The next morning arrived with a frustrated, uncomfortable Rachel Fabray-Berry flinging herself out of bed at nine in the morning to hit the hotel gym. She huffed around the room, made as much noise as possible, and then stormed down to work out her anger for a good two hours.

When she got back, her lovely blonde wife was still bundled up in covers.

"Wake up, ass!" Rachel barked and tossed a pillow at the mess of a bedhead on the opposite side.

"I'm wake."

"Get up. We're going shopping."

"I don't wanna…"

"You don't get a say anymore after last night."

After shopping came lunch, where the girls dined outdoors on the patio of a little café in Los Angeles. She watched Rachel twitch with discomfort, groan anytime the blonde kissed her chastely, and ache with fury.

"You okay?" Quinn giggled after Rachel's discomfort exploded into a small tantrum once her trembling hands dropped her fork for the fourth time.


"Maybe you should look into anxiety pills."

"I'm not anxious. I'm frustrated to the point of dysfunction because my wife won't have sex with me."

"I'll have sex with you all day long."

"Oh really? Then last night was…"


"How fantastic. I feel so wonderfully built up. I can't even eat my salad, Quinn! Do you know what you looked like last night? Christ!"

Quinn grinned, blushed and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. Rachel was adorable when she was pissed comma frustrated. She kept her huge sunglasses on, her cheeks remained red, and her hair flips were laced with an extra layer of sass.

Adorable. Just adorable.

"No, what'd I look like?" Quinn smirked.

"Oh, no. We are not playing the rehash it game. You have blue-balled me twice in one day's time and it's not okay, Quinn! I have a very stressful schedule. I need relief. You are my relief. You are not supposed to add to my stress, dammit!"

"Cuss more, it's turning me on."



After lunch came a movie. And every time Rachel tried to pull Quinn's hand discreetly into her lap and under her skirt, the blonde conveniently needed popcorn.

She bought six buckets.

In two hours.

And Rachel had never been angrier in her life.

Seven o'clock rolled around and Rachel could barely string sentences together. She'd watched Quinn shower from the other side of the tub- the blonde refusing to be touched or to touch. She'd watched her change clothes- the blonde suspiciously bending over in all the right places to give Rachel the view of her life. She'd watched Quinn read- the blonde slung sideways in the club chair, book in her lap, hair twirled around her finger and not a sight of make-up on her near perfect face.

Even at her barest, most comfortable, Rachel found Quinn breathtakingly gorgeous. She was lost in her other world again and she would leave in a day to go back to New York. Rachel had three more weeks in L.A. before heading back to her city. Quinn was up, up, and away and she would leave in a day.

It wasn't right.

"Come out of the clouds, Q, come be with me instead," she whispered from the bed and watched those hazel eyes pull up and shower her with love. Quinn sat her book on the table to her side, stood and walked over to crawl in bed next to Rachel in her cute sweats and sexy little beater.

"I'm here," she murmured and placed a light kiss on her cheek.

"Come closer," Rachel whimpered. Quinn slid closer, curled around Rachel, laced her arms around her stomach and dropped her head on her shoulder.

"I love you, you know," Quinn breathed.

"Of course I know."

"I love our life."

"I know."

"I want to give you what you want," she whispered, barely there and a laced with more vulnerability than decibels.


"But nothing."

"Does that mean?"

"Yes, but I have a question…"

"Okay," Rachel murmured, the quietness of the conversation rushing over her like chocolate heaven. She could drown in it and never be happier.

"Why?" Quinn asked.

"Why what?"

"Why do you want it rough? I need to know why."
Rachel smiled, turned to her side and snuggled into Quinn. It reminded her of their days in their park. It reminded her of blissful happiness. They were perfect, thirteen years later.

"Let me see if I can explain this…" she started. "Last night, when I walked out of the bathroom in that outfit, how did you feel?"

"Uncontrollably turned on."

"And in your head, what's your first instinct?"

"To rip it off you."

"Exactly," she smiled, turned her face to Quinn's only inches away and pecked her nose. "You are the most beautiful thing I'm ever going to see in my life. And every time I look at you- in sweats, in a dress, in the shower- my insides go crazy. They literally light up and feel like they're going to explode. And then we make love and it's perfect and amazing and I have no complaints, but it's not what that initial feeling feels like. It's like the simmered boil of that feeling."


