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Finn's Friend - Summary

Finn brings a friend home from a football club, Blaine Anderson.- Kurt likes this friend, this friend likes him. Finn of course is oblivious and can't understand why Blaine seems to be less interested in him than he is in Kurt. XD Klaine XD

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Elliot and Blaine had finally stopped throwing sand at each other having forgotten why they were in the first place because that had been fooling around for so long. They came stumbling back towards Kurt and Mercedes with their arms slumped lazily around each,other, panting slightly and lightly punching each other on the arm at intervals as boys do.

Mercedes regained her sass quicker than Kurt who was just staring at the skin that was exposed above Blaine's shorts as his arm was lifted up.

"What exactly is the plan here then? We don't like to be kept waiting,"

she announced smiling at Elliot indiscreetly.

"Good question Mercedes,"

Elliot replied grinning back,

"Whats the plan here Blaine?"

Blaine shrugged, looking at Kurt a little phased,

"Dunno why you're asking me?"

Kurt rolled his eyes good naturedly adding a sigh for extra emphasis, Blaine smirked at him, Kurt blushed.

"Well it would probably a good idea to find out his name Blaine,"

Elliot suggested grinning as Blaine narrowed his eyes at him, Kurt and Mercedes laughed as they watched the little stare-down taking place between their crushes.

Kurt broke their little match,

"It's Kurt,"

Blaine's eyes immediately shot back to him and gave him a killer grin.. Kurt blushed again immediately cursing him for being so god damn attractive.


Blaine started before staring at Elliot, proudly announcing,


Elliot snorted as Blaine continued,

"Would you perhaps like to go and get a drink or something?"

Kurt smiled triumphantly nodding enthusiastically, heart racing.. Blaine had just asked him out.. and he'd said yes.

"I suppose I'd better ask you the same thing Mercedes? A drink? With me?... Oh and I suppose these two are gunna have to tag along.."

Elliot announced good naturedly, Mercedes laughed before replying,

"You got it white boy."

Kurt beamed, he and Mercy' had dates with their dream guys. Mercedes smiled widely too... Hell to the yes.


Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes and Elliot were now sat on the beach with their drinks, it was fairly late for being at the beach being 5pm but Kurt was supposed to be staying at Mercedes and her parents were out for the night.

Kurt was smiling at Mercedes at Elliot who were getting on like a house on fire, leaning on each other and cracking up, when Blaine tapped him on the back.

"Hey there,"

he breathed as Kurt smiled,


Blaine was freaking out for a while, what was he supposed to say now?

"Thank you.."

Kurt finally said, ending Blaine's freak out,

"For what?"

Blaine asked still smiling at Kurt, slightly in awe at how beautiful this boy was especially in this light...

"For.. asking me out and stuff.."

Kurt announced flushing slightly and looking down, Blaine tried not sigh at his beauty before replying a little confused.

"Kurt why would you thank me for that? I should be thanking you for saying yes!"

Kurt smiled still looking down,

"You're just saying that.. I know that you wouldn't just ask me li-"

Blaine interrupted suddenly bringing Kurt's head up with two fingers under his chin,

"Don't do that.."

Kurt met his eyes,

"Don't put yourself down... you're beautiful."

Blaine could feel himself blushing and knew he was probably strawberry red, but he needed to Kurt to know it,

"Before you kissed me.. as my dear friend Elliot has already hinted.. I used to talk about you all the time.."

Kurt felt himself tearing up, this must be a dream...

"And when you did kiss me... Fireworks,"

Kurt let a tear fall from his eye as he looked up into Blaine's beautiful hazel ones. Unable to mumur out anything but,

"Thank you."

Blaine smiled warmly, wiping the tear from Kurt's cheek,

"You're beautiful."


It was now getting dark on the beach and it was beautiful.. the sun down on the beach leaving a golden reflection shimmering on the dark blue sea, the waves silently licking at the sand.

Kurt was leaning on Blaine's shoulder and Mercedes and Elliot were in a similar position, all four of them looking out to sea...

"This is amazing Blaine.."

Kurt whispered to him,

"Just like you.."

Kurt usually would have rolled his eyes at such a reply, but this was Blaine... his heart leapt as he snuggled deeper into Blaine.

Mercedes couldn't believe how perfect this night was turning out, Elliot was perfect.. and Blaine was perfect for Kurt... The beach was perfect.. everything was amazing. Smiling broadly she leant into Elliot who put an arm around her... perfect.


"Blaine, what time is it?"

Kurt asked sighing slightly as Blaine took his arm from around him to look at his watch,

"8 'o' clock..."

Kurt was sure he didn't make up the sadness in Blaine's voice as he said this, it was a conformation that they'd have to say 'good bye' soon..

"Are you Life guarding tomorrow?"

Kurt asked craning his neck to see Blaine's face,

"No.. it's Elliot's turn.. but if your coming then I'm definitely going with him.."

Kurt smirked at him, before lowering his head again, taking in the beautiful aroma that was Blaine Anderson.

They were interrupted by a phone ringing, Mercedes jumped a little at the vibrating in her pocket and pulled out her phone to look at the screen... Mum.

Kurt and Blaine fell into conversation with Elliot as Mercedes talked to her mum, she ended the phone call looking a little put out.

"Kurt, we've got to go back to mine..."

Kurt's heart sank a little, although it jumped at the little hope there that he might get a goodnight kiss..

"Why Mercy? I thought your parents were out?"

Kurt asked curiously,

"Yeah they are, but they just rang the home phone around 3 times apparently and they know we're out because we didn't pick up and I promised Mum we'd be home by 8 tonight."

Kurt sighed and nodded standing up slowly as the others did the same, turning to face Blaine as Mercedes looked at Elliot.

"Well I suppose this is goodnight..."

Kurt told Blaine, looking him in the eyes,

"But not goodbye,"

Blaine said, smiling slightly, finishing with,

"Every goodbye makes the next hello closer. Kurt, I want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye."

Kurt flushed and smiled, could this boy get any more perfect?

Kurt then noticed Blaine looking at his lips and then his eyes flicked back to his before settling on his lips again, heart thumping Kurt leant in slightly gesturing silently that he wanted this too. Blaine smiled a little before closing the gap between them. Kurts eyes shut as soon as Blaine's lips met his.

It was amazing, feeling Blaine's lips moving slowly against his own, feeling Blaine's arms slowly wrap around his waist, feeling Blaine's hot breath on his own mouth.

Blaine pulled back finally keeping his eyes closed for a little while to revel in the way Kurt tastes. Opening his eyes and finding Kurt studying his face, love shining in his eyes.

Kurt turned after smiling at Blaine to make sure Elliot was treating his girl right,

"Good night beautiful,"

Elliot told her before lightly pecking her on the cheek, leaving her flushed. Kurt smiled, and watched as he pulled back to quietly say to her,

"Now I don't have to try to be happy Mercedes, when I'm with you... it just happens."

Mercedes reddened more before pulling him in for a tight hug, Kurt knew Mercedes had never kissed a guy before and he loved how Elliot was prepared to wait for her.

Mercedes turned to Kurt grinning widely after pulling back, gesturing for them to go, Kurt nodded.

Kurt smiled widely at both boys before taking Mercedes arm and walking up the beach,

"See you tomorrow?"

Elliot called out, Kurt and Mercedes grinned at each other before simultaneously calling back,

"You can count on it."


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