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Chapter 6

The next few weeks were interesting for Harry, between fighting monsters as Ultraman and the band, he didn't know that he would cause the wizarding world a heart attack because of his disappeance. He was too busy to care about the wizardly world until his letter for Hogwarts arrived.

"Harry can you come here?" asked Mothra.

"what is it?" asked Harry before noticed the owl and the letters from people

"Great" muttered Harry before looking at the one from hermione first.


I can't believe you would do something so stupid as running off to Japan, when you return to relatives I hope they make you see sense for doing this, you better not get killed before you get here.


"She sounds lovely" said Junior sacastilly but everyone agreed with him.

The others were pretty much the same except for Mrs. Weasley who sent him a howler. Godzilla was quick to blast it, and for once no one could blame him for doing that. These people seemed to want Harry to stay where they could keep an eye on him.

"This is worse then we thought."

Everyone turned to see Moll and Lora standing there with sad looks on their faces. Harry wondered what was going on?

"What do you two know?" asked Leo

"Harry is propechized to destroy a dark lord and Albus Dumblefdore is trying to make a weapon out of Harry."

"what?" said Harry "I trusted him, what about the others."

"The weasleys have their daughter in a marriage contract with you so if you died which they have planned they will get your money. Hermione has been promised rare books"

"Those tratiors" said Harry

"what this last letter?" asked Manda

"Looks like my Hogwarts letter, its the school I go to" said Harry "But I'm not sure about going this year"


"well with Dumbledore as the headmaster and my 'friends' there as well I see no reason to go, I mean I can always find a school here" said Harry

"We'll go with you" said Leo

"But there are wards and stuff-"

"Did you forget that we have to ablitly to negate those?"asked Mothra referring to herself and Leo

"Oh yeah" said Harry "But what about Dumbledore as he'll kick you out before can even step foot in"

"Just leave it to us" said Leo

The weeks passed then the next thing Harry knew he was in the King's Cross station getting ready for another year at Hogwarts. The main difference was he was not going to be the headmasters puppet anymore, thanks to the Elias' informing him about it. Junior and Leo were also tagging along.

"Ready guys?" asked Harry

"You make sound like we're about to morph" said Junior referring to Super Sentai.

"Ready" said Leo going along with Junior's joke

"real funny guys" said Harry as they continued to the platform which Junior and Leo got in with no problem. They found a carpartment to sit in, unfortunately Ron and Hermione soon came along and demanded that Junior and Leo leave and that they sit there as they thought they were the only ones that can hang or talk to Harry besides the professors.

"No" said Junior "You can't tell us what to do"

"Why you-"

"I thought Weasley were suppose to be Gryffindors not slytherins" said Harry

"How could you say that?" snapped Hermione

"Oh like you're any different" said Leo

"What do you mean, you don't know me"

"Well anyway this is a GOE area only" said Junor pushing them out the door closing it in their faces.

"Did you have to bring up GOE?" asked Leo

"Like they'll know what it stands for"

"There's a 99.9% chance that Hermione does, but Ron is clueless when it comes to things like that" said Harry

"Well they can't be trusted anyway"

"True" said Harry

"How is this ride going to be?" asked Junior

"Hours" said Harry

"Wake me when we get there" said Junior who was soon fast asleep

"Nerver going to get use to that" said Harry

"Yeah so what we do for the long ride?"

"I don't know...listen to music?"

"Good idea" said Leo turning on his mp3 as did Harry

The trip was good until Malfoy arrived only to get sent flying to the other end of the car thanks to Leo. Both looked at him in shock for he never did anything like that to anyone. They decided then to play cards until they arrived.

"So now what?" asked Leo

"We join the rest of the fourth year." said Harry leading Junior and Leo to the rest of the group.

Albus Dumbledore was pissed beyond belief, he had received a letter from the Japanese ministry telling him that two members of GOE would be attending Hogwarts with Harry. These two would be a problem as he needed Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley to keep an eye on him, and from the letter Hermione had sent him from the train, Harry had refused to sit with them them and instead had choose to sit with the two members.

'Harry, this has to stop, its for the greater good'

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