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Chapter 41: It's royally true

30 Man Royal Rumble

WWE Championship

CM Punk (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Samoa Joe

Divas Championship match

Six Pack Challenge

Kharma (c) vs. Eve Torres vs. Aeon vs. Natlaya vs. Scarlett Veil vs. AJ Lee

Steel Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Kane vs. John Cena

Dumpster match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Those Guys (c) vs. Kalin Kessler & Jack Swagger

A Hardcore match for the WWE United States Championship

Zack Ryder (c) vs. Kevin Steen

The night had gotten off to a very violent and chaotic start with United States Champion versus the Hardcore Champion in a title for title Hardcore match as Kevin Steen has been targeting Zack Ryder for weeks and finally Ryder had enough and got involved in one of his matches and made the challenge and Steen only wanted to take his title and quote "Break his back" and show he was Wrestling's Worst Nightmare by taking out one of it's heroes and Ryder suffered chair shots galore but refused to stay down and even after a power bomb back first to the apron and even a package piledriver through a table The Long Island Iced Z refused to die as he fought back with kendo shots, garbage cans and even used his Internet Championship as a weapon and after that shot he Rough Rydered Steen through a table to retain his title.

We were making our way down to the ring for our title match when were attacked by both our opponents in a sneak attack as they threw us both into anything that was around and we were headed into the parking area as we managed to turn the fight around as I had Swagger down on the bonnet of a car and Kessler threw Storm into a steel garage door.

I went to help Storm and was fighting with Kessler and I took his head and rammed it into a nearby wall he fell to the ground but then Swagger came back and clubbed me in the back and returned the favour and threw me into the wall as Storm was back up and he fought with Swagger as they went through the hallways I followed bringing Kessler with me as all four of us fought throughout the building until we ended up in the stands as the crowd was just going crazy watching us beat the hell out of one another.

We fought down the stairs with fists flying and we continued to fight down the stairs and ended up fighting in one of the entrance grounds, Swagger threw me into a row of people as the fans caught me and helped me get back in as I asked for the person's drink and I SPAT IT IN HIS FACE BLINDING HIM! I had my chance and just went at him, while Storm and Kessler were fighting around where the garbage cans were kept and both had one each and it turned into a sword fight with them as can on can could be heard.

I was thrown into a wall head first by Swagger who then bounced me off the railings I was hung in between them as he then held me down and clubbed me across the back while Kessler had Storm down with a trash can across his head as the challengers had taken control of the match as they made it down to the ring arena and threw us over the barricade and to ringside.

They had taken control of this match as we tried to get back in but they struck us each time with kicks and fists, they were being smart and keeping us down as they began to call for something and from out of the back a dumpster truck was being backed into the arena as they wanted to win this match quickly as they dragged us towards it and both lifted us up and were about to win the match but we managed to get free and fight back as we threw fists at them and drove both their heads into the side of the truck as they began to retreat to the back and we were in pursuit.

We managed to catch up with them as we fought into the locker rooms and were being cheered on by the guys as we threw them into the dressing area and into some of the stuff that was hanging as I saw a Broski foam fist and borrowed it and began slapping Kessler across the face then smother him in it while Storm went to his bag and pulled out one of his socks as it looked really filthy and covered his hand with it and just shoved it down the throat of Swagger.

He let go and Swagger was about to throw up having that shoved down his throat as they managed to escape again they ran for it through the hallways as we went in hot pursuit as they were trying to get into any room to hide from us and they found an open door and went in.

We were running through the hallways looking for them and it seemed we lost them.

"Where did they go?" I asked.

"Not like they vanished?" Storm said as we heard women screaming.

"I think I know where they are." I said as we raced to there.

We stood outside the Divas locker room. "Oh now if either of them have seen my fiancé naked someone is going to have to call CSI!" Storm said.

"They see my wife naked she'll kill them." I said.

"Alright eyes closed." we both did that and in we went.

We were blind in there as we tried to navigate the female locker room and looked for our opponents.

"Ladies can you direct us to their location if not any alternative will do." I said out loud.

