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In the previous chapter…

Jose along with Timmy's godparents figure out the cause of the loose tension between the young Timmy and Tootie. A hardboiled detective and his partner appear for some dual-sided assistance. Confessions fly around as the two realize they do have mutual feelings for one another. The Oil Dopant's persistence proves much difficult for the Kamen Riders. Timmy then pulls off the big highlight of them all when he seals the deal and gives her new girl his first kiss. A combined effort by all involved help defeat the monstrosity once and for all. The shocking truth reveals the Oil Memory's origins and everyone discovers the catalyst responsible. And a special surprise is in store for our newly christened young couple? What will happen next?

Today on this exciting chapter, the surprise is revealed and it gets good. A tough fairy tries to lay down the law only for him to be stopped by an unexpected source. There will also be a wedding in which we witness a man and his soon-to-be wife bound together in holy matrimony. And like all good things, this story finally comes to an end. We all know what will happen here? Time to find out in the final chapter of A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner Review/Fic.

Epilogue – Lookin' Like A Wedding

One hour later…

Management found out what happened earlier and they weren't pleased. Fortunately, I told them that we cleaned up the mess and they let it slide. All of us at the moment were able to set the studio up for a very special surprise. We had the young Timmy and Tootie in another room while we got things ready. I went to check to see what was going on in the other room. I looked around and saw the two of them actually getting to understand each other a little better. At least with what I've told them, they'll make their relationship stronger.

"Jose, we need help here. What are you doing?" Shelby said as I quickly reacted with a response. "Nothing. Just checking on our newly formed couple. Looks like they are getting to know each other a little better." The adult Tootie responds, "Really? After all that kissing those two had, I think we did it." But her husband then said, "Not quite. We still haven't decided on what they should do for this special moment." That was when I had an idea up my sleeves. "I got it. In the film Grow Up Timmy Turner, the live action versions of ourselves did a song duet which was really cute." The others wondered if my idea was a little out of proportion.

But Shelby said, "Lookin' Like Magic? I love that song too. It's so cute seeing Drake and Daniella sing that song." The adult Timmy replied by saying, "I don't know. I think choosing that song would be a really bad idea. What do you think dear?" He looked at his Tootie to see if she would agree but his loving wife would say otherwise. "I disagree. I think the song is a good choice for them. Besides, I'd consider this a rite of passage for them." My thoughts were this… a rite of passage? Maybe not but I want this to be special that's all.

"You're right. I think it's fair that Lookin' Like Magic should be the song they should sing. Agreed?" The rest of us all nodded in approval after I spoke. I had a smile on my face excited of what was to come. "Management did say we have another hour and then we have to split. I think they are still ticked after what happened earlier." Everyone agreed to that too. I guess they aren't into stuff like Kamen Rider and such.

On the other hand however, the young couple had no idea what surprise we had in store. Inside the other room, they were doing what normal kids would do: having a chat. The two talked about many topics as they reminisce different moments in their lives including some that were embarrassing for anyone to handle.

"Hey, remember I had to do the episode where I had to be a girl? I mean it… I had to be a girl like you. You have no idea how difficult it was to have me be wearing a dress." Tootie giggled and replied, "I remember. I had to help you learn how to properly wear one. Not only that but I had to teach you how to think, feel and act like a girl. It wasn't easy because you kept blabbing almost every three seconds." The two began laughing while reminding each other of these moments.

"Wait, what about the time I had to wear a maid's outfit? Everyone was laughing like crazy that I had to do that. It's like the time Vicky turned the whole school into orange-eating, barefoot clowns. That scared me shitless." Timmy felt sad but his girlfriend comforted her and said, "I know. But you were so cute with that outfit. I remember taking a picture of you with that. I still have it if you want to see it." Timmy went closer to her while she took the picture out of her pocket.

The two took a look at the photo letting off a few chuckles in-between. Timmy however looked at it again and then looked at his girlfriend making a curious suggestion. "Though you know… I always wonder what it's like if you wore a maid's outfit? You'd be so cute wearing that." Tootie blushed a little as her boyfriend planted a small peck on the cheek. "Maybe if I have free time, I can arrange that." The two then hugged each other for a little while and they were about to get a little mushy. But when I opened the door, they were startled and look at me with scared looks.

"Hey. I see you two are getting along better. It's time you two. Come on." The young couple followed me as I guided them to the main area of the studio. "You should know that it took us more than an hour to clean this mess up. Magnate "I guided them to where everyone was and they all got to see everything cleaned up. It was a doozy doing all this because management would have given us the boot if we refused.

"Nice job guys. Everything is all cleaned up and rid of that yucky oil." Timmy continued as Tootie held his hand tightly as a sign of love. "Uh, why is everything so different?" Shelby replied, "Well, all of us including your godparents decided that we do something special for you." The adult Timmy then said, "In honor of the two of you finally admitting your feelings and love for each other…" And finally, the adult Tootie says, "We decided that the two of you to take part in a special dance or to put it bluntly, a duet." The two of them looked at each other pondering if we were making a joke. We weren't.

I then said, "It's no joke guys. Consider it a rite of passage for you two. Besides, I think we chose the right song for the both of you to sing." She looked at the rest of us and we all followed suit with our choice. "Lookin' Like Magic!" The four of us spoke though the young couple wonder to themselves why that song. They looked at each other first and then at us. They decided to ask why.

"Uh, I don't know if it's okay to say this but…" Tootie continues on with what Timmy tries to tell them. "Why that song? We're curious." We didn't need to provide them an explanation why the four of us chose this song. Timmy then gets behind her and says, "Look at it this way. We'll show them what we can do right mademoiselle?" She can only giggle from the warm embrace he gave her and said, "Alright, let's do it monsieur." Tootie then plants one on the cheek and the two got ready for their duet.

Fortunately, I had a copy of a disc that had the song inside. Inserting the disc into the radio/CD player, I played the song and the music began to kick in. Immediately afterwards, we all witnessed as the two performed their duet. From their strong feelings, they were willing to give it everything they had and have fun along the way.

