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Seto growled as he saw Yugi, Yami, Bakura, Ryou, Malik and Marik standing with Mokuba at the bottom of the stairs leading to the main foyer of the mansion. They were blocking his exit and he didn't have time for them to be screwing him around with their half-ass attempts to make him see reason.

"Let me guess, this is your attempt at an intervention," Seto deadpanned, his eyes cold and uncaring.

Yami growled, "You are selfish bastard Kaiba. I can't believe you blew off the only two people who had constantly stuck by your side since this whole fiasco started,"

He sneered at the ex-Pharaoh, "They were a liability and a nuisance, I just took care of them,"

"Big brother, how can you say that?" Mokuba cried.

"Because it's true, now if you'll excuse me, I have a company to run," Seto stated moving through them to head towards the door.

Suddenly a fist came out of nowhere and clipped him under the jaw and sent him lying on his back. Pain wracked his jaw as he held his now reddening cheek. He looked over in shock to see that Ryou had been the one to punch him.

"You will listen to me Kaiba and listen to me good. Joey loves you and has stuck by your side the whole time that you had no recollection of your memories and never gave up hope when the Yami's couldn't find you. Danielle had no reason to stick by your side since she found you with the Yakuza but she did and this how you repay her, Joey as well. By throwing it in their faces and cursing their very existence. Not to mention, you scorned Danielle's heritage. You know that even our Yami's are very sensitive when it comes to their past and their families, why should that make Danielle any different?" Ryou stated in a no nonsense kind of voice.

Seto's sapphire eyes widened in shock at Ryou's words, it was the literal and metaphorical punch to the face that he had really needed.

"Now do you see Kaiba?" Yugi said softly, "We just want you see what you lost with your hands and words. Now you need to fix it or you'll be losing some of the best things in your life, Mokuba's growing up and will start to depend on you less and less soon. He doesn't want you to be alone forever,"

Seto looked down as the harsh reality that he had just lost the best thing in his life because he couldn't see the truth – that Joey genuinely cared and loved him, despite everything he had put the blond through.

"Oh gods, what have I done?" he whispered.

"You know what you've done, you just need to make it right," Bakura stated wisely.

"Oh, its too late for that," a voice said behind them.

Seto felt a shiver run down his spine at the deep, terrifying voice that spoke. The voice so sinister that it made him tremble in fear.

He turned around slowly to see a tall, muscular redheaded man walk out from the shadows, a sinister smirk spread across the man's face.

"Hello my little pet, miss me?" the man sneered.

A pull at his heart seemed to drive him towards the man but his mind was rebelling, not wanting to go towards the man who had raped him repeatedly.

"Come now, my little whore, come to your master," he said, gesturing to the CEO.

His eyes dulled at the command as he went into a trance from the man's words. His mind yelling at him not to listen to the man's words but it came out like static as his feet began to move forward to the man, his hands hanging limply at his sides.

Shouts tried to pierce his mind, telling him stop, but nothing but the man's words could be heard.

A burst of light flashed before his eyes and he screamed as he felt something being ripped away from his mind, painful and terrifying.

Blinking back from his trance-like state, he found himself on his back, staring up at Mokuba, Yugi, Ryou and Malik. They all looked down on him concern.

"What happened?" he croaked, his voice cracking slightly.

"That man had you in a trance of some kind. We know you wouldn't ever go willing to him, not with your level of pride," Malik stated, his eyes wandering in another direction.

Suddenly an explosion rocked the foundations of the mansion. Yugi, Ryou and Mokuba screamed at the noise. Seto jumped at the noise, a frightened cry left his lips as he sat up, further straining his injuries.

Sapphire eyes widened at the sight he saw.

Joey was standing against the man who had started it all.

Yet, it wasn't truly Joey – hair with brown streaks, longer than before. Eyes speckled with sapphire blue.

"He has merged with Danielle's Spirit!" Malik cried, not looking away from Joey.

"But why?" Mokuba asked.

"Joey's Ka is Red Eyes Black Dragon and Danielle's Ka is Blue Eyes Black Dragon, it would be like using 'Polymerisation' on the two, the two dragons would be an unstoppable force together," Yugi explained.

Waves of dark energy radiated of Joey and the stranger. Joey stared the man down, his eyes cold and hard, something Seto did not like seeing in the usually warm eyes.

