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Chapter 3: Royal return

40 Man Royal Rumble match

Winner receives a championship match at WrestleMania 27

WWE Championship

The Miz (c) w./ Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship

(If Michael Storm or Edge use their finishing moves Dolph Ziggler becomes World Heavyweight Champion)

Michael Storm (c) vs. Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler w./ Vickie Guerrero

WWE Hardcore Championship

Hornswoggle (c) vs. Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reks vs. Curt Hawkins

Divas Championship

Aeon (c) vs. Scarlett Veil vs. Michelle McCool vs. Layla

"Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the Royal Rumble match!" Justin Roberts announced.

"Here are the rules, there are no pinfalls , no submissions, the only way to eliminate an opponent is to throw them over the top rope and both feet must his the floor, the last man standing will be the winner and have earned himself a championship match at WrestleMania!" he explained the match rules.

"Introducing first the two men who drew numbers one and two…

This fire burns hit as it was the leader of The New Nexus CM Punk was the unfortunate one to be out first, he looked confident as always knowing that all members of Nexus would be in the rumble as he made his way down the ramp and into the ring he just sat in the ring cross legged awaiting the number two participant.

Bleed it out hit and the entire placed just erupted into a massive frenzy and punk quickly shot up from his seating position and was finding it hard to believe as he thought it was a joke but that thought was erased as I made my way out and I was so glad to be back and making my return at the Royal Rumble but unfortunately at number 2 as I made my way down greeting the fans and I threw my shirt to them and entered the ring for the first time since my injury and a jaw dropped Punk looked at me just shocked I was the number two entrant in the rumble match.

"XANDER CAGE! XANDER CAGE! XANDER CAGE!" the chants broke out as I and the WWE Universe was glad to be back in the WWE and to make a triumphant return tonight.

The bell rang and it was underway for the first ever 40 man Royal Rumble.

We locked up and both of us were evenly matched as I had been out of the ring nearly a year but had not missed a beat from the last two months of training I was allowed to do.

He got me into a hammerlock but I countered into a hip toss as had him in a headlock but he countered and threw me off and I came off the ropes into him as he attempted a clothesline but I ducked it came off the ropes again and got him with a wicked heel kick to the face.

I brought up The New Nexus leader and I kicked him in the gut and got him up for a suplex as I set to hit my other two combos on him I got them in and the countdown started for the number three entrant to arrive.


Ride of the Valkyries hit and it was the current United States Champion and my former NXT rookie Daniel Bryan I was happy it was him as he came down the ring ready for his first rumble and was thrilled it was me awaiting him as I let him get in and we had a mentor/rookie moment in the ring and shook hands as we locked up.

I had a wirstlock on him but he flipped out of it and got it on me as I got a hammerlock then he flipped me to the ground but I used a quick legsweep as he fell flat on his back as we both quickly got to our feet and smiled at that quick exchange of moves.

We locked up again and this time he caught me with a kick to the chest as it winded me, he hit another bringing me to my knees as the kicks kept on coming from him and came off the ropes with knees to my face, but he was then attacked by Punk as he zeroed in on Bryan with stomps and fists.

As Punk took him into the corner the countdown began once again for number four to enter.


End of days hit as the member of The Corre, Justin Gabriel made his way out and went right after Punk as they fought and he was already on the verge of eliminating the Nexus leader.

Meanwhile me and Bryan went at it as he used his boot to stomp on me in the corner as he was trying to wear me down as then he brought me up standing up in the corner and I was getting struck with chops to my chest as he then brought me out and kicked me in the gut and was about to throw me out of the match but I held on for dear life.

I managed to hit a few elbows to his head and it threw him off as I got myself back in the ring.

We fought again as Gabriel was still trying to eliminate Punk but he kicked him in the head and was stomping him in the corner as the next participant was coming out.


We are one hit and out came New Nexus member Husky Harris as the Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine just flattened me and Bryan, he then went to help Punk as they double teamed Gabriel in the corner taking turns beating down on him, as Punk laid Gabriel out on the floor Harris just came off the ropes and HE HIT A HUGE SENTON SPLASH CRUSHING HIM WITH ALL OF HIS WEIGHT!