They started shouting to us in the direction but however we did not realise ourselves that they were also forced to close their eyes and all four of us were walking blind in there as one of us then got a feel of something which resulted in a very loud screech and the next thing we know we're all being thrown out of there as they slammed the door shut.

We all looked to one another trying to shake off the incident and just went back at it as we went through the hallways and to the outside of the centre and we fought amongst the cars as any body part from either team bounced off whatever automobile was nearby as I got suplexed onto a car bonnet Swagger grabbed my leg HE GOT THE ANKLE LOCK! I screamed out as the hold was tearing at my ankle but I managed to grab the door handle and opened the door and I HIT HIM IN THE FACE WITH THE DOOR!

Meanwhile on another part of the parking lot Storm had just nailed Kessler with an uppercut and had a tire in his hands and he just trapped him with it as Kessler was helpless and he went to help me as Swagger was getting one over me Storm came in to assist me as we threw one fist after the other at him he was retreating we were looking around for a dumpster and we spotted some but we needed to get them over to there.

We brought Swagger over to there as Kessler was fumbling around trying to save his partner as we got towards a dumpster and tried to get Swagger in but he was fighting us off and Kessler was trying to attack us but was struggling to get himself free but to no avail but however Swagger fought us off somehow and went to free his partner as he was able to.

They came back at us as now we were on the defensive Kessler was stomping on Storm for his humiliation earlier and Swagger just threw me back first into the trash cans as I crashed through them.

"Alright get im in!" Swagger shouted to Kessler as they both went for me and picked me up as they pounded away on me.

They went to throw me in as I was resisting however making it hard for them to get me in as I got free and was trying to fight them off but the numbers game was too much and once again they went to throw me in and THEY GOT ME IN! I was in the dumpster but they needed Storm to join me for the win as they went to get him but he wasn't going down without a fight as they managed to get a hold of him and were nearing the dumpster…THEY GOT HIT IN THE FACE WITH GARBAGE BAGS!

I was back up and with some desperation I was able to stop them momentarily as I was able to get out of the dumpster and help Storm out as we took the fight to them as fists were exchanged and we neared the dumpster as Swagger was taking us both on but we ducked his clothesline attempt and A DOUBLE SUPERKICK! The blow knocked him out and he leaned back first against the dumpster we grabbed him and WE GOT HIM IN!

One was down and only one to go as Kessler got up and saw he was all alone and he just went right at us and on collision WE BACKDROPPED HIM RIGHT ON TOP OF SWAGGER! IT WAS OVER!

"Here are your winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions Those Guys!" the announcement was made at ringside as we literally closed the lid on this whole affair and pushed the dumpster away and celebrated the win.


After we defended our titles we went to pick our numbers for the rumble match in the office of the General Manager's.

"Holla here they are and still WWE Tag Team Champions…Those Guys!" Teddy said as we greeted him.

"Now I can see why you both are the champions, well done." Sting congratulated us as we greeted him also.

"Ok with all that shall we?" I asked my partner.

"Yes let's." Storm said.

We reached into the tumbler and took a ball each and opened it and had the paper with our number on it.

"Wow." I said.

"Now that there is luck." Storm said.

We looked at one another.

"Ok shall we show on three?" I asked.

He nodded.

"One…Two…Three!" we said in unison and revealed our numbers to one another.

"Hey nice pick." I said.

"You as well I mean guess this year should be a cake walk compared to last year?" Storm asked.

"Hopefully." I said.

We shook hands. "See you out there and no hard feelings if I eliminate you?" I asked.

"None and besides who says I won't do it first?" Storm said as he left to prepare.

I went to also prepared until…

"YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YYYYEEEEEESSSS!" that was the sound of the still World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan who was celebrating his win earlier on as he bumped into me.

"Hey slow down there." I said as he hugged me.

"I am still the World Heavyweight Champion and I'm freakin invincible!" Bryan boasted.

"Ok Daniel settle down you won a huge match but you got lucky in there and just to say you shouldn't let that title go to your head." I said as he gave me a look.

