Hello and Welcome to my first story. There will be some problems and many wont like some of the places it will go. I will tell you that it is a NaruHina fic. Naruto wont have a harem or anything like that. He will be stronger than cannon and I will be skipping some cannon stories. I will also be making the Hyuuga clan except a few(wont tell you them except Hinata will be one of them:Duh) look like dicks.

Now let's get this show on the road


'thought/mind speak'

"Demon Talk"

'Demon thought'

The Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, finished sealing the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune into his newborn son Naruto. He was saying his goodbyes and his apologizes for cursing his child to a life of hatred. He was no idiot nor was he blinded by faith of the citizens of Konoha. He knew full well that they were blinded by fear, hate, and ignorance. He knew he would be alone due to Kushina dying from child birth complications.

As he finished saying his final words he died, with tears flowing from his eyes and a sad smile on his face. The Third, Jiraiya, and the ANBU squad lead by Kakashi arrived moments after Minato's death.

"I am so sorry my son… I hope you can ever forgive me." Minato said as his soul hovered to pass on.

"I wouldn't worry about that Minato. He is distained for great things, just not on this world." A new voice sounded. Minato turned and saw a pale man with long black hair that went past his shoulders and to the middle of his back. He had black eyes that seemed completely black. He had on black robes that seemed to have white stitching.

"Who are you?" Minato asked in wonderment.

"I am the one you sold your soul to. I am Shinigami."

"You don't look like him. He looked much more menacing and more like death than you do."

"That is my battle form. Even gods need different forms to works properly." Shinigami stated in a tone that made it sound like it should be common knowledge.

"How can I be sure?" Minato asked with uncertainty. Shinigami walked(more like floated) towards Minato and touched a finger to his head. Suddenly tons of

information and memories flooded into his head. Minato instantly knew that Shinigami was telling the truth.

After a minute to allow the knowledge to soak in he asked the god of death a question that's been bugging him for a while.

"Lord Death, what does me selling my soul initial?"

"In all honestly… nothing. You will go to the same place you would if you died naturally. The only difference is that you would work for me. You would be an Angel of Death and help me collect souls for their judgment, and final place of rest. Don't worry young shinobi, you will still be able to be with your lover. I may even get her to work for me. Now come. We have a lot of work to do, and we must prepare for the missions I will send you on."

*Time skip: twelve years later*

"I can't believe you Naruto! You sprayed graffiti on the Hokage Mountain! Don't you know who they are?" Iruka yelled after finally catching the troublemaker and dragging him back to the academy.

"Of course I do, they are the leaders of Konoha and they are respected by everybody." Naruto answered without missing a beat.

Naruto looked at his sensei as he continued to lecture him, than tell the class they had to do the Henge as a pop quiz. Nobody noticed Naruto look at the girl he has loved his whole life. Hinata of course noticed Naruto looking at her and gave a small smile and waved at him.

Now Naruto wasn't the 'dobe' everyone thought he was. In fact he had an IQ that was trailing behind the Nara heir Shikamaru. The idiot act was just that, an act. True his personality was his but he was able to be completely calm and quite. How else would he be able to paint the monument in the middle of the day, in a kill-me-orange jumpsuit and not be seen or caught till he let Iruka find him? If he was able to do that than he would be able to notice, confront, and like the girl that would stalk him.

Hinata and Naruto 'dated' for two years but they kept it hidden due to her clan and his tenet. He knew of the fox since his second birthday. He fell asleep during his birthday and ended up in the mindscape. The Kyuubi saw him and was going to attack but being a toddler Naruto went up to it and played with his tails. Naruto biting one of them caused him to feel pain and ended the genjutsu on him. Since that day Kyuubi saw Naruto as his son and Naruto saw Kyuubi as his father.

Kyuubi taught Naruto how to control his chakra and how to use Kitsune-Arts. The fact that Naruto was the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi and a bloodline allowed him to gain access to kitsune abilities as if he was one. The prankster nature he had didn't hurt much ether.

When class was over Naruto rushed off to get some ramen but not till after her snuck a note into Hinata's pocket.

"You know Kit, pissing off the majority of the ninja population is not a good idea." Kyuubi stated when they left school grounds.

'So? It's hilarious and you know it Dad. Besides I'm helping them even if they don't know it' Naruto shot back with a grin.

