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Chapter Seven

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"An alliance with a powerful person is never safe."


"Hey, you, you're an Arrancar, right, hm?" Deidara asked the devil-looking man.

"Yes, I am, jovenzuelo!" the Arrancar turned to face the adjuchas.

"Fight us, hm," Deidara growled.

"Foolish, jovenzuelo, I am Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio, Privaron Espada Number One-Hundred-and-Three," the Arrancar smirked.

"Uh, yeah, we don't really know the ranks, so...Eat this!" Deidara yelled as feathers shot from his wings to form projectile ceros.

Dordoni easily dodged all of them, and said, "Hah, you can't hit me with that level of power."

Deidara smirked as the ceros he shot turned into tiny birds, and they raced after the Arrancar. Dordoni dodged, slightly surprised, and he destroyed them when they tried to attack him again.

The blonde adjuchas glared and took the fight up a notch, forming four large cero birds. The ceros zoomed towards Dordoni and merged with Konan's paper crane attacks. Still Dordoni dodged them, until Itachi materialized his leg right next to the Arrancar's face.

The Uchiha kicked the man straight into Kakuzu's waiting threads, but, just as Dordoni was about to be skewered, the Arrancar disappeared.

"What the...?" Kakuzu's eyes widened in shock, looking around for the Arrancar.

"Don't look away, jovenzuelo," Dordoni said as he kicked Kakuzu away.

"Kakuzu, hm!" Deidara yelled.

"Worry about yourself," the Arrancar advised before doing the same thing to Deidara.

Itachi tsked, and decided to try and catch the man in his illusions. He let his reiatsu rise in smoky wisps, which then rushed to surround the Arrancar. Konan then had her cranes dive towards the illusion tornado, but, before they could reach the Arrancar, the cloud of smoke and her cranes were blow away.

Deidara and Kakuzu had gotten back just in time to see the Arrancar release his zanpakuto.

"Whirl, Giralda!"

The four adjuchas took in the sight of Dordoni's Resurrección before smirking to each other about the obvious weak points.

Deidara and Itachi fell back while Kakuzu and Konan went on distraction duty. Deidara spread his wings and charged a cero in front of his chest, and Itachi materialized himself before staring at his target and charging a cero in front of his face.

Dordoni, way too distracted, got the bones around his legs blasted off, dispelling the two tornados that were forming, and then he was powerless against the four adjuchas as they all launched their attacks at once. Dordoni was hit straight in the chest and knocked unconscious.

"Damn, it was hard not killing him, hm! Just like hunting the bijuu, except this was easier, hm," Deidara complained.

"Well, let's go before he wakes up. Then we have to do this again," Kakuzu began to leave.

"We'll have to do this again anyways. Just with a different Arrancar," Itachi pointed out.

"At least it's good practice," Konan stated.

"Well, let's hunt, hm. I'm getting hungry. Hm," Deidara broke off from the group, who agreed and split up to hunt.


"God, when is that Aizen gonna notice us? Were Vasto Lordes already! Hm!" Deidara whined.

The blonde had a humanoid form with wings and a tail that acted like a war skirt in the back. His face was still covered with a bird mask that looked like his clay birds. He wore a pair of hakama that he stole from one of Aizen's Arrancar, and his had a pair of fingerless gloves (also from Aizen's Arrancar).

"I don't know. Sometime soon, probably. We're becoming a nuisance to him, after all," Kakuzu shrugged.

His Vasto Lorde transformation basically just reverted him back to his human state, but he did have his tail with its five rings. His mask remained a lion's, mane and all, and his back was plated with bone. Kakuzu also wore clothes stolen from Aizen's Arrancar.

"I don't think that's good. Then he'll want to exterminate us, not recruit us," Konan pointed out.

The former kunoichi now had a humanoid body with 'angel' wings and her halo. She had talon-ed gloves and bone covered the necessities. She had taken a sleeveless top and a pair of tights from an Arrancar. Her face remained covered by a blank mask with only eye slits and two rows of teeth.

