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-The Lost Ones-

"You know," Bulma said one evening about a year after the defeat of Cell when she and Vegeta were watching some random movie, "I was wondering about something." Vegeta didn't move his eyes from the screen or gave any indicator that he had heard her, but she knew him well enough to know he had, so she continued. "Raditz said it was normal to send saiyan infants to rid planets like Earth's of its inhabitants, and that was how Goku got here."


"Do you think there might be others like him?"

"What do you mean?" He turned to look at her and she knew she had his undivided attention now.

"I mean, do you think there are others like him who had been sent out before your planet was destroyed? Wouldn't they have survived? Surely Goku wasn't the only child on a mission at that time and I don't think Frieza would have bothered to hunt down small, untrained children. Do you think there might be someone out there who are still alive on distant planets?"

Vegeta blinked and frowned, thinking. "The possibility is there. However, even if there were in fact a few stranded saiyans out there I don't think we would be able to locate them. The system that kept track of where the infants were sent was destroyed along with the planet."

"And what if Frieza had a back-up? Would we be able to access that?"

"Perhaps. But we would have to travel to one of his former planets to access his computer system."

Bulma smirked. "You forget I'm the only one here with a spaceship."

Eight days later on the planet Frieza 79

"Can you hack it?" Vegeta asked curiously. He was standing behind his wife, his arms crossed in his signature pose.

Bulma was sitting in front of a big computer, quickly typing away on the keyboard. "I would have guessed he had encrypted his system better," the genius admitted, "but perhaps Frieza was blinded by his own strength to not acknowledge the factor of hacking. Then again, no one really tried it while he was alive, did they?"

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Of course not. They were too scared to try. Only us saiyans were proud enough to stand up to him."

"Of course you were. Anyway, I'm in. Now I just have to find the needed information."

Leaving Bulma to do her job, the prince of all saiyans and former soldier directly under Frieza, decided to take a stroll down memory lane a.k.a. the planet they were currently on. Trunks had been left with Dr. and Mrs. Briefs at Earth since Bulma had refused to bring him with her. According to her, he needed to be on Earth in good, safe hands. In reality she just wanted a vacation from the entire baby race and to be alone with Vegeta. It had been a long time since they had been just the two of them, and Vegeta couldn't agree more with her that it was nice to have his son and the in-laws at a distance. Besides, they probably wouldn't be in space for long.

He grinned inwardly as he inspected the abandoned building that had served as headquarters for the space tyrant. It looked almost haunted. Everything seemed like it had been abandoned in a hurry once the news of Frieza's dead had been released. To think that he once had been a slave to that thing. Now he was a father and a husband, living in peace on a planet filled with weak morons. But if he said he hated it, he would be lying to himself. Still, he did miss those senseless slaughters of weak planets back in the day with Nappa and Raditz. However, those days were now over and his priorities had changed.

The base was still filled with old uniforms, scouters, and expired food. The last thing had smelled terrible, even to Bulma and she had outright demanded that they got rid of it before she even got near one of Frieza's computers. And so it had been his job to throw it all out. It had been a long time since he had used so many colorful words.

He came to the room with the regeneration tanks and smirked faintly, remembering the last time he had been in one of them. Bulma would probably investigate the whole design and bring the technology back to Earth and sell such machines to the hospitals, making a fortune of it and become richer than she already was.

"Vegeta!" His wife's voice sounded over the intercom and interrupted his thoughts. "We have a connection!" Well, that was fast, he thought as he made his way back to the control room.

5 seconds later he was standing behind Bulma who was staring intently at the screen in front of her. Static was coming from the speakers, decreasing and sometimes increasing as she tried to make the connection clearer. Finally it was at the desired level and only a faint static was left, but that was to be expected considering the distance they were communicating from.

"Hello hello, calling whoever may hear it," Bulma said into the microphone "is there someone on the other line?"



"Hello?" a male voice responded, "who am I talking to?"

"You are talking with Bulma Briefs, an earthling. Am I correct in assuming you are a saiyan?"

The response was immediate. "Yes!"

Bulma shot her husband a cocky grin.

"Then Mr. saiyan, I have someone with me who would like to talk to you," she said and handed the microphone to Vegeta..

"You are now speaking with Vegeta, the prince of saiyans," he said stoically.

"Prince? Is it really true?"

"Yes, now tell me, who am I speaking to?"

"The name's Ceelar, sir."

"Good. How much do you know of our culture?"

Bulma leaned back in her chair. She was a true genius if she should say so herself, and there was no doubt the prince was pleased at this. She observed him and his stoic features as he continued to speak with the saiyan they had located, a satisfied grin on his face. She knew he would have preferred an elite to a low class, but the fact that Goku had been stronger than him had proven that how strong you were at birth didn't matter on the long run. Hopefully he was happy that he wasn't the last pure blooded saiyan alive. Judging from his facial expression happy was too weak of a word.