(Note from the author: Speaking roles in the song will come in two different texts. Timmy and Tootie will be in Italics and the Chorus in Bold and Italic.)

Never thought

My wish would come true

So imagine my surprise

When I first saw you

And it looks like

It's magic between you and me

Lookin' like magic

Lookin' like magic

The world started spinnin'

And turned me upside-down

It flipped me all over

And it spun me around

And it looks like

It's magic between you and me

Lookin' like magic

Lookin' like magic

Could it be magic?

Feels like magic


I made my wish

And you'll cast your spell

We both throw our coins

In the wishing well

They're all coming true

Because me and you

Are happy together


Lookin' like magic

Lookin' like magic

Could it be magic?

Feels like magic

There's nothing hidden up my sleeve

We just gotta believe

It's gonna be awesome

When we take our kids

And toss 'em right up the tree

Just you and me

Just you and me

The two danced for a while until they held each other firmly in a strong hug and they both shared a sweet kiss. We all clapped and cheered as the two performed their duet with flying colors. With all the positive reception going on, all six of us were in a pleasant mood. However, Timmy took a good look at Shelby and I and wondered something. Our looks were a complete no-brainer to all of us here (except for Shelby and me).

I started off with this. "Oh-kay… what's with the stare Timmy? Why are you looking at us?" Timmy quickly replied by saying, "I don't know like… why aren't you two looking like us?" We then began to realize that he was right. I responded, "Now that you mention it… oh crud. The rest of you share the same looks (except for the adult Timmy) but not us. Even I don't have buckteeth like the others." Fortunately, Timmy had a solution in mind.

"No worries. You two helped us get together so I think you deserve a gift courtesy of Tootie and myself. Cosmo… Wanda… to have them represent as the real world version of us, I wish that the two look like my girlfriend and I." His godparents couldn't refuse a wish like that and using their magic wands changed how we look.

My original outfit was changed into an outfit that was shared real well with my other two iterations. I would have a pink cap, a pink short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and a pair of sneakers. Shelby's outfit went through a change as well that shared similarities with her two iterations. Her hair was longer eventually forming into pigtails that would be on each side of her head. Her glasses and braces would be untouched as they symbolized Tootie's features. Also, the outfit she currently wears had changed as well. It was now a short-sleeved white shirt with a no-sleeved black vest and a plaid black skirt. In addition, she had long black linen socks and a pair of black shoes. I began to have a sense of excitement inside seeing Shelby with that look. We then held each other in a loving hug as the others looked on in happiness.

"I can't thank you guys enough. Fortunately, I came prepared to commemorate this." I took out a camera from my pocket and we were looking forward to making memories out of this. But suddenly, things just took a turn for the worse and I mean that literally.

Lightning and thunder were heard throughout the studio. I then looked at Cosmo and Wanda who were scared for their lives. The young Timmy had a serious face knowing who it was. We all did as the light show ended revealing a very tall man with a large staff with a massive yellow star on its tip. He was a man that had tanned skin, white hair done in a flattop hair cut, blue eyes and had a muscular physique that was too perfect. The big guy also had a chin that was huge yet I wonder how he was able to keep his balance. His body was like it of a human though the major biceps made me wonder if he took steroids. He wore an outfit that gave me thoughts of an army private; a green no-sleeved war top shirt, a pair of army camouflage pants and steeled toe combat boots. Interestingly, he has spiked bracelets on his wrists as well as his boots. His look of anger upon all of us was a sight though it was nothing compared to what he had to tell us.

"Timmy Turner!" His shout was heard throughout the entire studio. Fortunately, I had to address something by saying, "Which one? You refer to me, him or the kid?" Jorgen wasn't interested in jokes. He was looking at us and said, "I'm referring to all three of you. You three have committed multiple violations of Da Rules." The young Timmy replied, "Us committing multiple violations of Da Rules? Unlikely. We haven't violated any rules." However, Jorgen spotted one rule we did violate. Too bad we didn't know it.

"Oh yes then how come your three girlfriends know the existence of your fairy godparents?" The three of us were silent seeing that the girls were looking at young Timmy's floating friends. But I decided to be gutsy and say, "What does it matter to you big boy? I brought them all here for the sake of reviewing a movie. Though it went real bad due to some monster wrecking the place." Jorgen didn't want to hear any of it. So he then go on to say, "It matters not because your actions violate the rules and for that, I will be forced to take away your godparents… forever!" Jorgen was about to use his magic to make things rough but I couldn't let some hardheaded knucklehead ruin this.

"Hey blowhard, I don't think you should do that. You're already in hot water as it is." Adult Timmy said as Jorgen caught his attention. He then replied, "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't be taking those three away from the three of you." Young Timmy followed with a reply of his own. "Maybe due to the fact that Jose, Shelby, my girlfriend, my godparents and I did the review of the movie, we saw you being a douchebag for trying to force my movie self to fall in love. If Cupid found out that you took them just so you can have me be an adult, he'd have a serious shit fit." I could berate the young Timmy for swearing but not this time.

I then spoke afterwards in my own words. "And you really don't want to get on Cupid's bad side when he finds out stuff of his is missing do you blowhard?" Jorgen looked at us with a stern and angry face just wanting to do what he had to do. However, one of the girls decided to put icing on the cake. "Oh one last thing… if I were to let my sister know that you're here, she'd be on your hard headed muscular ass in seconds." The adult Tootie takes out a cellphone and had it ready for redial. "You want me to call and find out?" Before Jorgen can react and do something really careless, another person came in but his aura was filled with one of man's many pleasures; love.

He was a fairy that was around 3'3" with pink hair and teal blue eyes. The strange fellow wore pink all over due to his matching pink suit and pink bow tie. The only problem was that he wore a diaper that made me wonder if he should prefer pants. What was unique is that he didn't have a crown and that he didn't have fairy wings either. His wings looked more angelic instead of the usual fly-like wings that fairies have. Judging by his looks, I'd say this being is more or less, a god. Unfortunately, he was not in a good mood to talk and he was really pissed.