They continued the assault as then me and Bryan went after them both I went right for Punk, Bryan went for Harris as the four of us fought I then tried to eliminate Punk but he was holding on as I got attacked by Harris in which then both him and Punk double teamed me then went after Bryan and back to Gabriel.

The countdown began again for the next entrant.


Oh radio, tell me everything you know…

Radio hit as the Long Island Ice Z, Zack Ryder made his way down and he instantly got jumped by Nexus as they just beat him down not giving him a single chance to defend himself as he was laid out Harris hit the Senton splash and Punk ordered him to get him back upon his shoulders and HE HIT'S THE GO TO SLEEP!

Then grabs the Long Island resident and just throws him over the top rope ZACK RYDER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Gabriel came back at them and Bryan and myself joined in on it as the two of them got outnumbered by us as Bryan floored Harris and I was still down but Gabriel went after Punk as he floored him with a suplex and decided to go up high and was about to hit 450 SPLA-NO PUNK GOT OUT OF THE WAY! He grabs Gabriel who was injured by missing the 450 and JUSTIN GABRIEL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Punk loved the fact he got rid of a Corre member and now wanted to go back to beating me and Bryan up as the countdown began again.


Regality hit and the 2008 King of the Ring made his way out as he just went after anyone who stood in the ring nailing Punk, Harris myself and then the battle was on between Bryan and Regal as former mentor and protégé went at it with an exchange of uppercuts to one another.

They went blow for blow as then Regal caught him and just threw him with that unorthodox suplex of his with Bryan landing on the back of his head, he then came after Punk and suplexed him onto the back of his head and HE DRILLS HARRIS WITH A KNEE TREMBLER! He saw me and ANOTHER KNEE TREMBLER TO ME! The move just rattled my skull as Regal was dominating.

He then again went after Bryan and they brawled into the corner with Regal missing a fist and getting a kick to the chest by Bryan as he kept the kicks up and the countdown began again.


I come from money hit as the Fortunate Son, Ted DiBiase made his way out and ran right down the ramp and into the ring for his third rumble match as he hit everything that moved and ducked a clothesline attempt by Bryan and got himself hooked into the Million Dollar Dream clutch and DIBIASE HITS DREAM STREET! He then grabbed me and HE HITS DREAM STREET ON ME!

DiBiase was on fire as he then went after Punk but Harris was making sure his leader did not get eliminated as I was about to be by Regal who was trying to get me over the top rope but I was clinging on to those ropes like glue not letting go.

I managed to kick him in the head as he staggered off I then balanced on the ropes as I positioned myself and I HIT A MOONSAULT FROM THEM RIGHT ON TOP OF DIBIASE!

The countdown began again for the next superstar to enter.


Aint no make believe hit and it was the arrival of the Prince of Parkour, John Morrison as he just ran right into the ring and hit me with a clothesline, a huge dropkick to Harris, an enziguri to Punk and went to take him into the corner as the former rivals clashed.

I got back up from that clothesline as it was me and Regal again and then I found myself teaming up with Bryan as we began beating Regal down and he kicked the Englishman hard in the back as I then stepped in and told him "Not that way." as I kicked him hard and he then kicked him then I did as he got a kick and we then just kicked him at the same time causing him to stand up in shock.

As we grabbed him and threw him over the top ropes and WILLIAM REGAL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

We high fived that elimination as then Bryan got blindsided by DiBiase and me by Harris as Punk had Morrison over the ropes and just pounded him with a kick but he managed to avoid elimination by gripping the barricade and then a Spider-man like grip and balanced on top of it and ran across it and jumped to the ring steps and landed perfectly on them and back into the ring as the countdown started again for the next entrant.


