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Chapter Two: I'm a what?


"You want me to what?" Draco asked distastefully, his suspicious eyes on the vomit colored potion he currently held in his hand.

"Drink it," Hermione replied exasperatedly, "It's safe I promise."

Draco raised an eyebrow at her, "Another restricted section potion I expect?" he asked her snappishly.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "No, actually," she responded, "It is from a completely trusted book on animagi I got from Flourish and Blotts over the Christmas holidays. Now drink it so we can find out what your animagus form is!" Hermione demanded.

Ron snorted, "It's alright Hermione, we told you he was too scared to drink the potion," he stated, making several other members of the First Class DA snicker.

Draco sneered at them, "I'm not scared!" he told them, "When you are a spy," Draco narrowed his eyes meaningfully, "being cautious could save your life!"

Harry raised an eyebrow with a smirk, "Are you saying Hermione is trying to poison you?"

Everyone looked at Draco, wondering just how he intended to get out of this without making anyone mad, "How very Slytherin of you Potter," Draco snapped, "twisting my words to benefit you."

"You didn't answer my question Malfoy," Harry replied innocently.

Seamus laughed, "Maybe he really does think Hermione would poison him," he said with a nod in Draco's direction.

Draco narrowed his eyes, and a split second later he put the vial to his lips and gulped down the surprisingly sweet potion. The potion was only supposed to last for three minutes, just long enough for an examiner to recognize the form the animagus would take from then on. Draco had no way of telling for himself what he was during this period, as his mind actually became that of the animals.

It was because of this short period of mindlessness that Draco was hesitating to take the potion; who knew what would happen to him during those three minutes? The second the potion was in his mouth Draco realized that he had been duped, everyone knew that he wasn't a wimp, but they eagerly goaded him into taking the potion. Draco managed a glare at the group and a last sensible thought of 'At least Hermione will be around to stop them from doing anything too horrible,' before he felt his body shrinking and becoming that of an animals.

The next three minutes were a blur for Draco, all he knew what that when he finally changed back to his human form everyone around him was in hysterics. Harry and Ron were on their backs and clutching their stomachs from laughing so hard. Everyone else was still sitting up, but most of them were laughing just as hard as Ron and Harry. Draco turned suspicious eyes to Hermione, who was somehow managing to refrain from full laughter, simply giggling a little.

"What was my form?" he demanded.

Hermione sobered and bit her lip, looking over at the rest of the group. He wasn't going to like this, not one bit, "Um," she muttered, a small wince on her face.

Draco felt dread falling on him, "Don't tell me it's something girly like a cat or something," he pleaded worriedly.

Hermione shook her head, "You aren't going to like it," she told him.

Draco sighed in frustration, "They are already laughing at me, how can it possibly get worse?" he demanded.

Hermione dropped her eyes, hesitated, then said, "Remember in fourth year? When Professor Moody hexed you?" she asked.

Draco dropped his head back to stare at the ceiling, "Please tell me I'm not a ferret," he moaned weakly.

"You're not a ferret?" Hermione told him, intentionally phrasing it as a question.

Draco sighed, deciding to just accept it, "And that's why they're laughing?" he asked rhetorically.

Hermione nodded.

Draco shook his head and plopped onto one of the many bean bags in the Room of Requirement, "So what do I do now?" he asked loudly, finally catching the attention of the laughing students.

Harry managed to sober a little, halting his laughs, but making no move to remove the smirk from his face, "Sorry," he said unrepentantly, "It's just-,"

Draco rolled his eyes, "I understand perfectly Potter," he interrupted sarcastically, "Just tell me what to do next."

Harry looked around at the rest of the group, "Well, about this stage we began thinking up nicknames," he said.

Draco blinked, "Nicknames," he repeated dumbly, "Is this like a joke to you?" he demanded.

Neville spoke up, "It's something our predecessors did," he stated.

"Predecessors?" Draco repeated, "There was a DA first class before this one?" he asked, knowing full well there was not.

"Not exactly," Ron told him, "We're talking about the Marauders."

"Marauders? Like muggle pirates?" Draco asked incredulously.

Dean smirked, "No, Marauders as in Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs," he said.

"Moony…Wormtail…Padfoot…and Prongs…what is that? Some kind of nursery rhyme?" Draco responded.

Hermione smothered a laugh, "No, they are a group of friends that went to school here years ago," she explained.

"Who were they?" Draco wanted to know, his curiosity suddenly piqued.

"James Potter-,"

Draco snorted, "Of course, I should have guessed," he said resignedly, earning a glare from Harry. Draco waved his hand saying nothing else, gesturing for Hermione to continue, "Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew and-,"

"Pettigrew and Black are Death Eaters," Draco interrupted, "Well, Black was a Death Eater anyway, no one knows what happened to him."

