Chapter 19: End of an era

"Damn it, what's he doing?" the kryptonian soldier mumbled under his breath as his foot taped on the ground impatiently. "Dyn?! Hurry up we're already late!"

Another soldier appeared rounding the corner in quick steps. "Sorry, I just forgot my pass!" he breathed.

"That's the first time it happens to you," the other man realized. "Anyway let's run over to the central or we're going to get sanctioned and you know we shouldn't make Zod mad right now."

"Alright let's go!" the other man nodded before they both rushed in the direction of the prison district.

It only took them seconds to reach their destination. As they entered the closed zone and reached inside the guard center, both soldiers were unaware of the threat hovering in the air of Kandor... or maybe not.

"Alright," the first one said as he finished checking the security of their territory on their virtual panel. "We're the only ones in control over here, feels good to be the boss around here, doesn't it?"

"I think it's time to change the odds, actually" his friend replied in a voice he didn't recognize as Dyn's.

"What?" He turned around, confused, only to be stopped when a flashing green light connected with his temple, knocking him out.

Towering over the unconscious kryptonian form stood Dyn-Xe, a green kryptonite dagger in his hand. The man looked down at his colleague for a moment, his expression unreadable before he turned towards the console and pressed a few keys sending the signal to open every door of each cell in the prison, thus freeing everyone.

Dyn closed his eyes in concentration as he sent a message to his allies. This is J'onn J'onzz. Permission to engage. After getting a positive answer from every resistant fighter, he opened his now bright red eyes as his body shape-shifted back into its real form.

J'onn's hand pressed one last button and hooked on the main speakers. It was time for the final act: Zod's fall.

A loud strident noise echoed through the entire city fully wired and equipped with speakers. The kryptonians all over the area covered their ears as they hissed in pain and cursed for the first time their super-hearing ability.

Using the distraction as their advantage, a column of twenty five vehicles zoomed through the streets of Kandor without any problem. The only guards they met were incapacitated by J'onn's doing. The cars drove even further into the lion's den only to shoot down the final wall separating them from their goal and stopped in the middle of the prison district.

Instantly, the soldiers of the resistance set foot down and began discharging several boxes of kryptonite weapons under the eyes of stunned prisoners who'd just walked out of their cells.

"These are the keys to your freedom!" A tall man with a scarf covering half his face announced, pointing towards the weapons. "I know we're not giving you much of a choice but this is now or never. It's time to fight and take back what's rightfully yours!"

The soldiers cheered him along some ex-prisoners. A woman stepped besides the leader and exclaimed "Time to bring Zod down!" making the soldiers cheer once more, her words convincing the prisoners who began to move forward and grab their weapons.

Not even a second later, the deafening high pitched noise stopped emitting out of the speakers, thus rendering the atmosphere anxiously silent. Every people inside the prison's walls felt chills running through their bodies as they kept equipping themselves for the war until...

"Incoming!" One of the soldiers shouted. They didn't have time to take cover that already a loud detonation engulfed them right before the front fences were blown away and a thick smoke filled the air.

This was it, Zod had attacked first, now was time to strike back.

Oliver removed the scarf from his mouth to suck in a breath as he took cover behind the only truck of the band. His eyes began to sting as he tried to look for his teammates through the smoke.

"Chloe!" he called a sudden fear began to grip him.

"Right here!" he heard her behind him and quickly turned back only to see her moving in his direction, wiping the dirt off her own scarf. A large figure followed her and Oliver recognized AC at her side.

"Oh, good!" he let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding and examined Chloe then AC to check if any of them had any scratch.

"Fun just started!" AC said as he crouched down behind the truck.

"Damn right, Zod won't know what hit him." Oliver added. "Let's tell the guys to team up as planned."

AC nodded. "Honor to the lady."

Chloe smiled faintly before inhaling deeply. "Proceed phase two, boys!" she yelled so she could be heard over the commotion.

The three of them could hear Victor, then Bruce, then Tess confirming the instructions before they decided to move.

Oliver sprinted as quickly as he could in the direction of the nearest house to cover himself.

He couldn't believe how many men they had and he was glad everyone accepted to join them because in all honesty he knew their chances to defeat Zod's army were slim. It was too late to back off now.

Chloe and AC joined him as the others and their alien allies took cover behind other constructions. "You ready?" he asked them.