We are one hit and out came Michael McGuillicuty as he ran right in to save Punk from elimination as he attacked DiBiase and Harris even came over as there were three members of Nexus now in and all attacked DiBiase and threw him over the top rope and TED DIBIASE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

While that was going on me, Bryan and Morrison saw those three teaming up we decided to team up and it was three on three and we all went at it but it was quickly narrowed down as Punk kicked Bryan in the head and clotheslined him over the ropes and DANIEL BRYAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Me and Morrison were fighting McGullicuty and Harris as Punk helped them with us as then the countdown began.


End of days hit and out came Heath Slater, the One Man Rockband and member of the Corre was out and he went after Punk straight away, as then we had some unlikely backup but took the fight to the group, as the three of us were actually beginning to work as one but still we could not overpower them as HARRIS CRUSHED ME WITH THAT SENTON OF HIS!

I just rolled out of the way in agony as he went back to help his team mates and they ganged up on Morrison as they then beat him down three on one as they went to throw him over the top rope he was still holding on by his feet just stopping him from falling out as he tried to skin the cat.

But Punk saw him and just kicked him off, JOHN MORRISON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

A they then went to go after Slater they then beat the hell out of the Corre member and threw him out, HEATH SLATER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! The countdown began for the next entrant.


Land of five rivers hit and it was the music of The Punjabi Playboy, The Great Khali was back and he had a score to settle with Nexus as he marched to the ring and even before getting into the ring they went after him but he just shoved each member back with is giant hands.

I decided to sit to one side and watch him take them out as Harris tried his luck but he grabbed the third generation superstar and manhandled him over the top rope, HUSKY HARRIS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

He delivered head butts, chops and a boot to the remaining members of Nexus and he was going for Punk next as the countdown began for the next entrant with Punk on the brink of elimination.


We are one hit and the big man of Nexus, Mason Ryan ran out to save his leader from elimination and pulled him back in and was going toe to toe with the giant.

The hulking enforcer of Nexus was hitting Khali with strikes rocking him but he got floored with a chop but as he went to eliminate him Ryan ducked his attempt and THE GREAT KHALI HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Nexus was dominating as now I was all alone with them and it looked like that I was going next as I got myself up to my feet but I was beginning to feel tired and worn out from the beating I took earlier on, but the countdown just started for the next participant.


We are one hit and it was Nexus member A-List David Otunga who ran right down the ring and joined his team mates.

Punk looked at me sinisterly and wanted to throw me out to keep his dream alive of main eventing WrestleMania but I had to keep mine alive and he knew I wasn't going to back down and then ordered his boys to attack me as I threw the first punch at Punk but they ganged up on me just beating me down as they held me down.

Punk started talking trash to me and slapping me repeatedly across my face as he ordered Nexus to hit their finishers on me.

I got kicked in the gut by McGuillicuty and he went off the ropes HE HITS THE SWINGING NECKBREAKER! I got picked up thrown towards Otunga HE HIT'S THE SPINEBUSTER! I was brought to my feet and RYAN NAILS A HUGE CLOTHESLINE!

The countdown began again as Punk had me on his shoulders for a GTS.



Can you dig it hit as it was the entrance of the six time former world champion, Booker T, as the roof blew off the place seeing him return as he just rushed into the ring but Nexus attacked him as then McGuillicuty threw him off the ropes and Booker countered with a kick to the gut and HE NAILS THE SCISSORS KICK! Otunga went at him but Booker grabbed him and HE HIT'S THE BOOKEND! Ryan came at him as he just decks him with a huge kick to the face.

He then motioned for it as yes he knelt down and had his hand up and a Royal Rumble sized SPINAROONIE! But from behind Punk attacked him and BOOKER T HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Punk looked on proud as he then looked to me trying to get myself back up to my feet as he just went over to me and turned me around to face him as he went to kick me I ducked the kick and as he spun around to face me I HIT RAGE IN THE CAGE OUT OF NOWHERE!

All competitors were down as the countdown began again.


Trust Company-Stronger hit as no one had any idea who this was as then the mystery superstar made his way out, he had messy brown hair and wore a light blue wrestling tights with white boots and on the sides of his tights was a trident as he then had a mic on him.

