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Sweet Actions:

As we cooked, a million questions were running through my head, not to mention the idea of how I had slept for so long. But only one question really brought itself to the front of my mind.

"Hey Jasmine, do you know how I got into the bed last night?"

She smiled knowingly. "I heard whispers from your room so I went up there. Alek was throwing a fit in his sleep, but I got a few words out." She cracked an egg into a bowl. "He wanted you closer to him to make sure you were safe. So I moved you onto the bed and he immediately shut up."

She was silent for another minute. "If you ask me, I think he really cares about you."

"Well, I know that. He did pledge himself to me." I joked and rolled my eyes.

"I mean more then what he's already shown you."

That's all it took for my mind to start working. Was she telling me that Alek might have feelings for me? Just the thought made my heart jump and my stomach fill with butterflies. With the feeling came a thud from what sounded like from my room. I could feel Alek's panic. "CHLOE?"

"Down here." I said, trying to keep him from freaking out. I think he had just fallen out of the bed. Again.

He ran down the stairs and immediately hugged me tightly. Jasmine threw me an "I-told-you-so" smile and continued with her cooking. "I thought you were in trouble. Why did you become so nervous? And…excited?" He asked, with a truly worried and curious look on his face. For a moment, I got distracted and wondered if cocky-Alek was gone for good, but then snapped out of it and smoothly told him a semi-truth.

"I found out we have training tonight."

He nodded and released me from his tight grip. Rolling his eyes, I hear his mental comment. 'Training? Only Chloe.' "Do ladies need any help, or would you rather me just stand here and look pretty?" And there was the cocky British boy I knew and loved. I just laughed and handed him a whisk and some pancake mix before pointing to a bowl and turning back to the bacon and sausage. Then my mind registered what I had thought only moments before.

Know and love? Where did that come from? I was glad that I had blocked my mind from Alek, or he would have heard everything I was thinking. Shaking it off, I continued with the breakfast. He was my Alpha warrior. I was supposed to care for him, as he did for me. It was probably nothing but part of the connection.

After breakfast, we all sat in my bedroom and talked. Specifically about one topic. What was going to happen at night? Or at school, when we were forced to be separated?

"School shouldn't be as hard as you think. You guys will only be a few classrooms away from each other. The basketball games, you and I can go watch them, Alek can even see if the coach will let you become a water girl or something. At night, that's a different story." Jasmine said.

"I could always sit on the roof at night?" Alek suggested.

"No, you need as much safety as Chloe now. You two should be protected at all costs, only when it gets to the last resort should you have to sacrifice yourself Alek. Chloe's going to count on you more than anyone else."

Although I hadn't really thought about any of this before; I knew all that she was saying was true. I counted on Alek. He was my rock.

"So, what's going to happen then?" Alek asked.

I cut in. "I have an idea."

By nine p.m. we had piled all the junk in the attic to one side, leaving a large living space. There was now a cot with several thick comfy blankets, a folding table and chair, and a lamp. This was to be Alek's new room.

"Are you sure your fine with staying up in this stuffy attic every night Alek?" I asked, worried about his comfort.

"As long as I'll actually be able to get to sleep tonight, I should be fine. Although I'm going to need to bring several things of mine before I can actually call this home."

"Of course."

Jasmine had left only twenty minutes ago to get Alek a few outfits, and I could already hear her driving up the path again. Alek and I were watching movies on my laptop from my bed. Of course, he had to comment on almost everything that happened in every scene. I found it annoyingly adorable.

"Hey, I'm back." She said throwing the duffle bag at Alek who caught it and crossing her arms. "Let's head out to training."

"Let me change first." Alek said before taking the duffle bag up to his "room".

Jasmine was about to tell me something when my phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hey, Chloe, it's Brian. What happened to hanging out today?" I groaned internally, upset that I had forgotten about Brian.

"Hey, sorry I didn't call you. But I did tell you that I would let you know when I was free. I didn't necessarily tell you that we could hang out today."

"Yeah, sorry… well, what about tomorrow?"

"Maybe. What did you have in mind?"

"A picnic, and maybe a movie." I liked the sound of it, but it just screamed "DATE" so I had to decline.

"Sorry, but you know that we can only be friends. That just sounds too date-like."

There was nothing but the sound of breathing for a few seconds then the line went dead.