Dear Wonderful, Amazing, Awesome, Readers & Reviewers.

I KNOW it's been a longggg time since I updated, and trust me, I'm on the verge of slapping myself.

No, it's not because I lost motivation to write, actually I've been wanting to update ALL of my stories for a long time now.

I currently blame it on my imaginative mind who wants to keep giving me ideas for stuff to write about thus adding more stories on my list to update.

Also, my grades have been lowering so I've been working my ass off to get them higher.

And just recently, my laptop's charger broke and my laptops been dead. I just got that fixed though.

I KNOW that there are no amount of excuses to make up for my incredibly long absence.

Just know that I truly am sorry, I honestly mean it.

(I also apologize to anyone who thought this was an actual update to the story- sorry for getting your hopes up D:)


NONE, and I repeat NONE of my stories are discontinued.

And I promise you this: UPDATES WILL START COMING :D

Hope that made most of you hate me a little bit less. Happy upcoming Thanksgiving to all :)