"One hundred percent ready." AC replied as he gave him a determined nod.

"Let's go." Chloe confirmed as she and Oliver shared a look for a moment before he turned back towards the others. He gave them the silent signal to invade the area, thus proceeding to the next phase of their plan: Going in, hand to hand.

The first streets were clear and quiet apart from the distant noises of war in the background. It, however, wasn't long before the first enemies were spotted. Instinctively, their grip on their kryptonite weapons tightened as they knew that was the only thing protecting them.

The kryptonians, though, knew they would be at disadvantage but they had another card to play on their side. A few moments later, lasers flew in their direction. Chloe ducked just in time to avoid being hit as AC pulled Oliver behind a wall, dodging the fire from a few inches only.

The action made Oliver fall to the ground and he cursed himself for not seeing that one coming. Looking up, he saw AC's extended hand. He got up with his friend's help and both men nodded at each other before they cocked their weapons and shot in their attackers' way.

The bullet sprays hit the slowest kryptonians who fell dead or incapacitated on the ground. It took them some sweat and blood but the trio managed to clear the way and move further inside quickly. They eventually reached a cross-way where they met J'onn. They didn't say a word but all of them knew that so far the plan was unraveling nicely.

"Good luck to you both." AC told the other two blonds, the plan was that AC and J'onn needed to move towards the outskirts of Kandor to lead to safety the wounded or the prisoners unable to fight.

"Alright," Oliver agreed. "Meet you back at the Mansion location when this is over." AC nodded as he turned towards Chloe.

"Be careful." she gave him a quick hug which he returned.

"You too, Good luck." AC took off fast with J'onn who waved at them, there was no time to lose.

"Good luck." Oliver repeated as he turned towards Chloe. "Just the two of us, now."

"I got your back." she told him certainly.

"And I got yours." He winked at her before they both moved forward, progressing slowly through Kandor's streets closing in on their goal: Zod's hideout.

In a parallel street the fights were seemingly harder for Hal, Tess and Victor who were the unlucky ones to meet the largest amount of Kryptonians on their way. Hal would have preferred to have some kind of radio communication set up between them which would come in handy right now as he hid back behind a wall right before the lasers meant for him met the hard concrete. His only consolation was that the aliens surely had their hands full with the other groups though he wasn't sure everything would be going on so easily, they were merely one thousand against Zod's men.

"Look out!" Victor's shout pulled him out of his thoughts and he looked up to see a Kryptonian hovering in the sky. Instinctively, he looked for an escape which he found in the shape of a door. Kicking it open he turned back towards his teammates. "Get inside!"

Hal had reacted quickly but it was still too slow against super-powered aliens and next thing he knew, fire blasts hit an old pile of barrels. The explosion propelled him backwards and inside the house.

Victor was still dealing with the aftereffects of the explosion when he felt a powerful blow hitting him square in the jaw. He was sent back crashing against the wall which cracked dangerously against the cyborg's body. His vision was a bit blurry but he managed to catch sight of Tess stabbing the Kryptonian who hit him.

"Behind you!" he shouted but it was already too late as another alien used the diversion at his advantage and kicked Tess away who cried out at the force of the blow but Victor was thankful the kryptonite had weakened him otherwise they both would be dead already.

He managed to extricate himself from the wall but fell to his knees, still recovering from his own attack, his head hurting and his human ear ringing. The kryptonian was back towards Tess and he watched, powerless, as the alien kicked the kryptonite knife away before preparing to administer the final blow to a stricken Tess.

The sound of gunshots filled his ears as the alien fell down unmoving, revealing Hal who stood behind them, the weapon in his hands still smoking. The human hurried towards his acolyte on the ground, "Tess, you okay?" he asked fearfully.

The latter groaned. "I'm alright," she replied as she hold her head. "Damn kryptonians and their super-strength..." she mumbled making Hal crack half a smile before helping her up as Victor joined them.

They moved to go further into the heart of the city but stopped immediately when they noticed a dozen kryptonians surrounding them. "Holy sh-" Hal's words were cut off as they all screamed in pain, their hands flying to their ears as a deafening, piercing cry filled them. It only lasted a few seconds but the pain stayed several more moments. Eventually, the humans were able to get up, their ears still ringing, the pain subsiding slowly. They looked around them, confused to see the aliens groaning in pain on the ground, blood dripping down their ears.

