Zutara Week 2008 - #1 Denim

"Why are we going on a shopping trip again?" Toph whined.

"Because it's fun!" Suki chimed.

"We're girls and that's what we do!" Katara exclaimed.

"Besides, Den Im is one of the largest women's clothiers in the world and we're traveling past it," Zuko pointed out nonchalantly.

"You had fun the last time we had a girls' day," Katara reminded the younger girl.

Toph crossed her arms and hmphed. "Doesn't mean I want to do it again."

"You know you want to," Katara poked the shorter girl.

Toph merely stuck out her tongue.

Sokka and Suki walked arm and arm and Zuko didn't want to know what the dreamy look on Sokka's face meant. He was having his own troubles keeping his mind away from a certain Waterbender trying on different clothes in the town. 'Mai trying on clothes. Fireblazes, Ty Lee trying on clothes. Teaching Aang to murder my own father. Taking down Azula. Azula's terrifying blue lightning… blue Water Tribe eyes… NO!' Zuko shook his head.

They entered the city and after a quick meal, the girls were off. "Bring me back something pretty!" Sokka hollered after them. Suki waved.

Toph had never understood the excitement of clothes shopping. Sure, she'd had fun with Katara on their first girls' day: she'd gotten to dump a couple of doofy girls into a river and Katara had said that she did look pretty. But now, with all of the grand city of Den Im at their fingertips and another girl to share the fun with, Katara was going to make sure that the Earthbender had the time of her life. She and Suki pulled the younger girl from store to store, trying on dresses, shirts, and skirts. Of course, both knew to stop before they tried to get Toph to wear shoes, but that didn't have to hinder their fun in trying on different footwear.

Of course, girls' day out wasn't complete without a trip to a desserts store, a nail salon, and a massage spa. The spa came at the end of the trip, to ease the girls' tired bodies and feet. Katara was sure that the receptionist at the spa fully understood that whoever would be treating Toph was under no circumstances to touch Toph's feet. Not ever. With that out of the way, the spa was as relaxing as it was meant to be.

Katara sat on the bench, water up to her shoulders, and sighed in relaxation. Training with their little gang was hard work and she was glad of the minor vacation. Of course, the little shop tucked into a corner that sold Fire Nation-esque clothes had piqued her interest. Her mind had wondered if Zuko would prefer to see her in red and gold or her traditional blue and white. Then she'd yanked her mind back to reality and had breezed on by without saying a word. Neither Toph nor Suki had really noticed the store and Katara certainly didn't want to draw attention to herself. She had, of course; just a little bit. Toph had given her a sideways "what's up?" sort of look but hadn't said anything, of which Katara was grateful.

So far, no one had discovered her little crush and Katara intended to keep it that way.

So I like to be different... all of the other 'denim' entries had Zutara in (or out of) their jeans... I wiki'd 'denim' and it turns out blue jeans originated in a town called de Nimes. Yes, I'm a dork.