"And I want to have sex like how that feeling rips me apart. I want you to give that to me. Because every time I look at you, it flashes through me. And I want to feel it. I want to be absolutely uncontrollably on fire. Because when I look at you, I don't feel in control of anything- my heart, my head, my breath. I want that feeling for real, from you, above me or however."

"I love you."

Rachel grinned at the dreamy smile shining back at her.

"Do you understand?"

"I do."

"So it's not about you hurting me or anything. I don't need to be hurt. I just need, well want, because you already fulfill my needs, most nights," she groaned. "I just want to feel what those three seconds feel like… to be inside of it. I want to feel helpless and out of control and just flat taken."

"Okay, Short."



"I adore you," Rachel murmured, leaned forward and slid her lips softly over Quinn's. Arms reached out to grip each other and they tightened the space between them. Soon, no one knew where one began and the other ended, just as life always felt. Ever since the kiss in the lake after their break up at seventeen, they were one. Sometimes broken, sometimes shattered, sometimes held together by tape, but always one.

"I adore you, too," Quinn murmured and kissed her again. She'd kiss her forever, wherever forever took them.

"Can we do it now?"


"Ugh," Rachel groaned through a smile. "Then I'm going to need another two hours at the gym. I'm going nuts."

"Then have at it, baby. I'm going to finish my book."

"I'll be back," Rachel smiled, kissed her cheek once, then twice, then again. "Or not," she laughed and rolled back into her wife. Their lips slid together, apart, together and then apart. Rachel grinned into it and then finally broke free. "Okay, seriously, gym. Or I'm going to spontaneously combust right before you."

"You're so cute, my little frustrated sex goddess."

"You know it," Rachel winked, bounced out of bed and headed out the door. The second it shut, Quinn launched herself out of bed, flew over to her bag and got herself ready.

Working out, for Rachel, meant releasing all of her stresses over and over again. It was freeing, it was passionate, and it was hard.

She loved every second of it.

And as she pounded away on the treadmill, thoughts of Quinn's beautifully sweet face contorting with tie in hand and hand in her underwear haunted her. It haunted her so, so good.

It haunted her so good she didn't hear the door open.

She didn't hear the door lock.

She didn't see the blonde draw the shades closed over the full length glass window looking into the pool area behind her.

She didn't see anything.

She only pounded away on the treadmill. She ran, hard. She ran off her frustrations for her wife. She ran off her busy schedule. She ran off the pressure being in the spotlight put on her day in and day out. And she ran off the anticipation for what would come later…

Never knowing it would actually come now.

Quinn silently stepped up on one side of the treadmill's plastic ledge. And then she brought her other foot quietly up to the other side. She debated reaching forward and pulling Rachel's headphones out. She debated stepping closer and waiting until the brunette felt her. She debated reaching forward and sliding her arms around the girl's stomach.

She debated too long.

Rachel craned her arms behind her back to stretch them out, hit body and lost her ever loving shit. She jumped a foot in the air, releasing a blood curdling scream and twisting to assault the intruder behind her before gasping at the realization and then slamming into a ball on the treadmill band, only to be shot through Quinn's legs and into the weight bench five feet behind them.

"Mother fucker!" she wailed.

Quinn slapped a hand over her mouth, spun around and tried not to laugh at the absurdity of what just happened.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" she gasped and jumped off the ledges to crawl over to a groaning ball of Rachel Fabray-Berry.

"What the hell, Quinn?"

"I can't believe you just shot right through my legs! That brings a whole new meaning to you being a tiny creature!" she laughed and hauled Rachel up onto her bottom. "Sit up, sit up. Did you hurt anything?"

"I can't physically hurt my talent, so all is fine."

"Oh geez. Come here, crazy," she laughed, pulled Rachel up to sit on the bench beside her and inspected her limbs. "Can you believe you just shot right off it?"

"That's what happens when you throw an inanimate object on a spinning conveyor belt, Quinn."


"What are you even doing here?" Rachel huffed, inspecting her elbows, knees, wrists, and neck.

"You're fine."

"You didn't answer my question."

"I missed you?" Quinn smirked. Rachel cocked an eyebrow.


Quinn smirked wider, reached over for Rachel's hand, gripped it and pulled it into her lap. She sat it down over her sweats, eyes still locked on Rachel's, and forced her fingers around it.