"Sorry about that." Dinah apologized as she jumped down from the roof and joined the three of them. "It's alright, just... warn us or something next time it happens." Tess replied as the ache in her ears persisted.

Hal looked up to see the sky clear from any kryptonians apart from Kal-El who was reaching down to join them. "Where's Bruce?" their sole kryptonian ally shrugged. "He said Oliver had given him a mission and took off." Kal-El told him.

Victor opened his mouth to answer but another groan made him look down to the incapacitated aliens at his feet. "What should we do with them?" he asked quietly.

His companions followed his gaze and fell silent for a second. "What do you think we should do?" Dinah pursed her lips.

"If the roles were reversed they wouldn't hesitate to kill us." Tess said darkly as Kal-El nodded. "They will recover quickly we have to decide." he added to the debate.

"What would Oliver and Chloe do?" Victor questioned, their natural leaders were the persons they would turn to for such an important decision but they weren't there.

"I think they'd do it." Hal spoke up simply, drawing his friend's gazes on him. "This is war, we don't have a choice." he stared at them for a moment before pulling his dagger out of its sheath.

The green blade shined under the red rays of the sun. The young human looked down at it before crouching down slowly besides the closest kryptonian. He positioned the blade above her forehead and saw the alien's eyes widen in pure fear. Feeling his resolve wavering, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath to keep his hand from trembling. He opened them again, devoid of emotion this time, and pressed the dagger down which penetrated the alien's forehead with a squishing sound, killing her.

His eyes were cold as he wiped off the bit of blood that had splattered on his cheek before pulling the knife out. Looking down at the body, he and his friends realized in shock what he had just done but all of them understood the reasons behind such an act.

That was why they all imitated him, pulling out their green kryptonite dagger, and blue for Kal-El, and killing their foes without ever knowing that this instant was the moment their morality changed forever. No more black and white, sometimes the good guys had to get their hands dirty to do what had to be done.

"Let's move on!" Hal ordered.

Kandor was a living hell. That was Chloe's comment when she and Oliver fought back to back against what seemed like endless herds of Kryptonians. Things got increasingly harder the moment Bart told them all he found out Zod's location. His men were few but the General was a fine strategist and he had disposed his soldiers massively around the place he was staying at.

The way was filled with ambushes and traps but so far, Chloe and Oliver were both unharmed except some superficial wounds. They were thankful of their experience in fights from the repeated past missions they made for that.

The fact that they were both in sync with the other helped a lot too. All this time spent training together, just the two of them had helped them find a great balance in their relationship as well as their fighting style. No one managed to beat them and they wouldn't stop until they found Zod.

"I see it!" Chloe shouted so her companion could hear her over the noise. At a reasonable amount of distance in front of her stood a large anonymous looking building surrounded by guards.

The couple turned around 180° their backs to each other so Oliver could see the target and Chloe covered his back. "Ready? Let's run for it!" he exclaimed as Chloe shot down the last alien with her crossbow. She turned back and ran with Oliver by her side towards the building.

The guards didn't see them coming, they had already been surprised moments ago by Hal's team.

The kryptonian soldiers didn't last long with such an amount of kryptonite near them but some were tough and gave everything they had in their last fight against the humans, The moment Chloe and Oliver approached Zod's safe house, Hal spotted them. Silently, he signaled them they would keep the guards distracted long enough for the two blondes to get inside.

Oliver didn't lose time trying to force the steeled door open but only ended up hurting his shoulder. Chloe shook her head at him "Trying to impress me?" she asked, amused. She tried for the handle but it was either jammed or locked.

"Always, Sidekick." Oliver replied and grimaced when he rubbed his shoulder.

"Well don't, the door's locked we'll have to ask Kal or Victor." she said sternly.

"Why don't you let a real man take care of this?" A teasing voice asked from behind them, they both turned around to see AC approaching quickly, a smirk on his face.

"Very funny," Oliver deadpanned. "I was wondering what was this smell of rotten fish, it could only be you!" he bantered back.

Chloe ignored her boyfriend. "What are you doing here? I thought you were with J'onn."

AC drank the last bottle of water he had and positioned himself against the large piece of steel. "Hal asked for J'onn to send him some support so I came back." He pushed hard and the door fell down with a loud thud that echoed through the construct.

