Unlucky Seven

Chapter One

Roberta's son Nick was a strikingly handsome young man, with short dark wavy hair and hazel eyes. He resembled a younger version of his mother's dearest friend and colleague, Pavel Chekov. At this moment in time, he was sitting across from Mr. Seven at his office desk, staring at his mother's photograph, taken when she was a young woman. He had recently experienced something that he once thought only possible in the movies; getting to meet a much younger version of his mom twenty years before he was born. Nick was told that after she had subdued Bester, some of the freed telepaths had elected to stay on twentieth century Earth, but most had emigrated to other planets and the distant future in the Federation universe. The caretaker of Epsilon Three in the alternate universe had decided to limit the use of the newly discovered Guardian portal to one individual or family per month, so the Psi Corps would not soon become suspicious. The telepaths and Draal knew that they were playing a dangerous game, for the young man named Byron, who had helped Bester's little girl escape the station, had faked his demise with his and his fellow telepaths' skills and was now working for Draal. Delenn had gratefully handed over the Underground Railroad reigns to him, and was sworn to secrecy about his trickery. On this day, Roberta had been assigned to bring a certain dignitary from the late twenty-first century, who after inventing warp drive, had settled on a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, to twentieth century Earth via Seven's transporter.

"She was so beautiful…." Nick sighed wistfully, still staring at the photograph.

"She still is, Nick." Supervisor 194 answered softly.

"Yes, of course she is." Nick looked up at him, concern for his mother's safety evident on his face. "Where is she now, sir?"

"Like I said, bringing the man who will first develop warp drive in the latter part of the next century here where he will be safe. She will be eventually guarding him from a serious threat to Earth."

"What's that, sir?"

Supervisor 194 stood, activated the hidden computer and sighed.

"The Borg." The supervisor knew what Nick's reaction would be without looking.

"You mean we still haven't seen the last of those horrible beings? Poor Mom!"

"Your mom is safe for now, Mr. Ginsberg. It's Mr. Cochran we have to be worried about. If the Borg set their tinny claws on him, humanity is doomed, and that's not the worst of it. They also have been after me for many years. So far, I have been able to elude them with our advanced alien technology, but I'm sure they will eventually catch up with me." He looked into the young man's face. "You saw what kinds of beings the Borg are first-hand. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. That's why we have assigned and trained another agent to impersonate Mr. Cochran." He pointed to two photographs that had appeared on the computer's monitor. He pointed to one of them and continued. "This guy will eventually end up destroying the real Mr. Cochran's reputation, but he will get the job done. Don't worry about your mom, son. She will be all right. The real Mr. Cochran is due to arrive here any moment, via our secret transporter."

"He's being brought here because of the Borg threat?"

"Correct. He will be safe here in the past."

As Seven answered, the panels that concealed the safe-like transporter parted and the large brown vault door opened. There was a blue mist visible for a moment and a good-looking man appeared, dressed in an orange jumpsuit. Soon after, the young Roberta Lincoln appeared and smiled at them both. At this point in time, she was still dating his future father, Maury Ginsburg.

"Mission accomplished, sir. After I explained the dire situation brewing in the next century, Mr. Cochran agreed to accompany me here." She glanced at the handsome sandy-haired gentleman who had stepped out of the transporter, now looking around the room curiously. "Funny he isn't at all like the bozo who is impersonating him."

Seven smiled.

"Of course, but the important thing is that the folks from the twenty-fourth century will accept him as the real article."

"How could they possibly accept that obnoxious, horse-faced, womanizing twit as the real Mr. Cochran?"

"As you know, Miss Lincoln, Memory Alpha's records were destroyed concerning the real Zefram by non-corporeal energy beings in the twenty-third century. In the twenty-fourth century, his likeness and reputation were altered by the agent who is now impersonating our visitor here."

"What's Memory Alpha?" Nick asked.

"It was…or will be…an archive of stored data, containing all of the collected knowledge of Federation worlds. It had, or will have, the same function as a public library, where different species could conduct research on a variety of subjects."

"It's so sad that the data concerning our guest here was destroyed, but fortunate that the Borg did not gain access to it." Roberta said thoughtfully. "If they had, all the Federation worlds would probably have been assimilated."

"Correct, agent 258. They would have been, even though the method of data storage would have been crude by their standards. Fortunately, the Borg did not have knowledge of Memory Alpha at the time, since Starfleet didn't encounter the Borg for another century."

"How did they encounter them? You said the Borg are in the Delta quadrant, thousands of light years from here."

"You don't want to know." Seven said seriously, noting with relief that she forgot to put on her necklace endowed with Q powers this morning. He knew that a Q had saved her life on more than one occasion and had become a good friend to her. Revealing that one of them was responsible for introducing the Borg to humanity would change her opinion of them radically. It was best that she didn't know.