"JORGEN!" His shout was heard throughout the studio. It wasn't pretty that's for sure. Too bad the toughest fairy in the universe just got downgraded to being the wimpiest. "C-Cupid? Please! Let me explain. I swear it. I only wanted to have the puny boy be an adult." Cupid didn't want to hear any of it as he literally grabbed Jorgen by the ear. "Not… one… word Jorgen. I saw the film courtesy of the young human here (named Jose) and I for one am disgusted by what you were doing. What made me angrier was that you used my bow and arrows to make the movie-based Timmy fall in love." Jorgen tried whatever he could to help Cupid regain his composure but it wouldn't do a thing. I can tell that he has a hint of anger from his father, Ares the god of war.

"But still I had to do what needed to be done. I had to make that wimpy Turner fall in love so I can have him leave his fairies. Why is it that this movie has brought me misery?" The six of us as well as our three fairy friends didn't like it at all yet Cupid was still upset. He was still angry but I can tell that this guy was ready to hit it hard on Jorgen Von Strangle. All we needed to do was sit back and enjoy.

"Looks like you never understood the meaning of true love. Love is something that can't be forced upon anyone under any reason… it is something that can only be seen by those who cherish it." He looked up and then at us. He continued without a second thought. "Take it from me, I've seen love blossom and wither through my entire life, which has been thousands of years. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take this big lug back to my place. He has some serious explaining to do." Grabbing Jorgen by the ear, Cupid was about to make his exit but I had something on my mind I wanted to say.

"Uh excuse me Cupid? Before you take that blowhard away, we want to know something?" Cupid quickly replied. "Yes. If it's about you guys especially these two, don't worry. I'll be back. This will be short." Cupid with Jorgen held on by the ear disappeared with the phrase "TROUBLE ABREW". All of us wondered what the heck happened thinking that Jorgen would take the three above us away. The young Tootie said, "Well… what just happened?" I quickly replied by saying. "Apparently, Cupid must have found out about Jorgen's antics in the movie and didn't seem to like it pretty well." Wanda followed up by explaining, "It's no surprise. Jorgen did try to force Timmy to fall in love and that ended in failure." Cosmo quickly replied after that. "Yep, failure many times over. Almost as much failure as my bad luck brother." We then saw Cupid appear before us being calmer this time. Hopefully he can explain to us the fate of one certain blowhard fairy.

"So, what happened to the big muscular blowhard?" Cupid replied and explained everything to all of us. "Jorgen is right now trying to plead with the Fairy Council not to strip him of his position. The poor sap's crying like a baby imploring them not to do it. Fortunately, I got my bow and arrows back so all ends well." He took a look at the young couple being as happy as anyone can be. "I see you two finally are together. Looks like I made the right choice after all. And it's no surprise that the others also get the message." Cupid saw the rest of us as well with a smile on his face.

"You notice that we represent three different variants of a fan-favorite couple? The young ones down there represent the cartoon iteration." I continued on as the two cuddled in happiness. "These two represent the adult iteration despite the fact they are from another universe." Cupid interrupted, as he wanted to say something. "I already know that universe. When I found out those two got married, I was jumping for joy. I'm proud of them." I continued onward with the last representation. "And my sweetheart and I represent the real world iteration. We've been together for five years and the two of us hopefully wish to get married and have a family." Cupid then looked at the both of us and realized something.

"Hmmm, you two want a wedding huh? I can sense that your loving bond is really strong. Fortunately, I can arrange that." Snapping his fingers, Cupid transformed the inside of the studio into a wedding chapel. It was an amazing sight as we saw everything in a glorious light. It went from a dark room with not many lights to an area where light showered all over.

My friends then witnessed Shelby and I transformed into a bride and groom respectively. I had a tuxedo that had a shade of black. I had a black jacket with a formal white shirt and black bowtie. In addition, I wore a pair of black dress pants and black dress shoes. Basically, I was in a shade of black that covered from head to toe; black suit with white shirt and black bow tie, black dress pants and black dress shoes. Shelby was in a beautiful wedding gown that was bathed in white with a touch of pink. She had a wedding veil that covered part of her face and her hands held a bouquet of flowers. Cupid then appeared dressed as a priest wearing pink with a book in his hands ready to get it started. Everyone else watched to see this wedding took place between my one eternal love and myself.

"Dearly beloved, we gather here today to join together Jose and Shelby in holy matrimony. It is an event that makes my heart flutter with joy yet I can go on and on about this but you all want to get to the good stuff right?" Everyone here agreed due to time being limited. "Alright, then I guess we should speed it up big time. Jose, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health, for better or worse, till death does both of you part?" I took one look at my wife who had her face covered by the veil that she wears. I took whatever courage I had in my heart and went with saying two simple words.

"I do." Cupid continued. "And do you Shelby take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health, for better or worse, till dead does both of you part?" Shelby looked at me with a sharp stare behind that veil. Shelby knew that the two of us desired this so greatly so she went through this with the only two terms she can say.

"I do." Cupid was ecstatic and didn't hesitate to finish things up. "Splendid! Very splendid! It's moments like these that make me feel happy. Then by the power vested in me as the god of love, I now pronounce you both man and wife. Jose… you may lift the veil and kiss the bride." I used my hands to lift the veil revealing Shelby's striking face.

"How I yearn for this moment." I whispered as I went closer to her planting a soft, loving kiss on Shelby's lips. Everyone cheered as we both tied the knot with Cosmo using his magic to create fireworks. Poof contributed as well with his magic. Cupid was happy too seeing us finally wed but hey, he's the god of love. My guess he's used to this sort of thing too. Though he did shed a tear from all of this, it was a very happy moment for us.

