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-The Strict Ones-

Cornelia Banner, English teacher at Orange Star High, noted that Gohan Son was absent again. It wasn't really a surprise actually, because the entire staff had been informed that the school's best student also happened to be employed by Capsule Corporation, and as such only had time to be in school every other week.

It annoyed her to no end, because she, as a teacher, was strongly convinced that education was more important than any part-time job, no matter how well-paid it was. On the other hand, he was obviously the smartest kid she had ever had the pleasure of teaching, and she could only understand if the world's largest company had been eager to get their hands on such a talent. Besides, if anyone could miss so much school and still be at the top of his class, it would be Gohan.

He was actually a nice kid, she thought, as she stared out at the noisy students she was being paid to teach. He was the student of her dreams; the one who always paid attention, took notes, and reminded his classmates to be silent. Ah yes, if only everybody was like him, she would almost consider teaching for free. Almost. But because he was such an honorable student, she had decided that even though the poor boy had to work to feed his family, he would still get the education he wasn't there for.

"As you all know," she started and made a short break to give her students a chance to be quiet before she ripped their heads off and fed them to the dragons, "Gohan will only be attending school every other week because of his job at Capsule Corporation-" the students fell silent at the mention of their classmate and his – in their eyes – "awesome job "-he will of course miss out on several of the important lessons. To give him a chance of catching up, I have thought about assigning him someone to take notes for him, someone who will take an hour or two out of their week to inform him about what we have learned so he will not be too far behind."

She let the words hang in the air and turned her gaze to Videl Satan. Cornelia was counting on the crime fighter to take up the task, and from the way Videl seemed to be thinking hard, she knew it would only be a matter of moments before the girl gave in.

Videl was another one of Ms. Banner's favorites as she was very capable of turning out the mindless chatter of Erasa and actually focus on class instead. Of course, the black-haired girl would not always be present due to helping out the useless police force of Satan City from time to time, but she was a way better choice than the other two blondes Gohan seemed to hang around.

As expected, Videl raised her hand and Cornelia nodded in her direction, signaling that she was allowed to speak.

"I'll do it," Videl said, "I hang around him anyway, and I actually take notes in class-" she shot a pointed look towards her friends "-so I guess I can help him out."

"Excellent." The English teacher clasped her hands together and sent Videl one of her rare smiles. "It's settled then. I think it would be a good idea to take notes for him in the other classes too. If you can manage that, that is."

Videl rolled her eyes at the last remark. Ms. Banner was definitely not her favorite teacher, but what she had suggested was fair enough. Yes, Gohan was by far the smartest student in school, but if he didn't actually know what they were doing, he would be very far behind soon enough. As his friend she saw it as her duty to help him out. It also gave her a valid excuse to spend time with him.

After school, she would inform him about the arrangement.

Kurica prided herself of being able to keep her cool just fine. She prided herself of not getting angry when she came back from her job and all her comrades had eaten the food. She prided herself of not killing any of those scum she beat up daily even though it would be so easy. She prided herself of many things, and right now, she prided herself of not losing her temper in front of Videl Satan.

Yet again the Saiyan women had needed to fly in and interrupt a bank robbery, but did she get any thanks? Did she get any words of gratitude, any praise, any warm smiles? No. None at all. What she got was a hard glare and a snort of disapproval before the self-imposed crime fighter had turned around and gone back to school.

Kurica hung in the air above the crime scene, watching as the girl de-capsulated her jet-copter and flew into the air, not even sparing a glance in the Saiyan woman's direction. Afterwards, Kurica shifted her gaze to take in the disarray under her. The street was blocked and the police were talking to witnesses who were pointing their fingers at her, loud voices explaining the situation about how she had swept down from the air like an angel and saved them. Bystanders were also looking up at her, eagerly talking to each other about something she couldn't hear. The press had also gathered, but she took off before they could come close enough in their news helicopter to interview her.

When she landed she was outside the Saiyan headquarters where she greeted her brethren with a nod before she made her way towards the place she knew the general would be. It was one of his working weeks so he sat in his office all day, doing whatever a general was supposed to do when they weren't at war. Kurica had to admit she did not have the fainted idea of what his job entailed other than ordering the Saiyans around. She supposed it involved administrating and the like, along with a ridiculous amount of paperwork. She was thankful it was not her job. She preferred to be in the midst of the action like she had been all her life.

When she had walked through the hallways and corridors of the newly constructed headquarters and reached the top floor, she halted just outside the general's office when she heard voices coming from the room. No, it was only one voice, she concluded as she listened further. Apparently the general was on the phone with someone, and judging from the light, joyful tone he used, it could only be one particular person on the other end of the line.

Videl Satan.

Kurica suppressed the urge to wrinkle her nose in annoyance. It wasn't that the Saiyan woman did not like the daughter of Satan, she was just not her favorite person at the moment. She would admit to herself that she admired the strength of the human girl. Granted, it was much, much lower than hers, but so was Kurica's own compared to the Prince, the general and the Z-fighters. However, if she compared Videl Satan to a normal human teenager there was no doubt that she was incredibly strong, determined, and righteous- admirable traits. She also did not fear the men she clashed with every day; men who were all older, more muscular, more vicious, and more experienced than her. She was an ungrateful prick nonetheless. Did she not understand she was not responsible for the safety of Satan City? Did she not understand that it was Kurica's job?

"Spying on your boss, are you?"

She jolted and whirled around when a familiar voice sounded behind her. Her eyes locked on Yamcha who had apparently snuck up on her for his ki was completely nil.