"Go to my head? Xander…I've been on a massive winning streak and since then and now your saying I'm letting it go to my head? Maybe your just jealous." Bryan accused me.

"Jealous? Uh Daniel I just said that you need to take this more seriously and realise you need to focus not thinking because you're the man now you can win anything it means now you're the hunted and you need to get your head out of your ass!" I told it to his face as I left him to ponder that.


The Royal Rumble had gotten crazy and the ring was already filled with many trying to eliminate one another with Orton fighting with Swagger and Kessler, Sheamus fighting with Mark Henry, David Otunga was taking on Jey Uso but then JEY USO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! As the countdown began for number 25.


Welcome to the jungle hit and that was the entrance of The Black Dragon and one half of the still WWE Tag Team Champions and the team of Those Guys Michael Storm as he just rushed out there and slid into the ring and went after anyone that moved he grabbed Jack Swagger and DARK MOON! He faced David Otunga DARK MOON! Kessler tried to blindside him but he countered and DARK MOON! Storm was on fire and quickly grabbed Kessler and KALIN KESSLER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! He turned around and Swagger came at him and leaped at him but he pulled the ropes down and he fell to the outside on top of his partner and JACK SWAGGER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Storm was eliminating everything in there as he went after Mark Henry as the countdown began once more.


Burn it to the ground hit and to the surprise it was the entrance of one Michael Cole as after both King and Booker were eliminated he now made his Royal Rumble debut at number 26 and in his bright orange singlet he cautiously made his way into the ring avoiding everyone in the ring by hiding in the corner as Storm was now trying to hang on as he was being eliminated by Henry but he was stopped by Sheamus and him and Storm worked together.

The countdown began again as number 27 was making his way out.


I don't care hit as Wade Barrett made his way out and he as looking for a fight and went right after his rival Randy Orton and both were exchanging blows and from the far corner MARK HENRY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Both Storm and Sheamus had managed to eliminate the World's Strongest Man, but they were about to go at it with one another until Otunga tried to cheap shot Storm and he went for him and Sheamus saw Cole and had a smile on his face as the countdown began once more.


Break the walls down hit as the entire place went into darkness and the only thing that lit up was the jacket of the returning Chris Jericho who threw his jacket off and entered the rumble match as he went after anyone in there as he interrupted Sheamus who was about to eliminate Cole and both men went at it, Cole went back to hiding in the corner as the countdown began once more.


I've had enough, I'm taking you down, taking you down!

Taking you down hit and at number 29 I surprised everyone showing up late as last year I won the rumble but this year I looked to do it back to back, I rushed down the ring and I joined my partner as myself and Storm began working together and lined Otunga up DOUBLE SUPERKICK! We grabbed him DAVID OTUNGA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Orton went for us as we ducked him and DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Barrett came at us DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Sheamus tried also DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Then Jericho tried to stop us DOUBLE SUPERKICK!

We were kicking anything that moved as our sights then caught one Michael Cole cowering in the corner as we now had our chance to get some revenge and entertain the fans but the countdown began and we had our hands on him and the final entrant would appear.


Medal hit and the entrance belonged to only one man and the rumble stopped as did we and looked to the entrance and our eyes were not deceiving us as it was the return of KURT ANGLE?! The place blew up as he rushed down the ring and he picked up Barrett and GERMAN SUPLEX! He grabbed Orton BELLY TO BELLY! Sheamus tried to get him but Angle ducked a clothesline HE NAILS THE ANGLE SLAM! Jericho got some fists in and took him off the ropes but he reversed it ANGLE SLAM! He grabbed Jericho and CHRIS JERICHO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Barrett blindsided Angle and took him off the ropes but Angle stopped himself as Barrett went for him but Angle caught him and BELLY TO BELLY OVER THE TOP AND WADE BARRETT HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Angle making two eliminations was ablaze as was the crowd seeing he had not lost a beat since leaving, as he looked around and he turned to face me.

