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Chapter 1: Surrender

How in the hell could I let this happen? Whenever you see those promos for superstars getting injured and telling people not to try it at home you think to yourself…"It's never gonna happen to me."

Well that changed for me last night.


"It's down to one minute Cage must remain champion in order to survive but can he make it past his other four challengers?"

"RKO! Orton is the current champion!"

"Brogue Kick! Sheamus is the current champion!"

"Code Breaker! Jericho is the current champion!"

"Attitude Adjustment! Cena is the current champion!"

"Thirty seconds to go! Cage has him up…Xander Zone! 1-2-3! Cage is the current champion!"


"Wait a minute Cage doesn't look to good, he's being helped out of the ring by officials, hope he's not seriously hurt."


The General Manager of Raw Bret Hart was in the ring and a statement needed to be made concerning last night's events that went down at Over the Limit.

"I know that rumours have been running wild since last night about the condition of Xander Cage I would like to ask at this time for the WWE Champion to come out here right now." Bret asked.

Bleed it out hit and I came out to a huge reaction but to everyone's surprise and concern I was limping out to the ring on one leg with crutches for support as I had the WWE title around my neck and slowly I headed to the ring and got some help getting in as I was in and handed a mic.

"Yeah I know what your all thinking and yes to put the rumours to rest, yes I am hurt but even though I took a risk last night…IT WAS WORTH IT!" I stated as they popped to that. "I beat four other men to retain this title, I put it all on the line last night not just for the title but for you guys, the WWE Universe!" I stated.

"Xander…I spoke with your doctors and they told me you tore your ACL last night and your going to be out of at least six to eight months." Bret said as the crowd booed my injured status would put me out for that long. "You know what needs to be done." he said.

I knew what he was talking about and the emotion began pouring out from me, as I brought the title out into my hands and looked at it as I was hesitant to do what needed to be done.

"I have to follow the rules and regulations here…you have to surrender the WWE Championship." Bret said.

The booing got louder as I then felt my eyes well up with water and they began to go red from frustration and sorrow but I knew he was right and I had no choice.

I looked at the title and gave it a light kiss as literally I was kissing it goodbye and reluctantly I handed it over and the overwhelming amount of anguish having to surrender the title I fought tooth and nail for, the title I put my career on the line for, the title that means so much to me is now being forced away from me due to an injury.

"I'm sorry Xander, it's the rules and I know this must be hard for you." Bret said.

"Y'know I never thought this would happen to me but now it has…THIS SUCKS! I mean after everything I went through to get the title back I lose it like this? And worst of all I can't come back to work for several months to do what I love, but also I feel like I let you guys down so tonight I make a vow that I will return to action and I will regain the WWE Championship!" I stated.

"XANDER CAGE! XANDER CAGE! XANDER CAGE!" the crowd chanted as they popped to my vow as I got a handshake and hug from Bret and left the ring as I traded some high fives with the fans at ringside and was making my way out of Raw and WWE until the day I could step foot back in the squared circle and regain what I never lost.

Say it ain't so...our hero is hurt and no longer the champ? What will happen now? Will he get back what he never lost?

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