The morning hit us with glaring sunlight and crazy headaches. i sat up slowly from my position on the floor, curled up like a kitty in the arms of... someone. I turned to see who my snuggle buddy was and I giggled when I saw Jake. His hair was all over the place and he had makeup smeared all over him. The fuzzy ears were still on his head.
I looked around the room to asses the damage and could hardly hold back my laughter. It was just as hectic as the scene from last night, but everyone was sleeping. Blankets and pillows were everywhere, evidence of a pillow fight and then a later attempt to build a fort. Ashley was slumped in the corner with my stuffed zebra in his arms. Why, I'm not totally sure. But it was cute.
Andy was draped over the back of the couch, practically straddling it. Jinxx and Miranda were spooning on the floor in front of the furniture. CC was no where to be found, so I stood up silently and tried not to trip as I made my way to the kitchen. I found the drummer there, twirling around with a mixing bowl in his arms. I raised an eyebrow and leaned against the doorframe, my head hurting to much to really do a whole lot.
He didn't notice for another minute, so I spoke. "Good morning," I said, "whatcha makin'?" I swear he jumped a mile! I laughed quietly so I wouldn't wake the others and he grinned sheepishly.
"I woke up a while ago and wanted food, so I'm making muffins!" I nodded, happy I wouldn't have to cook. I hated cooking, but Miranda did a lot of the cleaning so it was only fair.
We chatted as he finished, talking about any and everything. He was a sweetheart, and we had some crazy similar interests, like different shows and older bands. The muffins were in the oven, so I helped him clean up the kitchen and then we began devising a way to wake up the others. It was a fun task ahead...

Miranda POV
The warm body cuddled close to mine kept me in a state of semi-consciousness as I battled the sugar crash from last night. I guessed it was my sister/bestie behind me, but it didn't really matter. The person was warm. The details of last night were foggy...though I remember someone getting covered in milk. I'm not sure where the milk came from, as we had just run out of it and hadn't gotten more. I was the only one who drank it because Mikayla was a vegan. The psycho.
I heard faint whispering a coming from the direction of the kitchen, but I refused to sit up until I absolutely had to. Then I heard it...
"3...2...1...CHARGE!" I jumped up really fast, colliding heads with the person I was cuddling. It turned out to be Jinxx, which made sense as the previous night came back to me. He groaned as I felt a dust-like substance settle on me. I looked around to see everyone in the room sans Mikayla and CC covered in glitter. FREAKIN GLITTER. If there's anything in this world I despise, it's glitter. Not makeup glitter, which I don't wear anyway, but art-type fairy dusts that gets everywhere and never leaves. It is the herpes of the art world. As soon as you think it's gone, it's like poof I'm back, biznitch!
Needless to say, I was pissed.

Mikayla POV
I laughed at Miranda's expression at first, til it turned scary.
"It was CC's idea!" I screamed. She raised an eyebrow at me and stood up slowly. There was a small red mark on her forehead. I wondered if it hurt. Gah! Distractions! Because my brain wandered, she managed to creep close enough to attack. The men were all groaning and sitting up. Andy rolled off of the back of the couch to land with a solid thud on the floor. Ashley rolled onto his stomach and cuddled the zebra closer. Poor Jake looked so confused. Jinxx held his head.
As my twin tackled me and began plotting her revenge, I laughed loudly. I giggled, I snorted, I held my tummy (until Miranda pinned my hands) and I squeaked with laughter. The guys probably thought I had lost it. She began tickling me mercilessly, and I begged for help or forgiveness as CC ran off to get the muffins from the oven.

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