"Well, my work here is done. Before I end things, I'm happy for all of you. Since I am the god of love, it makes things mushy indeed… a little too mushy. I now present to you Mr. and Mrs.… oh what the heck, they are together anyway. Let's party!" We did just that as they cheered for the both of us on our new marriage. We went to the Denliner to do that, as the Owner was kind enough to have it in a separate car. We all partied all right as Cosmo being his goofy self took out a camera and took pictures of us. Due to his bad aim, he didn't get much good shots. Luckily Wanda took over and took some proper pictures.

"Alright everyone. All together now… say Wedding Day!" We all shouted by saying, "Wedding Day!" In a flash, Wanda took our picture. She then took even more pictures especially the bride and groom, which were Shelby and myself.

Whether it was Shelby and I cutting the cake and sharing our first slice or the bride tossing the bouquet to see who would catch it (Cosmo ended up catching the bouquet), the party was filled with happy times. Wanda continued taking pictures filling them with memories that all of us will remember. However, after a while… things started getting a little mushy.

"People, I want this to be special. Do you really have to get all lovey-dovey at a time like this?" We all looked at her with a serious stare but all she can do was sigh. "Come on Wanda. Let them go lovey-dovey. Besides, we should party!" Cosmo continued being wacky partying like it was the last day in Fairy World.

Eventually Wanda decided to continue taking pictures despite the fact that things were getting mushy. Yes, we couldn't resist because each of us boys love our girlfriends respectively. The only difference here is that I'm married now to my girl and this was getting special. A few minutes passed and the party began to wind down. It winded down slowly but we knew for sure that things got dull.

"Done. It's all finished." Wanda was pleased as she had a camera that had run out of film. "Nice. We'll be looking forward to the photo album." I replied as Wanda had a better suggestion in mind. "Actually, I plan to make three albums." We all wondered what she meant. "Three albums? Are you serious?" spoke the adult Timmy as I wondered as well. "The film in the camera is only enough for one album. I doubt you'll be able to make three albums with a camera like that." Suddenly Cosmo started explaining things.

"With a camera like this, we can make lots of albums. I use them to take all sorts of pictures of me with my nickel Philip… a girl nickel." All of us wondered if Cosmo was kind of sane after saying that. Judging by his wackiness, he pretty much was. Wanda then go on to say, "Don't mind him guys. You see Timmy… this camera is very special. The film in here can be used over and over again as many times as we want. I'll be right back. I need to take this to the photo shop at Fairy World to make some special albums." Cosmo along with Wanda and Poof vanished and all of wondered what to do next.

The reception we had took a toll on all of us involved including the bride and groom (you would already know that by now whom). More than half of the wedding cake was eaten, we ran out of drinks and we went through every wedding-based party game we can think of (including some that I really can't say here). The young Timmy and two girls were already snoozing while the bride, groom and the adult Timmy were awake. I then turned around and looked at the window seeing a sky that was filled with vibrant colors and the ground in an endless desert.

"Looks beautiful don't you think?" Shelby spoke as I held her in my arms nodding in approval. We then heard the PA making an announcement through every cart on the train. "Attention all passengers, we'll be reaching our next stop shortly. Please make sure to have your tickets before you depart. I repeat, please make sure to have your tickets before you depart." After hearing the PA, we took a look at each of our tickets wondering who will be leaving first.

"It looks like they will be dropping us off by year. Remember guys; the Denliner is a train that travels through time. How did you end up getting to where we were?" I spoke as the adult Timmy explained. "I knew the Owner from when my wife and I were kids. He still thanks us for helping Ryoutaro Nogami regain consciousness from the coma years back. So when he found out that someone used the train to head to your world, I followed hoping that I would know where my wife was. Turns out he was in your world Jose… the real world." I knew that he didn't come here for a reason but even so I had no choice but to ask.

"So if you knew your wife was in my reality, why did you bother coming by?" The adult Timmy explained things further. "I had another reason for being here… and it's because of them." We looked at the young couple as the two were sleeping in each other's arms. I looked at the Adult Timmy and said, "I thought that if you couldn't get the job done, I would have to intervene. At least you took care of things didn't you?" He replied, "Pretty much… it wasn't easy. It looks like we both had one thing in common… helping them. I'm happy that the two are finally together." We both agreed on that as I let off a sigh of relief.

It was then that Timmy's three godparents appeared each carrying some strange books. Cosmo tried his best to hold onto his but his hands were a little clumsy for some reason. I got up and helped with the book that Cosmo held onto. Realizing that we didn't have much time, I then go to say, "You guys took your sweet time. Where were you? The train is about to reach its next stop. Only difference is that we don't know which stop it'll be." Wanda decided to explain by saying, "I see. Well the only reason why we took so long is because Cosmo nearly damaged the camera. He's right now trying to hold onto one of the special photo albums we got you guys." The three of us boys grabbed a separate photo album and wondered what was inside.

I couldn't hesitate to ask but I had to anyway. "I have but one quick question Wanda… what are inside these photo albums?" Wanda replied, "That's obvious. Inside these albums are pictures of you all during the reception. Jose and Shelby get a special album because they did get married after all." I took a look at my photo album and it was in a golden aura. Wanda wasn't kidding when she said that our album was a special one.

"Yeah. Wanda took pictures of the two of you during the wedding. She even got the shot of when you two kissed. It was so cute!" Cosmo began to make kissy noises unaware that the young couple was asleep. Cosmo, you dolt! The girls are asleep. Wanda, I need to tell you something. I thought as I moved my head a bit at Wanda and she went close to me. Whispering some stuff in her ear, I then showed her that Timmy, his girlfriend and the adult Tootie were asleep. She then used her magic to zip Cosmo's mouth. That should shut him up for a while.

With that out of the way, Shelby and I sat down and looked at the album going through each page carefully. The others got to see it too and it was amazing especially when they got to see the pictures. I said, "It's amazing. You guys really did a good job." Shelby also took a look at the album and got to see a picture of us making the intertwining kiss. She replied, "She even got us sharing our kiss. How sweet of her." We both shared a kiss as we continued looking at the album. Before I did say anything else, we all heard the PA as they made their announcement. Looks like the train has reached its destination.