"Hi! My name is Kalin Kessler and tonight I make my WWE debut and I will win the Royal Rumble!" Kessler said as he threw the mic down and rushed into the ring.

He looked around and grabbed Ryan trying to eliminate the big man in his debut match in the WWE but that was not a good idea as the enforcer of Nexus grabbed the rookie and threw him hard into the corner as he then lifted him to the top rope as then I struck the big man from behind and he turned around and I quickly hit the backflip kick and I hooked him up and I NAILED THE XANDER ZONE!

I looked to Kalin and I told him to go for it as in his WWE and Pay Per View debut KESSLER HIT'S A 630!

"KALIN KESSLER! KALIN KESSLER! KALIN KESSLER!" the crowd chanted as he soaked it in and I told him to help me pick up what was left of Ryan and MASON RYAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Me and Kalin looked to one another as we shook hands and hugged as we knew one another from Japan as then we got attacked by the rest of Nexus as they beat us down like the pack of hyenas they were as the countdown started.


Time is now hit and it was the entrance of John Cena as he just threw off his gear and rushed to the ring as he vowed to eliminate all members of Nexus he pounded the hell out of McGuillicuty as he threw him over and MICHAEL MCGUILLICUTY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Cena was going crazy as he then went after Otunga and he then just pounded the hell out of him and threw him out and DAVID OTUNGA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Now Punk was alone as he pleaded with Cena and he wasn't hearing any of it and he was just going at it with the Nexus leader as then me and Kalin were fighting one another and the countdown began for the next entrant.


J-Pop drop hit and out came the Japanese superstar himself Yoshi Tatsu as he ran right in and went right after both me and Kessler.

He kicked him in the back as he nailed some kicks to my sides and then rolled me with a snap mare and blasting me in the face with a huge kick and he then blasted Kessler with one.

Cena was trying to eliminate Punk by throwing him over the top rope but he hung on for everything he had as Tatsu came to help Cena eliminate him as then the countdown began once more.


Pain hit as the Moscow Mauler himself and one half of the Tag Team Champions made his way out and just went right after anyone who stood in his way of winning the rumble as he just entered the ring and instantly Tatsu went after him but he got a huge boot to the chest flooring the Japanese superstar.

Kessler went for him as he hit him in the face with some forearm shots but the Moscow Mauler grabbed his arms locking him in his radius and just delivered the head butts to the chest of the newcomer and then throwing him to the side.

I went for him as I was exchanging blows with him he threw me into the ropes but I countered with a quick drop down and chop blocking the knee of the Russian and delivering a kick to his head but he just got up unfazed by that as I went off the ropes but got caught with that head butt of his.

The countdown for number 20 to enter this match.


Killing Joke- Loose cannon hit and again no one knew who it was until I and everyone else saw the individual stepping out and my eyes could not believe who it was…SAMOA JOE! SAMOA JOE IN THE WWE?

My eyes were just locked on him as he had his usual attire on and threw the towel down as he was in destruction mode and ran to the ring as he hit anything that moved.

He grabs Tatsu and with one arm slams him to the mat, he kicks Kessler in the head and he and Kozlov come face to face as both men exchange blows but Joe just delivered the palm strikes as that backed the Russian in the corner as he continued to strikes to the face he then delivers a huge flying kick to his head and grabbed the Russian on his shoulders and had him up high…MUSCLE BUSTER! Joe delivers the most brutal move I have ever seen as he took his lifeless body and…VLADIMIR KOZLOV HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! As the countdown began.


Booyaka 619 hit and out came the former world champion as he rushed down to the ring as then Joe just nailed him with a huge chop flooring him, the Samoan Submission Machine was on fire as Yoshi Tatsu came at him with a kick but he just gave that look of his and took him by the head and…YOSHI TATSU HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Punk was back in as he just kicked Cena in the head and as he turned around to face Joe and I knew as did every wrestling fan these men had past history and they just both went at it with kicks and strikes flying everywhere.

Me and Kessler were fighting one another as he tried to get me over the top ropes and I was teetering on the brink of an elimination as I pulled a desperate act and used my legs to grab him by the head and with all my strength…KALIN KESSLER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

The countdown began for the next participant.