The next couple of weeks were spent in space with locating the saiyans, finding out how much they knew, and what had happened with each of them. Bulma collected all the data and most of their life stories in a small computer she had brought from earth. It was important to know how strong they were, and both she and Vegeta were curious to how exactly they had survived in all these years. They were all ecstatic to know that there were other saiyans alive, especially their prince. However, eventually Bulma and Vegeta had to return to Earth since Bulma was the president of Capsule Corporation since her father had retired from his position and chosen to focus on just working in the labs.

Back on Earth they still kept corresponding with the saiyans while making a plan to get them to Earth. It was easy enough for a few of them to stay hidden and live among humans, but they had gotten in contact with a total of 53 saiyans, and it would definitely be impossible to hide that many. No, the earthlings had to accept that they were not alone in the universe.

4 years later

They were back on the planet where they first had made contact with the surviving saiyans. This time they had company in the form of the z-fighters who had all agreed to help educating the saiyans in life on earth. At first Chi-Chi hadn't been all that happy that her oldest son, Gohan, was going into space again and so this time, she had decided to come with him, though mostly just to remind him of his studies. Goten, Trunks and Marron had come along too since their parents were going. In the last few days they had been welcoming the saiyans to the newly named E-2. Frieza 79 hadn't sounded right in Vegeta's ear so he had decided to change it. No one had had any objections. E-2 had lots of animals to feed the many saiyans and all other necessary facilities were already present from when Frieza's men had used it as a base.

Finally, the last saiyan had arrived and everyone was gathered in the assembly hall. Vegeta was standing in front of them on a podium and the rest of the z-fighters were standing behind him. Not a word was spoken, not a sniff was sniffed, and not a cough was coughed. It was finally time for the prince of saiyans to greet his people officially.

"My fellow saiyans," he began, "you have all been lost in space for long. That time is now over. We are an endangered species with no planet and therefore have I, your prince, gathered you all here to prepare you for your stay on Earth. As you can see, the earthlings look like us except the tail and a few minor things, for example appetite and battle lust. They are a weak people, but few individuals have far surpassed the normal limit. They are with us right now and are all stronger than you. Don't start a fight with them. Now, earthlings and saiyans are perfectly capable of mating. My son and the sons of Kakarrot, the saiyan who was originally sent to Earth, are proves of that. In fact saiyan/human hybrids have an even greater power potential than a full-blooded saiyan. Because they look like us, we are going to live among them and co-exist with them all the while still remaining proud for who we are. And that, my fellow saiyans, means that you for the next couple of months are going to learn both the history of our own ancient culture and also the way of the Earthling society and standards. Furthermore, you will receive the necessary training you all lack. By the end of the time here on E-2, you will all be a part of the new saiyan army. Your rank will depend on your battle skills and strength. With this new army we will ensure the safety of our new home and gain the respect of the earthlings as an elite army. Never again shall we be enslaved by tyrants and do their bidding. We are the saiyans, a proud warrior race."

Vegeta paused and the silence that ensured was as deafening as the one before he had spoken.


In the far corner a loud male voice sounded, "All hail Prince Vegeta, our savior!"

A few others joined in after that, then more and more, and at last all the saiyans were yelling, praising their beloved prince. Vegeta himself was watching them all with the same smug grin he had worn when he had first made the Super saiyan transformation. Finally the saiyan race had been reborn with him as their leader, exactly as it always should have been.

1 year later

"Have you finished packing?" Chi-Chi asked her oldest son when she entered his room on E-2. Tomorrow all those who weren't full-blooded saiyans would go back to Earth and prepare for the saiyans arrival.

"Not yet," Gohan answered as he put a shirt in his bag, "I still need a few things." He smiled; the smile that reminded Chi-Chi so much of her late husband.

"You know Gohan," she started, "there was something I wanted to discuss with you." She sat down on the bed in a spot that weas not covered in clothes.

He arched an interested eyebrow. "What is it?"

"Now that we're going back to Earth, I think it will be a god idea for you to start going to school."

"School?" Gohan stopped midway in packing a pair of trousers.

"Yes, I think you could use some friends your own age, and it would also benefit your education."

"It's not that I don't like the idea, mom, but won't it interfere with my new position?"

"Nonsense! You're a kid, you should go to school, not lead an army!" Chi-Chi huffed angrily, "Vegeta should never have given you that position!"

Gohan sighed and stuffed the trousers in his bag. "Mom, you know I'm the strongest. Though I suspect Vegeta has surpassed me with all the training he's been doing. Who else could he make general?"

"Not you! You always wanted to become a scholar, Gohan."

"Yeah, but you know, I don't really think Vegeta will let me go to school. He'll probably demand I focus all my time on my new duties."

Chi-Chi smirked victoriously. "Actually, Vegeta will have no choice but to let you attend school. I've already talked with Bulma. She'll take it from there." She rose from her seat to leave the room when Gohan's voice stopped her midway across the room.

"What about my tail?"

She glared at the cursed thing. It had grown back shortly before they had left Earth. "You'll have to lose it. It's probably better if your schoolmates don't know what you really are."

"Guess you are right." He shrugged and resumed packing as if it was nothing.

"I'll see you at dinner," Chi-Chi said cheerfully, satisfied that her oldest son had agreed to go to school and even get rid of his tail.

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