then maybe we have a chance in getting these two to make up. Oh boy… what a bummer this has been.


Next time on A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner Review/Fic

Shelby and Jose try their best to get Timmy and Tootie to at least admit their faults toward each other. Cosmo continues to make more quotes involving Seinfeld annoying Wanda to no end. A much older Timmy wearing red makes an appearance as he tells them of his life with his Tootie and wait… he's packing a gunblade! We cover the rest of the movie including one scene that will shock everyone. And an old foe returns for revenge… by becoming a giant monster made of oil? Will they be able to finish the review? What sort of surprises will happen next? Who else will drop by and make an appearance? Find out all of this and more in the next exciting chapter of A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner Review/Fic.

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