Overdrive hit as it was The Masterpiece, Chris Masters and he just made a b-line to the ring and hit me with a clothesline and even struck Joe down and Cena as he then had Punk in his sights and was going for it…MASTER HAS THE MASTERLOCK ON PUNK! He just kept the hold on him and was looking to eliminate Punk but he hung on again as he used the ropes to his advantage…CHRIS MASTERS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Joe was beating Cena and Rey down as me and Punk went at it as I wanted to beat him down for what he did earlier on with Nexus as I was hitting strike after strike to the Nexus leader and was just letting my emotions guiding me as I looked to eliminate him but he quickly countered me and had me up for GO TO SL-NO I GOT OUT GRABBED HIM AND CM PUNK HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

He tried to get back in but the officials sent him to the back as the match went on and I got caught into a bulldog from Mysterio as the countdown began again.


Tylersarrus reks hit and the newcomer on Smackdown! Tyler Reks made his way out and wasted no time in going after the strongest person in there and he just attacked Joe as both big men went at it.

I was battling with Rey as he and I were trying to eliminate one another but just then we both got clocked in the face by Cena as he then went right after Reks who just booted Joe in the face, he then fought with Cena as he threw those lefts and rights and then ducked a clothesline attempt by Reks and just took him up for that inverted side slam and had his hand up for what was coming next…YOU CAN'T SEE ME!

He went off the ropes but narrowly avoiding Joe and delivering a side slam and once again…YOU CAN'T SEE ME! Coming off the ropes DOUBLE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!

Grabbing the disoriented Reks and throws him over and TYLER REKS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! The countdown began again.


Somebody's gonna get it hit and it was the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry made his way down and he hit anything that moved there as Joe was still down as he brought him back up to his feet but Joe just came back and was hitting the big man with strikes but got floored with a head butt.

I was trying to eliminate Rey again and I'll tell you I know why he won and lasted the longest in a rumble match the way he did he was hanging on for all he had and me trying to get him out was hard enough without me being drained after all the time I've spent in this match and getting my ass kicked by everyone.

But however as then Joe was back up and he just kicked Cena in the head with a super kick and also he had Henry up on the second rope and HE WAS ON HIS SHOULDERS AND…MUSCLE BUSTER TO THE FOUR HUNDRED POUNDER!

"JOE!JOE!JOE!JOE!JOE!JOE!JOE!" the crowd chanted as the Samoan just shocked everyone yet again.

But he wasn't done as he then rammed Cena into the corner, took him to the second rope, he was on his shoulders and…MUSCLE BUSTER! Joe then struck me and Rey fell on the apron as Joe had me up and MUSCLE BUSTER! He grabbed Rey from the apron and had him up on his shoulders and MUSCLE BUSTER! SAMOA JOE IS ON A RAMPAGE! The countdown began.


Hes ma da hit and it was the littlest superstar in the history of the WWE, Hornswoggle who was still the Hardcore Champion after once again outwitting his opponents and he just rushed into the ring but was faced by Joe who just looked down on the little guy as he tried to leave Joe grabbed him by the head and just easily had him up for the Muscle Buster but the Hardcore Hornswoggle bit Joe on the hand and just slid out of the ring and hid under the ring for safety.

Joe looking around at the devastation in the ring he was responsible for and decided to dish out more punishment as he grabbed Cena and had him on his feet as he talked some trash to him and just began the palm strikes and throwing him back first into the turnbuckle as he fell sitting down there he got a huge boot to the face and the face washing began.

It was complete disrespect by the Samoan as he continued to choke him with his boot and me and Rey were still down from Joe's rampage as the countdown began yet again.


Bed of nails hit and the last student of the Hart Dungeon, Tyson Kidd made his way out and quickly went on the attack unfortunate that was me as he stomped the hell out of me and started pounding my head.

He then went for Rey and stomped on him as he then did something very brave but stupid and struck Joe from behind as that caught the Samoan's attention and he backed off and then just struck Joe once again as he hit him again and again but it did not effect him as he continued to march on him.