"Attention all passengers. We have arrived at our destination: March 29th, 2019. For anyone who is departing, we would like our passengers to show your tickets before you depart. I repeat, for anyone that is exiting for March 29th, 2019 please show your tickets before you depart. Thank you for traveling on the Denliner and we hope to see you again soon." I looked at the adult Timmy who showed me his pass that had the very date: March 29th, 2019.

"That's my stop. I got to wake up my wife. All I can tell you is that you take care of your wife. It takes two to make a relationship work and trust me, it always does." But before he would leave, there was something I had to ask the adult Timmy. It was something that was gnawing at me for quite some time. But if I didn't ask him now, I know I would be getting some trouble back home.

"There's one more thing I want to ask you." The adult Timmy replied, "Yes? What is it?" I continued onward. "I should have said this in my review but the live action movie also brought out a lot of complaints. One of them being was Trixie Tang; she was not seen nor mentioned in the film at all. I know that after Wishology, management thought having her wasn't a good idea. So they decided to have Tootie in the live action film instead. I want to know something… in your world, what has happened to her?" This made the adult Timmy ponder something… something that he remembered from years back.

"I can't say. I haven't heard from Trixie in years. Sure, I no longer have feelings for her but I still think of her as a friend. At the moment, I don't know but when I get the chance I'll tell you. For now, I have to leave. Good luck Jose. Treat her well and remember, it takes two to make things work." I saw Adult Timmy gently wake up his wife as the two went to another car and left the Denliner. Though I may never see him again, I know that he (along with his partners) did save us all from that monstrous Oil Dopant aka Hugh Magnate Jr.

All I wanted to do now was lie down and rest because today has been a hell of a day. Shelby did the same though she had a hard time trying due to her wearing a big wedding dress. We all slept for a while as the three fairy godparents try to figure something out of the situation. Wanda pondered things through hoping to see if our three iterations can be able to keep in touch. Cosmo however struggled to zip his mouth open due to his wife's magic but had no success. She then had an idea and using her wand, was able to conjure up three special pens.

Those three couples really care and respect each other. With these pens, they can keep in touch with each other provided they can handle snail mail. Wanda thought as she used her wand to send one of the pens to the alternate adult couple while she gave the pens to the other two. Now let's see if Cosmo has learned his lesson when it comes to opening his mouth. She then went to Cosmo and undid her magic letting him speak again. But Wanda told him not to make any noise as everyone in the train car was sleeping. He nodded and the three of them disguised themselves as balloons watching over the four of us. Just as things got quiet, the PA began to make an unexpected announcement.

"Attention all passengers! We will be experiencing a small 10-minute delay toward our destination: July 10th, 2011. I repeat: we will experience a 10-minute delay toward our destination. All passengers please remain seated until we reach our destination." Hearing the announcement knew that we won't be leaving yet. Looks like these four will be staying around for a little while longer. More better for us. Wanda thought as she continued watching everyone as we slept.

15 minutes later…

"Attention passengers. Attention! We are reaching our destination: July 10th, 2011. To anyone who plans to depart, please present your tickets at the front. I repeat, to all passengers who are exiting this destination: July 10th, 2011, please show your tickets to the front before you depart. Thank you." My thoughts went like oh crap, that's our stop. I didn't have much time.

Hearing the announcement, I got up and took a stretch for a few seconds. I then gently woke her up by planting a soft kiss on her cheek. Shelby saw that the train reached our stop and got ready to head off. I then looked at the young couple sleeping and the three godparents watching over them. Timmy… Tootie… I hope that the love you two have will guide you till the end. Taking the special album, we went to the front and showed the tickets to the waitress. We left the train to find out that we are back in Rowlett, TX in the middle of the day. Even stranger is the fact that we were still in our wedding clothes.

"I wonder what your mom will think when we see us like this?" We both looked at each other wondering if her mother would either be proud or freak out at us. Luckily, Shelby had a suggestion. "Don't worry. I'll talk to my mom though I don't know if she'd mind us getting married without her knowing." I then replied afterwards. "That's what I'm afraid of." I scratched the back of my head wondering about all this. But there's nothing we can do now.

She then kissed my cheek as we both walked to Shelby's house having to tolerate at least around the 90-100 degree weather. That was already a pain as it is because of everything that has happened today. It began as a simple review for the live action movie Grow Up Timmy Turner and it ended with a whole bunch of twists and turns. At least I married Shelby because now I can be by her side till the day we die. I wonder how our young couple is doing right now.

Meanwhile back at the time-traveling, reality-hopping Denliner…

"Jose and Shelby are gone already? What about our alternate adult selves? And what is the deal with this book?" Timmy went on and on asking questions making Cosmo go completely dizzy. "Too many questions Timmy. You're making my head spin." Cosmo's head began to spin like he was a washing machine. "Oh no, I'm entering spin cycle." His spinning went extremely fast and if it wasn't for Wanda's quick thinking, his head would have literally unscrewed himself to the floor.

"Sorry sport. Looks like the train reached their stops and they got off. They didn't even get to say goodbye to you two." Timmy shrugged it all off and replied. "Don't worry about it. Besides, I'm happy now I have Tootie by my side. By the way, what's with this album?" Wanda then replied by saying, "I went to Fairy World in hopes of getting the pictures in our special camera developed. When they were done, I asked him to make the pictures into three special albums. The bride and groom end up with a special album because it was their wedding day while you and the big Timmy got an album that has most of the pictures." Timmy then said, "So, is there anything else about the albums that you can tell us?" Wanda thought for a minute and then she had an idea in mind.

"Well, you can use these albums to make your own memories. Why do you think I gave each of you one of these?" Timmy looked at the album, his godparents and then his girlfriend. He tried to say something but he couldn't find the right words. Luckily, Tootie came up with a suggestion by saying, "How about we use this album to make new memories… and they can involve us. Don't you think?" She then kissed her beau on the cheek and right away, he approved of the idea.