"He's already sent someone," Itachi stated looking at something in the distance.

His cat mask covered his face. The rest of his body flickered in and out of existence. A row of spines stuck out of his arms and bone formed claws over his hands. His tail whipped behind him, same as always. Itachi was the only one of the group able to find clothes that matched the ones he wore when he was alive.

Everyone looked at the approaching figure. It was a Arrancar with black hair and green eyes. His face held no expression, and there were green lines running down his cheeks.

Once the Arrancar was standing a few meters in front of them he spoke, "Who are you four?"

The former shinobi exchanged small looks before Itachi introduced, "I am Itachi Uchiha. These are Konan, Deidara, and Kakuzu. Who are you?"

"I am the fourth Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer. Lord Aizen wishes to know why you are attacking his subordinates," the Arrancar stated.

"How do you know we are the ones attacking your subordinates?" Kakuzu questioned.

"You are wearing our uniforms," Ulquiorra pointed out.

"Fine, we wanted to gain this 'Aizen's' attention since we heard he was offering more power to powerful hollows," Konan explained.

"We want this power," Deidara glared.

"It is not my place to offer," The fourth Espada divulged.

"Couldn't you take us to Aizen? He's the one that can make this decision, right?" The blonde vasto lorde said exasperatedly.

"I cannot just bring you to Las Noches without permission, but I can see that you aren't going to accept this answer. I can report back to Lord Aizen and tell him of this since my orders do not include eliminating you. Depending on his decision, the next time we meet, I will either kill you or bring you to Las Noches," Ulquiorra informed.

"Please do that," Konan said.

Ulquiorra then inclined his head before disappearing.

"That went well," Kakuzu commented.

"It did," Itachi agreed.

"Can we go hunt again, hm? Maintaining the vasto lorde form is such a pain," Deidara said.

"Fine, let's go," Konan rolled her eyes.


"When is he going to come? Hm," Deidara sighed.

"It's only been two days Deidara. Give them some time to make a decision," Konan chided.

Suddenly, they felt a fast approaching reiatsu, and Ulquiorra appeared in front of them.

"Aizen-sama wishes to meet you before making a decision," the Espada stated.

"Alright," Itachi nodded, and they all sped after Ulquiorra.

They soon arrived at a huge palace, and they shot inside and through a maze of hallways. The four vasto lordes all sensed a group of high reiatsu as they followed the fourth Espada. Then they reached a large door, and it slowly creaked open.

All the Akatsuki members examined their surroundings while on high alert, but they looked relaxed and uncaring to the rest of the world.

"Welcome back, Ulquiorra. And welcome to Las Noches, vasto lordes," the man sitting on the throne greeted.

Ulquiorra bowed and jumped onto one of the columns in the darkness, where the other arrancar and Espada resided.

"I am Aizen Sousuke. What are your names?" the man questioned.

"Itachi Uchiha. They are Deidara, Kakuzu, and Konan."

"It would be a pleasure to meet you, but you have been harming my beloved Arrancar. Why?" The shinigami smirked.

"To get your attention, of course. Took you long enough, hm," Deidara scoffed.

"Oh? And why would you want to catch my attention?" Aizen raised an eyebrow.

Kakuzu immediately wrapped his threads around Deidara's mouth when he went to retort.

Instead, Itachi explained, "We heard that you were making hollows more powerful in return for their services. We would like to join you for power."

"I only accept the most powerful into my army. I would have to test you first," Aizen warned.

Deidara finally blasted out of Kakuzu's thread and growled, "Bring it. Hm."

The four former Akatsuki members eventually found themselves in a extremely large white room along with Aizen, two other shinigami, and the Espada.

"These are Ichimaru Gin and Tousen Kaname," Aizen introduced. "You are going to be pitted against one of the Espada while the rest of us judge your performance. Nnoitra, you will fight first. You guys can choose who goes first."

The tall Espada with a enormous scythe stepped up, and Kakuzu smirked, "I'll go first. His weapon reminds me of Hidan."

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