Author's Note: Hey, everyone! I haven't written an ounce of fan fiction for over two years. But somehow I have the urge again. I decided to write a sequel to my Shadow Hearts story, Darkness and Light, which focused on Shadow Hearts: From the New World, but did feature some prominent characters from the previous Shadow Hearts games. This story will pick up immediately where Darkness and Light left off. With that being said, those who wish to review me, please do so.

I got someone who loves me tonight.
I got over a thousand dollars in the bank,
and I'm all right.
Look deep in the eyes of love.
Look deep in the eyes of love.
And find out what were you looking for

"Room at the Top"—Tom Petty

Darkness and Light: Part II

Chapter I

After the kiss, Jeanne left the warmth of the bedcovers and Johnny's body. Grabbing her bra from the chair she placed it on last night, Jeanne returned it to her breasts. Johnny, however, kept his focus on her red panties. They were made of silk, and Johnny enjoyed the feeling they gave him against his thighs and groin. While Johnny slightly expected sex, when Jeanne arrived at three in the morning, the event did not happen. Jeanne loved kissing Johnny, but she was slightly nervous to go the next level. Johnny did not push her. He did not know if the reason was religious, it was Christmas Day, or something else. And although he would never admit to this, Johnny was a little nervous as well. He had sex once before, after he was 'bullied into it', to show that he was 'truly a man' by some of the people in his New York neighborhood. Johnny did not care for the experience, but with Jeanne, it would be different—where and when it happened.

"I take it that you're leaving?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah, I want to be over there; certainly before Mom and Daddy wake up."

"If anyone sees you, what will you say?"

"That I came to wish you good morning and Merry Christmas."

"And if your parents or brother sees you?"

"I'll say something similar."

Johnny smirked.

And Jeanne smiled. After all her clothes were on, she kissed him and said, "See you in a few hours."

Jeanne escaped the inn without being seen, which she regarded as lucky. She was certain that Lenny and Roger probably would not see her, but she was not so sure about Jacques. Jacques was known for being up early, but since it was Christmas Day, perhaps he decided to sleep in. Regardless of what Jacques decided to do for this particular December 25th, Jeanne was caught by her younger brother.

"Hi, Jeanne, were you out looking for Father Christmas?" Zachary Hyuga asked with a smirk—he was old enough to understand the legend of Father Christmas.

Jeanne returned the smirk. "I went over to the inn to wish Johnny a Merry Christmas. He told me last night that he was going to be up early. Are Mom and Daddy awake?"

"No, not yet, but why did you have to get up so early to see Johnny? You know that he'll be coming over here soon."

"You'll understand the answer to that question in a few years, Zack."

"Huh?" the boy said, confused.

But Jeanne ignored him. "What did you get for Christmas, Zack?"

Zachary Hyuga showed his older sister the gifts he was most interested in—some science fiction comics and a yo-yo. The clothes that he received did not mean too much to an 11-year-old. "What do you think you got, Jeanne?"

"Hopefully what I asked for." Jeanne Hyuga did not ask for much this Christmas. She was different from her brother. Jeanne did suspect, and was correct, about receiving a lavender dress. She was certain that she would receive this dress, because back in October she was with her mother in a Paris dressmaker's shop. But the pearl necklace that she received was a bit of a shock. "I'll have to show this to Johnny," she said to herself.

A few hours later, the Hyugas hosted Johnny, Lenny, and Roger for a Christmas lunch. As expected, Johnny and Jeanne sat next to each other.

"I have to ask," Yuri began, while he took a sip of hot chocolate, "how long do you guys plan on staying in Domremy?"

"I'll probably leave for home tomorrow," answered Roger.

"That's a pretty good question," responded Johnny.

"That it is," added Lenny. "We do need to head back toNew Yorksoon."

"How do you plan on us going home, Lenny?"

"I think we should…"

"Wait a minute! Did we ever take that car back that we rented inWales?"

"I took it back early in the morning, after we arrived in Wales with Yuri. Then I took a train back to Aberystwyth."

"How come I didn't notice any of this?"

"You were sleeping, Master."

"Oh," Johnny said, looking silly. "Now we know."

Jeanne giggled.