"Good idea. I like it. But I want us to do something special for the new husband and wife. I wonder if your magic can reach their reality." Wanda did a check to see if it can be done. "We are still in this train so we may as well try." That was all Timmy needed to make a wish that would at least surprise even us. "Alright, I got it! I wish that the new husband and wife would receive a special surprise in the mail; an all-expenses paid trip to anywhere they want. Besides, I want their honeymoon to be something those two can share." Everyone wondered if Timmy was making a selfless wish which made him said something unexpected. "What? Why is everyone so silent?" Timmy said.

Tootie then replied, "Nothing, lover boy. We all wondered if you were serious with that wish." Tootie then pinched herself but Timmy quickly replied. "I'm serious. If it wasn't for Jose and Shelby, I would have never had the chance to admit my feelings to you. You know that right?" Timmy then hugged her with a lot of passion and love. His actions convinced Cosmo, Wanda and Poof though to make this wish. Cosmo unexpectedly says, "It Looks like Timmy's decided not to be selfish making wishes like this." His comment made Wanda a little ticked making him say, "Oh, forget it. Let's just make the wish." All three of them raised their wands and suddenly a magic enveloped appeared before them.

"This envelope should give these newlyweds what they need to have their honeymoon. I hope that they enjoy it greatly." Wanda said as Timmy replied afterwards. "Big time, Wanda. Those two really deserve a honeymoon." They all saw the envelope vanish before their eyes and soon, it would end up on our hands. We just didn't know it until later on. Tootie looked at everyone here and then she said, "Well, at least things are coming to an end. The train should arrive at our destination shortly. Our only problem is that now that Tootie found out about us, we may have to go away." Timmy however doesn't agree due to everything that happened today.

"I doubt it. Remember when Cupid told us that Jorgen was begging like a baby because the Fairy Council was going to strip him of his rank?" Wanda's words made the young couple remember Cupid's tirade. Timmy replied. "For a love god, he certainly knows how to get real mad." Wanda however said. "You know that Cupid's father is Ares right?" The two had looks of perplexity wondering what it meant. Cosmo would go on to say, "You should see Cupid's dad during those fairy conventions. He would always go in rage, fire arrows from his trusty bow and show off his hair made of fire. It's true. His hair is actually made of fire. Want to see?" He then brought a picture of him with Ares in the fairy meet. Wanda only took one look and realized that he was lying.

"Cosmo you dunderhead! That picture has you getting beat up by Ares. You were literally used as an arrow because you were hitting on Aphrodite. What's wrong with you?" Cosmo then went into tears but Timmy had to do something before he would let off the waterworks. "Enough both of you. What about Jorgen? Tootie and I want to know." Tootie held his hand gently as Cosmo and Wanda explained everything.

"While we went to get the photo albums, we found out that Jorgen got his job back." The young couple was curious about this so Wanda continued. "But with a catch. Turns out they also saw the movie and had an idea. So they added a new law especially for the both of you." Shocked by the news, Timmy asked, "What new law? Wait…. You mean?" Wanda took out a copy of Da Rules for everyone to see. She then flew through the pages and found where it would be.

"Here it is. Page 238, Section 8, Subsection 43Z. It's not like the 'Timmy Turner Loophole' that was in the movie because this here is a much different rule. They even gave it a different name." Wanda explained the law in complete detail. "It's called The Young Couple Loophole and this new rule is important for the both of you to know. Are you willing to listen?" Both Timmy and Tootie looked at each other and then at the three godparents. They nodded as Wanda described the new rule to the two of them.

"Alright. This rule states that any couple that are young and are eternally in love are allowed to have godparents as long as the love the young couple has will guide them till they are both 18 years of age." She then went serious on them and said, "However, if the love between the young couple is unable to last them until age 18, then they both lose their godparents and forget any memories of ever being with them." Cosmo suddenly said, "In a nutshell, it basically means that as long as the two of you are together and in love, Tootie's joined the club." He seemed real happy after finding out this information. But Timmy however was surprised by all of this.

"Wait a minute… what? Tootie now has the three of you guys?" Timmy looked at Tootie for all she could do was giggle realizing that it's just like in the movie. He then let out a sigh and said, "Looks like I'll have to get used to this but hey, I have her." He then looked at Tootie and said, "As long as I'm with you, nothing else matters right?" She nodded positively as he then kissed her forehead. The two afterwards would experience a warm embrace. However, all of that would be interrupted when they all heard the PA go off making an unexpected announcement.

"Attention all passengers, we have arrived at our destination; March 23rd, 2003. All passengers who are heading for this drop-off bring your tickets to the front before you depart. I repeat, all passengers that are heading for March 23rd, 2003 please present your tickets before you depart. Thank you for traveling on the Denliner, we hope to have you again soon." The young couple took out their tickets and find that they are at the right location: March 23rd, 2003.

"Looks like that's our stop. Shall we… mademoiselle?" His girlfriend quickly followed holding his arm in a gentle cuddle. Their godparents disguise themselves as buttons to ensure no detection from the Owner or anyone.

The two of them showed their tickets and were allowed off the train. Dimmsdale was in their sights as it was before they went off to do the review. Only this time, they came out holding hands as a sign of their newfound love. Walking home, the two begin to wonder what to do now that Tootie has become a part of the family… an extended family.

March 23rd, 2003 6:35 PM

Dimmsdale, California

The city of Dimmsdale wasn't like any other place in the United States. Most of it was covered in suburbs while the rest can be seen as one big city. Dimmsdale's city is like an entertainment center where people can find what they want and get it without a second thought. Things were winding down however as people were heading home after a long day. Cars were heading in the opposite direction, many businesses were winding down and people were walking home after a long day. As the two of them were walking, Timmy laid some ground rules regarding this additional responsibility.

"Now that you are a part of this family, you have to realize that having godparents is a big deal. The most important thing is that you can't tell anyone that you have them because if you do, there can be big problems." Tootie listened to every bit of what Timmy had to tell him. He then said, "And if that happens, our relationship can also affect us. So you better remember that no one knows about this, do you understand?" She nodded continuing to hear every bit of what Timmy told her.