"True. Okay kit, after you get some food, go to the training ground near the Forest of Death. We need to work of the kitsune fire techniques and we need to get to the sixth tail." Kyuubi explained the plan for the rest of the day.

*Two days later after the final exam*

"You want to know why everyone hates you? It's simple, YOU ARE THE NINE TALED FOX! YOU ARE THE OONE WHO KILLED IRUKA'S PARENTS!" Mizuki shouted at Naruto to get him to break and take the Forbidden Scroll.

"That's it? Well sorry teme but that's not really a bombshell. I knew I had the Kyuubi sealed in me. Also he's not so bad. A slave driver and kind of sarcastic when we go at it but he is very cool." Naruto said ruining Mizuki's plans "Oh, and Iruka, He says he's sorry for killing your parents, he wasn't himself during that day."

Naruto then went through a series of hand signs ending on one that Iruka and Mizuki didn't know.

"Kitsune style: Endless Nightmare" Naruto called out. He then formed a single hand sign and called out "Kage bushino-no-jutsu." And hundreds of Narutos appeared and then ran towards the traitorous Chuunin then proceeded to attack and defeat the traitor.

After rendering Mizuki out cold he proceeded to tie him up and take all weapons, scrolls and useful items and seal them into a scroll he had to look through later. He turned to Iruka and grinned.

"Let's go to the Hokage. I'm sure he wants to talk to me about my tenet and wants the scroll back too." Iruka could only nod at the blonde.

*Unknown location*

A red headed girl walked into the sole light source in the room. She wore a pair of black ninja pants with a red and blue skirt over the pants. She had a white shirt with red on it that looked like blood splatter. Underneath the shirt she had fish net sleeve that went to her wrists and had a katanna across her back with the handle over her left shoulder. She also had a trench coat over the shirt that was dark blue and ended at her elbows.

"Yeah what's up? If this is about Akira, I didn't mean to make her late, we were just having fun and we lost track of time." The red head explained.

"No young Rika, We have a mission for you and a few other of your choice. As you the a few of the current leaders of the Despore territories are gone and are in the Elemental Countries. We need Lady Shukaku, Lord Kyuubi, Lord Yoite and his wife Mistress Fuyuki. Kyuubi and Shukaku have been missing for twelve years, while Yoite and Fuyuki have been missing for six." One voice explained

Rika snorted "Knowing my brother he is just taking a very long vacation with his wife and fucking each other in any area they can. Basterd, not taking me and Akira with him." She muttered the last part.

"Now you will have an indefinite amount of time to complete the task. Now who will go with you?" Another voice asked

"Akira for one, she is the best healer I know and I trust her with my life. I will also take Kenji and Ichigo. I want Kenji because he is the fastest I know and very good at range attacks. I want Ichigo because she is the best sealer I know. I can guaranty that either Kyuubi or Shukaku are seal in a host. Yoite and Fuyuki won't be simply because they only use a quarter of their power and would only be in human mode in the Elemental Countries, where as the other two would be in beast mode just to see the reactions of the humans." Rika explained.

"Very well, you have your mission, good luck and remember bring them back or if you can't tell us why. Dismissed"

Rika turned and went to the door and walked out. Outside the door was another girl about the same age. She had brown hair that was held in a pony tail compared to Rika's messy shaggy hair. While Rika's hair only went to her shoulders, the girl's hair went to the small of her back. She wore blue ninja pants and had a black shirt on that a majority of it was covered by a breast plate of armor that showed her shoulders and the area around them. The gloves she wore were fingerless and had red spatters against the black similar to Rika's shirt. Her green eyes showed confusion and worry. The second they saw Rika's red they got annoyed.

"Yep, we have a mission Akira. Apparently my brother, his wife, Kyuubi, and Shukaku, are in Elemental Counties and we have to get them. That means were are leaving Despore and going to the human world for a bit." Rika said with a smirk. She saw a flash of grey and white behind Akira and then realized it was her tail and it was wagging. "Get Kenji and Ichigo, they are coming with us and we need their skills. Meet me at the portal in an hour. Bring all the gear, cash, and other things you'll need." Rika commanded with a smirk. Akira ran to get ready while Rika went to her home.