"Oh," Rachel husked.

"Yeah. Oh."


Quinn nodded.

"You're hot. Sweaty. And I'm bored of my books."

"Bored of your books?"

"Yes," Quinn grinned.

"Lord help us," Rachel giggled and stopped when Quinn stood. "Where you going?"

"Nowhere," she murmured, turned around to stand in front of Rachel and smiled.

"I don't understand what's happening."

"You're going to do exactly as I say, you understand?"
"Yes," Rachel grinned giddily.

"And in no way can I be held accountable for anything that happens."

"You asked for this."

"I did."

"Pull my pants down," Quinn demanded with a smirk. Rachel reached out, grabbed at her thighs and snapped her sweats down to the floor. The strap-on hung between her legs and the black boy-shorts harnass held it tightly.

Rachel's jaw fell.

"You got a new harnass?"

"I did."

"It's… so cool."

"Cute, right?"

"Mm, yes."

"On your knees."

Rachel snapped up to look at her.


"I said get on your knees."


"Because it looks like I need a little wetting," Quinn smiled.

"You want me to suck you?"

"Yes," Quinn husked, eyes darkening. "But I don't want you to, I'm telling you to. Now do it."


"Rachel, down."

"Okay…" she murmured, falling off the bench and onto her knees in front of the blonde. The pale piece of silicone hung in front of her eyes and she gulped before looking up to her wife. "Bee, I've never done this before."

"It's not like you can do it wrong. I can't feel it. I just want to see it."

"Is there a part inside you? Or is it just out?"


"So if I…" Rachel murmured and gave it a jerk. Quinn yelped and then moaned as pleasure pulsed through her.


"Mm, excellent," she smiled, closed her eyes to take a confidence building breath and then reopened them. She looked up, locked eyes with Quinn and then ran her tongue down the length of it.

"This is going to be so good," Quinn moaned at the sight.

Rachel grinned, confidence shooting up another notch, and wrapped her lips around the tip of it. She darted her tongue out to swirl around the head and then sucked a few inches of it into her mouth.

"Oh, my god."

"You experiencing penis envy right now?"

"Little bit," Quinn moaned as Rachel pulled on it just to give Quinn some sensation as she sucked it further into her mouth, lips spreading taut around it and eyes widening while staring deep into hazels.

She slid back down it and let it fall out of her mouth with a pop.

"I'm not too bad at this," Rachel grinned.

Quinn gaped.

"More, do it again."

Rachel smirked, licked her hand, gripped it and jerked it, squeezing her hand up and down and up and down, each time pushing and pulling against Quinn inside. Her eyes rolled and her head lulled back.

"Look at me," Rachel demanded.

Hazel eyes snapped back down.

Rachel opened her mouth, licked up its length and then dropped open her jaw to slide the entirety of it into her mouth and down her throat. Quinn felt it. God, she could feel it. She felt it like it was actually there and she thanked fucking god for the powers of imagination.


"Again," she growled.

Rachel pulled off it, swallowed, took a breath and slid it back into her mouth, eyes locked on Quinn's. She watched the blonde start shaking. She watched her quiver. She watched her damn near come at the sight.

When the need for air overwhelmed, Rachel backed off it and let it fall. She gasped for air, winked at Quinn and leaned forward to kiss those beautiful bare thighs.

"How inside of you is it?"


"Shit," Rachel moaned. "So you'll feel-"


"As if I was-"

"The one wearing it."

"Oh my," Rachel grinned. "Best purchase ever."

"Congratulations on your first movie, love."

"Aww, you're such a sweet strap-on wearer."

"Put it back in your mouth," Quinn demanded.

"Or you were."

Rachel wrapped her lips back around it and Quinn's hands fell to dark locks. She gripped tight and watched Rachel soak their new favorite toy. She bobbed up and down and up and down.

"You're good at this."

"I always knew I would be, just never got to use it."

Quinn rolled her eyes, reached down and yanked Rachel to her feet. She crashed their lips together, slipped her tongue inside and shoved her hand down the front of Rachel's shorts.

Immediately, she was met with soaking wet Rachel.

"Christ," she moaned.

"I told you just looking at you drives me crazy. Looking at you wearing that, while sucking you off, and well I'm surprised you can even feel me through what's down there."

