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Chapter 1: What The Heck?

'Why did I have to get dragged into this?' thought Harry as he packed for a trip to Japan. His uncle had told him that he had to go on a business trip, and he had to bring the family to look good but unfortunately from them, they had to bring harry along as well.

"Boy you ready yet!" yelled his uncle

"Yes" shouted Harry back

"Then get down here" yelled his uncle

This trip was going to be hell for him if he was stuck with them throughout all the trip. It was going to a week long trip. The plane was leaving for japan at five and the flight would take about eleven hours to reach Japan so the flight was not going to be fun for him. He decided that when they got there to haul ass from the Dursley's and hopefully get to see the sights in Japan. They finally landed after what seemed to be forever, he knew that he had to make a break for it but he had to get his luggage.

'You know what screw it, I can buy clothes while I'm here' thought Harry 'Hopefully and if I play my cards right'

He made it out of the plane, before they spotted him and he walked very fast for it. He kept going until he figured it was safe enough for him to stop. He continued to walked until he heard a crash and someone shout something that sounded like a curse in Japanese. It came from an ally nearby so he had to be careful on what he did. As he got closer he heard voices. He hid where he couldn't be seen but he could hear what the two were saying. He peaked over to see two men talking. He quickly used a translation charm to understand what they were saying.

"Careful Gigan, someone might hear us"

"Easy Megalon, we're in a old abandoned neighborhood so no one's going to hear us" said the other who was wearing a red visor and spiked gloves.

"You better be sure about that otherwise Ghidorah will have our butts" said Megalon

"We're his best assassins" said Gigan "He won't kill us but we will take a pay cut, if this mission fails"

"Better hope that the GOE shows" said Megalon

"Don't you dare mention them" said Gigan

"I hear they now got Gojira with them now" said Megalon "I hope that it is not true"

"Let's just get this over with" said Gigan "We need to get that gem"

Harry looked again to see the pair heading towards him and if they found him who knows what would happen to him.

'crap' thought Harry as he hid and hoped that they would not noticed him.

They disappeared and luckily they did not noticed him well Gigan did look his way for a belief moment but did not say anything. But something got their attention and they ran for it while Megalon said something about failing the mission and Harry heard a shut up before they disappeared. So he wondered if they knew about being there. Harry waited few minutes before standing up and started to run only to run into a person...literary. Both hit the ground hard before someone called out a name.

"Sorry about that" said Harry standing up and helping the the person up.

"No problem" said the person. It was a girl about a few years older then him. There were two others with her another girl and a boy. They all bowed to him which he as well but more awkwardly. "My name is Miki Saegusa"

"I'm Harry Potter" said Harry

"Nice to meet you" said Miki with a smile

"Nice to meet you too" said Harry

"Did you notice anything usual a few minutes ago" asked one of the others. It was the boy and he looked like he was just about twenty. He had black hair and green eyes like Harry's only they were a deep green and a green shirt. The other was a woman with blond hair wearing rainbow clothes that were very beautiful in his opinion.

"Yes" said Harry with caution. He didn't know them or what they could do to him, were they the other two's buddies. "I saw two men that were talking about sometime of gem"

"Can you describle them?" asked the blond who looked concerned at what he had just said.

"The main guy had a red visor with spiked gloves and other had beetle shirt and really weird looking pants on." said Harry

"Gigan and Megalon" said Miki

"That was the names I heard the two called each other" said Harry

"We need to contact the others and fast" said Miki before turning to Harry "You'll be coming with us"

'why is always me' thought Harry as they got in a car.

"So what did you hear overall?" asked the blond

"They talked about the gem which I have no idea what they were talking about, a person named Ghidorah, a group called the GOE and something about Gojira. Does any of that mean anything to you?"

"Yes, we need to get you back to base" said Miki while the other were talking about a mission and that he needed protection

"Um...why?" asked Harry

"We need to protect you" said the boy

"Am I in danger?" asked Harry

"Yes" answered the blond girl

"Why?" asked Harry

"If what you said is true, then they will be after you to either captured you or kill you if they find out that you heard them" said the boy

"How can you protect me?" asked Harrry

"We're members of GOE" said the blond

"Who are you?" asked Harry "Not to rude or anything but I never got your names"

"I'm Gamera" said the boy

"I'm Mothra" said the girl and with that he passed out.

He woke up after a few hours of being unconscious he woke up in a unknown location. At first he thought that he was captured by the two that he saw in the ally but when Miki was putting a wet rag on him, so he knew that he was safe, and a few minutes later Mothra and Gamera came in to check on him.

"I see you're awake" said Miki

"Yeah" said Harry looking around "Where am I?"

"At the GOE headquarters" said Mothra

"What does GOE stand for anyway"

"Guardians of Earth" said Gamera

"Cool name" said Harry

"Yep, Mothra came up with it" said Gamera.

"Well I am a guardian of Earth" said Mothra

"I am too, you know" snapped Gamera

"Um...so what's going on?" asked Harry just to prevent a fight before one started, it reminded him of Ron and Hermione.

"Well, you have information we need-" started Mothra

"So you guys are going to torture me so you can get it out" said Harry

"We would never do that, all we do is take you to the debriefing room so we can hear what info you have" said Mothra with great concern that he would think such a thing.

"um...okay" said Harry not really trusting them at the moment and they could all sense it.

"We're friends, not enemies." said Miki smiling which made him for some reason feel a little bit better. Then the other two smiled and he realized that if they wanted to hurt him they were have started it already.

"Okay" said Harry "I'll tell what I know"

"Great" said Mothra "Follow me please"

'What have I gotten myself into now?' thought Harry as he started to follow Mothra.

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