We had locked eyes as the fans knew about our personal history in the ring and we came face to face and the fists just went flying as it was on, we hadn't fought in over a few years but a lot can happen and he knew that as I was able to reverse his fist and hit a heel kick, meanwhile on the other side of the ring Storm, Jericho, Sheamus and Orton were fighting to see who would get eliminated first.

Jericho had Storm on the ropes as he looked to clothesline him over and out but Storm ducked it and Jericho was over but he hung on to the ropes and was on the outside apron standing there, Storm saw A BROGUE KICK! HE DUCKED IT AND IT HIT JERICHO! CHRIS JERICHO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Orton and Storm were both trying to eliminate one another as Sheamus tried to get in on it as all three men were on the brink of being eliminated but then in came Michael Cole trying to sneak in the elimination but they caught him trying to do that and then all the action stopped to see that he was still in there and all entrants turned their attention to Cole who was now surrounded as he quickly grabbed a mic.

"Look we don't all have to fight right guys?!" Cole pleaded with all of us.

None of us were buying it for one minute.

"Let's just try and figure this out now and discuss who wins this?" he asked us as we then came together in a group and discussed it among ourselves we broke the circle and Kurt decided to speak taking the mic from Cole.

"Cole we've discussed it and it looks like your right someone has to win this." Angle said as that was a bit confusing to everyone as Cole was relieved. "Unfortunately it's not you." he said as he nailed him with a right hand.

We all took a shot at him as he has mouthed off about us all and with all of us involved we took Cole up above our heads and MICHAEL COLE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! With he Voice of WWE gone we all went back at it.

Myself and Kurt continued our fight as fists were thrown and he got me with a good shot and got in a quick uppercut then had me from behind and ANGLE SLAM! He got me down and the straps were coming down but STORM WENT FOR A BOOT-ANGLE CAUGHT IT! He saw him coming and ANGLE SLAM! The Olympic Gold Medallist was in the zone as he had us both down and grabbed both our legs THE ANKLE LOCK! He had us both in and we knew what we had to do and WE THREW HIM OFF! Using our own bodyweight we flipped him off us and he went over the top rope but he was on the apron as Storm was hurting a little but I saw Angle and knew it was my chance as I went for a left hook but he blocked it as he countered but I ducked that and BACKFLIP KICK! KURT ANGLE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

I had once again got one over Angle as now it was down to four and myself and Storm sided with one another and Sheamus and Orton did the same and the fight was on as one of us would win this I had Orton and Storm had Sheamus, we threw them into one another as they collided we had Orton up looking to deliver the double knee but he freed himself and delivered an upper cut to Storm then another to me and RK-NO I halted the attack and threw him into Storm who caught him and DARK MOON! Orton was down and we threw him over RANDY ORTON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Sheamus was getting up and DOUBLE SUPERKICK! The kick sent him rolling under the bottom rope to the outside as we were now alone and knew it was going to happen, we shook hands and we just fought knowing what was on the line he ducked a right and got a german suplex, he brought me up and had me up on his shoulders but I got free and RAGE IN THE CAGE FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! I managed to get the drop on him as I had my chance to eliminate him…I WAS GRABBED FROM BEHIND AND I WAS ELIMINATED?!

I had no idea what just happened until I saw what did and standing in the ring was DANIEL BRYAN?! He had eliminated me and was bragging about it with his "Yes" chants but he saw the look I had and instantly he ran for it and I followed.

Storm was still down and Sheamus had rolled back in and saw he had a huge opening to win this thing as he beat his chest and was looking to kick him into next week as he lined him up with Storm using the ropes to get up and he ran at him A BROUGU-NO STORM DUCKED! Sheamus got hung up in the ropes and Storm grabbed his exposed leg and SHEAMUS HAS BEEN ELLIMINATED!


"Here is your winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble and headlining WrestleMania 28 Michael Storm!" Justin Roberts announced.

The Black Dragon had done it, he won his first rumble and now was main eventing WrestleMania as he celebrated his win.

But now where did that leave me?

Tough break for our hero but his buddy his going to WrestleMania. Who will he challenge? What now for The X Man?

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