Unlucky Seven

Chapter 20

Unknown to Mr. Seven and everyone else, Miss O'Neil, when Mr. Seven was still with Mr. Atoz instructing him on how to use the Tox Utat, had decided to make a doppelganger of herself, just in case. When they weren't watching, she quickly made herself invisible and soon watched in astonishment and horror as her double was assimilated with Mr. Seven. She transported unseen aboard the Borg cube with their new captives. With her telepathic abilities, she found out that each cube, like each beehive, had a queen and she was able to keep the Borg queen on this craft from finding out where the actual Zefram Cochran was hiding and the whereabouts of the one hundred and ninety-three other MIB bases scattered throughout the galaxy. With that accomplished, she set about sabotaging some of the non-essential systems on board the Borg vessel. Being that they couldn't see her or detect her presence, she was able to keep them busy so they wouldn't have time to get the information they were seeking from poor Mr. Seven. She didn't feel too guilty about her double, for she wasn't a real person. She was thankful for her Dowd half, to be sure. After a while, something very strange, quite amusing, and somewhat unexpected began to happen. She witnessed the entire Borg crew slowly turning into white mice, with the exceptions of Mr. Seven and her double; the crew's Borg paraphernalia dissolving before her still invisible eyes. The Borg queen was the first, and before she was fully transformed, she voiced her displeasure at having Mr. Seven slip through her fingers again, lamenting that someone always seemed to help that man. A much younger man appeared on the ship in a flash of light, telling the Borg queen before she lost sentience that someone once told him that there were a million things in this universe one could have and there was a million things one could not have; and the Borg could not have Mr. Seven. Then, O'Neil smiled when she watched Isis materialize on board the ship in cat form. She began to bat the inert disembodied queen around as if she were a cat toy while Mr. Seven, the young man and her double watched in amusement. Soon, confident that the other newly transformed Borg could no longer do anything but squeak and scurry away from a very amused black Bastet, the freed captives were transported back to where they belonged, their mission of protecting Mr. Cochran accomplished. Scarlet made her doppelganger disappear and made herself visible as The Q wiped all memories of Zefram Cochran being aboard the Enterprise near Sarpeidon. The discoverer of the space warp was whisked back to Alpha Centauri. No longer needing their benefactors' cloak, the Enterprise became visible as well and, after briefly puzzling over the strange Borg ship as it mysteriously vanished from the main viewing screen, they continued with their next mission, losing their memories of what had just transpired. Isis later explained to O'Neil that transforming the Borg crew was the brain child of the young man, whose name was Charlie Evans. Ever since he had been recaptured by his Thasian parents, and had joined Seven's covert organization, he had wanted to do something fun and constructive with his powers. Of course, transforming the entire Borg crew was no small feat. He had help from the Thasians and from Roberta's Q friend, Quinn.

When Roberta became a little more aware of her surroundings, she noticed without too much surprise that the scent of the poppies from her dream was the same as Nurse Chapel's perfume. Christine looked at her with compassion, noticing the tears on her cheeks.

"A bad dream, Miss Lincoln? You have only been asleep for about an hour."

"You might say that. However, I don't think it was all a dream." She tried to sit up, but felt a gentle but firm hand on her shoulder.

"You should rest, Roberta. There is still the sedative I gave to you in your system."

"I can't! Mr. Seven needs my help! I need to get up and convince Mr. Fisher that he is among his friends and shipmates so I can go home to help him!"

"Don't you like us? Besides, you are in no condition to get up at the moment. Stay in bed until the drug wears off."

"I like you fine, but you know as well as I do that I don't belong in your century. Please…help me go to him before it's too late!"

Chapel could sense the urgency in her voice and then decided not to argue. She helped her to her feet and brought her to the bedside of the deranged man. Despite the drugs in his system, he was regaining consciousness. Like Simon Van Gelder, he was soon very agitated, until he noticed with astonishment that Roberta was at his bedside.

"Roberta…my little figment…"

"I'm not a figment of your imagination, Floyd. I'm as real as you are." Seeing the doubtful expression on his face, she took a hold of his uninjured hand. He stared at her for a moment, becoming convinced that she was a real person. However, he was now watching with horror as his mind was transforming her into a Klingon. Sensing his sudden fright, she then thought of a different way to reach him. "Floyd, what you are seeing is not real. You are suffering from hallucinations. Besides…would a Klingon bother to heal your injuries?" Suddenly, she felt very dizzy from the effects of the sedative in her system. Chapel kept her from falling as Fisher considered her question. McCoy thought it was also a good idea to free his right arm from the security restraint, so he could see for himself that his hand was healed. Gratefully, but still warily, Fisher raised his right hand to examine it. The creatures and the alien eyes that he had seen on the shuttlecraft were gone. With a sigh of relief and tears of gratitude, he allowed the sedatives he had been given to do their work as Roberta was led back to her bed, satisfied that her mission on board the Enterprise was finally accomplished. As she drifted off to sleep, Chapel took some overhead readings as McCoy did the same for Fisher.

Suddenly, without really knowing why, Chapel wondered what she was doing beside an empty bed. McCoy called to her, also wondering the same thing.

"Christine, why are you standing there? Mr. Fisher needs to be carefully monitored."

"I…I'm not sure. For a moment, I thought there was a patient in that bed."

McCoy smiled.

"It's been a rough couple of days, Miss Chapel. Perhaps you have been working too hard."

"Yes…that must be it." She smiled a little sheepishly. "I don't usually monitor the conditions of nonexistent patients."

After shaking the hand of the recovering Captain Garth and noticing with relief that the new medicine they had brought to the insane asylum on Elba Two was working, Kirk and Spock then recalled that their former crewman, Floyd Fisher, was also an inmate. They asked Governor Cory if they could visit him and he agreed, bringing a hypo of the new medicine along so he could administer it.

They found that Mr. Fisher was in the isolation ward in a padded cell, and had not been freed when Captain Garth took over the asylum. Even Garth was not crazy enough to let a totally deranged man out of his cell. Even though he was also mentally ill, he had his standards. Fisher was in a straight jacket, rocking back and forth, saying a woman's name over and over. Cory explained that he had been like this for some time, and that he could not get an answer from him as to who Roberta was. Kirk, puzzled over the familiar name as well, watched as Cory opened the cell door. The governor knelt beside the unfortunate victim of transporter psychosis and gave him a shot of the medicine. Fisher's vision began to clear, and he soon noticed he had visitors. He stared at his former captain, grateful to at last see a familiar face.

"Captain? Is that really you, sir?" He tried to stand, but it was difficult with the straight jacket.

"Yes, Floyd." Kirk said with concern. "Spock is here too."

"Where is Roberta?"

"Roberta who?"

"Lincoln…Miss Lincoln. I want to see her again."

The mystery of how Floyd Fisher knew about the young woman from the twentieth century was never solved.

The end