"Yes I do… I think I understand now." Tootie tried her best to keep herself in check but it wasn't going to be easy. "Since I'm learning how to be normal, I'll have to learn to get used to this. By the way, our parents are worried sick about us. We should head home before they really worry." Timmy agreed by saying, "You're right. My dad would wonder where I'd been if I didn't tell him. Let's go." The two of them went home without the slightest delay despite the fact that they were still holding hands.

After a few minutes, the two of them made it to the Turners' household. The place was still the same as it always was or has been; a white 2-story house that has a garage and a satellite dish on top. The two looked at each other with calm smiles and their hands held together in blissful love. They were ready to end it with the traditional passionate smooch but there was no time for that.

"Looks like you have to head home huh? Your parents must be worried sick." Tootie said as Timmy followed with a reply. "Yeah but they would hardly care. One minute I'm home, the next I have to deal with your sister. At least with you, I can handle things no problem." She giggled and said, "Yep. You remember what I tell you and everything between us will be all right. I'll be sure to remember what you told me. Deal?" He nodded in a positive fashion. Before the two would share a kiss, they each saw a pair of watches appear on their wrists. Could it be that their godparents have something planned for them?

"Huh? What's with these watches? Looks like Cosmo and Wanda must be planning something." Tootie responded afterwards. "I agree. I'll find out eventually but for now, I have to go. Vicky will kill me if she finds out I'm not back home before curfew. See you tomorrow, darling."

Before she left, Timmy grabbed her by the wrist catching her in a straight stare. He then gently took off her glasses and planted a kiss on her lips. The kiss lasted for a few seconds with the two feeling every bit of it. Once the kiss broke off, they were in a daze. The two stared at each other not keeping their eye off each other. Each of them had thoughts wondering what would happen next. It would take one interruption to ruin this moment. Too bad it happened in the least possible time.

"Hey twerps!" Unfortunately, it had to be the one person nobody expected: Timmy's babysitter and Tootie's older sister Vicky. The two broke off their stare to find her going at them in a rapid pace. Timmy's gave his girlfriend her glasses back as she put them back on. The two of them wonder what does she have planned for them. Judging by Vicky's fast pace, she would reach them in only a few seconds… unless Timmy does something and fast.

Vicky was a teenage brunette with pink eyes and was filled with major ickiness from head to toe. In addition, her outfit consisted of a short-sleeved green shit that can barely fit her; a pair of black slim pants and black shoes. Timmy and Tootie can only watch as the annoying redhead was racing toward them. Luckily, the bucktoothed boy had a plan and he was ready to dish it out.

"Vicky… still icky as ever. I know that you and I deal with her on a daily basis right?" Tootie nodded as he looked at her. He then had an evil smile on his face and said, "Not this time. I wish Vicky ran into a pit." The disguised buttons raised their wands causing a pit to appear in the middle of the street. They then saw her fall in the pit screaming like she was going to go splat. Too bad she did went splat. But he then decided to put salt on the wound though having her trapped really wouldn't matter.

"And I wish that the pit was bolted shut with reinforced steel." The pit was then covered with a large slab of steel that was bolted down. I think he must have put too much salt on this wound but whatever things play differently in Dimmsdale. The two smiled evilly as Vicky struggled to get out. She shouted angrily, "Let me out of here! I mean it twerps! Let me out!" Her screaming went on deaf ears as no matter how much she tried, she couldn't get out. The young couple giggled a bit as they heard Vicky try to escape but they knew things were getting late so it had to be cut short.

"That was fun Timmy. But I have to go home. Mom and dad will worry if I don't let them know. Take care sweetie and I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." She then kisses Timmy's cheek and ran off home making sure not to go near the bolted shut pit. All Timmy felt was a rush of excitement through his entire body. Small hearts were around his face as his breathing was heavy and he felt like he had experienced his graduation day.

Timmy then went home and after a few minutes of talking with his parents, he finally reached his room. He put the album gently on his bed while he got a look at a picture near his computer. Looking at it, he saw a picture of his old love interest Trixie Tang. Sorry Trixie, but I have someone that matters to me now. Nothing personal. Timmy looked at the back, opened it and removed the picture. He looked at his godparents that have just appeared and knew that something was missing. Cosmo was still hugging his nickel Philip that he couldn't get enough of.

"Guys, I wish I had a picture of Tootie… at least a good picture of her." The three of them raised their wands and he got a picture of her. He smiles as he put the picture in the frame, closed it and then placed it on top of his drawer. He laid on his bed thinking about everything that has happened. "Thanks guys. At least this is a starting point for me." I couldn't agree more on that trust me.

"How can today get any better than this?" Timmy said while he jumped on his bed and lied down remembering everything that happened today. "Yeah. Almost as better as being with my loving nickel Philip. I miss you so much." Cosmo continued hugging it while Timmy shrugged it aside and continued on. "As I was saying, I did a review of a live action movie along with our real world selves. Had a bit of problems with Tootie because of my fresh-faced nature. Got help from my real life self in regards to true love and what's really important." Timmy thinks for a second and then he continued, "Met an awesome adult version of me who's a superhero…" He got serious and said, "And his hardboiled partners especially that half-boiled Swiss roll." Everyone laughed after hearing that.

Timmy then go on to say, "I was finally able to admit my feelings for Tootie and we became a couple. We witness Cupid unleashes his anger on Jorgen for what happened in the movie. Saw our real life selves get married and have a big party afterwards. I wonder what else that I missed…" Timmy thought as Wanda helped finished things up.

"Did you forget Timmy? You each ended up with special photo albums of your time at the party. Though the bride and groom have gotten a special album because it was their wedding day." Timmy responded, "That's how they got their album as a gold photo book." Wanda then said, "Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, due to what happened earlier the Fairy Council made a new rule stating that as long as you two are in love, the both of you now have us as fairy godparents. You are also wondering what is with the watch and pen right?" Timmy asked why. "Yeah? Tell me. I want to know."