"Child's play!" AC grinned, proud of himself.

Chloe rolled her eyes as both Arthur and Oliver began to tease each other. Men and their egos, she thought as she carefully stepped inside the seemingly empty building. It looked like the place had been abandoned in a hurry.

The two men followed her quickly and even thought they were both serious now, she couldn't help herself. "Guys, do me a favor," she began and looked at them sternly. "enough stroking each other's back for now, we have a task at hand."

"No worries, Sidekick." Oliver smirked. He loved it when she got bossy.

"You're the boss, Sunshine." AC quipped only to get a reprimanding look from Oliver.

Chloe shook her head once more, a smile playing at her lips. "Let's go on."

The next minutes however, were spent in a tense silence. The three of them inspected every corner of the house, all the while anxious to see a kryptonian jumping on them. In such a confined space, one missed shot could cost them their lives.

"Last door." Chloe whispered as they reached the highest floor that led to the balcony. They positioned themselves smartly. "Ready? One... Two..."

Oliver kicked open the door and the three humans raided outside on the open space of the large terrace. A familiar figure had their back turned to them. "How nice of you to pay me one last visit!"


The dictator turned to face them, a dark expression on his face. He was alone but knowing him, the three humans were convinced he wasn't going to give up without putting up a fight.

"This is the end, Zod!" Oliver pointed his crossbow at the alien, finger on the trigger.

Zod laughed dangerously. "Oh no, this is far from over, Oliver." He answered but made no move towards them, he looked very much in control and that unsettled the three young humans. "I am about to be reborn and my empire will go on."

"Not while we're still here! We are going to stop you now!" AC exclaimed heatedly, feeling uneasy at Zod's presence. There was that threatening aura about him that made AC feel strangely scared, he didn't like that one bit.

Chloe didn't say anything, she analyzed the scene and even though it looked like they had the upper hand, she could sense Zod was about to do something.

"You, Mr Curry?" Zod interjected. "You are already dead, my friend!"

An explosion coming from behind them shook the building strongly and made them lose their focus on Zod who didn't waste a second using the situation at his advantage.

The sound of a blade being drawn caught Oliver's ears and had he barely turned back towards Zod, he felt his throat being sliced deep enough to let him bleed to death.

"NO!" Chloe screamed as she saw Oliver fall to his knees, his hands flying to his throat. Reacting with her emotions she shot her arrow in Zod's direction but missed him by a millimeter. The latter disappeared through the thick smoke.

"Ollie!" she yelled and threw herself at his side.

AC watched in horror as she cradled Oliver in her arms. He hadn't been able to react quickly enough to save his friend, Zod had captured his attention and he'd been so focused on the dictator he hadn't been able to see what was going on. He felt the tears gathering in his eyes as he watched, powerless, Oliver losing his blood. There was already a large pool of it under him. Chloe did her best to try to stop the bleeding but it was no use.

"Do you see that, Mr Curry?" Zod's voice filled his ear. "That, is your fault."

Gritting his teeth in anger, he whirled around in hope to dig his dagger deep into the bastard's skull only to have his hand blocked by Zod's. There was only a few inches between them.

"You are too weak to stop me." AC could see the efforts it took Zod not to wince because of the kryptonite in his hand but the man still managed to keep his strength.

"Go to hell, you piece of shit!" AC spat.

"I'll see you there, then." Zod smirked and looked into his eyes deeply. Suddenly, Zod put a hand on his back and used all he force he could muster to guide AC's dagger into the human's chest. The latter gasped in a mix of surprise and pain, already unsteady on his feet, he involuntary put his weight on Zod who walked backwards towards the edge of the balcony.

"Now die, Mr Curry!" These were the last words AC heard as he was being pushed over the building's edge, the dagger still deep into his flesh as he fell down the building and disappeared into the smoke.

Satisfied, Zod turned back to take care of the two other humans when suddenly:

"No! Oh my god, NO!" Hal appeared in his sight, a look of anguish on his face that turned into one of fury when his eyes fell on him. "Die!" the humans yelled and he jumped on him, propelling the two men over the ledge. They engaged a fight in the air but the kryptonite that Hal carried with him prevented Zod from using his ability to fly. He struggled in the human's grip and blacked out when he felt his back hitting the ground, Hal falling on the top of him.

