"There is no way I'm just going to go over there and kiss him! Thats ridic-"

"Why not? You talk about him all the time... Oh wait I've got a better idea! You could jump in the sea and pretend to be drowning and then get him to 'rescue you!'"

"Not doing that either..."

Kurt and Mercedes were 'sunbathing', well Mercedes was anyway... Kurt had almost every layer of skin covered up for fear of burning, a particularly good looking life guard being the object of their conversation...

"Fine then,"

Mercedes sighed. Kurt relaxed a little then, relieved that his best friend had finally seen sense,

"I double dare you..."

Or not.

"Oh my God!"

Kurt exclaimed,

"Mercedes just give it a break okay!"

Mercedes laughed a little then,

"Never thought I'd live to see the day, Kurt backs out of a dare.. he's clearly loosing his nerve."

Kurt rolled his eyes, attempting to ignore her teasing,

"What are you so scared of?"

Kurt looked at her in disbelief,

"You mean what am I so scared of besides him being straight, me being gay and a boy, other people being around and ruining any chances I could have had with him?"

Mercedes rolled her eyes now,

"You're so over dramatic Kurt,"

Kurt was about to cut her off before she continued,

"For a start, I know he's gay.."

Kurt perked up at this,

"How exactly?"

"I may have liked one of his fellow life guards..."

Kurt raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow,

"Hmm...? I have a feeling you're not telling me the full story here."

"Fine... I may have spotted your boy first and Elliot told me not to bother seeing as he was gay,"

Mercedes concluded,

"Elliot hey?"

Kurt teased,

"Shut it white boy, now are you going to lay one on totally gorgeous over there or am I going to have to push you in the sea?"

Kurt laughed now,

"I'd like to see you try."

"Oh my God Kurt! Seriously what do I have to do to get you to go and kiss him? I'll do anything..." catching the glint in Kurt's eye she rephrased that rather promptly, grinning,

"Almost anything.."

Kurt sighed before perking up upon having an idea, this worried Mercedes a little as she waited..

"Is Elliot still around?"

Ah...Mercedes grin dropped a little then,


she stated apprehensively... unfortunately for her Kurt knew her too well,

"Yeh right."

Mercedes sighed,

"It's his shift tomorrow.."

Kurt grinned.

"Fine... I'll 'lay one' on supermegafoxyawesomehot over there if you do the same with young Elliot tomorrow,"

Kurt couldn't help the little butterflies that began to fly around his stomach as he thought about kissing the curly haired life guard...


Mercedes said holding her hand out, they shook on it.

"Go on then!"

Mercedes exclaimed, Kurt gulped,

"What? Now?"

Mercedes nodded enthusiastically,

"Hell yes now!"

"But what if he's taken?"

Kurt tried to back out but it was too late now, they had shook on it...

"Well there's only one way to find out,"

Mercedes exclaimed beaming at him... Kurt exhaled... here goes nothing.

"And get a name while you're over there!"


The dark haired life guard was currently stood lazily watching the kids playing in the water, he was wearing the official 'life guard' uniform which Kurt had always considered a fashion disastor but some how this guy made it work..

"Excuse me,"

Kurt stated, the life guard looked at him. Kurt gulped before starting his speech hoping that he hadn't imagined the life guard checking him out just a little.

"I'm very sorry about this, but it seems to be the only way to satisfy a particularly stubborn friend of mine,"

confusion was plastered on the life guards face now, adorable Kurt decided as the man in question raised a perfect triangular eyebrow. Kurt then remembered what Mercedes had shouted as he'd left... if you're going to do this, then you might as well do it properly..

"Whats your name?"

Kurt asked, feeling surprisingly confident considering what he was there to do,


Kurt nodded, ignoring the fact that this mans voice was 'the sex' as Santana would word it, Blaine... mmm finally he could put a name to the fantasy. Kurt cleared his throat before asking the 'fatal' question,

"You're not taken are you?"

Blaine blinked,

"No... bu-"

Kurt exhaled then before continuing, interrupting him.

"Good. Do you know some one called Elliot?"

Blaine at this point had decided it best not to question the extremely attractive brunette and just answer any questions thrown his way,

"I- yeah.. he's one of the other guys who life guards here.."

Kurt nodded,

"Well tell him to keep his wits about him tomorrow,"

Blaine's raised his eyebrows again,


Kurt nodded,

"Well nice meeting you and again sorry about this..."

Blaine blinked again before questioning the brunette,

"About wha-"

he started but was cut off as Kurts lips met with his. Kurt had planned to give him a quick peck and then run off.. that was before Blaine was kissing him back and drawing him closer, Kurts eyes fell closed and he stepped closer to Blaine wrapping his arms around his neck. This was definitely not part of the plan but Kurt sure wasn't complaining... Blaine's arms were soon around his waist.

Kurt and Blaine drew apart to the sound of... Was that applause? Kurt flushed as he heard who he knew to be Mercedes announce,

"Get some white boy!"

Blaine laughed a little which relieved Kurt, who smiled shyly back at him both still holding each other firmly.

"Well Blaine I can see you take your job seriously.."

Kurt jumped a little and broke the contact. Now, that voice he didn't recognise... Kurt's eyes now fell on a rather good looking blonde...

"Shut up Elliot.."

Blaine muttered, flushing a little... cute.

"Oh so this is Elliot, Mercedes?"

Kurt asked his best friend, she flushed deeply, muttering something about killing him and then Blaine cut in grinning,

"Oh and this is Mercedes, Elliot?"

Elliot's turn to flush as Mercedes gaped slightly and Kurt's heart did a little jump for his best friend and he slyly winked at her mouthing 'he's cute.'

Elliot felt inclined to say something now, gesturing to Kurt he announced,

"Oh and this is...Wait Blaine who is this?"

Blaine looked at his feet then,

"Wait so you two were just.. sharing spit and you don't even know his name? Blaine dude.. thats lame."

Blaine and Kurt blushed at the 'sharing spit' comment and again Blaine told his friend to shut up.

"Wait... this is the guy you're always talking about? The one with beautiful eyes? The one who you wish would expose more skin be-"

Blaine decided he'd have to make his friend shut up and shoved him.. needless to say soon they were both in the sand pushing each other over again and again, leaving Kurt and Mercedes alone together for a while to watch them in a daze.

"Can you believe this Mercedes?"

Kurt asked, his eyes still locked onto the ridiculously hot guy he had just been snogging,

"Not even for a minute,"

she replied watching Elliot intently.


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