"You scared me, sir," she said, pursing her lips.

"I know." He grinned. "I just couldn't help it when I saw you standing here instead of walking in to deliver your report as you should be doing." He arched an eyebrow, a silent question hanging in the air between them.

"I did not want to intrude on the general's personal conversation," she responded, "he is talking to Videl Satan right now."

"And you were not spying on him at all?" Yamcha inquired suspiciously.

"I do not care for what they have to discuss," she told him flatly, feeling slightly insulted that he would think that about her. She had more pride than that, and as she had stated, she wasn't interested in what they were talking about. Mostly because she did not understand how everyday life worked for Earthling teenagers, and also because she didn't know they people they were talking about.

The human chuckled lightly, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "Sorry, Kurica, I was just joking. Forgive me?"

"You are my superior in both strength and rank, it is only proper that I forgive you."

"Jeez, do you have to be so stoic all the time?" He shook his head at her. "Don't forgive me 'cause I'm your boss, do it because I was only joking."

Kurica pressed her lips together. She didn't know what to say, so she chose to remain silent. Yamcha looked at her, seemingly expecting some sort of verbal answer, but when it didn't come, he sighed deeply.

"You should just go in, Kurica. Gohan is not supposed to have private conversations during work hours. At least not when he has work to do."

She nodded respectfully. "Thank you, sir." She turned around, took a few steps, and pressed her palm to a flat screen which was embedded into the wall. She waited as her hand was scanned, and when the door opened, she walked into the general's office with Yamcha in tow.

The office was an average sized Earth room, looking like offices tended to. Writing desk filled with papers and documents, a computer used for work, a chair to sit on etc. it wasn't really anything special, but Kurica briefly wondered what Chi-Chi would say if she saw her son's messy workplace.

The general himself was sitting with his back facing them, scouter on his ear as he was still talking to Videl. However, when they entered, he turned his wheelchair around and greeted them with a smile as he signaled to his scouter. "Seems like work just arrived," he said to his friend on the other end of the line, "I got to go now, Videl…. Yeah, it was nice talking to you too. See you on Monday? Great. Bye." He pushed a button on the scouter and it went blank.

"Sir," Kurica said, nodding respectfully, acknowledging his higher rank, "I have come to deliver today's report."

"Ah yes," he said knowingly, his leg coming op to rest on the other as he learned back in his chair, "I already heard from Videl. She's not quite happy with you."

"I am aware. But I shall still continue to do my job nonetheless. It is, after all, what you have asked me to."

"Always stoic, isn't she?" Yamcha remarked. He had come to a halt beside her and now his head was tilting towards her in a nod.

The general shook his head. "Don't tease my subordinates, Yamcha. What did you come here for anyway? As far as I know you're off duty for a while."

The human shrugged. "I was in the area so I decided to come by. Then I saw Kurica outside your office."

"Really?" The hybrid arched an eyebrow in disbelief. "You were in the area? All the way out here?"

"Yes, all the way out here," Yamcha said, grinning, "I used to live around these parts before I met your dad, you know."

"If you say so…" The general didn't look convinced but chose not to comment further on the matter. "Anyway, could you leave for the moment? Kurica has a report to deliver and she doesn't need you around to interrupt."

"Aye captain." The baseball player fake saluted and sent a quick, warm smile in the direction of Kurica before he disappeared back out of the office.

The female Saiyan watched his back until the door closed behind him before she turned back to face the general who had also been observing his father's friend.

"I wonder what he's doing in the area," he said, voicing his thoughts to Kurica even though she was pretty sure she did not need to provide him with an answer. Instead she shrugged her shoulders and decided to get to the point. She had not come here simply to chit-chat with her superior.

"Sir," she tried, "my report."

"Ah yes." He smiled, looking very much like the boy he actually was. Sometimes she found it hard to imagine he was stronger than them all. But he was; she had seen him in action. Even she, who was one of the strongest Saiyans in their little army was like an ant compared to him, to the prince, to the z-fighters.

The base was one big buzz of people going in and out of each other as they went about with their jobs of preparing spaceships for take-off or handling the ones that were just arriving.

Ceraina stood in the midst of it all, her purple eyes taking in the stream of people around her as she awaited the signal that her space pod was ready to be fired off with her inside. The destination was Earth, a small back-water planet which hadn't really had anyone's interest until a week ago when some nobody had made a huge discovery. Apparently there were still some Saiyan's alive. Ceraina huffed. Even if they were alive, they wouldn't be for long. They were a weak species compared to her own, too barbaric too, and it would only be satisfying when she ripped their heads off and ended their miserable lives. Hopefully lady Frost would award her tremendously, but even if she didn't, the satisfaction of killing them off would be payment enough. She had always loathed them, and now would be the perfect chance to have some fun.

She was brought out of her thought when a voice to her left spoke to her.
"Ceraina, your space pod is ready," a little, green lizard-like creature told her respectfully.

She nodded and followed the worker to her space pod which was opened and ready for her to enter. All personnel had been cleared in the vicinity of it and all that was left to do was to get inside and take off towards Earth.

Letting her purple eyes sweep the base one final time, she got in and positioned herself comfortably in the small room. The destination was already set, and nodding to the worker outside who had let her here, she pressed a button and took off. As soon as she was outside the atmosphere, she let the sleeping gas out and fell into a deep sleep.

When she woke up in 2 months she would be on Earth, ready to kill.

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