How The Phantom Stole Christmas

Saphirabrightscale presents to you, an unusual story about the most infamous ghost of all time.

Soft piano music plays as a snowflake flies in the breeze. A town was shown below with people clambering in and out of shops. Shouts and shoves were made as everyone carried various shopping bags.

Everyone in Paris loved Christmas a lot.

A blonde man stood in front of a podium, two men, each holding stacks of paper, and a woman with dark brown curls stood behind, smiling at the people who listen to his words. "I wish you all to have the best Christmas ever!" Everyone cheered and clapped as he grinned, drinking in their attention.

But the Phantom, who lives beneath the Opera House...Did not.

The jolly music played loudly. Even down below, in an underground lair, a man with a white mask that covers half of his face hummed to himself with a small smile as wrote a letter.

"... Ahhh!" He shuddered and dropped his pen upon catching himself. He growled and looked up where the music played as he covered his ears.

"Blast this Christmas music! It's always joyful and triumphant."

Pacing around in his lair he grumbled "I must stop this Christmas from coming."

He casually sits by his organ. "Even if I do so I've got nothing to wear."

He stands in front of mirror with a Santa Claus outfit on. "I feel ridiculous."

Later on he comes to the mirror with the same outfit, but also bearing a skull mask and a sword. "Much better."

"Uh...Monsieur Phantom?" A girl with blonde hair, and a ribbon tied on in, stood nervously behind the Phantom as he passionately played his organ.

The blonde girl, holding a piece of paper, follows the Phantom as he storms away. "I know you hate Christmas, but what if this all just some misunderstanding?"

"Who knows..." he smiled and the girl stepped out of the mirror and into a dressing room. "This may actually change my entire outlook on life!"

The blonde girl smiled. "Really?" she asked, hope in her eyes.

"No" He slammed the door at her face.

He stands, dressed as the Red Death, grinning in front of everyone as they gasped upon seeing him. "Have you missed me good messieurs?" The blonde man glared as descended the stairs.

The woman with brown curls bore a smile when seeing the Phantom. She ascended the stairs as he descended, eyes locked on each other's. "I haven't seen you in a long time."

"Ten years?" She danced with him.

"Ten years, five days, and eighteen hours." She blinked in surprise and he smirked.

"Meg, what did you do?" a woman holding a cane asked the blonde girl, who turned to her, unable to speak.

"I just wanted everybody to be together for Christmas."

The Phantom stood in front of a mirror without his mask, staring at his deformed face. "That Phantom is nothing but blight on society. He has a face as ugly as a beast..."

He looks down at an X-Ray machine that revealed a heart, smaller than a normal, healthy, size, and beating weakly. "and a heart as small as a mouse."

"I thought Christmas was about being with everyone you love." Meg watched sadly, seeing everyone clamber through stores, and hearing the repeated words "I want.".

"I had enough of this and I am going to do something about it!"

Meg crept into the dressing room and closed the door behind her. She went to the mirror, staring at the reflection in it. Stepping closer, she felt through until she pulled something and it opened. She bit her lip and hesitated before stepping in and closing the door behind her.

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"What happened to you?" the woman holding the cane asked a man and a couple of ballet girls.

"He was here! It was the Phantom of the Opera!" The Phantom stood in the rafters smirking.