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*time skip/location change*




Naruto and Gaara looked at each other and sped to the Oto-nin that appeared to invade the leaf. They were surprised that Gaara turned on them as were the Suna ninja that were there.

"Sand Burial" Gaara shouted to the closes Oto-nin. Naruto made a rasengan and jabbed the closes sound Chuunin killing him as he sped to the wall.

"Sand ninja, the Kazekage was Orochimaru, not my father. This was a set up, lets help Konoha!" Gaara shouted. The Sand-nin looked at the kage box and saw it was true. They then joined the leaf.

Hinata being in the arena was attacking with water jutsu in a defensive manner so Naruto and Gaara can perform their respective jutsu, though Gaara didn't need it.

*with Kenshin, Shukaku and Yoite*

Kenshin was walking past the Oto shinobi swinging a simple katana he took off a dead enemy. He wasn't really worried about attacks due to his animalist senses that told him when an attack was coming. That and most of them were head on so he could see them coming.

"Swarming Flames" Yoite said as he launched an attack. Multi-colored flames appeared and consumed the Oto shinobi. Shukaku was sending sand to kill them much like Gaara but was doing it in a much more graceful way.

"Tell me again Kenshin, why can't we just go demon on these pitiful humans?" Shukaku asked with a slight insane gleam in her eye. "I wanna feel them squirm when I crush them." She said with the insanity showing in her smile.

"We really need to get you back Home soon. You haven't had your meds and I think your demon side is taking over again Shukaku." Kenshin said with a slightly worried face.

While most believe that the number of tails a demon has determines their power level, that isn't true. While Shukaku has only one tail, she is just as strong as Kenshin. It's true that the Buji, or demon lords, are ranked from strongest to weakest. But there are many factors that made it like that. Kenshin is the strongest due to his nature and natural cunning as a fox. Shukaku is the weakest due to her tendency to mostly act like a berserker in battle. It was just a coincidence that the numbers of tails the Buji had their ranking in the order of their tails. All of them are equal in raw strength concerning their yokia, but it's their individual skills and natural non-species related abilities that let them be stronger than the others.

"You didn't answer my question jackass." She retorted.

"They would freak the hell out okay? Last time they saw a demon was me and the Fourth sealed me into his son to protect this place. They see me again they will think something to the seal that was on Naruto. Plus it would just be annoying to have to deal with those damned fools that think they run this place." Kenshin said with an annoyed and slightly pissed tone.

He looked over to the kage box and sighed a bit. "Guys I'm going to rescue the old fart. Go nuts of the Sound ninja, just don't go demon on them." Kenshin said with a bored tone. He then vanished from their view.

*in the barrier with Sarutobi and Orochimaru*

Orochimaru just finished using the Edo Tenshi. Sarutobi tried to prevent the last casket from revealing but was unable. He started to fear the worst. They opened to reveal the bodies of the first and second Hokage. The third casket was empty much to the surprise of the two ninja.

"Well no matter. I can still kill you without the Fourth." Orochimaru said as he put two kunais into the head of the Hokage's bring head.

Suddenly their bodies erupted into flames burning them till they were nothing but ash. Kenshin then appeared between the two fighters.

"Is this an open party or is it invite only?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

Orochimaru was shocked and pissed that someone got into the barrier. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?"

The smirk on Kenshin's face just grew. "My name is Kenshin Uzumaki. Also How I got in here, it's simple. I know a teleportation move." Then he got into a fighting stance. "Now lets fight Teme."

Orochimaru then regurgitated his sword to kill Kenshin but he felt a burning sensation on his arms and chest. He looked and saw Kenshin there with fire surrounding his hand. He screamed in pain then jumped back. The sound four saw it and jumped in to save him.

"Well that was...anti-climatic huh Sarutobi?" Kenshin asked with a sweatdrop forming and an embarrassed face. "I think we should help the other agreed?"

Sarutobi just nodded with a tired look.

*Two days later after the action calmed down from the fighting invasion*

Sarutobi was sitting in his office with Naruto and Jiraiya on the other side of the desk. He was telling them to get Tsunade so she could be the next Hokage and Naruto was quite which made the old kage worried.

"Can some other people come with us?" Naruto asked

"Who did you have in mind?"

"Hinata and my dad. I don't trust the Hyuuga to let sleeping dogs lye. I want to protect her and the only way I see that happening is if she came with me. My dad mostly because I still need training in the kitsune arts and who better to help than the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune." Naruto explained.

"Sure. It will still be a small party so you can go unnoticed."

*Three days later in the town Tsunade was found in*

Jiraiya was in a bar with Kenshin talking about a new book Jiraiya was writing. Kenshin was a source of excellent material for the perv. Kenshin told stories of some of his past encounters. Jiraiya also found out that he hung out with Minato and they were telling embarrassing stories of their fallen friend.

Suddenly Jiraiya heard the voice of his old teammate and went to her.

"Well well Hime, pleaser to see you here. Mind if me and my friend join you?"