Not backing down he went off the ropes and dropkicked him but that again unfazed him as he dared Kidd to hit him again and this time he went to the top ropes and was going for a cross body as he dove from there…JOE CATCHES HIM AND HE HIT'S A POWERSLAM!

The countdown began as Joe awaited the next man to enter.


Written in my face hit and it was the 2010 King of the Ring, Sheamus and the first ever Irish born WWE Champion made his way out crown and all as he threw down and walked to the ring not taking his eyes off of Joe as did he and entered the ring and both men stared each other down.

Both just dared one another to throw the first punch and Joe did as Shaemus retaliated and the fight was on, both men just striking one shot after another.

I however was staying well out of that fight as I was trying to hang on with Kidd trying to eliminate me but I kicked him in the head and it got him off me as I then grabbed him and hit all three of my suplex combos and went to eliminate him but as I threw him out and I turned my back to him he landed on the apron but from under the ring he was pulled off the apron and out to the floor TYSON KIDD HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! It was Hornswoggle and he then decided to enter the ring.

The littlest Hardcore Champion was this time armed with a weapon his choice a kendo stick as he struck me on the back of my leg and then hit Rey in the back of his leg as he then went after the two titans Joe and Shaemus as he hit them both but that only diverted their attention onto him as Sheamus grabbed his weapon and threw it to one side as he manhandled the little guy and had him on the top rope and just slapped him so hard it dazed him but he refocused RIGHT INTO A BROUGE KICK! HORNSWOGGLE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! The countdown began again.


Broken dreams hit as it was the Sinister Scotsman, Drew McIntyre as he ran right down and into the ring and just attacked Rey as Sheamus then asked him to help him get rid of Joe as he obliged and both men double teamed him.

I was now fighting with Cena as we exchanged fists, and the crowd chanting for us both.

"LET'S GO CENA! CENA SUCKS! LET'S GO CENA! CENA SUCKS!" the mixed chants directed at Cena.

"LET'S GO CAGE! LET'S GO CAGE! LET'S GO CAGE!" the chants for me as I felt the support of the WWE Universe.

As then he missed a right and got a back flip kick from me staggering him as then he fell into the second ropes as I then got dropkicked by Rey into them right next to Cena and he was setting us up for the area code and dialled it up 619 CONNECTED TO BOTH CENA AND MYSELF!

The countdown began once again.


Get on your knees hit as the All American-American-American, Jack Swagger made his way out and just went after everyone as he clotheslined Rey and seeing both me and Cena down he just quickly went up the ropes and HE HIT'S THE SPLASH FROM THE SECOND ROPE TO ME! AND ANOTHER FROM THE OTHER SIDE TO CENA!

Swagger then went after Rey again and HE HAD THE ANKLE LOCK ON REY! He wailed in agony as he kept the hold on but Rey flipped him off as he went flying into Sheamus, McIntyre and Joe breaking up the three men from brawling and Joe was back up and tearing into Swagger now.

The countdown began yet again for number 30 to enter the match.


End of days hit and it was the leader of The Corre, Wade Barrett as he ran down to the ring and went straight to work on his former arch rival John Cena.

I was however duking it out with the Celtic Warrior as his massive blows came down across my back I was being worn down by him, but the amount of time I had been in there was nearing the mark Rey had set a few years ago.

Sheamus was not letting up as he was looking to eliminate me from the match as he tried to get me over the top rope but again I was hanging on as I elbowed him in the face knocking him off as I went to the top rope and from there I NAIL A HUGE DROPKICK TO THE CELTIC WARRIOR!

The countdown began once again.



I am perfection hit and for the first time in rumble history the number 30 was not the last as Dolph Ziggler help make history as he ran right into the ring and just quickly went after his former rival Rey Mysterio.

I was bow trying to get Sheamus over the top rope but the guy was a lot of weight and power to even do that as then McIntyre was trying to throw Cena out with Barrett's help and Swagger was trying to avoid being decimated by Joe as he was gripping onto the ropes for safety.