"Pull on me."

Rachel gripped her and stroked it, Quinn's eyes rolling back at the feeling of the curled piece inside her rubbing over her spot again and again. This was going to be glorious. Multiple orgasm glorious.

And she'd never go soft.

Fuck, she loved being a woman.

"Sit down."

Rachel sat.

"Turn sideways."

Rachel turned.

"Spread your legs, one on either side of the bench."

Rachel cocked a leg over and a dark, damp triangle came into view between her legs. Oh, hell.

"Beg me."


"You're gonna have to do better than that," Quinn snapped and swung one leg over the bench to stand before Rachel. She gripped a handful of hair and brought Rachel's head forward. "Open your mouth."

Rachel opened and Quinn pushed it back inside.

"Now beg me."

"Hease," she mumbled with her mouth full and Quinn shuddered.

"I can't hear you."

"Heeaaase, Eee."

"Was that Bee?"

She nodded.

Quinn pulled it free, watching spit slid out the side of Rachel's mouth. Her eyes crossed at the sight and she wondered if she had the same obsession with dirty and rough as Rachel did, only she was just now realizing it.

"Lie back," she demanded, dragging her hand up and down it, pulling and pushing it against her insides. She shivered at the sensations flooding from her center out.

Rachel looked over her shoulder and lay back on the thin bench. With nowhere to rest her arms, she folded them over her stomach and practically hugged her body. Her eyes locked on Quinn stroking herself and loving the rubbing the motion was giving her inside.

It was glorious.

And raunchy.

And exactly what she wanted out of her ever-perfect, lovely Bee.

"Come fuck me," she groaned.

Quinn exploded inside. She reached up, ripped off her shirt, stepped out of her pooled pants and leaned over Rachel. She shoved the brunette's shirt up, found those raw nipples from last night and pinched them both. Rachel's dead weight and hanging arms snapped up to the bench behind her head to grip something, pulling her breasts higher and together and Quinn couldn't get enough. She palmed both, massaged, and sucked a mouthful of each one after the next.

Poor Rachel came apart.

And Quinn trailed those kisses and nips and bites down her stomach, across her abs and over her the bulges of her hip bones.

She gripped Rachel's running shorts and pulled them off.

"Did you lock the door?"

"Of course I did."

"Just wanted to be sure this wasn't going to end up on the news."

"Relax," Quinn murmured, sat down on the bench, curled forward and dropped her mouth to Rachel. Those worries instantly evaporated the second tongue met skin.

"Oh, yes," she moaned and Quinn licked up her slit, around her nub and back down to push inside once before pulling back up and doing it all over again. She hooked her hands around Rachel's knees, pulled her further apart and pushed her tongue back inside.

She pushed in again and again, running the tip of it over her walls, massaging her lips against the rim and then sliding back up to suck on her clit.

"Oh, my god."

Quinn ripped her tongue free, reached up to grab Rachel's hand and pulled her up while lying back.

"Get on," Quinn demanded.

"I don't think-"
"I said get on. I want you on top of me."

"Okay," Rachel murmured, crawled onto Quinn's lap and grabbed it before Quinn stopped her. "What?"



Quinn pulled it up to lay it down flat against her body.

"Wet it."

"You mean-"


Rachel gulped, gripped either side of Quinn's stomach for support and dropped her hips down on top of it. She felt her folds slide around the side of it and rolled her hips forward, the length of it sliding against every intimate inch of her. Her eyes rolled back and Quinn clenched.

Because, Christ, she was unbelievably hot.

Rachel rolled her hips again, sliding against the length of it and moaning with every wet sensation. Quinn reached forward, pulled Rachel's haphazard shirt off and gripped her breasts. Rachel flung her head back, rocked harder and squeezed at Quinn's stomach.

"That's perfect, Short. Just like that," she moaned. "Faster."

"I like it slow."

"Not tonight, you don't," Quinn barked and forced her hips up into Rachel. It shoved the side of it into Rachel's clit and she yelped, collapsing on top of her wife. Her arms wrapped clear around Quinn and benched and locked beneath them.

Quinn wrapped hers around Rachel just the same and they picked their rocking back up, Rachel's head resting in her neck and panting in her ear.

"I want it inside."


"Bee, please, I want it inside. This is torture."

"I said wet me, Rach. When I'm satisfied with how wet you get me, then I'll give you what you want."