"Well this watch is really special. You saw that Tootie has one of them right?" Timmy nodded positively as Wanda continued. "The watches you two have will allow you to talk to each other and trust me, it beats using the phone." Timmy replied by saying, "You're right it does. Makes it easier for the phone bill. By the way, what's this pen? It's just an ordinary pen." Timmy said as Wanda followed it up. "This pen is very special Timmy. The council asked me to provide each of your three selves special pens. With it, you can send messages to each other though the only catch is that this can be done by snail mail." Timmy looked at the pen a bit and wondered why.

"Snail mail? Hardly anyone uses that anymore. We live in the year 2003 and people nowadays rely on computers. Isn't there something the Council can do like allow us to travel between realities or something?" Unfortunately, Wanda can only nod negatively to Timmy's words. She then replied, "Sorry sport but they can't do that" She brings out a copy of Da Rules and goes to the page regarding reality jumping. "It's in Da Rules and it states that we can't use our magic to travel between realities. Even if we could do that, it can prove to be problematic." Timmy already figured that out.

"I pretty much know why because the real world has stuff that can catch you guys. It's all right because at least this pen makes up for it. Anyway, it's getting late and I got to get some sleep. At this point, Vicky is struggling so I wish the pit was gone and that Vicky forgot everything that happened today." Timmy then went off to sleep seeing that he had too much for one day.

Wanda along with Cosmo (still hugging his nickel) raised their wands and got rid of the pit that was in the street. Vicky looked around wondering what was going on but she didn't give a hootenanny and went back home. The three then turned back into fish and went into Timmy's trusted fishbowl. Day would soon turn to night and the city began to light up signaling a time where people use their time to do as they please. Timmy however didn't have any time for that, as all he could do was sleep. With one day soon coming to an end, a new day would dawn upon the city. I can tell that this newfound couple has a lot to go through. Sure, they admitted their feelings and such but will they be able to make it possible? Hey, I can always say you never know right? Only time will tell.

My final thoughts on A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner

This is Jose aka the real world Timmy (not Drake Bell). I should have done this from the beginning but what the hell. Grow Up Timmy Turner isn't that bad of a movie. It's a mixed bag in my humble opinion. Here's a list of the good and the bad things.

The Good

Daniella Monet portraying Tootie (she's cute as the geeky but hot as the beautiful)

The movie had the feel of what the FOP cartoon is about

Lookin' Like Magic is an addicting and very cute song. Though I wonder why isn't there a full version of it?

Daran Norris earns the award for best actor. He played Timmy's day with a capital T… I mean it.

One scene in particular that I will not mention because it made me feel happy as well as the end

The Bad

Cheryl Hines and Jason Alexander didn't convince me when it came to human Cosmo and Wanda

Steven Weber was good but I didn't take the villain seriously. It just boiled down to being nothing more than a greedy oil tycoon/rich snob with daddy issues

There should have been a better villain for the movie like Remy Buxaplenty for example. That would work.

Drake Bell was okay as Timmy but he didn't do a good job. I'd prefer Tara Strong instead because she is Timmy Turner. (Note: I also like the late Mary Kay Bergman who did Timmy as well in the OYC! Version. God rest her soul.)

And Poof's first words at the end of the movie… it was just absolutely unnecessary. I really mean it.

No mentioning of Trixie whatsoever in the film. That alone makes me wonder if the reaction of Wishology caused this? Who knows? Even I don't know.

Chester as well as AJ and Vicky having minor roles were a bummer. Chester and AJ were horny idiots that want girls while the Vicky was an icky daycare manager. Nothing special.

One last thing, there was also Wanda being out-of-character throughout the movie. If she knew that Timmy was in love with Tootie, why do all of this? Why does she have to ruin Timmy's chances of growing up? It isn't like her at all and that was a complaint I have had for a while.

Overall, it's a good film but with the flaws I stated, it's mediocre. For a 10th anniversary film, I wished that Butch Hartman would do a bit better but he tried and look what happened. If you are a fan of the show and want to see what happens to him, check it out. But for anyone else, it's best that you watch it with caution.

My Final Score: I give this film a 6 out of 10. However, if I were to be brutally honest, it gets no less than a 5. That's it. Thank you for reading my Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner Review/Fic.

Jose: That's it. It's done.

11-year old Timmy: At least things ended on a happy note right? You and Shelby got married and Tootie is my girlfriend. We're inseparable.

Jose: Agreed. Where's Wanda?

11-year old Timmy: She's busy taking care of Poof.

Jose: I see. But I'm wondering... what happens now? I have a few ideas in mind though they may not do well on paper. Do you have any ideas?

11-year old Timmy: Well... how about we have like a reunion special in which we all meet again after a year? It'd be real fun to see each other again. We can talk about how things have been and maybe have an adventure or something.

Jose: Not a bad idea. I like that. I'll consider it if only the readers want it.

Adult Timmy: Is that so?

Jose: You.

11-year old Timmy: What are you doing here?

Adult Timmy: I have an idea. I think you all have every right to know what happened in my world. So I think a prequel story involving me will help you learn the truth behind my arrival.

Jose: What do you think Timmy?

11-year old Timmy: I like it. I want to find out for myself how Magnate got involved in something as stupid as this.

Adult Timmy: Like he said, if the fans want it then we should deliver.

Jose: So listen up all you readers. You want to see these ideas come forth? Leave a review telling us if you want to see it happen. We hope to hear from everyone.

11-year old Timmy: That's right.

*Adult Timmy nods in agreement*

Jose: One last thing... where are the girls? It seems too quiet.

11-year old Timmy: Yeah.

Adult Timmy: True.

*Suddenly, the 11-year old Tootie, her adult counterpart and Shelby surprised the three boys. Things would soon get a bit mushy until all six of them realized it a bit too late.*

Jose: Uh guys? We should finish things up.

*We then realize it and decided to go out in the only way possible.*

Jose: On three... one... two... three.


*Wanda comes by to snap a picture of all of us together and with that, the story ends*