Blood, there was so much blood!

"Don't worry, It's gonna be okay." Chloe reassured him through her entire being was filled with dread. "I'm gonna heal you and you are going to be fine, Ollie. You hear me? You are going to be fine!" She repeated as she cupped his face with trembling hands.

She closed her eyes, unable to keep her tears from flowing as she tried to focus. Soon after, a faint light emanated from her hands and she felt relief crashing over her until the light suddenly stopped. Her eyes shot open in surprise and the sight that greeted her wasn't was she wanted at all.

Oliver was still bleeding and convulsing. It hadn't worked.

"It's not working! Why is it not working?" Chloe asked frantically to herself as she seemed unable to use her power to heal Oliver. All her attention was focused on him, she didn't care about the hell that surrounded her. All that mattered was that Oliver was hurt and she had to save him.

"Oliver! Oliver stay with me!" She shook him as life began to leave his eyes and the blood kept flowing out of his wound. He began to cough violently, choking on his blood. She watched as he died in her arms, her tears falling on his face as she barely controlled her sobs. Her world began to crumble down with him.

"Oliver?" her voice was small as she spoke softly but she didn't feel him moving anymore and she swore that as she broke down a part of her died with him, her heart.

Zod's groan of pain forced Hal out of his daze. He didn't know how long he'd been out but he knew he was lucky to still be alive after such a fall.

The kryptonian on the other hand was still dizzy when he felt a strong fist hitting him right in his face. He shouted in pain.

"You killed them! You killed them!" Hal kept repeating as he pummeled the dictator's face mercilessly. He'd seen Zod throw AC out of the balcony and Oliver's bloodied body in Chloe's arms. The sight of it made him fall in such rage he knew he was going to kill the bastard.

"You deserve to die!" He yelled at Zod. "Fucking monster!" Punch after punch landed on his face making Zod think he was actually going to die at Hal's hands when, by luck, he caught sight of something behind the human.

A smirk appeared on his face and despite Hal's fists he began to laugh. He could not believe his luck. He laughed so hard his sides began to hurt.

Hal stopped punching him for a moment when Zod began to laugh, surprised by his reaction at first, the maniacal laugh of the alien fueled his anger even more. "What are you laughing at? I'll kill you!"

The blows were even stronger and more painful when they landed on his face but Zod kept laughing. Blood was covering his entire face making him look disfigured when a large grin broke out on his face and he managed to talk after spitting out some broken teeth.

"I'm just celebrating your death!" Zod announced, making Hal's blood turn cold and stop in his fury. Using it as a distraction, Zod gathered his strength and in one last effort pushed the human backwards.

Hal was surprised by the fact that Zod still had so much strength at his disposal but that actually didn't matter at the moment. He realized in horror that he'd been absorbed into some sort of red bubble. It dawned on him that he was inside the space-transportation machine that took him on Sedna.

Zod had been crawling towards the machine until his hand found the control panel. His lips turned upwards into a cruel smirk when he entered coordinates he knew would lead to nowhere. When he was done, he looked the helpless human into his eyes. "Have a good trip, Harold!" he sneered before pushing the button that sent the bubble flying in the air.

The bubble flew away and Hal screamed terror until he took off under the horrified look of his friends. Hal Jordan was gone, forever.

Zod felt a strange sense of invulnerability after he sent Hal Jordan to his death. It was like fate was on his side. Every time he was in a dangerous situation, he managed to get out of it alive and well. After taking Hal's beating, he had recovered pretty quickly with the kryptonite gone. He was ready to end the insurrection now and then-


The man in question turned around. His eyes widened at the sight of his son landing a few feet in front of him, his expression one of sadness and anger. Zod shook his head at him, what did the fool want?

"Kal! Aren't going you to give your father a hug?"

"What have you done?" Kal-El asked, the venom dripping off every word he said.

"The real question son is, what have they done to you?" Zod sent the question back to him. "What have they done to my son?" he mused quietly to annoy the other man.

And Kal-El reacted exactly like he predicted. "I'm not your son!" the younger alien shouted.

"Aren't you?" Zod dared to ask. "Kal... Who was there to hear your first words? Me! Oh by the way, do you know what your first word was?"

Kal-El remained silent as Zod began to circle around him threateningly.

