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As the couple took the corner leading to the lab, they felt a strong tremor: Krypton was living its last moments.

« Hurry up Lara, we're almost there! » Jor-El said to his wife who was holding their child.

She was crying, she knew she had to let her son go so he could have a future and a destiny to fulfill but knowing that this was the last time she would ever see him made her heart constrict. She would never see him grow up, become a man, the only thing she hoped was that her son's three years long journey to Earth would happen without any problems.

They reached Jor-El's lab, in there, was Kal-El's spaceship, destined to lead him to Earth and to teach him the kryptonian knowledge in his future years.

Another tremor much more violent shook the ground, every building was slowly falling, pieces after pieces. In less than five minutes, the most powerful, the most advanced planet in the universe would hit its end and the kryptonian race would be consumed.

"Zor-El and Zod are minutes away from igniting Krypton's core thanks to Brainiac, We've got to send Kal-El now!" He told Lara. The kryptonians, considered as the greatest people in the whole universe weren't even able to live in peace and to save their planet. Zod who was once Jor-El's best friend had betrayed his own people by starting a civil war in purpose to take the reins of the planet. But, the valiant kryptonian army beat Zod's soldiers. He didn't want to accept defeat, he never would, Jor-El knew that. So, he teamed up with Jor-El's own brother who hated him: Zor-El. Thanks to him, he had corrupted Brainiac who was now meters away from Krypton's core, ready to set it on fire which would destroy the entire planet as well as their red sun: Rao.

Lara held her son close to her, not wanting to let him go but she knew she had to.

Jor-El prepared Kal-El's ship and when it was done, he turned to his wife. "Lara" he said softly, knowing and understanding the pain she felt.

"No!" she cried sitting on the ground with her child in her arms. "What if you were wrong? What if his ship is hit by a meteor and he dies?" she screamed, expressing her pain and fears.

"Lara, my love," He knelt next to her. "We've already talked about that, Kal-El will be safe, don't worry."

"How can you be so sure?" she whispered, looking down at her baby who smiled and squealed at her.

"He's my son. I love him." He told her, trying to reassure her. "I feel your pain, your doubts and fears my love, but we have to have faith in him" he looked down to his son too.

She knew that behind his strong voice and his emotionless face, he was aching at the idea of letting his son go to the other end of the universe, but she also knew they had to do this and that the faster it was done, the better. So he put on his mask, preventing him to show any emotion likely to waste his son's time. She smiled at her husband's strength, she knew him too well, he would do what needs to be done even if it meant giving up his own life for his son.

"Come" he gently took her hand and helped her up. They reached the ship and they both knew it was time to tell him goodbye.

"Put him inside Lara, our time has passed." He said. "The hourglass is empty."

"What if they don't love him?" She asked thinking about the human family they picked up to raise their son on Earth.

"Lara, his destiny is set..." he answered, not allowing himself to let his voice waver. "as is ours."

"Goodbye, my sweet Kal-El." she smiled one last time to her son and bent down to kiss his forehead. With this words, Jor-El pressed the key of the ship which slowly came to life, hovering from the ground, moving to the exit and finally taking flight.

"Never forget all the love we have for you my son." Jor-El spoke, a single tear slowly falling down his cheek while he hugged his wife who finally let her emotions take the better of her and cried in his arms.

Three hundred miles away from Kandor and the House of El, stood the General Zod before his two disciples. Next to him was standing his wife: Faora.

"Brainiac should be here in seconds. It's only a matter of minutes before Krypton explodes." His strong voice filled the room.

"It's time to board into our ships now" Faora's cold tone stated.

"Nam-Ek, Aethyr!" Zod turned to his disciples.

"General?" they both said stepping toward him.

"You wait for Brainiac." he ordered. "When he's here, you charge him into the Black Ship and you leave. Rendezvous on Sedna, understood?"

"Yes sir!" They both knelt the kryptonian way before him, showing him their respect.

"Good. Now it's time to leave this cold flying ice cube and to fulfill the prophecy of Rao." Zod commented.

"Take my hand, my dear." He said to Faora. "I think Kal-El should be leaving by now, we've got to make it to his ship before he is out of reach." She smiled as she heard his vicious words, she soon would start a new life with a son, a heir for Zod. And who else than Jor-El's son himself would make a perfect heir? She thought while Zod led her out of their house and together, they boarded into their ship and left the planet.

A few ten seconds later, Brainiac and Zod's disciples got into the black ship and made their way out of Krypton.

Kal-El's little spaceship was leaving Krypton atmosphere when, behind it appeared the large ship of Zod and Faora. They were thousands of miles away from their birth planet when two huge explosions were heard. Krypton, followed by Rao had just been destroyed by a tyrant who had big plans for his worst enemy's son: Kal-El was going to be corrupted.

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