"Fuck," Rachel groaned, gripped the underside of the bench and rolled her hips faster, all seven inches of it sliding between her folds, over her clit, and against her entrance over and over again.

"That's it."

Quinn rocked up into her, grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled the girl just far enough out of her neck to attach their lips. She forced Rachel's clenched mouth open and delved inside.

"Open wider," Quinn husked. "And give me your tongue."

Rachel obliged and Quinn sucked it into her mouth, laved at it, and kissed over it before latching her lips back onto Rachel's. The brunette fell apart, hips churning a low fire inside her and sparks shooting up her back.

"I want it inside, Bee," she begged once more, eyes pinched shut and complete sexual abandon spewing off her.

"Fine," Quinn barked, hugged Rachel close to her, sat up, and then laid Rachel back down, falling right on top of the love of her life. Rachel yelped excitedly.

And Quinn smirked.

"What's- what's that look for?" Rachel eyed.

The blonde took to her feet, waddled over Rachel's body and laid it down back over her mouth.

"Go on. Open your mouth."

"I said I want it inside."

"It will be inside… your mouth."

"God, you're such a tease."

"Do it."

Rachel opened her mouth, smiled at Quinn and wrapped her lips back around it, the overwhelmingly soaking wet taste of herself assaulting her senses. Quinn saw it flash over her face. It wasn't the first time and it wouldn't be the last, but it was certainly an interesting way to taste yourself.

"That's my girl," Quinn groaned, watching Rachel suck, kiss and lick at her own taste. She grabbed it again, pulled it free and walked backwards to settle on the bench between Rachel's legs.

She hooked behind both knees, pulled Rachel closer and set them down over her thighs. And then she looked down.

Oh, she looked down and all over her.

Rachel blushed.

"How can you be shy after all these years?" Quinn giggled.

"Because you basically have me in stirrups spread before you! Under fluorescent lights!"

"You're gorgeous."

"Stop being so nice and fuck me."

Quinn froze.

And then she gulped.

Rachel's dark eyes burned into hers and in that moment of non-conversation, it began. Quinn stood, taking Rachel's knees right along with her, aligned herself and with no more than a two second glance for readiness, she pushed into Rachel. She watched her swallow it whole, disappearing inside her and she tried not to come at the sight.

Rachel's head fell back against the bench as Quinn filled her. A moan ripped from her lips and her hands grasped at her own breasts.

"Oh my god," she groaned. "Deeper."

Quinn pulled back out and stopped.


"You don't get to tell me what to do."

"Ugh, fine. Do what you please."

"Roll over."


Quinn gripped her right leg and swung it left, Rachel nearly toppling off the bench and spinning to go with it. She landed on her stomach, breasts splitting either side of the bench and dropped the side of her head to it.

"What are you doing?"

"Whatever I want."

Rachel's knees hung six inches from the floor as Quinn gripped her ass and pulled it apart.

"Show me."

Rachel smirked and arched her into the air. Quinn licked her lips, shook her head and wiped the sweat off her brow.

"God, you're the sexiest thing I've ever seen," she moaned as Rachel's sex came into view. She reached down, gripped the strap-on and aligned it with her.

"Go easy, we've never done it this way."

"Go easy is not something you're allowed to say tonight," Quinn barked and pushed all the way inside her. Rachel yelped, rip roared a moan and hugged the bench below her.

"Oh god, oh god."

"Oh god, indeed."

Quinn pulled out against the pressure, feeling the hooked piece inside rub roughly over her spot, and groaned. She forced it back into Rachel and then pulled back out, the same sensation happening all over again. She gripped an ass cheek in each palm, looking at Rachel's split ass and remembering their wedding night when she slipped a finger inside.

She pumped into Rachel again, smiling at the memory, and groaned as the girl yelped, moaned and panted below her. She was clenching the workout bench like life depended on it, her muscles clenching with every push in and shuddering with every pull out.

Quinn reached forward, gripped the sweaty hair falling over Rachel's face and pulled it away.

"Oh, shit," she moaned when that gorgeous face came into view. Rachel's eyes were pinched shut, her mouth hung open and her tongue ran over her top lip. "Your face is blood red."

"It feels blood, oh god, blood red."

"You okay?"

"Stop being nice."