"You never did learn your place the first time Raphael. 5,000 years has done nothing for your judgement and sanity," Joey stated coldly.

The others shivered at his words. The cold tone, laced with two voices and an unimaginable anger that could be felt in its depths.

The man, Raphael laughed, "Well well well, if it isn't little Danila. Back from the dead I see, tell me, did you enjoy dying in your father's arms,"

Joey snarled, an almost animalistic sound that was cross between a dragon and a human. Sapphire speckles glowing, radiating anger to those around them.

"You have haunted this family long enough, Raphael. Let's end this once and for all," Joey cried.

Raphael sneered before summoning a ball of darkness and throwing the projectile towards the blond.

Joey moved swiftly and gracefully out of its reach, smirking at the man.

"Getting rusty in your old age, you old coot," Joey taunted.

The man snarled and created several balls of darkness, aiming them randomly around the room in quick succession, not caring what or who they hit. The others were able to dodge most of the ammunition but one made its way towards Seto, one that he wasn't going to be able to miss.

Distracted by this, Joey threw up a shield around the brunette, just as another attack struck him in the stomach, making him cry out in pain as he thrown across the room and into a wall.

"You always did have a hero complex Danila, always protecting others instead of yourself. That was your ultimate downfall and it so will be again, for both you and your host," Raphael sneered, drawing the darkness around him in a swaying aura.

Wiping his mouth, Joey spat out blood from his mouth and stood from the spot he had crashed.

"Maybe, but this time, that complex of mine will stop this feud for eternity," Joey spat as he too began to glow with dark energy.

Joey began to rise up above the ground, as magic seemed to flow from him, darkness ensnared Raphael, trapping him in its dark chains. Behind him a vortex of darkness began to open, swirling with dark energy and malicious auras that seemed to echo from within.

Raphael gasped as he saw the dark vortex behind him.

He turned and growled at Joey, "If I'm going, I'm taking you with me,"

A red orb left Joey's chest and extinguished in a sparkling red light on the others and Seto, giving almost reassuring feeling within themselves. At least that was before the next words left his mouth.

"That's the idea," Joey said.

The others felt the thrum of power erupting from Joey as the chant for a spell began.

It was a spell to take a soul to the Shadow Realm for all eternity.

For the sins of one, judgement is made

Darkness is punishment

And torture shall reign

One soul sacrificed, two souls sent to oblivion

So let it be written

So let it be done

"No!" Seto screamed as the spell was cast.

Time seemed to slow down at the dark aura surrounded both Joey and Raphael. The darkness swirled around them before being sucked into the vortex that led to the Shadow Realm. Screams of terror and pain and the brilliant roar of a dragon pierced the air as the dark aura was sucked into the portal, leaving nothing but smoke in its wake.

The vortex began to close, leaving only dark wisps as the only reminder that it had ever existed. The smoke began to disappear to reveal both Joey and Raphael on the ground. Seto gasped and rushed to Joey's side.

Joey looked so pale and lifeless as Seto picked him up and held him in his embrace. The blonds' head rolled back and his mouth opened slightly. No breathing could be seen or heard.

"No, no. Joey, please don't be. Please don't be dead," Seto whispered as tears fell down his face, placing his head against Joey's.

The boy in his arms was growing cold and no pulse raced through his veins.

All the signs that Joey was dead – his soul sent to oblivion.

"Please, please don't leave me Joey. I love you," Seto whispered, leaning down to brush his lips against the pale blonds'.























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A red shimmer floated through the air, lightening up the room. Seto looked up to the sparks of red float into a glowing orb before floating down to Joey's chest and enveloping him in the warm red glow.

His breath hitched as he slowly returned to the land of the living.

"Did we win?" Joey croaked out, opening his once again beautiful amber eyes.

"Yeah we did," Seto said softly.

Joey groaned as he moved to stand up, holding onto his bruised arm. He moved towards Raphael and kicked the soulless corpse, spitting on the redhead, muttering under his breath.

Seto followed as Joey moved to the spot where the vortex had once stood.

Joey seemed to mourning as he began to shake and tremble from silent sobs.

A question was then asked.

"What happened to Danielle?" Mokuba asked.

It was answer all seemed to dreading.

"She's gone, she sacrificed her own soul and spirit to stop him once and for all. She's not coming back," Joey whispered as silent tears cascaded down his face.

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