Ch 6

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*Shun POV*

Shiki and I walked down to the kitchen with mischievous smiles on our faces, we had a great story to tell Aido and the hunter did say he would go along with anything. Reaching the kitchen we saw all the other toddlers had made their way as well and were sitting around the table. Kaname just looked knowingly at us but all the others looked very confused.

"Why are they still in the house?! They kidnapped Shun and Shiki!" Aido screamed which caused the other kids to look at us with alarm. The twins just looked at us expectantly, little brats… I smiled at Aido,

"We are aliens." I said matter of factly. Every. Single. Face. Was looking at us with shock, if for different reasons. Shiki smirked,

"That's right, we tried to infiltrate smoothly but we got the body size wrong so we figured it would just be better to come clean."

"Bu-bu-but where are Shun and Shiki?" Aido asked in a quite voice for once.

"Well they are still on our mother-ship but don't worry they are safe, however, we still want to do a little research while we are down here so they will be there for a little longer." I said and thought of what the twins would make of this, looking at their gaping faces made me want to laugh out loud but I restrained myself.

"Ahem…well if that is the case I hope you are comfortable here and that when you are done with your 'research' you will return the children with no harm done?" The one I think is Ichiru said.

"Of course," said Shiki "we shouldn't impose on our hospitality for to long."

Zero still looked at us with the face of a gaping fish but he asked for it! Aido looked at us with wide eyes and I must admit, my brother looked pretty damn adorable. I really wanted a camera to capture this moment, because I was sure it wasn't going to happen again. Good thing I have an excellent memory.

*Zero's POV*

This was it?! This was their "plan"? I'm glad Ichiru spoke up or I would have ended up making a fool of myself… but seriously… ALIENS?! Have they gone mad?! Shun smirked at me and I really didn't want to know what my facial expression looked like. I coughed slightly..

"Why don't you two come with me and we'll go talk to the headmaster about the new developments, okay?" I said with what I hoped was a confident tone. The two nodded their heads and followed me out the door. As soon as we got outside and the door was closed I whirled on them.

"Aliens? Really? You had about 20 minutes and all you could think of was aliens?" I was a little upset, I mean come on how could they be so foolish?

"Hey you were the one that left us there to our own devices, you should have known that we would come up with something like this." Shiki said with a small smirk on his face.

"Yeah, and it's not like they'll be stuck like that forever. Eventually they'll turn back to their normal selves with their memories and they'll all laugh!" Shun added on.

I gave a sigh, they were right I guess but we still had to go see Headmaster Cross so I just shook my head and lead the way to his office.

*Kaien's POV*

I sat at my desk thinking about how to relay the information I just received to the Kiryu twins. My contacts proved very useful and – BAM! The door to my office slammed open hitting the wall with a resounding crack. I gave a sigh wondering what was wrong this time, for Zero only made such and entrance when we was upset.

"Headmaster apparently we have been invaded by aliens." were Zero's first word as he stormed into my office. Getting the feeling that I was missing something important I stood up and looked at him quizzically.

"Aliens? What?" I asked. I consider my self pretty open minded but this threw me for a loop.

"Oi! You two get your asses in here and tell the Headmaster what you did!" Zero shouted over his shoulder. By this point I was very confused and became even more so when I saw a fully grown Shun and Shiki walk into my office.

"What?" I asked again "how did this happen?" I wasn't expecting the change to happen so soon.

"Allow me to explain Headmaster," Shun said "Shiki and I woke up in our normal sized bodies with a small Aido yelling at us wondering what we did with the real Shun and Shiki. The hunter twins came barreling in and while one grabbed Aido the other stayed long enough to tell us that being turned into kids wasn't a dream and that we had to think of a cover story for our appearance and then left. So, Shiki and I decided to come up with a story of us being aliens." Shun said.

I believe that is the most I have heard her speak in one sitting, but before I could get a word in Shiki took up the mantel as storyteller.

"We figured in the long run that the 'toddlers' would 'grow up' soon like we did and would get their memories back and this would be a thing of the past." Shiki smirked. "We told them that 'Shun and Shiki' were on our mother-ship and would arrive home safe and sound after we conducted some research"

The only thing I could think of to say to this on slot of information was

"Oh dear…"

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