Sheamus was on the outside apron as I was trying to now suplex him back in as he was trying to suplex me on the outside but we both fought one another but I managed to bring him back in with the suplex, but then I saw Cena fighting off both Barrett and McIntyre as he took the Scotsman over the ropes and DREW MCINTYRE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

The countdown began for the next participant.


Brining tha hood to you hit as it was the entrance of the ever fly JTG and he was all fired up to win this as he went right for Swagger and HE HIT'S THE SHOUT OUT! Then picking up the stunned Swagger and looking to eliminate him.

I was battling with Sheamus trying to floor him with a flurry of kicks to his body with each shot sounding like wood hitting his upper torso as he was taking my shots and they seemed to be making him angrier as he just came at me with a fist as I responded with one of my own but he rocked me with a wicked right hand as I fell to the corner turnbuckle.

He was pounding my way at my head as I was just too drained to even defend myself from the onslaught but as that was happening, JTG HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Thanks to Swagger as he then turned his attention to Joe who was being double teamed by both Barrett and Ziggler in an unlikely alliance as he joined in and Cena was trying to eliminate Rey the countdown began again.


Diesel blues hit and another shocking return of a WWE Legend, Diesel the former world champion made a long return as he just marched down the ring andd entered it shocking us all with just his presence.

Rey went at him but got a boot, Sheamus went at him and was struck in the head with a fist, as did Cena, Barrett, Ziggler, but when he and Joe stood face to face neither backed down and their history did not get in the way as both men went at it and Nash just grabbed him by the throat and A CHOKESLAM BY BIG DADDY COOL!

I tried to take him on but that was a mistake as I was still drained and running on reserves and he just kneed me in the gut and took me up high HE HITS ME WITH A JACKNIFE POWERBOMB!

"DIESEL!DIESEL!DIESEL!DIESEL!" the crowd chanted, the countdown began again.



I came to play hit as that was the entrance of The Miz but ias he made his way out it was for his protégé Alex Riley as he was ready for his first rumble match and made a b-line to the ring and went after Cena as then Barrett and Nash were trying to eliminate one another.

I was trying to recover from the power bomb as I used the ropes to try and get back up and saw that Sheamus came at me full force to clothesline me over the top rope and ducked and pulled the ropes down…SHEAMUS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

I had gotten rid of the Irishman but there were still more in the ring as I went after Riley and just pounded the hell out of him as Miz watched on commentating on how he supposedly "won" earlier on.

The countdown began again for number 35.


Crank it up hit as then The Big Show came out but just then DIESEL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! He was eliminated surprisingly by Barrett as he left in disappointment and as Big Show made his way down he looked to the passing Diesel and went back to entering the rumble.

He came in and just dominated it as then Joe even tried to push The Giant around but he received a head butt for it, I tried and got a head butt, Rey however went up high but Show caught him by the throat and with one arm he threw Rey over and REY MYSTERIO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Swagger came at him and with one arm he lifted the former world champion over and JACK SWAGGER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

As Show dominated and Cena then pounded away at Riley he then grabbed the Varsity Villain by the head and threw him over and ALEX RILEY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

The countdown began again.


Domination hit and it was the entrance of Corre member Ezekiel Jackson as he was ready to destroy all who stood in his way as he struck down Show and then began to beat him down as he'd done in previous weeks with his fellow team mates.

I was now trying to hang on again as Barrett was trying to throw me over the top rope but I was fighting him off as he was pulled back by Cena as he and I worked together to get him out of the match, but from behind Jackson struck me and threw me shoulder first into the ring post as I came out from there I walked right into him and caught me with one arm and HE HITS ME WITH THE BOOK OF EZEKIEL!

He then grabbed Cena and just clotheslined him to the ground and saved Barrett from elimination as the countdown for the next entrant began.


La vittoria è mia hit and the other half of the Tag Tema Champions made his way out and he looked ready to last longer than one second as he did but when he entered the ring he was face to face with Jackson who just scared the life out of him and walked right into a kick from Joe.

