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Rido's POV

Location: somewhere outside Cross Academy

"Under my will, loyal servants to come, bring new beginnings to the chosen ones at Cross Academy where he now resides until he comes back to my side." I chanted as I read from the spell book, only realizing my mistake after I had finished the spell. Quickly I made my way to Cross Academy and snuck my way to the Moon dorm to see if the simple mispronunciation I made had done any harm to my plans. As I looked into the window of the dorm I realized that my mistake was indeed a disastrous when I saw eight young toddlers. I wasn't sure how long this transformation would last and decided that I would just have to wait it out and try again later, even if it took several years, I was a patient creature. With a small chuckle I turned my back to the window, leaving my mistake behind me.

Zero's POV

Location: Sun dormitory/his room

I woke up, tired as usual, and looked at my clock to see I was late for my patrol (again). Realizing that Yuki was probably there, already having a hard time. I pushed my covers off and decide that its time I go save her, as usual, before something bad happens. I couldn't shake the feeling that something did though….ehh I worry to much, it's probably nothing… I thought as I pulled on my uniform and headed out the door.

I was almost to the Moon dorm when I realized that I was so late that the night class would have already made it through. However, when I got there all the day class girls were still there grumbling at the night classes' lateness. I shoved my way to the front and without a backwards glance I shoved open the doors and slammed them on the confused gazes of the day class, I had no reason to explain my actions to stupid human girls. I was angry because I knew that Yuki would already be in here and I didn't trust her with those damn vampires. But when I looked into the living room area, the sight shocked me to my core

There were eight familiar looking toddlers wandering around the Moon dormitory.

It took me a few minutes to realize that these were actually people that I knew. There were Kaname staring at Yuki and Umi as they fought over a magazine. Shiki and Shun were by the stairs staring blankly at each other, while Adio was trying to pull Shun away and failing miserably. Kain and Ichigo were standing by the windows watching Adio struggle with amusement.

I knew that I had to get these kids to the chairmen but I also knew that I couldn't let the day class see them. So I took the eight toddlers, with much difficulty, through the back way (counting my lucky stars that Rima and Ruka weren't here) and headed to Headmaster Cross's only to find him with Ichiru talking about something.

Kaien's POV

I was discussing with Ichiru the important matter of him attending Cross Academy when my door burst open. There standing in front of me was a seemingly distraught Zero. I was about to ask what was wrong when I noticed eight young toddlers following behind him, like ducklings following their mother.

"Headmaster we have a problem…" Zero stated.

I looked over and saw Ichiru doubled over with laughter and when I looked back at the toddlers I realized that I was looking at some of the night class students and my dear, adorable daughter, Yuki. I faced Zero again.

"How did this happen?" I asked with relative calmness (my daughter was just SOOOO CUTE! But I contained myself…) Zero looked at me then sighed.

"No clue. The night class was late coming out of the dorms so I went in to check it out and found them, Yuki included, all like this. They don't seem to remember anything about us or their teenage lives."

"Ok….I need to make some calls see if anything pops up and in the mean time, since you found them, I need you to take care of them"

I looked away from the glare Zero pointed at me

"I can't take care of these twerps by myself!" He exclaimed

I was thinking over his statement when I looked over and saw a still laughing Ichiru on my couch, a plan forming in my head as I gave a slight chuckle.

"Well then Ichiru will just have to take half of the toddlers off your hands." The said Kiryu twin stopped laughing abruptly as I said this, his face setting into a deep, Zero worthy scowl.

"Fine," he told me, "but only if I get leave from school." I thought this over but before I could answer Zero spoke up.

"Hey! If he gets leave then so do I!"

Well it would make it easier on the kids….as well as their new caretakers..

"Well alright but you have to stay in the moon dormitory and tell all the day class students that the night class will be taking and undetermined amount of leave, also this does not excuse you from your disciplinary duties Zero though it will be easier without the night class fans. And don't let this get out! Watch for people trying to sneak in to the dormitory."

I watched them nod in agreement before I dismissed them. Someone did this, but who?

Normal POV

The twins and the toddlers left the headmaster's office and began the trip back to the Moon dorm. Although it wasn't a very long trip about half way through the youngest of the group, Yuki, Shun and Shiki, were starting to get fussy. This was a new experience for the Kiryu twins, they didn't know how to deal with grumpy four year olds. However when Zero picked up Shun she laid her head on his shoulder and calmed down considerably. Ichiru followed suit with Shiki and got similar results. Zero was just about to pick up Yuki with his free hand when he felt a small tug on his pant leg, he looked down to see Kaname.

"Zero-san I can carry Yuki, she is very light" Zero didn't see any problem with his request so he nodded his consent. The young pureblood didn't waste anytime and went over to Yuki picking her up bridle style. Yuki then laid her head on his should and fell asleep. The rest of the trip was uneventful. The two brothers hoped that the rest of the time could be this peaceful, though it was highly unlikely.