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Chapter 4

Annabelle would have made a fair bit of money had she found the bookie last night, but sadly for her Esme had gone to sleep before Annabelle could place her bet. This morning, nobody was walking, some crawled into their beds, at last, others were dragging themselves to the bathroom to ease their suffering livers.

As for Annabelle, she woke with a splitting headache, her arm and leg thrown possessively around a warm body. It was then that she realized she was naked. Dammit, she thought, I really need to stop drinking so much. Annabelle rolled over to look around, expecting to see a few other students in bed moaning about their heads, and was instead greeted by a window looking out over the hockey pitch. Her head spun back around to look closer at the body next to her, Kelly. Annabelle slumped down into the pillow wondering what to do now. Did Kelly want to do this or was it simply the alcohol making her more 'adventurous'? Nobody really knew Annabelle so Kelly probably was wondering the same thing. Ooh the rest of the school is going to have a field-day when they find out that A) Annabelle is a lesbian (although there will be the few thinking bi), and B) she SHAGGED the head girl.

Kelly, still asleep, gave a low groan and shifted closer to Annabelle. Belle looked down at the raven-haired girl cuddling against her side and wondered how often this scene happened for Kelly, and how she dealt with it.

Polly's eyelids slowly slid up. Without moving she tried to remember last night. Nothing came. We had the party, I drank a lot. Nope, nothing more. Polly made to stand up and fell back against the stage with a groan as the room began spinning. She scrunched her eyes together. When she finally managed to stand she stumbled forward towards the stairs, bent almost double from the cramps in her back. Sleeping slumped against the stage is not very healthy. When she finally made it up the stairs she slowly hurried as fast as she could to the bathroom, fighting to keep her stomach under control until then. She had not drunk so much since she had been inducted into the school five years ago.

The head geek rinsed out her mouth and stumbled out, intent on finding her bed, putting on pajamas and falling back asleep, this time lying down on a soft mattress. She had just slipped under the covers when she spied Belle, dressed in her school blouse and underwear, holding her other clothes bundled in a fist, slip out of the head girls room and hurry to her bed. Polly pushed her head deeper into her pillow to avoid being seen. Tears welling in her eyes, the red-head stifles sobs with her fist as she gratefully slipped out of consciousness for the second time.

Kelly's eyes flickered open, careful not to betray true waking she looked around the room, reflecting on last night's events, and gazing at the beauty that she was wrapped around. Her years spent testing Trinski stood her in good stead, yes her head hurt, like bloody hell, but she remembered all of last night. By her breathing Belle was awake, so Kelly took it as a good omen that she didn't leave immediately; or angrily ask Kelly why she was naked in Kelly's private room. Well maybe she does like me. I guess its time to find out.

Kelly groaned for appearances sake and slowly sat up, stretching out her arms and legs, careful to avoid knocking Belle of the bed.

"Morning Kel"

"Hey Belle, watching me sleep have you?" she taunted, her eyebrow arching upwards.

"I was thinking."

"Oh." Annabelle's serious tone gave her pause, "about what?"

"This." Kelly raised an eyebrow, "You know, us. Together. In bed. Naked"

"What about all that is confusing?"

"SEX, Kelly Jones, SEX!" she yelled. Her eyes quickly flicked to the doorway worried someone had heard. She continued much quieter, "It was a drunken sexual tryst."

a soft "oh" was all Kelly could manage, for the first time in her life at St. Trinians, she had been struck dumb. Annabelle continued on her rant. "I was drunk, you were drunk, we were excited, happy I... We... It was a spur of the moment, and I don't know how..." Kelly shut her up the only way she could think of, a kiss.

For a second Annabelle was too shocked to do anything, then she pushed Kelly away.

"Easy there Belle, nothing has to change. We just acted on our feelings, besides neither of us did anything unwillingly last night." Kelly finished with a predatory grin.

"I know what happened last night was fun, but it was just that, Last Night! I don't want a relationship with you, not even just sex. I'm sorry but I can't." With that statement out in the open Annabelle stood up and began gathering her clothes while Kelly digested her statement. Finally she spoke.

"This isn't the first time you've given that kind of speech." Annabelle finished putting her knickers on before responding.

"Yeah, I've got the whole thing written out somewhere, I just couldn't remember it all." Her attempt at humor fell flat.

"Who? When?"

"Jesus Kelly, why does it matter?"

"Is this a common thing for you, or was I your first or fiftieth, because you do a damn good job of acting like to don't care. Do you get drunk and fuck random people often? Do you even remember how many you've fucked." Kelly was practically shouting at this point "Is that why you left Cheltnam? You ... you just take your pleasure then leave them to deal with the aftermath. Is that it?"
"What, Me, I'm the one who 'takes my pleasure then leaves', you kissed me, you initiated it."

"Oh so because I wanted a snog makes me the villian, as I remember you were just as excited."

"Kelly, It's not that I don't care it's just," Annabelle tried to meet Kelly's stare but couldn't hold it for more than a moment. "Last night was great but I ... Fine, I'll tell you about Emmy." she sat heavily on the edge of the bed, and stared into her hands. "Last summer Daddy was away a lot so I spent more time out than normal, so I began meeting people, I went to a party at one girl's house and I met Emmy there. I got a bit drunk and somehow got her back to my room and well, yeah." Annabelle chanced a quick glance at Kelly, her face was unreadable. "At the time I didn't know she was apparently dating Verity. The next morning she had to get home before her parents started worrying so she left early. Later that week she wanted to meet up again so we met for lunch, She told me that she had broken up with her girlfriend for me, apparently I had said somethings during the events that night that she took to mean we were dating. I told her I didn't want anything, I was still uncomfortable being a lesbian then. She yelled at me and left. After that I hooked up with a few more girls, and didn't think much about her. When I got to school I found out that Verity was the girlfriend Emmy had broken up with." Annabelle turned and looked at Kelly, "Remember when I said that I was expelled because Verity and I were fighting? Well the first weekend back I walked into the bathroom and found Verity between the legs of some other girl, She apparently wanted to get back at Emmy for her 'betrayal.' I ran, I didn't know what to do, Verity chased me down screaming about me ruining her life, that I was a freak, a slut, I ruined her life and so on." Annabelle sat there for a second then stood up, "I'm sorry Kelly, but I can't do this now. Sorry." with that she slipped out of the room. Kelly just sat stunned. She had hoped that because Annabelle didn't leap out of bed when she woke was a good sign, but no Annabelle just brushed her off casually, a one night stand. She was raging internally, Annabelle had just told her she had practice telling girls sorry but I was just here for the sex, and she, Kelly Jones, was just another notch on her bed post. Unbidden tears began leaking out of her eyes, the one girl who fit with her, that broke through the Head Girl exterior, didn't want a relationship with her at all.

Annabelle on the other hand was focusing on on getting to her bed with out being seen. She felt horrible, last night was great she admitted to herself, but she couldn't bring herself to start a relationship with anyone based on her drunken escapades.

The rest of the day consisted of people slowly dragging themselves into their respective beds. The next morning found the girls of St. Trinian's at a late breakfast people comparing their nights with friends, more than a few attempting to piece together what they did once they had blacked out.

Annabelle sat down across from Kelly as usual, "Hey Kelly, are you ok?" she asked softly. Kelly focused herself on buttering her toast. "Ok, well, sorry for leading you on with last night, I didn't think it would mean that much, and I was drunk." Kelly studiously speared her sausage. Neither of them noticed half the school not quite surreptitiously observing their usual interaction, nor did anyone notice the large grin spread over the face of one red-headed Geek.

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