I don't own Zombie Prom. This is an AU story

Toffee looked like hell. Ms. Strict was really worried about her. Losing Jonny had really taken a toll on Toffee. Ms. Strict knew what it was like to lose someone you love. Her only child had died in her arms when she was 7 hours old. The baby's name was actually Toffee. Maybe that was why she cared so deeply about Toffee. She shared her child's name with her. She was like a part of her baby was alive in Toffee. She thought she was doing the right thing protecting Toffee from Jonny. Jonny was a trouble maker. He even insisted on spelling his name without the customary h. That alone made him bad news. She called Toffee into the office. She just wanted to talk with her. Toffee was not in trouble. Actually Toffee was never in trouble. She was Ms. Strict's best student. Toffee came in. She looked really nervous.

"Come on in Toffee," Ms. Strict said.

"Hi Ms. Strict," Toffee replied.

"Relax. You're not in trouble Toffee. What happened to you is horrible. I know what it's like to lose a loved one. My daughter died in my arms at seven hours old."

"You had a daughter," Toffee asked

"I did. Her name was Toffee just like yours. The point is if I can move forward from losing my child you can move forward from losing Jonny"

Thank you Ms. Strict," Toffee said as her principal… and friend gave her a hug