Harry frowned, "Pettigrew is a Death Eater yes, but Sirius never has been and never will be a Death Eater," he defended his godfather vehemently.

Draco frowned, "Blacks are dark wizards Potter," he said as if Harry didn't know this, "How else do you explain Black's escape from Azkaban? I suppose you believe he was innocent do you?"

Ron made to stand up but Harry motioned him to stay put, "Sirius Black was my godfather," he started, "He was originally chosen as my parent's secret keeper, but in a not-so-brilliant move Sirius convince my parents to make Pettigrew secret keeper, without telling anyone else. In doing so he put my parents exactly where Voldemort wanted them."

Harry ignored Draco's flinch at Voldemort's name, "On the night my parents were killed, Sirius went to see Pettigrew, only to find him gone. Feeling something was wrong Sirius went to see my parents, only to find them dead. He quickly figured out that Peter was the spy that they had been looking for and immediately went after him. When he finally found him, Pettigrew began spouting stuff about how Sirius had killed the Potters before blowing up several witnesses, cutting off his own finger and transforming into his animagus form of a rat."

Harry paused in his story to see how Draco was taking it, seeing no expression on Draco's face he continued, "Sirius was innocently placed in prison, for the same reason you were so quick to believe him to be a dark wizard, because of his name. Something that I don't think I need to remind you that you have in common with him, you are a Malfoy, but that doesn't mean you are an insane killer like many other family members."

With a deep breath Harry finished the story, telling Draco how Sirius had transformed into a dog to escape from Azkaban, and the adventures they had had in rescuing Sirius in their third year. When the story was over Draco was successfully put in his place, "Sorry," he eventually said, making everyone gape at him, "What?" he demanded, "I do know how to be apologetic when the situation calls for it," he stated.

Hermione smiled, "We know," she said placating him.

Draco mock frowned at her, "So Wormtail is Pettigrew, Padfoot is Sirius," he intentionally used the ex-convicts first name, "And Moony is probably referring to the full moon and Lupin's tendency to become a werewolf during that time, so Prongs must be Potter. What exactly is Prongs supposed to mean?" he asked looking around.

"My dad was a stag," Harry told him, "And yes, Remus is Moony."

Draco nodded, pausing then asking, "So what do you all call yourselves?" he wanted to know, "I don't even know what any of your forms are except for Longbottom's."

"They call me Loony," Luna's dreamy voice told him, making all eyes turn to her, "I'm a white cat," she said transforming into a smallish white cat with the bluest eyes Draco had ever seen. The cat lightly pranced over to Draco before plopping itself gracefully down on Draco's lap and butting his hand, beginning to purr when Draco stroked behind her ears.

"Okay," Draco stated, slightly distracted by the airiness of Luna's character, he had only begun to interact with her only two days ago, "What about the rest of you?"

"You already know what I am," Neville spoke up, "I'm a cougar, but my eyes are odd in that they are completely black except for the pupils which are a dark AK like green. I'm called Jagger."

Draco nodded and looked at Dean Thomas, who was sitting next to Neville, "I take the form of a bald eagle," the muggleborn said, "My name is Nosedive."

Seamus, the next in line smirked and said, "My nickname is Pouncer, it has something to do with how I stalk my prey in my fox form," he explained.

The annoying Brown girl that was constantly attached to Ron spoke next, "I'm Fae, I'm a fairy."

Draco snorted, "A fairy?" he asked incredulously, "I thought you could only become and animal when you're an animagus."

Hermione nodded from her seat next to him, "Imagine our surprise," she muttered quietly, "When instead of some cute cuddly animal, she becomes a small annoying fairy that can still talk but in this annoying high pitch voice," Draco smothered a laugh at Hermione's obvious contempt for the other girl, "Then there's this annoying sparkly dust crap she likes to fling around," Hermione shook her head and went silent.

Lavender continued as if no one had said anything, "Hermione looked it up and said that she found something about how if my blood already has Fairy blood in it then I will only be able to turn into a fairy," she said proudly, making Draco simply shake his head without commenting and look at the red head sitting next to her.

"Weasley?" he stated when Ron didn't say anything.

Ron rolled his eyes, "Patience is a virtue Malfoy," the red head told him, "Or didn't you know that?"

Draco smirked, "Patience is something I am constantly exercising in your presence Weasley; otherwise you would already be dead."

Ron frowned at this as several other members of the DA snickered, "I'm Redwing, my form is a redkite, a bird of prey," he finally said stiffly.