*Four months after Mizuki incident but two weeks before Chuunin exams*

Naruto was pissed, much more than normal. Sasuke was driving him to the wall with telling him to teach him the Kitsune Arts. Naruto was just glad his precious Sharingan couldn't copy it even with the hand signs visible. Sasuke wouldn't take no for an answer and Sakura wasn't helping much ether. The few upsides to his ninja life was that he could show how he really was and he could date Hinata without anyone bugging him (except Kiba, Kunerai and Shino. Kiba because he was both an older brother to and also liked her somewhat, Kunerai because she was a mother figure to Hinata and Shino because he was also a brother figure). Luckily Kiba backed down and allowed Naruto to date Hinata, but was still a 'big brother' to her.

How Naruto was able to publicly date Hinata was less than savory. Unfortunately Hinata was banished from her clan and was place under the Caged-Bird-Seal and was kicked out of her clan's compound. Needless to Naruto, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji agreed to cause mayhem to the Hyuuga that hated Hinata.

Currently Naruto was walking down the main street of Konoha thinking of what to do. He was engrossed in planning he didn't notice the person he walked into till it was too late. Both fell on their butts and instantly said sorry. They looked at each other and stood up.

"Again sorry about that, I have the day off while my girlfriend doesn't and I was thinking of things to do. I'm Naruto by the way."

"No problem, I should have been watching were I was going. I'm Rika Rygin." The girl stated with a smirk.

"Where are you from? I noticed the sword on your back but I don't see a headband anywhere. Are you here for the Chuunin exams in two weeks?"

"Ah no I'm not, I'm looking for some people and my search landed my here. And in all honesty I am around high Jonin level mid ANBU in skill. As to where I'm from, it's a place called Despore. It's a little more… untamed than this place but it's home." Rika explained.

Suddenly a shout of "Naruto!" was sounded and Naruto was glomped by a blur of raven blue and tan. "Oh hi Hina-hime. I thought you and Team Eight were going to be gone for a few days."

"We finished early."

"Okay cool. Oh I'd like you to met Rika Rygin. She is visiting Konoha looking for someone. We kind of ran into each other. Rika this is my girlfriend Hinata."

Hinata clutched Naruto more possessively and Rika laughed at the sight. "Don't worry Hinata, I won't steal your man. I only like women anyway and I'm in a committed relationship anyway. Besides Akira would fucking kill me if I left her and we are bonded anyway so there is no chance of me leaving her."

"Your damn right there isn't Rika" A voice shouted from behind Rika. Akira grabbed Rika by the ear and pulled. "Please excuse my lover. She is an excellent fighter but when it comes to people she is… how should I put this, impulsive. I'm Akira by the way and I hope Rika hasn't caused any trouble."

"No, we were just talking. I'm Naruto and this is Hinata. Well, see ya. Me and this pretty thing are going to get lunch." With that they walked away.

"Hey Rika, did you feel those two? They seemed to have many vibes coming of them and they felt like seals were placed on their bodies. The lavender had a few while the blonde had one that seemed… demonic."

"Yeah I felt it too. And one seemed to reek of yokia. He must be a Jinchuriki. And the smell of foxes he must have Kyuubi in him. We need Ichigo to look at both of them along with the Suna kid with the love tattoo. Especially the Suna kid, he must have suffered bouts of insomnia due to a fucked up seal. Akira you get Ichigo, Kenji, and my brother. Yoite would have the best experience with figuring out what's wrong with the kids and the sealed by entering them.I will tell them to meet us in our hotel room to help them."

"Where would your brother be? I could find Kenji and Ichigo just fine. Kenji should be in a weapons shop, and Ichigo should be looking at seals in a library somewhere." Akira asked.

"Knowing that idiot, he will be talking to the Hokage and drinking. Fuyuki will be with him to prevent him from drinking too much." Rika deadpanned.

In the Hokage office Hiruzen Sarutobi was currently sitting across from a young couple. The guy had wild crimson hair that had a small pony tail that ended at his shoulders. He had a black sleeveless hoodie over a long sleeved red t-shirt. On both shoulders of the shirt was a symbol of a dragon. He had blue ninja pants that were very baggy. Noticeably he had a giant sword beside him that looked like the sword that Zabuza used but was solid and had a red tent to it. He also wore a lose scarf around his neck but it was just a small one.