"Whatever you damned perv. So what's his name?" Tsunade asks.

"I'm Kenshin. I'm an old friend to Kushina and Minato, along with their son." Shocking Tsunade.

"Impossible they're dead. There is no way those three are alive!" she shouted at the two.

"Correction, the loving couple are dead, but Naruto is alive and well. I should know, I adopted him not to long ago." Kenshin stated as he took a seat.

"It's true Tsunade. Our godson is alive and well. I was shocked as well, but he proved to me that he was Minato's son. He showed me the scrolls and the letter that Minato wrote explaining everything. It was the council that lied to us." Jiraiya explained.

Tsunade was speechless. She has always thought that Konoha took everything she loved. She saw Kushina as a daughter when she taught everything she knew. When she asked if anyone from Minato's family survived the Kyuubi attack they ANBU that appeared said no. The child died at birth and Kushina died from the Kyuubi, and Minato died killing it.

"How much of the story was a lie?"

"Minato sealed the Kyuubi into Naruto, and died doing it, by using a jutsu that kills the user. Kushina died from blood loss due to complications of child birth and a claw to the chest, but it looked like a shallow wound. Naruto had the worst luck out of the three. He was ignored, beaten, and starved by the very village Minato loved. I swear he was too trusting of them." Jiraiya stated with sadness creeping into his voice where as Tsunade was speechless. Kenshin was the most affected by the story and he lived it in a way. He was shacking with shame, rage, and guilt.

"It's all Madara's fault. That fucking bastard! If he didn't see me, than nothing would have happened. Minato and Kushina would still be alive and Naruto would have his real parents. I swear I will kill that damned Uchiha. Ha, Itachi was the only one I respected, along with Obito. They were by far the most human out the group. Now, one's gone, the other is a wanted criminal, one is evil by all rights, and the other should belong in a psych ward. Fucking Uchiha!" Kenshin shouted.

Tsunade was confused by the rust haired man. Jiraiya then explained that Kenshin, was somewhat responsible for the attack, but didn't tell her that Kenshin was the Kyuubi. He said that he knew were the Kyuubi was nesting and that the once thought dead Madara, used a genjutsu on him and forced him to led him to demon lord.

The story was cut short when an explosion happened at the hotel the Naruto and Hinata were at. Kenshin and Jiraiya bolted and rushed to the hotel.

Naruto was pissed, way beyond demonic rage. Two Akatsuki members came and tried to get the Kyuubi from Naruto. They tried using Hinata as a hostage, but a Kitsune genjutsu stunned them enough to get her away from the two. When Naruto got Hinata way from the two he then confronted them.

"Well, if it isn't Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hitsugya. I must say I fell honored that two well known S-ranked killers are needed to get a simple Genin like me." Naruto teased.

Kisame just smirked while Itachi just looked apathetic as usual. Naruto then turned to the Uchiha killer. "You know Itachi, I kinda wish you killed your brother. Ever since you spared him, he is nothing but a brooding, revenge drive, self centered, power hungry emo. He demands that everyone teaches him something, even if it is only accessible through a bloodline. Your plan back fired and he is worse than the clan you killed." Naruto watched as Itachi's eyes widen at that. But it was only for a second. "I see. Well that is a shame. But he doesn't matter right know. We have come for the Fourth's Legacy."

"Sorry but I'm not the holder of the fox. I got rid of it weeks ago. And besides I don't think my Dad will like it very much if me or Hinata got hurt." Naruto said with a smirk. Both Itachi and Kisame got confused by the statement. They both knew that Naruto was an orphan.

Suddenly both were sent flying by Kenshin in his Haynou from. "Kitsune Style: Fox Coat" Kenshin claimed hiding it by the lie of using a jutsu.

"Now, I ask that you to leave my son alone and I won't kill you." Kenshin threatened.

"Ha, that's a laugh. We are S-class nuka-nin, and we are much better than some furry that love foxes." Kisame gloated. Kenshin smirked, and then vanished in a burst of speed. Both Akatsuki members felt a stabbing pain in their chests. They looked and saw that Kenshin had stabbed a claw nail into their chest, then he sliced their chests and jumped back. Both were shocked at the speed the unknown ninja possessed.

Suddenly they felt an arm around their necks. They turned their heads and saw Kenshin leaning casually on them. He leaned towards Itachi and whispered something.

"Tell Madara, that the Ichibi and Kyuubi are dead. I have personally witness both of their deaths. His plan has failed. If he wants a fight tell him that Kenshin Uzumaki, the adoptive father of Naruto Namikaze will there to fight. And tell him that even he Mongekio won't save him. I am immune to the Genjutsu your damned pink eyes can cause. I fell for it once, but not anymore."

He then appeared in front of the two criminals and told them to scram. They both bolted out of fear. They did hear Kisame mutter "Holy hell, he could scare the hell out of Pein and Hidan."

'Huh, I guess I should look for this Pein guy. He could be strong. I need to see if Yoite knows the name.' Kenshin thought as he watched the two leave the hotel remains.

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