~His Eyes Shine~

Chapter 1

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By the way, I know in the movie Rudolph hinted that he was nine before he became immortal, but we all know he looks thirteen. I mean, come on. So in this story, he is.

"Oh, Bob! The vase! Get it!" A woman with chin length blonde hair screamed to her husband, who just turned around to see that it was falling off the cardboard box.

I was watching from the distance. So these are the new people? From America? Interesting. I thought it was amusing that there having a hard time getting there things out of the U-HAUL van. But that's just me.

Me and my mom came up here to greet them. Well, basically my mom did. Like I said, I'm watching all this from a distance.

What I saw next actually suprised me. My mom dove for the vase and caught it. You know, like a ninja or something. That was the first time the new people saw her. The blonde lady looked confused. Well, I wouldn't blame her.

"Thank you so much for catching my vase, but may I ask who you are?" The blonde said, and politley took the vase from my mothers hands.

"Oh, my name is Edna Anderson, I live not far from here with my husband Neil Anderson and my daughter, Annabelle. Word spread around town that we had Americans moving in. Me and my daughter came to say hello. Although I'm sure where she has run off too.." Mom finished, and looked over her shoulder to see where I was.

"Well then! Hi, I'm Dottie Thompson and this is my husband Bob. Thank you for stopping by! I also have a nine year old named Tony, but I'm not sure where he went either..."

Dottie and Mom shook hands. I sighed and turned away from the tree I was cleverly hiding behind.

My green eyes met with really bright blue ones.

I was so shocked, I yelped and jumped backwards, the tree collided with my back and it started throbbing.

"Ouch! Who the hell are you?" I deserve the 'Bitch of the Year award', I know.

"Er, hi! My names Tony. I think that's your mom over there talking with my mom..." He started shifting his feet.

"Oh yeah, hey sorry for sounding so mean. I'm Annabelle. But you call me Belle, if you want."

Tony giggled. "What about Belly?"

I smiled. "Whatever floats your tugboat, kid." Tony was pretty adorable. He had gelled spikes for hair, and looked pretty short for a nine year old. Although his glasses were oddly circular.

"You have a funny accent." Tony said.

"Get used to it. Your gonna hear it alot from people. And, to me, you have an accent."

"Nuh-uh, I'm American. I don't have an accent."

Don't have to be racist. "Yes-suh, I'm Scottish. Your the only American around in Scotland. Therefore, you have the accent."


I just shook my head. It got quiet.

"Well, I just moved here from California. I don't really like it that much..." Tony said.

"Me either. And I was actually born here."

So yes, it's true. The sad pathetic girl dislikes her home land. It really is pathetic.

Don't get me wrong, I liked it when I was younger. I was carefree and had a lot of decent friends. But ever since I turned thirteen, (Which was a couple months ago) I felt like I was being watched. I'd hear a flutter out my window at night, It felt like someone was watching me from the window pane.

Whenever I looked to see what it was, there was nothing there.

It only happened at night. And I started getting paranoid. I bought deep black curtains and hung them up, so no one could see threw them. I started locking the window, which I never did because I was on the third floor anyway.

But I never got any sleep. The feeling got worse and worse. I was always tired at school, and could never keep up with conversation. That's why some of my friends drifted away.

And it still continues.

Hey, who's hand is that? Why are they waving it?

Oh, it was Tony trying to get my attention.


"I said I have to go now. Seeya!" Tony waved as he ran off. I waved back, even though I knew he didn't see it.

"Really? That's so funny! Hey, would you and your family like to come to dinner?" Dottie said.

I guess mine and Tony's parents were bonding while we had our moment.

"Are you sure? It is your first day, we wouldn't want to intrude."

Dottie smiled. "Of course were sure, we already have the kitchen set up!"

My mom smiled back. "Ok, I'll run home and get my husband, we'll be back in an hour. Thanks so much!"

Mother waved and walked away. She was close to my tree, so I jumped out.

I nearly gave her a heart attack. "Annabelle! Come on, we gotta go and get ready for dinner tonight."

I groaned. "Mom, I don't want to go, I wanna stay home and write." Well, I know that's not true. It's just that it was almost sunset...

"Annabelle, your coming. These people are so nice, I'm not letting you stay home."

I groaned once more, but shut up. I knew I wasn't going to win.


Please don't answer the door, so I can go home. I can heat up some leftovers for dinner, I don't need to eat here! Please!

Damn. Dottie opened the door, looking happier then ever. I pretended to smile.

We were welcomed in, and sat around a small white table. It looked like one of those patio tabbles. What the hell is it doing indoors?

While I was silently making fun of the Thompson table, Dottie put all sorts of food on it. I'm suprised it could all fit.

I grabbed a fork, got my food and ate it quickly. Maybe mom will let me go home now. Well, I can dream anyway.

"So Annabelle?" Bob looked at me curiously.


"I asked if your into any sports."

Um, hell no. I'd rather do school work then hang out with a bunch of sweaty jocks. And cheerleaders. Don't even get me started on cheerleaders.

"Uh no, sir. I'm more into drawing and writing."

Dottie smilled. "Drawing? You and Tony should get along fine." Ha ha, great. As if were gonna come back here again.

But by that way my dad and Bob talked about golf, and my mom and Dottie talking about plants, I knew that wasn't true either.

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