How a Fangirl and a Not So Big Fangirl Trains a Dragon 2

A.N.: Well I mentioned in my collection of oneshots Training Your Dragon Fangirl Style that their will be a sequel coming soon and here is the trailer for it. I'll write the sequel as soon as I can but for now enjoy the trailer.

Annnnnnnnd ACTION!

A scene opens of Michelle and Gaby at the Training Ring. They were giving another lesson about Dragon Training.

"Ok people it's time for flying lessons!" Michelle called who was on Luna with Gaby right behind her. Everyone took off and flew to the skies.

"Life is always great being a dragon rider." said Michelle's voice as the scene plays. "You get to go on amazing flights and adventures, and you get great friends."

A scene shows of Michelle and Gaby cheering as they went on a flight with Luna, who roared in joy.

"But it's not always easy, especially now because..."

"Michelle!" her mom called and Michelle came down.

"Yeah mom what is it?" she asked.

"Remember you have school coming up." her mom said bringing a shocked realization on Michelle's face.

Meanwhile Gaby parents were packing up some things and Gaby came to the room and looked curiously at them.

"Mom what's going on?" she asked curiously as she watched the scene.

"Well summer is almost over and you have school soon." her mother answered facing her.

"And?" Gaby asked not yet getting the idea.

"We have to move back to New Jersey now." her mom said sadly knowing what this means.

"What?" Gaby asked. A shocked expression was on her face.

The scene cuts to the two girls standing in the cove both looking unhappy.

"This stinks now we won't see eachother much again." Gaby said angrily.

"Yeah" Michelle agreed. "and what about Dragon Training?"

The scene cuts to each girl at their new school, both looking sad and missing someone. Another scene came of them at the Training Ring giving lessons, and one more came of them tiredly at home doing homework and studying.

"High school is not easy." Gaby commented as they were standing in the Training Ring alone.

Michelle turned to her with a frown. "You think?"

The screen was black now and word appeared And What's Worse. Then the screen flashes to the two girls watching T.V. in Michelle's living room. The T.V. came to a view and a news reporter was announcing a news that shocked them both.

"This is just in. The notorious scientist Dr. Harvord Atom has just escaped from Federal Prison and is now missing and no where to be found." a picture of Harvord was shown above the news reporter for the viewers to see.

"WHAT?" Michelle and Gaby asked at the same time. they looked at eachother and back at the screen in shock.

The scene flashes to an evil laugh coming from Dr. Atom in a dark room and huge growl came from that room as well. Huge dragon eyes opened facing the screen.

The girls are now hugging eachother in front of of car. Gaby's mother was in the driver's seat. They smiled and Michelle's voice said "Whatever happens,we'll always be best friends."

The screen suddenly flashes to the two girls arguing in the cove.

"Since when did you became a Mrs. Do-My-Best-Every-Day?" Gaby asked angrily.

"Since you moved away!" Michelle shouted. Silence came between them. Gaby looked hurt and Michelle breathed heavily.

The screen flashes to Michelle talking to her mother.

"I think you have to take a break from Dragon Training." her mom said.

"No!" Michelle protested in a shout. "No I can't ok I can do both."


"I have to." she says holding back a cry. "I just have to." Her mother looked sadly at her.

The screen flashes to Michelle in the lab with scientists and soldiers looking at a computer. Dr. Atom was on the screen in front of a tied up Gaby. "If you want her back alive" he said evilly "you have to bring me the dragons and Michelle." Michelle looked scared the most out of everyone.

Michelle was now seen riding Luna leading a group of dragon riders in the sky, Ziggurastica the second on her shoulder. They were flying overseas to somewhere.

Michelle and Gaby stand next to eachother with Luna smiling. "Ready for a flight Luna?" Michelle asked and Luna nodded. They were taking off to the skies and to the sun. The title How To Train Your Dragon Fangirl Style 2 appeared on the screen. Ziggurastica the second came forward, gave a sly wink, and flew off leaving the words Coming Soon to appear left on the screen.