Harry decided to relieve the attention from his friend, "My form is a black wolf with eyes that are AK green and snake-like black pupils. I have a light gray lightning bolt scar above my eye even in my animagus form. My official nickname is Lightning though sometimes they call me Moonfoot, after Moony and Padfoot."

Draco raised an eyebrow, "Wouldn't it be more appropriate to call you Prongfoot?" he asked sneeringly, "Your father was Prongs after all."

Harry smiled, understanding Draco's comment behind the snark, "Supposedly your animagus and patronus forms are influenced by important things and people around you. Prongs wasn't exactly a canine now was he?" Harry asked rhetorically.

Draco didn't reply, he simply stared pointedly at Ginny, waiting for her to tell him her form, "A lynx with red eyes that glow in the dark. Name, Fireyes," Ginny answered clinically, making no move to say anything more, but smiling at Draco nonetheless, recognizing his want of only facts.

Padma and Pavarti were sitting next to one another patiently waiting for their turn, when Draco turned his grey eyes on them they both smiled, "Red Pandas," they said simultaneously, "I'm Trixi," Padma said, "She's Pixi," Padma pointed to Pavarti.

Draco didn't say anything, he just nodded and moved to the next two girls, both of whom were Hufflepuffs Draco didn't know, "I'm sorry, what are your actual names?" he asked, deciding at this point his pride had no point.

"I'm Susan Bones," the first one said, "My animal is a tan and white gerbil and my nickname is Bubbles," Susan stated, though the look on her face told him that she didn't know where the name Bubbles came from.

"And I'm Hannah Abbot, aka Jasa, and I am what is known as a sugar glider," Hannah said as if she wasn't sure how else to describe herself.

Hermione smiled at Draco and said, "I'm a black fox, and my nickname is Midnight," she smirked, "Now what should we call you Mr. Ferret?" she wondered out loud.

Draco groaned, surprised when Loony jumped off his lap and transformed back into a smiling Luna, "Do I have to have a nickname?" he weakly asked, knowing full well what the answer was already.

"Yes Ferret, you do have to have a nickname, though we could just stick to Ferret if you'd like," Ron looked as if this was the best idea he had ever come up with.

Draco disagreed, "No, I don't want my name to be Ferret, or even Mr. Ferret, think of something else," he commanded.

Hermione was running through a couple of nicknames in her mind, trying not to laugh at some of the names others were shouting out, anything from Snow, to Butterfly, all of which were immediately shot down by Draco. Mentally she translated the word ferret into every language she knew, pausing when she reached the Spanish version, "Huron?" she suddenly said out loud stressing the o, making it sound like her-own with a roll on the r.

Draco turned to her, his face contemplated the word as he repeated it, "Huron, Huron…It could be worse," he finally agreed, not noticing Harry's lips twitching in amusement, "What does it mean?" he asked.

Hermione shrugged, not saying anything, "It sounds cool doesn't it?" she asked, avoiding the question.

Draco took her shrug to mean that she didn't actually know, and nodded, "Huron it is," he declared, "Now can you please show me how I'm supposed to actually become Huron?"

Ron took great pleasure in standing up, walking to a book shelf that just appeared, grabbing three worn looking journals and plopping them down in Draco's lap, "Read those, and then we'll talk," Ron said.

Draco looked up at Ron with an intrigued look, "Why do sound as if it will be hard," Draco paused, pretending to think, "Was it hard Redwing?" he asked mockingly, as if talking to a child, "I'll have them all read by the end of the night," he told everyone else with an arrogant smirk on his face aimed at Ron.

Hermione smiled, Ron had, in fact, been quite put out when he was told to read all three books, Draco had hit the nail right on the proverbial head.

Harry stood up and dismissed the group for the night, telling them to come prepared to duel at the next meeting, before moving to leave himself. Draco watched as one by one everyone filed out the door and left him sitting alone in the Room of Requirement with Hermione.

Once alone Draco allowed his eyes to drop to the books resting in his lap. " A Book by Padfoot, A Guide by Prongs, Becoming an Animagus From the View of an Observer?" Draco read the titles out loud, "What are these?" he asked Hermione in surprise.

"Moony, Padfoot, and Prong's guides to becoming an animagus in the easiest way possible, without getting stuck," Hermione told him, "When we first decided to try becoming animagi at the beginning of the year we couldn't find anything useful that wouldn't potentially leave us stuck halfway in between forms. After Dumbledore was killed Harry became more determined than ever and suddenly he had the brilliant idea to ask the Room if it had anything that could help us. And it gave us these. There was another one by Pettigrew, but Harry burned that one the second he saw it." Hermione rolled her eyes to show her disapproval.

