Author Notes 5

Chapter 36, Zutara Month Day 22 Prompt: 'Forbidden'

I got a couple of distraught PM's over this one… Yes, adultery was mentioned in the first paragraph, but no, Katara was NOT married to Aang. C'mon, after everything he did in the series, most of fandom should be in agreement that even though he's not a freakin' prodigy like Azula, Zuko is a powerful bender! No, this was set several years into Zuko and Katara's marriage, and a case of Blutara roleplaying gone awry.

After Katara's Most Embarrassing Moment Ever (see chapter 28, Zutara Month Day 14: 'Stranger') and Zuko had roleplaying explained to him, he got Very Interested and decided he wanted to try it. (But in a rare display of common sense, he let Katara know his intentions first, because the truth is that she reacts to surprises about as well as he does.) However, their anticipated playtime was postponed, forbidden by their son's innocent presence in the room... ;-)

Chapter 37, Zutara Month Day 23 Prompt: 'Serenity'

Yes, Katara's remembrance that it was Zuko who taught her how to meditate was a deliberate reference to my fic 'Promises to Keep'.

On a side note, I found it interesting that during the series, we saw firebenders doing it, airbenders doing it and once even an earthbender doing, it, but no waterbenders were never seen meditating. It's been suggested that their culture and their benders simply don't do that, and that's a possibility; in RL, martial arts and meditation only occasionally overlap.

But if waterbenders were in the habit of meditating in the way that Zuko taught Katara, then they might well have figured out the principles of bloodbending long before Hama did, and ATLA's history would be very different indeed. Someday far in the future, after all of my current mega-chapter sagas are done, I hope to write the story of "Avatar: The Blind Earthbender," in which Avatar Toph and her friends Zuko and Azula of the Fire Tribe Fens, later joined by Aang and Teo from the Free Cities of Glass, fight to free the world from the cruel grip of the Ice Empire before Koda's Comet returns and the whole world drowns… (Yes, that one turns into a Zutara story too. Also, Zuko has a pet swamp dragon that he communicates with by dancing.)

So this posting makes 50 chapters for this drabble series; time to close it for the third and last time. If/when I participate in another Zutara writing challenge, it'll be in a new drabble series, title as yet undecided. Thanks for reading, and remember, reviews are always welcome!