Title: "I Want to Forget All About You."

Full Summary: Misa Amane was the most beautiful girl Beyond Birthday has ever laid eyes on, Now Seven Years had passed, Beyond, Wedded and Now a Father, has now received a new model for his job as a photographer. Shocked by her sudden appearance, Beyond comes to the realization that he is still madly in love with her.

Rating: T+

Pairings: BBxMisa, BBxNaomi, LightxMisa

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Notes: This is an AU- Meaning, in this story, The Death Note does NOT exist, L does NOT exist, either, Light is a famous Actor, Beyond is a well-known photographer, and as for Naomi- She's a detective. (: Ah, Yes, There is no Yaoi here, for once!

Chapter One.




Beyond slowly flipped through his old yearbook pages, canning through the many familiar and non-familiar faces. This was his Senior year yearbook; he had to admit- he was not the most charming guy at school, he was bullied a lot because he was smart, he was called freak all the time- due to his eye color, we wore glasses and he also grew a couple pimples here and there. Compared to today's appearance, there was no way they looked a like- they didn't even look like the same person

Other than his poor social skills in high school, there was a girl who had surely caught his eye when they were in their Freshman year, Misa Amane. She was the whole package! She was blonde, had beautiful blue eyes, was adorable, smart (AN: If you do not agree with this fact- you need to watch/read the whole anime/manga all over again. ), and she was the sweetest girl in the whole school!

Beyond sighed when his red eyes narrowed upon Misa's school picture, she was so cute!

Beyond suddenly tensed up when he felt two arms sneak their way around his neck.

"Good Morning, Sweetie." A familiar female voice said, Beyond slowly smiles and wrapped his hand around her wife's.

"Morning, Naomi." he said, turning his head to the left and capturing her lips while closing the yearbook.

"So, what are you doing so early in the morning?" she asked, staring at her husband as he shook his head.

"Nothing Important." he said, putting the yearbook away. "By the way, yesterday I received an E-mail from Ronnie's Babysitter saying that he has taken a liking for nude pictures." He said, chuckling.

Naomi frowned, "I Told you to put those pictures away!" She shouted, pouting.

Beyond laughed, "Seems he knows where all those pictures are."

"Beyond, you know I respect you job and all, and I am aware that those nude pictures of those men and woman are part of your job- but if Ronnie keeps on looking at them- he's going to be traumatized when he finds out that he's really looking at 'pee-pees', and he's just 4 years old, for God's sake!"

Beyond laughed, "I know, I know. I am not stupid, Naomi. If you want- I'll finish publishing them tomorrow so he won't be able to see those nude pictures for a while, ya' know. Until I get other requests."

Naomi raised an eyebrow, "You are clueless, aren't you?"

Beyond faced her, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Beyond, half of those nude requests are people who are attracted to you. They're there to seduce you."

Beyond chuckled, "Where did you come to that conclusion? That's just ridiculous."


Beyond rolled his eyes, "Rumors. There is no way in hell Fergie, Lady Gaga, Andy Six, or other famous people could be attracted to me." he chuckled.

Noami sighed, "Whatever, just be careful."

"Mhhmm... Anyways, Are you heading towards the office today?" He asked, "So I can take Ronnie to the park."

Noami shrugged, "Yeah, and Okay, just don't let him come close to girls in skirts, or you'll be in big problems with their mothers."

Beyond smiled, "Yeah... Riiiight."

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