I was still recovering from the assault by Jackson and Joe wanted me out as he grabbed me by the head and just started the slaps to my face and went to throw me out but Cena came to my aid as he and I worked together to get Joe out but I then got a huge backhand flooring me but Joe got caught off guard as Cena had him on his shoulders and lifted him up and over SAMOA JOE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Joe was not happy he just got eliminated by Cena but just then Riley came back down to distract Cena and from behind JOHN CENA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! And to his shock it was Miz who was not in the match had eliminated him but then Joe attacked Cena and both men went at it from the ringside to the backstage area.

The countdown began again.


Realeza hit as it was the entrance for the first time of the Aristocrat, Alberto Del Rio as his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez announced his entrance in Spanish as Del Rio took his time to enter the match and decided to wait on the outside.

I however was getting the boots driven into me by Barrett as he enjoyed taking me down but then Ziggler joined in and wanted the elimination on me as he started talking trash to my face he went to throw me out but I quickly shifted the momentum and used it on him to throw him over and DOLPH ZIGGLER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Del Rio still waiting on the outside and he was being smart as the countdown started again.


I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me…

Voices hit as an angry Viper made his way out and struck Del Rio from behind and threw him right into the ring making his entrance official.

After Nexus cost him the WWE title he was in a foul mood as he struck everything that moved, Ziggler was turned around RKO TO ZIGGLER! Then Jackson turned around RKO TO JACKSON! Then Barrett tried to attack him RKO TO BARRETT! I then got back up and I turned around to face Orton and AN RKO! Then he went Del Rio again and RKO TO DEL RIO! And unlucky for Santino RKO TO SANTINO!

Orton just went on an RKO rampage as The Viper was unleashed and everyone was down and the countdown for the 40th and final entrant into this match.


Man on fire hit and The Big Red Machine made his way out and making history as the forty entrant into the rumble match and hoping to win hi first and keep his record intact as he entered the ring facing The Viper.

Both men went at it as Kane floored Orton with an uppercut as then Big Show was back up and both former Tag Team Champions faced off and they just grabbed one another's throat as the Chokeslam attempt on one another as they were on the ropes and tried to eliminate one another until Jackson grabbed them both and using their own momentum THE BIG SHOW AND KANE HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED!

A shocking elimination as then from behind EZEKIEL JACKSON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! He looked up and saw that it was his own team mate Barrett had done it and both were arguing over it as then I saw my opening and from behind WADE BARRETT HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

As then from behind I GOT ZIG ZAGGED! I rolled and fell to the outside as Ziggler then bragged about doing that as he then got hit by Orton with that neck breaker of his and grabbed by his head as he threw him over and DOLPH ZIGGLER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Then out of nowhere RANDY ORTON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! He looked to see it was Del Rio who eliminated him but he got caught from behind by SANTINO! HE STRIKES WITH THE COBRA! Thinking he could pull off the upset he begins to celebrate as then he takes the downed Del Rio and goes to eliminate him only to be thrown out and SANTINO MARELLA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Del Rio seeing no one else around know he has won the Royal Rumble and Rodriguez announcing his win as he is on the turnbuckle celebrating his victory.

But the ref and everyone else was trying to tell him something important as then I struck from behind and ALBERTO DEL RIO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!


"Here is your winner and the 2011 Royal Rumble Winner…Xander Cage!" Roberts announced as the roof blew off the place with my return and shocking win here tonight as I defeated 40 men to win the biggest rumble in history and I will be headlining WrestleMania 27!

I went to the top turnbuckle and pointed to the WrestleMania sign as the pyro went off and now I had a choice to make…who should I challenge?

Royal Rumble winner: Xander Cage

WWE Championship winner: The Miz

World Heavyweight Championship winner: Michael Storm

Divas Championship winner: Scarlett Veil

Hardcore Championship winner: Hornswoggle

Yes he did it! He's going to WrestleMania, but where will he go? What will be the repurcussion of his victory? Also Kalin Kessler is an OC that was created by Fenikkusumaru who sent me the suggestion so thank you!

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