Just because it looks like you are about to be smote by a power drunk angel, doesn't mean you won't be snagged by a vengeful Leprechaun.

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Dean, Sam and Bobby were in a face off against Castiel; their one time friend and heavenly ally. The angel in the familiar rumpled trench coat had just absorbed all the souls from the denizens of purgatory and had gone mad with the energy surge that that had given him and now he thought himself to be the new "true" god.

"BOW BEFORE ME AND PROFESS YOUR LOVE TO ME AS YOUR NEW LORD OR I SHALL DESTROY YOU!" the angel bellowed at the three men in front of him.

Dean had tried to talk some some sense into his old friend, tried to remind him that he had been as close as family to him, but the angel only sneered back and declared once more that they would all be punished if they did not comply and then told them the punishment would not stop here for he planned to go back to heaven and punish all of Raphael's followers too!

He was high on wrath and low on reason, "FALL DOWN AND DECLARE ME TO BE YOUR TRUE GOD!" shouted the angel and he raised his arm to prepare the strike.

Dean stepped back and grabbed Bobby's shirt with one hand and Sam's shirt with his other. Suddenly the room was flooded with bright light and all three men crouched in a huddle holding their eyes tightly closed against it's brilliance.

Even the angel winced and put his outstretched arm across his eyes to block the light. And just as suddenly the light was gone. When Castiel opened his eyes he blinked once, then twice because all three men had gone with the light too. And it was then that the empty room was filled with the glass shattering sound of the new gods frustrated rage, his first attempt at smiting had been taken away right out from under him.


After the bright light disappeared the first thing that Dean noticed was that he was still breathing. Then with his eyes still closed he squeezed the shoulders of the men he was still holding on to. They all seemed to be breathing too and slowly they stood up from the huddle and each began to open their eyes and look around at where they were.

Sam said, "Dean?" in a soft puzzled voice.

Bobby said, "What the hell?" in a gruff puzzled voice.

Dean looked down at the blue grass he was standing on, then over to the thick trunks of the tall blue trees trees surrounding them. The bark had a texture like skin and the heavy branches sported translucent glinting leaves. Even the air smelled different, fragrant, heady with oxygen, it made him almost dizzy.

Just then all three men ducked as the breeze from a giant butterfly with kaleidoscopic colored wings fluttered overhead.

And Dean turned to the two people he considered family and said in a shaky voice, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."


There was a sound of slow clapping behind them and all three spun around to face the source. "Very observant for a human the man saidnodding at Dean.

Sam recognized the man immediately. "You!" he hissed and stepped forward to put himself between the man and his brother.

Dean glanced warily at Sam and said, "You know this mook?"

Sam huffed and answered, "He's the Leprechaun."

Bobby had heard the story and asked, "THE Leprechaun, the one that broke into our world and started snatching people?"

The Leprechaun spoke, "Not just any people, first born sons." And he walked closer to Bobby and looked him over saying derisively, "Little older than we usually take but that fishing net I dropped on you just now brought in a bumper crop of first borns so I can't complain."

"But," Sam stammered "I'm not..."

"First born to your human parents, no." the Leprechaun clarified sounding sad, "But after all the demon blood you drank, it transformed you, you fulfilled a prophesy and became the first born son of Satan just as Lilith had become his first born daughter. And we honor the traditions of every race, culture and religion so youbetcha you qualify!"

All three men stood stunned at this new information so they didn't even have time to shield their eyes when the next flash of bright light surrounded them and deposited them in a dim, dank place that smelled of fear and death.

Dean squinted as his eyes got used to the dark and then he walked over to one of the walls and pulled a rusted shackle away from it and let it fall back against the rock with a dull "clank". "A dungeon? Really? Isn't this a bit cliche?" he remarked aloud.

A voice out of the shadows answered, " You'll find that we Fae are big fans of tradition," said the Leprechaun as he seemed to ooze from the darkness and into the the dim light. Then with a flick of his wrist the shackles came alive, the manacles snapping like teeth and suddenly each mans wrists were encircled and they were strung up tight against the cold wall.

"Now I have leave momentarily so make yourselves comfortable while we decide your fate." And stepping up close to Sam he sneered and nodded toward Dean, "Did you really think a mere angel could stop us from claiming what was ours? I told you we have ways to get in back doors and real magic out trumps anything those feathered clones could dish out even on their best day."

And then he turned and left. There was no sound of a door opening and closing, no footsteps growing fainter, just the faint 'plip, plip, plip' of water dripping in the distance beyond the dim light.

Dean sighed deeply and said, "Crap! Damn dripping water, now I feel like I gotta pee."

To Be Continued

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