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Seto Kaiba has been kidnapped and now Joey, Mokuba and the others have to find him. But when they do, he's not the Seto they remember - he himself doesn't even know who he is. But who is the woman with amber speckled blue eyes who he is hiding behind and trusts? What happened to Seto? Will they want to know? And will Joey ever be able to tell Seto how he truly feels?

Warning: Rape (not really graphic), blood, lemons and MPREG ahead in the upcoming chapters. So no likey no read.

Now please enjoy the introduction to . . .


Seto Kaiba growled as he stalked the empty halls of Domino High School. Anger and hatred was present in his supposed cold blue eyes, his white trench coat flowing behind him as he moved forward.

He slammed a hand against a locker as he passed through the halls.

'Stupid Mutt, I can't believe he got me into detention on the one day I couldn't afford to be late to work,' he thought angrily.

His anger seemed to dissipate when he thought of the blond haired boy who he secretly loved. The amber eyes of the blond Adonis seemed to haunt him.

Seto ran a hand through his hair as he sighed.

Joey Wheeler had constantly plagued his thoughts since Seto had arrived at Domino High. His eyes bright with fire and hair just as golden.

By the gods, Seto wanted him. Joey was loyal and trustworthy and full of laughter and life.

Yet, part of him didn't want the feelings. The part that Gozaburo had drilled into him all those years ago and had erected the cold ice walls around his heart and his emotions; he wasn't supposed to love or care about others if he wanted to be the CEO of a top gaming company.

He sighed, 'Why can't I just chose what I really want for my life for the first time?' he thought.

As he opened the doors leading outside, he noticed that the limo hadn't arrived yet. Groaning, he made his way to the gates, waiting for the limo to take him to his mansion.

He looked over the rooftops to see the sun setting behind them. A light wind played with his hair as he leaned against the school gates. All seemed peaceful.

A painful screech of brakes could be heard from beside him.

He jumped at the sound, looking up to see a black van pulling a halting stop in front of him.

He gasped just as men jumped out of the back of the van, running to him.

Four men jumped him bringing him down to his knees. His eyes widened in fear, he usually could take anyone on but he had been easily overpowered.

Before he could make a sound, one of the men placed a cloth over his mouth and nose.

Unable to stop his panic, he breathed in the fumes from the cloth. His vision soon began to swim before he was sent into unconsciousness.

Seto groaned as slowly awoke from unconsciousness. His head was pounding and his vision spinning. He tried to get a good look at his surroundings but things were still blurry to him.

He tried to move but realised that his arms were handcuffed to a chair, his legs tied to chair legs with rope and that he was naked.

He gulped, panic starting to worm its way into his usually cold demeanour as he realised how bad a situation he was in.

Seto looked up as footsteps approached him.

Three men entered the room. The leader looked down on him with a sneer.

"Well now, looks like the new toy has finally awoken," the man said.

A shiver ran down Seto's spine at the implication to the man's words.

He tried to not let it show and growled back at the man before he spat in the man's face.

The man calmly wiped the spit off his face, shaking his hand and looked down at Seto. The man grabbed Seto's hair and yanked his head back. Seto hissed in pain as he looked up into cold grey eyes.

"You're just lucky I don't want my new toy to beaten up. I'm going to enjoy taking you and ripping you off your high and mighty pedestal Mr Kaiba," the man growled, "Though I'm going make things more interesting – you will not remember who you are, not even your own name. Nothing will be left of you except what we train you into. Unable to resist but able to feel the pain,"

Seto felt his eyes widen in terror.

The leader stepped back and looked over the one of the men.

"Sitka, you know what to do," the leader ordered, moving back into the darkness.

The man, Sitka, moved forward to stand in front of Seto.

Seto tried struggling but to now avail as Sitka held his forehead in his palm.

A sense detachment filled him as the man began to whisper an incantation in a foreign but almost familiar language.

Seto's eyes rolled back in his head as darkness descended.

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