"As well he should," Draco replied absently, Padfoot's book already open in his lap, "Sirius was a character," he commented, looking up minutes later, having apparently decided to start with Padfoot's book.

Hermione smiled, "You have no idea," she told him, "Though I get the feeling he was more of a handful in school than he was out of it."

Draco frowned looking absently at the wall on the opposite side of the room from him, "I feel as if…we are a lot alike in some ways," he murmured, not sure how Hermione would take him comparing himself to someone who was obviously idolized by the DA.

Hermione looked up from the book she had been reading and studied Draco's profile, "You are his cousin," she told him, "You both decided that you didn't want to be like the rest of your family and actually did something about it," Hermione shrugged with a nod, "So in some ways you really are alike, but at the same time, while you have and use both Slytherin and Gryffindor traits," Hermione ignored Draco's scandalized look, "He had both but only allowed his Gryffindor traits to show when problems arose," Hermione went quite.

Draco noticed Hermione was looking saddened and he cautiously asked, "What happened to him?"

"He fell through a veil in the Department of Mysteries," Hermione said vaguely, her eyes far away in memories, "Harry, Ron, Neville, Luna, Ginny and I all went to the DOM thinking that Voldemort-," Hermione was cut off.

"Please don't call him that," Draco said suddenly, his right hand moving to hold the dark mark, "I don't know what it is, but whenever someone calls the Dark Lord by his name it makes this…thing start to sting," he told her, reluctantly revealing the reason for his dislike of the name.

Hermione frowned, "I'm sorry, we didn't know," she said.

Draco shook his head, "Well now you do, so don't worry about it anymore, just…be careful, who knows what saying his name could bring in the future," Draco said darkly, his mind remembering the un-solidified plans Voldemort had been coming up with during the last meeting.

Hermione nodded, "Anyway, we all went to the DOM because Harry had a vision that You-know-who had Sirius in the Hall of Prophesies," Hermione stopped when she saw Draco look at her in surprise and confusion, "What?" she asked.

"One, there's a Hall of Prophesies?" Draco asked, when Hermione nodded as if this were common knowledge and didn't offer up anything else Draco continued, "And two…Potter gets visions? Like a seer?" he questioned.

Hermione shook her head, "Not like a seer, Harry and You-Know-Who's minds are somehow connected and sometimes Harry would get little flashes of things going on in You-Know-Who's mind, his emotions, things he was seeing, stuff like that."

Draco stared at her, "Why hasn't Dumbledore or Snape trained Potter in occlumency then?" he demanded, "It isn't safe for him to be having these 'visions' as you call them," he exclaimed, "Especially if the Dark Lord knows about the connection."

Hermione nodded in agreement, "Now if only you had been our friend last year so that you could have explained that to Harry," she said sadly, "Then this whole mess with the veil never would have happened," she paused, "And Dumbledore did put Harry in occlumency training with Professor Snape, but Harry said that Snape just kicked him out for no reason, saying he was done or some such nonsense."

Draco blinked, "Friend?" he suddenly asked, "You think we're friends?"

Hermione furrowed her eyebrows, "Yes," she said, "What else do you call two people who trust each other like we do?"

"What makes you think I trust you?" Draco's eyes were searching for something.

Hermione frowned, she could feel he was expecting a certain answer but she didn't know what it was, "You trusted me enough to become a spy at my suggestion," she eventually told him, "You met my friends, people who could quite potentially have attacked you as soon as look at you. You ask me questions and trust that I'll answer them truthfully," Hermione paused, "You trust me Draco, at least in some things."

Draco dropped his gaze to his lap, suddenly feeling like a puppy that had been kicked all its life that suddenly found someone to be nice to it. He couldn't speak for a long time, and he had the feeling that Hermione didn't expect him to, eventually though he felt the need to say something, "I just…you…" he stuttered, feeling like a complete idiot, "Thank you," he finally settled on, "You trusted me when no one else would, and you…" Draco took a deep breath, "You were…are my friend, and I really needed someone like you, so…thank you."

Hermione smiled, feeling content with his words, "You are very welcome, and thank you for being my friend," she said, "it is nice to have a conversation with someone who wasn't so obviously dropped on their head as a child."

Draco laughed at that, smiling at Hermione, "Yes, intelligent people are hard to come across at Hogwarts aren't they?" Draco responded, then he rewound their conversation to her comment about Harry taking occlumency lessons, "Why do you think Harry is lying about the lessons?" he asked.