"But as for how we'll get home," continued Lenny, "I think we should take a train to Le Havre, and from there we'll return to America by ship. It will be a longer trip than flying home, but at least we'll save some money."

Johnny nodded. "True, but when should we leave?"

"Two days from now, on the 27th. Hopefully we can catch a ship leaving soon, but if not, then we'll try to find an airplane."

While the discussion took place between Lenny and Johnny, Jeanne began to stare at her food. She had lost her appetite.

"Are you all right, Jeanne?" asked Alice.

Turning to her mother, she said, "Yes, I'm fine. Would it be all right, if I left the table? I've had pretty much all I want to have."

"Well, if you're full, certainly."

"Thank you," Jeanne said with a nod. And turning to Johnny, she added, "Johnny?"


"I'd like to show you one of the things I got for Christmas, when you're finished."

"All right."

"What are you going to show him, Jeanne?" asked Yuri.

"Just my necklace."

"You can't show it to him down here?"

"Yuri!"Alice said.

Yuri chuckled. "Na, it's all right." And turning to Johnny, he added, "It is a pretty necklace, by the way."

Johnny nodded. "I'm sure that it is. Well, actually I am done," Johnny continued, while he pushed his chair back to stand up, "I guess I'll go with Jeanne to see this necklace. I thank both of you again for your hospitality."

"You're very welcome, Johnny," said Alice.

Once Johnny and Jeanne left the dining room, Yuri turned to Alice with a grin and said, "It certainly didn't take him long to finish up, did it now?"

"Oh, stop it, Yuri!"Alice replied, trying not to laugh.

"Why should Dad stop?" asked Zachary.

"Oh, he's just teasing Jeanne and Johnny, Zack." And whispering to Yuri, Alice added, "They're just two kids in love."

"Yes, I know," he said, whispering back.

Roger and Lenny merely chuckled.

In her bedroom, Jeanne showed Johnny the pearl necklace that she received for Christmas.

"It's very pretty," Johnny said.

Jeanne smiled. "Thanks, would you put it on me?"

Johnny did as Jeanne requested. He placed the pearl necklace on her, while the two of them looked at their reflection in the mirror on Jeanne's dresser. "You look stunning, Jeanne," Johnny said, before he kissed her cheek.

Jeanne blushed, before she said, "I have something to show you."

"What's that?"

From her nightstand, Jeanne retrieved a book. It was a volume from the Encyclopedia Britannica. "While you were away, I wanted to look at pictures from your hometown."

Johnny sat next to Jeanne on her bed, while she opened the book to the section about New York. "I know many of these places very well," he said.

"Which ones?"

"Times Square for one," Johnny said, pointing to the picture. "There're always explosive New Year's Eve parties there." And gesturing to another one, he added, "And here's a picture of the upper west side ofNew York. My detective business is not too far from where this photo was taken."

With her bright blue eyes gazing at him, Jeanne said, "I want to see your hometown one day, Johnny."

"You will, Jeanne. One day I'll take you there."

Leaving her bed, Jeanne took a moment to observe St. Remigius' Church from her window, before she turned back to Johnny. "I want to go with you."


"I want to go with you toNew York."

"Well, you will one day. I'll take you…"

"No, I want to go with you right now. When you and Lenny leave this village, I want to be with you. I want to be with you, when you get on that boat at Le Havre for America."

"Jeanne, I…"

"I want to help you with your detective business."


"What? Do you not want me to go with you?"

"No, I do. But what do you think you're parents will say?"

"I'll talk to them. I'll make them understand."

Johnny nodded. "If you receive their blessing, then you can come with me. If not, then I will try to come back as soon as I can, and I'll write constantly."

Jeanne returned the nod, and the two of them held hands, while they left Jeanne's bedroom and descended the stairs. In the master room, Alice and Yuri sat with Lenny and Roger. Zachary had left the adults to play with his toys.

"Mom, Daddy, there's something I need to talk to you about."

"What is it, Jeanne?" asked Yuri.

"It's kind of a personal issue."

"I see," Yuri said with a nod. And turning to Lenny and Roger he added, "Will you two excuse me? We'll catch up at St. Jehanne's later."

"Of course," Roger said.

Johnny turned to Jeanne and said, "I will also see you later." Then after looking at her one more time he left the Hyuga home with Lenny and Roger.