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Haseo POV

"What do you mean my father is Pan?" I cried out, but it was too late. Mom was gone. I just sat there with her lifeless body in my arms fighting the urge to cry. "What am I going to do? I can't just leave her like this, mom needs a proper burial and I need to clean up," I said to Rena who looked just as bad as me. "I agree Haseo, she needs to be buried and you need to clean the blood off of you," said a voice behind me. "Who's there? Show yourself." "Haseo, you can understand stand me? This must also be a power from you god side." I looked down at Rena and said, "Okay, now I can understand animals. What else can happen?" And just as I said that a sharp pain shot through my body as I felt my ears slowly move to the top of my head and a tail shoot out from my lower back. "I just had to say something didn't I?"

"Haseo, where are you? I came to see why you ran home from school," I heard as Atoli walked through the front door. "Haseo, you need to go back. The teachers have been asking everyone what happened and they are looking for you." Shit. I can't let her into the house she'll see moms body. "Atoli, I'm around back." I said grabbing a hoodie from the laundry room as I made my way to the back door. Just as I got outside, Atoli ran into me. "Haseo why are you wearing a hoodie in 80 degree weather?" "I'll show you but promise you won't scream." "You're starting to scare me now. Why would I scream?" she said with a look of worry. "Just promise me, ok." Fine. I promise I won't scream."

I looked at her and took off my hoodie and revealed my fox ears and tail. "My god, what happened to you Haseo?" "I can explain what happened," I said. "Get away from me you freak," Atoli screamed as she ran away from me. I just stood there and watched as the only hope of keeping stable left me alone before I broke down and started crying. "You better get inside before somebody sees you fox boy," said a voice. In my entire life there was only one person who ever called fox boy. "Thalia, you don't know how happy I am to see you." "What happened? I saw inside and it looked like a fight broke out," Thalia asked. So I explained everything. "By the gods Haseo. I never knew Pan could have a child. You are in serious danger. Pan can never have a demi-god child. I have to get you to Camp Half blood." "Okay. But before we go, I want to give my mother a burial. It is all I ask for," I said getting up and putting on my hoodie.

Thalia POV

As I watched Haseo dig a grave for his mother, I started to cry as I thought about my own mother and how she died while I was a tree. Chiron said she passed quickly and painlessly from cancer. "Haseo let me help you with that. You need to take a break or you will tire yourself out," I said putting my hand on his shoulder. "Thank you cousin. I will go and get my things and we can leave after we say a few words," Haseo said handing me the shovel and running into the house. 20 minuets later the hole had been finished and we said our goodbyes to her as we buried her in the dirt. "Good bye mom. I hope you are in a better place now," Haseo said with tears forming in his eyes. I put my arms around him in a hug and said, "Every thing will be alright Haseo. Wee need to get moving before a monster shows up and tries to kill us." I reached into my bag and grabbed a little silver whistle and gave it a quick blow. "My friends will be here in a moment to help get you to camp. I will warn you of this. Watch your tongue around them and don't flirt with them. You will find out why in a few seconds."

Haseo POV

As I stood there trying to figure out what Thalia meant with the warning, a group of girls about the same age as me walked out of the woods behind my house led by a girl that looked about 11 years old. "Haseo I would like to introduce you to Lady Artemis and her hunters," she said walking over to the group. "Thalia, why have you summoned me in front of this mortal?" Artemis stated aiming her silver bow at me, "And why does he reek of blood?" "Lady Artemis, He is the demi-god I told you about. This is Haseo Inari. The reason I summoned you is he needs our help to get to camp half-blood because of who his father is, and the reason he reeks of blood is because he just buried his mother after she was murdered by a Cyclops." "Why does he need our help to get to the camp?" one of the girls yelled, He is a boy. We don't need the likes of him traveling with us." "Hold your tongue Saku. He is no ordinary half-blood. This boy in front of us is a son of the lost god Pan," Artemis proclaimed to the hunters who started to whisper to themselves. "A child of Pan is always welcome in the hunt. I hereby declare that Haseo Inari is forever welcome as a hunter of Artemis." The girls stood there speechless at what the goddess of the moon had just said. "Haseo, you should feel lucky as you are the only male to ever be allowed to join the hunters," Thalia said. "We should be leaving. Chiron will be waiting for you to arrive," Artemis said as she turned and started to walk back into the woods. I grabbed my things and followed her to my awaiting destiny.

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