Hermione looked startled by the change of topic, but quickly answered, "Obviously he didn't actually learn anything as Volde- sorry, You-know-who, was able to plant a fake vision of Sirius being tortured in the Hall of Prophecies. That's why we were in Umbridge's office that night you and your 'high inquisitor squad' caught us; we were trying to find out whether or not Sirius was actually gone. But Kreacher, the Black family house elf, had decided his loyalties belonged more rightfully to your mother and aunt than to Sirius and lied to Harry, leading to an idiotic plan to rescue Sirius."

Hermione shook her head, "If only I had stopped Harry," she whispered.

Draco could tell that she felt some heavy guilt from the occurrence, "Potter would have gone with or without you Hermione, and you know it," he told her, moving his bean bag closer to hers so that he could tentatively pull her into a hug.

Hermione was surprised by his move but allowed herself to lean into his comfort, "I know," she murmured in response to his comment, "When we got there we found out it was a trap, your father and aunt were there, and they were threatening to kill us…I was…detained," she said, "But somehow Sirius and Bellatrix ended up in a duel and Sirius fell through an archway that had some sort of veil hanging from it…and he was gone…just like that."

Draco remained silent thinking about the story, "Did that happen the night the ministry finally declared the Dark Lord to be back?" he asked her softly.

Hermione nodded, "Yes," she answered, "Harry was a wreck. If it hadn't been for Professor Lupin…I don't know what he would have done."

Draco hesitated before asking a question that had been floating around his mind from the first mention of occlumency lessons, "Do you think Potter would be willing to learn occlumency from me?" he asked.

Hermione sat up and turned to look at him, her face bright with excitement, "Really?" she asked, "You would be willing to teach him?"

"Why do you seem so surprised?" Draco teased a small smile on his own face at her reaction.

"It's just that…well…Harry and I have both been wanting to learn how to do occlumency and a little legilimency so we could teach the rest of the First Class how, but every book I've ever found has been nothing but unhelpful."

Draco had a look of shocked disbelief on his face, "You do realize that occlumency and legilimency are considered a part of the dark arts right?"

Hermione frowned, "Well yes," she said, "But I have just been wondering if it would be possible for two trained occlumens and legilimens to be able to communicate with one another if they were both skilled enough to do so. And I can't exactly experiment without being both."

Draco contemplated this, the idea had never occurred to him, "If it were possible it could make communicating during things such as a battle, or other situations were privet communication were necessary, a breeze," he said out loud, his mind looking at the potential, "Do you think they would be up to learning?" Draco hesitated, "Though I'm not sure I'm a very good teacher," he cautioned.

Hermione smiled at him, "Yes they would be up to learning, you nutter!" she exclaimed, "And as far as the teaching thing, if you teach me and Harry we will be able to teach everyone else without much problem. That's the thing about Harry, once he understands something he knows how best to teach it."

"So why do you think Potter quit his lessons with Snape?" Draco asked.

Hermione shrugged, "I don't think Professor Snape really knew how to teach Harry, it sounded like it was just a lot of attack, and not enough instruction. But in some ways it makes sense that he did it that way, if You-know-who were search through Snape's memories and found him going easy on Harry…I don't think it would go well for him."

Draco nodded, "I don't think you will have to worry about the Dark Lord scouring my mind like that," he told her slowly, "After my godfather told me we were finished with our lessons I started trying to separate my thoughts so that I could have the typical ramblings up front where the Dark Lord sees thoughts, while still being able to keep my real thoughts to myself."

Intrigued, Hermione contemplated this, "So essentially you have two sets of thoughts in your mind?" she finally summed up.

With a nod Draco confirmed her words, "It isn't easy though, I've been practicing occlumency since my second year," he told her, "For some people the skill is easier than it is for others, let us hope for Potter's sake that he is one of those natural occlumens that can pick it up quickly."

Quietly both students went back to their readings, until Draco spoke once more, "Do you think they would be upset if I were to offer a few suggestions on their dueling skills as well?" he pondered out loud suddenly.

Hermione turned to him in confusion, "What's wrong with our dueling skills?" she asked.

Not meaning offence Draco shook his head quickly, "Nothing is wrong with your skills really, it's just that there are dark spells and things that your simple protego spells won't stop," he explained.

Hermione contemplated this, "I guess the only way to find out would be to ask at our next meeting."

"You mean I could duel with Potter?" Draco teased a faux malicious grin on his face.

Hermione laughed, "Something like that," she responded, smiling at him before turning back to her text.

Draco nodded absently, maybe this wouldn't be so bad, he could teach them things that they had probably never even thought of before because their minds were so…light…and innocent. It would surprise the Dark Lord and his followers if they were to show up and find a group of students that could hold their own against them far better than some of the professors even could. Yes, this may not be so bad.


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