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Chapter one: What Kind of Ceremony?

Jasmine and I had been sitting in the coffee shop for probably around 20 minutes, and there hadn't been so much as a word spoken between us. Only the sound of sipped coffee and breathing was heard from either of us. It was so quiet, it was almost awkward.

"So…anything new?" I asked, trying to break the silence.

Jasmine set her coffee down and looked up at me.

"Actually, yes. That's why I asked you to meet me here. So we could talk about it."

"Well, you asked, and I'm here. But we haven't exactly talked yet."

"Am I allowed to say I was trying to build up the suspension?" She joked. "Well, tonight, Valentina is having a little get together with a few members of the Mai. And when I say get little get together, I mean large ceremony that is centered around you; and when I say a few members of the Mai, I mean all of those within San Francisco and neighboring cities."

"What kind of ceremony?" That was basically all I got out of it. I'd never really been to a Mai ceremony, more or less heard of what's done at one.

My question seemed to make her a bit uncomfortable. "I'm not exactly allowed to tell you yet. But I can tell you that there is going to be somebody pledging to somebody else. Somebody important."

"Well, can I at least know what I need to wear?"

"There are going to be some pretty important Mai there, so it's going to be formal."

"How important?" I asked warily.

"Not as important as you, but important enough that you want to make a good impression."

"OK, then what time does it start?"

"At eight, and it should end around 1. But I assure you, you're going to need your rest tomorrow. Do you think your mom would let you sleep over?"

I was almost giddy when I answered. "No need to worry, she's away on a business trip until Friday. I've got the entire Spring Break to do whatever, as long as she doesn't find out."

"Alright. Then I've decided that you can bring everything you need for the week to our home and stay there until your mom gets back. I do suggest you have my mom call her to make sure she knows where you're at though."

"Will do, are you going to come with me so I can pick up my stuff?"

"Why not?"

Within the next hour I had almost everything packed in a large suitcase I pulled from the attic. "Ok, I have all the clothes I need for the week, plus a little extra in case we decide to do something crazy." I whispered the last part. Jasmine laughed.

"Do you have a dress for tonight?" She questioned.

"And of course me memory fails me again." I sighed. "I'll be right back. I ran upstairs and dug through my closet, but found nothing. I had nothing but party and casual dressed. I was about to give in and ask to barrow one when I got a brilliant idea.

I went to my mom's closet and grabbed several dress bags, opening them and looking inside to see if there were anything appropriate.

"Too sparkly, too short, too long, way too dressy, perfect!" I pulled out a long, strapless cobalt blue dress with a pair of delicate-looking silver heels.

I put them back in the bag carefully before making my way back to the driveway and sticking them in the trunk of Valentina's barrowed car. "What, I'm not allowed to see them?" Jasmine asked from the driver's seat.

"Nope, you'll have to wait like everybody else."

"I know a few certain Mai who wouldn't take that as an answer, my cousin being one of them; now show me." She joked.

"Sorry. No can do. If I can be patient to show you, you can be patient enough to wait." She sighed pulled out of the driveway.

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