"MIRANDA!" She came running, bags of stix in hand. She saw the males and her eyes got wide. Then she looked at me and grinned. Dropping the bags on the floor, she wrapped her arms around my waist and dragged me to our bedroom while calling over her shoulder "C'mon in, close the door, and make yourselves at home!"

A few moments and a bitch slap later, Miranda and I walked back into the living room. We were still very hyper, me even more so due to the fact my FAVORITE BAND WAS IN MY LIVING ROOM!

I think I started hyperventilating again (or maybe she just liked hitting me) because Miranda quickly slapped me again. Holding my cheek in pain, I glared at her.

"I'm good now, Mir!" I said.

"Ok, OK. Geez. Just don't rape any of them, ok?" she giggled out.

Ashley looked over at me. "Hm, something tells me this wouldn't be rape." He said with a wink. Miranda glared at him.

"No, mister Purdy boy. If anyone is raping my Mikx, it will either be me, the sexy singer, or the bangin' drummer. Just sayin'." The boys all froze up, looking at her strangely. They brushed it off though, as I darted forwards to the drummer.

"CC, CC, CC! Can I have a hug? Pretty, pretty please?" He grinned at me and held out his arms, prompting me to tackle him. Miranda probably would have pulled me off him, so I let go after a few seconds and looked around, suddenly realizing something.

"Wait a minute… why the hell are the Black Veil Brides standing on our living room?" They smiled, although Andy's was a guilty smile.

"Well, uh…" Andy… his voice was so amazing… ok, bad Mikx. Back to reality. "Well, I was driving… our tour just ended and we were eager to get home, but forgot to get gas and we broke down. We saw lights on and were wondering if you ladies could help us out a bit..?" I smiled; only Andy would do that.

"Yea, no problem!" we chirped. I looked at Miranda. "Mir-Mir, bring the car around the front for me? I'll do the hostess shit." She nodded, and walked out the door. I turned to the guys. "Alright, so here's the deal, you can sit anywhere, but we only have this couch. It's just me and her here, so we don't need much. Are any of you thirsty, hungry?" They all raised their hands and I smiled warmly. "Well, alright then. I'll go raid the kitchen and see what I can make." In the minor confusion and mix of emotions, I had forgotten the music was still on and began singing along as New Religion started.

In the kitchen, I was singing rather loudly while preparing some spaghetti. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and nearly screamed before turning around. "Oh, bloody hell! Andy you scared me!" He smiled at me.

"Sorry, I just wanted to ask- what are your names? We didn't catch them."

I nearly face palmed at this. Of course we would forget that. "Well, I'm Mikayla, and my idiot friend is Miranda. Sorry, I didn't realize we hadn't said them." I smiled. He nodded, and looked at the small mess that was forming from making so much of the messy noodles.

"Um, would you like some help here?" I shrugged.

"If you want to!"

We spent the next few minutes working on the sauce and noodles, and I realized something. Andy Biersack cannot cook. In the middle of it, I began singing "Love Isn't Always Fair" when it came on, and didn't realize it until Andy was singing too. I blushed deeply, and began stuttering an apology.

"S-sorry- I mean- I forgot- and it- I… it's my favorite CD and... sorry!" I moved to dart out of the room, but was stopped by his hand on my wrist. "Don't worry about it! I love meeting fans." I blushed deeper, and nodded. He pulled my wrist to get me to move back to the stove, and I winced. I didn't mean to, but I did.

He noticed and began pulling at me sleeve. "Ok! So now what should we do for drinks?" I quickly asked, pulling away. He looked at me funny.

"Mikayla… do you…" He trailed off. I nodded meekly. I cut. Only when I was very depressed, but it happened more and more often lately. Miranda didn't know I still did it though, and I planned to keep it that way.

"Andy, please don't say anything. Miranda doesn't know I still do it, and I really don't want people to know. I'm trying to stop, but it's difficult. I manage enough. Please, please don't say anything."

He looked at me with sad eyes, but nodded slowly. I decided to trust him, and turned to the fridge. I pulled out three 2-liters of Dr. Pepper, and walked to the living room with seven cups. I was promptly tackled by my best friend, who grabbed the Dr. Pepper and took off like a bat-outta-hell.

"Gah!" I yelled. "Bad Miranda, Bad!" I ran after her, trying to get my idiot to return the soda. This ended up causing a strange chain reaction that looked something like this:

Miranda was covered in silly string, poised to throw a vase at the shocked Ashley, who was wearing a tutu on his head and holding the arm of Andy, who was covered in spaghetti sauce and guacamole and holding me so I wouldn't throw the cup in my hand at Miranda's head. Jake and Jinxx were wrestling the cup out of my hand and Christian was pulling them away. All three of them were covered in milk, fur, and Jake was wearing fuzzy cat ears. Christian had the tail.

I grabbed the silly string off the couch and proceeded to spray everyone. I grabbed the Dr. Pepper, Andy's hand, and ran to the bedroom. As soon as we were both in, I slammed and locked the door. Not even seconds later, I heard banging on the door from five pissed off people. They were yelling Andy's and my name, trying to get us to open the door so they could wreak holy havoc on our lives. I grinned at Andy, who just looked confused.

"Er… why did you bring me?" I shrugged.

"Duno, first one I grabbed!" I grinned at him with an evil smile. "Think we've tortured them enough?" I asked. I wanted to get to the food before it burned. Andy nodded slightly and together we threw open the strangely quiet door to have four guys and one dumbass fall on us. I looked at them funny. "What we're you waiting for? I have to go get the food." This made everyone scramble to get off me and a skipped to the kitchen. I pulled out my notebook laptop named Randy, and put on Get Scared while I portioned out the food on seven plates, loaded my arms with them, and walked out.