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Letter From Hell

Professor Snape had been brewing wolfsbane for the past hour in his office, all the while cursing Dumbledore and Lupin under his breath. The only upside to his day would be the detention with Potter, but despite what the student body believed, they weren't exactly his favourite way of passing an evening. Still, after the Black fiasco, he preferred to keep an eye on the boy. He had, after all, promised to protect him, and he never broke a promise. That, however, did not mean Potter would get off easily.

He added powdered ivory to the potion and was about to lower the flame under it when an owl flew in from a trapdoor on the ceiling, and sat on the desk waiting.

He wiped his hands on a handkerchief and took the letter from the owl. He stared at the old yellowed parchment with the Hogwarts seal for some time, before opening it.

It took a minute for him to puzzle out the meaning of the address. He had forgotten writing this letter. It read:

Dear Severus of 1993,

This is probably the most inane thing we have done in this ridiculous class so far. I don't see why the stupid Muggle studies professor had to substitute for professor Slughorn for the entire three days of his leave. As you probably remember, he is ill. Third year potions are very useful, though not particularly difficult, and I don't appreciate the class being wasted so. Lily and I had decided to continue brewing the next potion, but no! They couldn't give us a substitute professor who could handle potions, or any incidents that might occur. As if anything was going to happen anyway…

Lily finds the idea of writing to her future self interesting, though. Well I suppose since I am writing, I might as well do it properly. They want us to remind our future selves of 20 years about our current life, interests, friends, enemies and so on. Well it's not like I could possible forget about the last two.

I hope you are still friends with Lily Evans. Actually to be entirely honest…I hope you are married to her and are now reading this together on a comfortable sofa in your home and probably laughing at me for not knowing that you are indeed married. Well I'm only thirteen, so there's no blame on me for not knowing!

And if you are not married to her, then I'm sure you are still best friends. She is the best person I've ever met: kind, intelligent and beautiful. She is perfect. I do wonder right now if she mentions me in her letter to her future self. I don't want to ask her though.

The next target won't take much long to write about. I really doubt if it's even worth it to waste ink on describing that arrogant, idiotic Potter as my arch enemy. He and his merry band of terrorists who strut up and down the place as if they own Hogwarts! If there's one person that Lily and I actually agree on hating, it's James Potter, who despite being her housemate has been in her bad books since the beginning. Serves him well. You just shouldn't get Lily crossed with you; that's a survival skill. But then again, bullies like Potter and Black don't really have any; they live on luck and adults like McGonagall and Dumbledore looking out for them.

Other than dealing with their ridiculous pranks and Dumbledore's disgusting favouritism, the life here is not really bad. It is much better than home anyway. I wonder now that you have graduated Hogwarts, where do you live? What do you do? Have you taken revenge on father yet for what he did this summer? You promised you would, that is, I promised and I never break a promise, so I'm sure you have, somehow.

I'm not really sure about my future. I still don't know what I want to do, but I suppose I still have two years to decide. I'm rather good in DADA and potions, but I don't fancy sitting in an apothecary or such shops all day nor in 's for that matter, that would be really boring; and God forbid I would ever share the ambition of becoming an auror with dunderheads like Potter and Black. I don't like the ministry all that much.

Lucius is really lucky to be so rich. He is graduating this year and he doesn't really have to worry about what he is going to do afterwards. He has enough money to sustain him and two generations after him. Are you still in contact with the Malfoys? They do make for useful connections, don't they? Lucius is about the only Slytherin 'friend' of mine of whom Lily doesn't disapprove, but that's probably because he deems it beneath him to 'prank' anyone.

I really don't want to imagine them encountering each other in person. Malfoy already pesters me about the inappropriateness of my friendship with someone of her blood. Loads of crap, if you ask me. Lily has got ten times as more power and wit as he will ever have. And he will offend her beyond forgiveness, and where would that leave me?

So I do hope that you have found out what to do after graduation before it was too late. There are rumors of a Dark Lord recruiting followers for some revolution. Putting muggles in their place and freeing wizards from the Statue of Secrecy, that sort of thing. That would some way of getting revenge on father, wouldn't you say? I suppose time will tell. I wish you could reply, so I would know what I'm getting myself into if I listen to Lucius.

Well, finally this class seems to be getting over. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life; since I'm not likely to enjoy Hogwarts much with Potter's gang here. Tomorrow Professor Slughorn will be back so you can be sure you will not receive another letter from me.

Severus Snape,

27 Jan 1973

PS. Do you know if Lily likes the perfume I brewed for her birthday? I'm really nervous about giving it to her.

He felt his throat constrict and his eyes burn. How he, too, yearned to be able to reply to that letter! To warn his younger self; prevent him from following the path he did.

He had expected to marry Lily. The image young Severus had drawn of him and Lily on a sofa in their home, as a happy married couple, burned his heart. He had learnt how hard it was to accept the futileness of the phrase "If only…" yet he couldn't help himself this time.

Damn that fool of a teacher for forcing them to do this! Damn his idiotic self for writing such nonsense! Damn Malfoy and Voldemort and Potter!

In a fit of rage, he crumbled the parchment and threw it towards the fire place, not caring if there was no fire to consume it, and swept out of the room. God help any student who crossed his path today!

He forgot all about Potter's detention.


Harry Potter dragged his feet slowly towards the dungeons. How he hated that miserable bastard! He did not deserve this detention, but what is that to Snape? He just lives to make Harry miserable.

Reluctantly, he knocked on the door to the man's office and waited for the brusque reply.

No answer was given though.

Thinking he must be mad for doing so, he knocked again.

Again, there was only silence.

It wouldn't do for Snape to accuse him of not coming for detention later, just because he hadn't heard his knock or chose to answer or whatever other plot that twisted git had come up with.

He pushed open the door, disappointed that it wasn't locked. The feeling didn't last though, when he found the office completely empty.

"Professor Snape?" he called, looking around the room. There was a cauldron on the desk, boiling slowly on a small flame, but no trace of the brewer.

"Maybe it's my lucky day" he murmured, giving the neat room one last glance.

He was about to grab for the door handle when a small crumbled parchment by the fireplace caught his eye. He looked at it for a second, contemplating whether he was curious enough to know what the dour potions master had wanted to throw away, before he decided it couldn't hurt. It could be something to their advantage if Snape wanted to get rid of it.

So he grabbed the parchment, stuffed it into his robes pocket, and was out the room and the dungeons in a matter of seconds.

When he reached the Gryffindor common room, neither Ron nor Hermione were there. He didn't need to wonder where they were; in all probability Hermione had dragged Ron to the library to study together. He wasn't in mood to study just then, so he decided to wait for them here while he read through the parchment.

Ten minutes later, found a dumbstruck Harry Potter sitting on the sofa by the fire, thanking Merlin that he had read the letter-from-hell, as he had decided it was, alone first. His mind seemed frozen and unable to process any thought but that which said it was all a lie. It must be! Snape had decided to punish him by this letter rather than by detention. It was all a disgusting Slytherin scheme to make him suffer.

Yet deep down, he knew that Snape would never humiliate himself to punish him. There was just too much at stake when dealing with matters of the heart and the pride of a man, especially that of a very proud man like Severus Snape.

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