Title : Big Time Magic
Rating : T
Warning(s) : Mature Language
Summary : Big Time Rush discovers they are wizards.
Disclaimer : The Harry Potter characters respectfully belong to JKR. Big Time Rush belongs to Nickelodeon and the actors belong to themselves. I only own the plot & my OC(Nina Park or Malfoy in this case), at least give me credit for that.
Author Notes : Nina and Logan are finally together :D

The Order members and six students made it out into the main part of the ministry, seeing Voldemort standing over Harry and Dumbledore a few inches away, watching the two. Green flames erupted from the floo's, ministry workers stepping out. Minister Fudge's eyes widened upon seeing Voldemort. Before anyone had time to act, Voldemort had already apparated away. Once he was gone, Dumbledore went to go sort out what had happened with the Minister.

Nina and Draco were the first to throw themselves at Harry, checking their friend for injuries. Draco let out a choked sob and hugged Harry, reassuring him that everything would be fine. Harry looked up at his boyfriend, soft smile playing at the corner of his lips. He leaned up to place a soft peck on the blond's lips. Nina backed up, horrified expression taking over her features.

"Merlin, must you two commit PDA at a time like this?" groaned the raven haired girl, rubbing her closed eyes with the heel of her palms. Draco and Harry just laughed, shooing her away. The raven haired girl rolled her eyes and left the two lovers to check up on Kendall, Logan, James, and Carlos. The four boys were being checked on by Kingsley for any injuries or such.

"For a bunch of muggle-borns you guys are good with magic." said Nina in a teasing voice. Carlos and Kendall laughed while James and Logan looked a bit offended. "Not that I expected you guys to suck...exact opposite really."

"Shut up and come over here so we can hug you." replied the four boys. The raven haired girl laughed and stepped up to the four. She gave each boy a hug, hugging Logan a little tighter than the others. When the two pulled away from the hug both were blushing red and averting their eyes. Kendall and James shared a knowing look and smiled to each other. Carlos noticed the look and looked curiously at Logan and Nina.

"What's with that look?" asked Carlos.

"Look at the two, they obviously like each other." answered Kendall, James nodded in agreement.

"I thought Logan liked Camille?"

"With the forced kisses and slaps? I think not. Besides look at the two, they're like bunnies." Carlos gave the two a weird look before turning his attention back on the two. The two were talking to each other, smiling and blushing here and there. Carlos awed. Logan walked back to the three boys when Nina was called over by the Minister for questioning. The three boys each gave Logan a clap on the shoulder, wide smiles on each of their faces.

"What's with the faces?" asked Logan.

"You have the hots for Nina." answered James simply. They watched the brunette's face heat up, pink tint coloring his cheeks. He sputtered a 'no' and averted his eyes from his friends.

"It's all right Logie, we think its cute that you do." chimed Carlos, goofy grin on his face.

"You should tell Camille that you..you know, like someone else." added Kendall.

"Why would I tell Camille who I like?"


Kendall was cut off by Logan tackling him to the floor and slapping his small hand over the taller's mouth. His cheeks were red now. Behind them James and Carlos started to laugh hysterically.

"Shut up you dumb ass! I don't need the whole fucking world to know who I like." hissed the brunette. The blond held his hands up in surrender. The brunette climbed off his friend and ran his hand through his un-gelled fluffy hair, letting out a sigh. Each of the boys were called over for questioning and before they knew it, they found themselves back at Hogwarts. They had three days before school ended and they'd all separate. Kendall grabbed Logan and dragged him over to Nina who was talking to Cho. The short girl looked bored so Kendall took the chance to invite Nina to spend a few weeks of summer with the four boys. Hell, he'd even invite Draco if that meant Logan and Nina would hook up. Upon seeing the two boys Nina let out a small sigh of relief, ditching Cho to talk to the duo.

"Thank you." she said, smiling happily as the three made their way to the Slytherin common room. James and the others were already in the room, celebrating. Logan gave Nina his lopsided smile while Kendall smiled at the two. Kendall took in a breath before speaking.

"So...we were wondering if you would like to spend a few weeks of summer at the Palm Woods with Logan?" asked Kendall.

"James, Carlos, and Kendall too." Logan added hastily, shooting Kendall a 'sleep with your fucking eyes open' look. Nina thought for a bit, before nodding her head, a smile on her face.

"I'll just have to make sure Draco will allow me to go." Kendall raised a bushy brow at this.

"You need your brother's permission?" asked the dirty blond. The short girl nodded her head.

"Mum leaves him in charge of me." she said. "He'll be busy with Harry this summer so I'm sure he'll let me spend the summer over at the Palm Woods."

"Cool." said the two boys. Kendall was happy for Logan while the short brunette was trying to calm his nerves. He had to constantly hold his hands behind his back from suddenly grabbing the short girl's hand. Kendall noticed the inner conflict and nudged his best friend, giving him an encouraging smile before making up some excuse about James, Cuda, helmet, and Carlos.

Nina and Logan walked in a comfortable silence...well Nina was but Logan was spazzing in his head. Nina noticed Logan and placed a hand over Logan's right one, which was currently tapping against his thigh nervously. Jumping at the sudden contact, Logan let out a small yelp making Nina pull her hand back. The short girl smiled apologetically. The two continued the walk, the air around them awkward. Logan mentally cursed and slapped himself, replaying the moment that happened not seconds ago. He was supposed to pull her into a hug, kiss her hand, anything romantic. But being the panicky jumpy person he was, he totally made Nina think she had made him uncomfortable. Sucking in a deep long breath, the brunette grabbed onto the raven haired girl's small hand and turned her so they were facing each other. The two blushed as the brunette took a few steps forward, resting the raven haired girl's hands in his.

"Will you...uhm...will you a um. G-go...BLEEP BLAP BLOOP!" yelled Logan, making Nina's eyes widened before she let out a giggle. She really thought Logan was cute when he was nervous and at a loss for words. It was surprising to know that he got chocked up since he's always spewing facts out left and right, talking non-stop. The raven haired girl slipped her hands up his hands and let her small hands wrap around the thin wrists, tugging him forward so their foreheads rested against each others. She smiled and tilted her head, pressing a chaste kiss to the brunette's lips. Sparks flew and the two froze, enjoying the feeling of their lips being connected. Before they could proceed to anything more the portrait of the Slytherin common room popped open to reveal Kendall, James, Carlos, Harry, and Draco staring at the new couple. The two broke apart, not knowing they even made it this close to the common room.

"Of course I'll go out with you." whispered Nina before leaning over once more to press a kiss to Logan's cheek. The two laced their fingers together, pushing past the five to get into the common room. Cheers erupted from the boys. The couple blushed, curling up against each other on one of the many couches in the common room. The five boys awed before Nina flipped them the bird. Draco, Harry, and Kendall burst out laughing.