Quinn slammed into her, almost a bit angry, and yanked back out as the sensations stormed up her back and around her front.

"I can't not be nice to you. I'm in love with you. I have been for years."

"Stop being sw- sweet."

"I can't. I'm so head over for you," Quinn groaned, fires blazing inside her as Rachel fell apart below her.

"Quinn, stop."

"I can't. I'm so- so- god, we're married. And we fell in love at fifteen. And I want- I want children with you."

Rachel whipped around.

"You what?"

Quinn snapped her eyes open and found shocked, alarmed and overwhelming sexified Rachel Fabray-Berry. It took the burning in her abs and exploded it up her chest.

"You're so beautiful."

"What did you say?"
"I want a family," she groaned and shoved deeper, shocks pounding through Rachel as she stretched and stretched and burned with amazing fucking greatness. She whipped back to the bench to grip it for security. Everything in her body felt heated. Everything in her mind felt heated. She was on fucking fire and going crazy, Quinn pushing into her over and over again.

And now talking about children… while doing so.

"Quinn…" she moaned.


"I can't- you can't- what- ohhh, goddd," she moaned as Quinn's fingers made their way underneath to circle her clit. "Harder."

She pushed harder, faster and stayed inside longer. She'd slam in, roll her hips just slightly and then yank out. It drove Rachel mad.

Again and again, it drove her mad.

"I need to see your face," Quinn panted and pulled out.

"You're the one who flipped me over."

"I love your ass."

"Believe me, I know that."

Rachel flipped back onto her back, Quinn picked up her knees, dropped Rachel's legs over her thighs and pushed back inside her. Rachel's face pinched up at the feeling and her arms shot north again to wrap around the bench. Her breasts bounced with each thrust and Quinn couldn't take her eyes off them. She couldn't. They were mesmerizing. They dipped and swayed and stood at attention.

"Touch your breasts," she demanded, fingers locked around those spread knees and hips forcing herself into Rachel again and again. She pushed in, rolled slightly, pulled out. She pushed in, rolled slightly, and pulled out.

Rachel's hands snapped to her breasts, fingers gripping her nipples, and pulled. It shot sparks down her chest and straight to her center. Oh my christ, she was going to die. She was going to literally die.

"I'm so close."


"No, no I mean to feeling it. That feeling. God, it's right there."

Quinn ripped her legs further apart, laid her body down on top of Rachel's and dragged their arms north to grip the bench above their heads. She rocked her hips, slamming back into Rachel, and the brunette choked out a moan.

"That's it, that's it."

Quinn grinded down onto her again and again and again, gripping her hands, lavishing hot, open-mouth kisses over her neck and burrowing it deeper and deeper each time.

Rachel wanted to feel it.

She would make her feel it.

She slammed harder, Rachel yelping at every push and gasping at every pull. She was like Quinn's personal instrument and she could play her however she pleased. She craned down, took a nipple between her teeth and bit down.

That's all it took.

Rachel squealed, smacked her hands to Quinn's back and came.

Her legs locked around the blonde's ass as she trembled, shook and rocked her head back and forth, sensations coursing all through her as the blonde continued to push in and out of her.

She trembled uncontrollably and ran her hands softly up Quinn's back.

"Oh, god, oh that, oh that was good," she moaned.

But Quinn didn't stop.

She rocked into her, sucked her breast into her mouth and braced herself.

"Quinn," she panted. "Quinn, I can't."

"You will."

She rocked into her harder, the piece inside hooking and pulling and rubbing deliciously over her own insides as well.

Rachel's back ached, her body flamed and her mind went absolutely berserk. The sensations of her orgasm peaked into too much and then flooded into slowly churning round two.

"Oh, shit," she whimpered. Quinn dropped her hand down between them and circled around Rachel's nub. "No! No, no, no, I can't. It's too-"

Quinn smothered her protests with a kiss: hot, open and wet. She smothered one protest after the next as Rachel bucked beneath her. Quinn pumped into her, keeping the steady, heavy beat in her head and circled just the same.

Rachel felt nothing.

She felt nothing but Quinn.

She was everywhere. All over. All around her. Assaulting the life out of her and Rachel finally felt it.

She felt that three seconds of jesus-fucking-christ and she felt it again and again and again. There it was. There was that feeling. There was that feeling of Quinn Fabray, fully impersonated and in the flesh and god, everywhere.

