I wrote this troll-fic because I was bored. If you don't want to read this, then hit the Back button! You've been warned!

I do not own Mario. Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo do.


"Mama Mia! My-a-toilet-is-a-broken!" The poor plumber had a stomach ache, so he didn't have the time to fix his toilet.

"There-is-a-only-one-a-solution!" Mario went to his backyard. He then took a nice, creamy shit onto the grass.

"Mama Mia! I-feel-a-better!" Mario went back into his house to fix the toilet.

Little did the 5 ft 6 plumber realize that he had just defecated on a mushroom, and that mushroom was pissed.

'I will obtain my vengeance!' thought the mushroom as it absorbed Mario's shit and activated its evil eyes.

From then on, the mushroom had a purpose: to enervate (i.e weaken) anyone who touches him, especially Mario.

No one would double cross the Poison Shroom again.


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5 ft 6 is not Mario's real height. His actual height is a mystery.