I don't own Zombie Prom. This takes place after Toffee's death

Toffie and Jonny stole a glance at each other. He didn't have to say a word. His look and his smile told her all she needed to know. She tried to speak but he simply put his finger over his lip. He was the best of the best. She knew it and couldn't be doubted. He had touched her life. He opened her eyes to let her see things she couldn't know before. She loved him even when he became a zombie. He loved her through thick and thin. Could their love stand up to this though?

Jonny always seemed to be the typical kind of guy. Oh sure he was extra sweet and really amazing but there was nothing about him that screamed BEST OF THE BEST. After he had passed on without coming back this time Toffee was devastated but grateful for the time they did have together. She knew she would see him again. Jonny was a good guy though he was crazy at times.

Toffee passed on a few years later. Jonny was the first one to greet her. He was different now. He was dressed all in white and he looked almost royal. Her heart nearly stopped (so to speak. Literally it stopped when she died) when she saw him. Her lips formed the word Jonny but her voice was paralyzed. She had a gazillion questions for him. Was he always this way?

Jonny definitely didn't look like the person she knew him as. As a zombie and even before he was a zombie he was a bit uncouth. She loved him but she didn't become blind to his faults. It was so obvious to her but apparently what is obvious isn't always what is determined to be truth. Toffee didn't really understand a lot of things. Looking at it now she probably should have been aware of it. Little things that seemed like nothing when she was younger now made her realize she should have been aware.

After what seemed like forever Toffee finally regained her power of speech.

"Jonny I-"

"Toffee," he told her, love full in his voice, "You are a true and pure person"

"I really am," she asked, "that doesn't make any sense though. I'm flawed. I didn't always understand things and I didn't know you in this form"

"You're right Tof," he said, "You knew me as a no good bad boy and you loved me even then. You stayed true to me even when I was a zombie. You loved me when I was at my worst. You loved me when I was a no good excuse for a person"

"Jonny you were never that," Toffee said

"Oh Toffee," Jonny said, "It's easy to love someone when they are at their best. People are like that. But the wedding vow never say "for better for richer in health"

"So I'm alright," Toffee asked hopefully.

"Of course you're alright Toffee. You are the perfect example of pure love"

Quietly Toffee reflect on some of the memories she shared with the love of her life, his afterlife and now… well her afterlife. Year after year was filled with love, laughter and struggles.

Sometimes, when you love someone things aren't always black and what. Many times when you love someone there are plenty shades of gray. To be honest there were times Toffee wondered why the struggles had to be. Of course if you never had tears you can't appreciate laugher. Now they had each other again forever… never to part