"Yes, yes," she finally moaned and right into the blonde's mouth.

"That's my girl," Quinn grinned, pumping harder and faster. Rachel's jaw cracked open and the sexiest, raunchiest noise drained out. It shot sparks down Quinn's back, yanked open her insides and an avalanche of love fell out. "You're amazing, you know that?"

Rachel fell out of her head, spinning into the abyss that was Quinn Fabray and latched onto her harder.

"I love you."

"I want you to come again for me."

"Oh, I am. I so am."

Quinn pumped into her again, remembering their first time, their second time, their lake house times, their wedding night time, and every time after that. She wanted to drown in the heat and sparks exploding inside her. She wanted to ball them up, slam them together and watch the firework show that would burst out it. It was Rachel Berry syndrome.

It was Rachel fucking Berry syndrome.

Every time she touched her, looked at her, kissed her and or made love to her, her insides wanted to erupt into sparklers and take up with the wind. God, she was intoxicating.

"I'm so glad you chose me," she murmured, unable to stop herself. "I'm not sure I ever told you that," she choked out, panting into her while pumping into her, unable to feel anything but sparks and tingles and aches and beautiful fucking pains.

"There was never, never a choice," Rachel gasped, clinging to her fifteen year old girlfriend and praying life always existed like this.

"You close?"

"I'm always close. Anytime you're four feet away I'm close. That's what you do to me. That's what this was all about. I'm strung out on a bench and can't feel my toes. I feel, I feel like one glorious ball of, of, fuck I've run out of words."

Quinn erupted in laughter, buried her face in her love's neck and circled faster, pumped harder and let herself go.

"Come for me," she groaned and saw herself running to that cliff, full speed ahead. She ran, she leapt off the edge, she spread her wings and she flew. And god, it exploded all around her, out from her center, rocking out through her limbs and ricocheting off the walls of the gym around them.

Rachel curled her toes, clenched her thighs and let Quinn hit that spot one, one, one glorious last time before giving in and bursting from the inside out. She wailed, cried out, and grasped at any and every piece of Quinn Fabray she could find.

She was everywhere and nowhere and the back of Rachel's eyelids shot their story through her mind like one beautiful silent film of perfection as the mallet slammed into metal plate and shot her body off the scale, into the red, and erupting into the clouds.

"Oh, god, oh, god, c'mere," she begged. Quinn collapsed on top of her, wrapped her arms under her neck and held tight.

Their panting joined, groans joined and hearts slammed out and bled into one.

"This is going to kill me one day," Quinn murmured, her breaths slowing and sweaty skin sliding against Rachel's. She slowly slid out of Rachel, shifted her hips to the side and lay fully down on her.

"What a way to die," Rachel moaned, arms locked around her wife. Her heart slowed in her chest, telling her she was still actually alive, and she swiped at the stray tear falling down the side of her face like her brain and body was leaking with joy.

Quinn giggled, hugged the love of her life once more and sighed.

"Was this okay?"

"More than."

"I'm sorry I said what I said… when I said it," she chuckled against the warm, sweaty, and heart-pounding skin beneath her. That was her heart.

"Huh?" Rachel breathed and dragged the pads of her fingers up and down Quinn's slick, bare back.

"About a family."

"Bee, don't apologize."

"Do you want kids?"


"Do you want to have them or, or…"

Rachel gripped blonde hair and pulled to bring those eyes up to look down at hers. They met and like a hook snapping around its base, they joined, locked, and held.

"I want you to have them," Rachel whispered.

Quinn's heart slowed and those brown anchors tore into hers, begging her for everything all over again and they'd never stop. There was always something more to want, need, and love.


"Yes. Will you? Do you want to have them? Or adopt?"

"I want to have them. But I want your genes in them. I don't want to adopt."

"So then we'll have kids," Rachel smiled.

"Someday, Short. Someday."

"Can you believe this?"



"No. You?"

"No. I think about it every day and I still don't believe it, though every time I close my I imagine it the same," Rachel smiled.


She nodded.

"So if you could do us all over again, experience us one more time, what would you change?" Quinn murmured.

Rachel ran her fingers through blonde wisps, leaned up to place a soft kiss on her lips and then collapsed back onto the bench.

"Nothing, Bee. I'd change nothing."