The woman was dressed in a black t-shirt, brown ninja pants and a sky blue trench coat. She had light blue hair that was held back similarly to Anko's hair style, but she had a flock of hair over her left eye that was angled up by a barrette designed to look like a skull. She had green eyes that she had were like any other kunoichi's were, guarded, brining with power and confidence. The young man's red eyes were freighting even for the old Hokage. They were calculating, and taking in every detail, but were relaxed and calm; if not slightly tipsy from the sake the three were drinking in a polite conversation.

"So Yoite-san, can you explain why you need these people you are looking for?" Sarutobi asked after a decent amount of random tidbits.

"Same reason they need me, politics. Where we're from the area is divided into territories. I am the leader of one of them. I went on an extended vacation and they freaked out." Yoite explained

"It doesn't help that two other leaders vanished as well." Fuyuki stated with annoyance.

"True, but to send my little sister after me? Damn they must be losing their damned minds." Yoite chuckled at someone's expanse.

"Well if you need help me and my ninja would be glad to help."

"No need Lord Hokage. We will know instantly when we find them. He is very unique and he an air about him that just give of trouble. Both in battle and in normal life. It's in his nature to be a troublemaker to the highest extent. The other is somewhat temperamental. She is on a hair trigger to anything that annoys her." Yoite reminisced

"It sounds like you just described two of my Genin." Sarutobi chuckled than took a sip.

"Really weird. Well the ones we are looking for will look about twenty to twenty-five."

"Well if we see them well tell you. Now do you have any stories that could entertain an old man?"

"Listen to me dobe, teach me those moves. A loser like you shouldn't even have those moves." Sasuke commanded Naruto.

"Alright, answer me this teme, do you have kitsune blood in you?" Naruto asked, already knowing both the true answer and Sasuke's ego supplied one.

"Probably. I am an Uchiha so it is very likely." Sasuke smirked.

"No you don't. Your ego wouldn't allow it. Kitsunes are master pranksters; I fit that description, not you. Now piss off."

"BAKA, you shouldn't deny Sasuke-kun what is his. You don't have Kitsune blood in you either. Besides it would work better for Sasuke-kun than you." Sakura screeched. She then moved to hit Naruto over the head but Hinata blocked it by hitting her chakra points.

"Thank you Hinata. And to answer you claim Sakura, obviously I do, how else would I be able to use kitsune techniques?" Naruto said calmly.

"Because they're not. They are obviously other moves disguised as kitsune techniques." Sasuke sneered in envy

"Not true. I've seen the moves you're talking about." A new voice sounded. They turned and saw Rika walking up to them. "He has real kitsune techniques. They are the real deal so he must have fox blood in him." She turned to Hinata and Naruto. She then pulled out a piece of paper and then wrote down something than handed it to Naruto. "Can you and Hinata meet me at this address tomorrow? I want to talk to you about the sly fox who taught you those moves. He should know me very well. Tell him that Yoite Rygin would be there and he should understand it." Rika stated with as much calm as she could muster.

Naruto instantly picked up the hidden message. Come to the place listed. I know you have the Kyuubi in you; I want to discuss him and talk to him. He knows Yoite Rygin. Naruto nodded and looked at her with calculation eyes. "Sure but why do you want Hinata there?" She has nothing to do with him.

"I know she has a seal on her forehead. I want one of my friends to alter it." I will help your girlfriend in an act of good faith.

Naruto's eyes widen at the meaning. Hinata noticed the hidden meaning in both sides of the conversation. She knew of the fox and knew that it taught Naruto his Kitsune Arts and that Naruto saw Kyuubi as a father.

"We'll be there Rika. See you tomorrow." Hinata spoke loudly. Rika nodded and walked away, then stopped.

"Oh, and Uchiha, drop the ego, please. Clan names mean nothing on the battlefield. The only name that matters is your moniker that you get with your feats. The barely awoke Sharingan you have is nothing compared to my eyes. So what you can copy moves from others. That only makes you a thief and a shitty one at that. I could do the same thing with my eyes but I prefer to work hard to kick arrogant retards like you." than she walked off leaving Naruto and Hinata snickering while Sasuke fumed and Sakura yelled at the retreating girl. While she was in sight she disappeared in a swirl of fire and without hand signs.

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