"Lara." Zod said, "Lara was your first word, son."

"My real mother's name."

"Your biological mother's name!" Zod corrected him. "You were still under their influence. I knew I had a lot of work to do with you but it paid up in the end!"

Kal-El tried to ignore the man who once was his father but he knew he was getting into his head. He did his best not to let himself get affected too much. "Where's Faora?" The mention of his real mother made him wonder what happened to his other mother. He didn't care much about her but it was odd that she wasn't around.

"Oh, you're crying for mommy now?" Zod cooed, not wanting to brush the subject of his wife. "Dear Rao, what have they done to you?" he asked again. "They've made you weak!"

All of a sudden Zod wrapped his arm around Kal-El's throat from behind, forcing the young alien on his knees. "It would be so easy to break your neck right now, right here!" Zod whispered in his ear.

Kal-El struggled against his aggressor in vain, fear starting to make itself known in his stomach. He knew Zod, he wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

"I failed you, Kal." the older kryptonian kept talking in his ear. "You are never going to be the same again, my poor son! But I forgive you! I forgive you for believing their lies, you can still be your old self, Kal."

"Shut up!"

Zod laughed. "Oh! I see J'onn's done a magnificent job on you!" he exclaimed before approaching his mouth closer to his ear. "All this work for nothing!" he murmured before straightening himself up.

He was going to kill him. Kal-El realized as beads of sweat ran down his forehead, his heart pounding erratically in his chest.

"Goodbye Kal-El, son of Jor-El!"

Just as he was about to twist Kal-El's neck, a whistling sound could be heard before Zod emitted a loud cry of pain and let go of him. In a second, the young kryptonian was on his feet and looked back at his so called father, sprawled on the ground, groaning in pain as an arrow stuck out of his back.

His eyes widened at the sight and he looked in the direction of the shooter. Standing proudly on the balcony's ledge, was a very much alive Oliver Queen, his bow still in his hand. The two men caught each other's gaze and Oliver nodded before walking back into the building. In a minute, the group of humans stepped towards the two kryptonians.

Oliver was helping a pale-looking Chloe to walk by holding her tightly so she wouldn't fall. The blood was still fresh on the two of them but they looked fine. Following them closely was Bart and Dinah who only sported some minor injuries but what caught Kal-El's attention was Tess who would have launched herself at Zod if it wasn't for Victor holding her back.

"I'll kill him! Let me kill him!" she yelled as the tears flowed down her cheeks. She had seen the bubble sending Hal away and she wasn't going to let his death be unpunished.

"The fucker's killed too many of us." Oliver added angrily as he took another shot with the crossbow in his free hand.

The arrow plunged into the kryptonian's shoulder, making him scream in renewed pain. Everyone watched him without any compassion, he deserved that shot and more.

"I say we kill him right now!" Tess's wavering voice filled the air. "There's no way I'm letting this monster walk away after what he's done!"

"I'm up for it." Dinah agreed.

"She's right." Bart continued. "But who will do it?"

"I don't care who will do it! I'll do it gladly!" Tess yelled at the younger member of the team.

"Tess! Shh!" Victor tried to soothe her.

"Tess," Chloe's weak voice turned the other woman's attention to her. "Zod will be punished trust me, but don't yell at Bart, please." she added as she grimaced when she felt a headache coming.

"He was my father." Kal-El said quietly, drawing the group's attention on him. "I'll do it."

"Be my guest!" Oliver encouraged him and the kryptonian did not hesitate gripping Zod by his arm, forcing him up despite his groans of pain.

The dictator was in a bad shape but he still had enough strength to talk and if he was to die then, he wasn't going to miss the opportunity to mess with his son one last time.

"That's right kill your father!" Zod laughed before coughing harshly. Everyone tensed up at the sound of his voice. "You may kill me now but all the things I taught you... won't die with me. I will always be in your head... for the rest of your miserable life!"

Will he stop laughing? Thought Kal-El. Zod's words had hit a nerve and it irritated him that he was still able to do that.

"Go on, kill him." A cold, strong, inhuman voice sounded behind the group. "You want him to stop laughing, don't you? Then end him."

Everyone turned around and shock crossed their features as they saw him. Approaching them slowly but surely, his hands clasped behind his back, the purest stoical expression on his face, was...


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